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13 Reviews by Makena


The Associated Press is nothing but fake news, and they censor any claims of truth that is brought to them. They called Joe Biden as President Elect even though there is widespread evidence of voter fraud, and Joe Biden even admitted that he committed voter fraud and cheated his way to victory. But the AP instead covers up the cheating and lets Joe Biden have the win, in fact, supporting his cheating and fraud. The AP is part of the mainstream media, which is for the deep state. Do not support the Associated Press!


CNN sucks. It belongs to the conglomerate of defeatist fake news in the mainstream media. It is far too obvious that widespread voter fraud took place in the presidential election, the house election, and the senate runoff in Georgia. Ballots for David Perdue were found shredded, but CNN claims that the democrats won fair and square. CNN is an obvious lie and joke, and the reporters are clowns. I am a moderate Republican, and this voter fraud I can't take anymore. I am never gonna watch this scumbag of CNN ever again. They support voter fraud, unscientifically based COVID lockdowns and wearing plastic bags over your head, aka masks. I will never support CNN ever. They are as corrupt as they get, and they belong to the deep state.


This site tells you nothing but lies and rubs salt in your wounds in order to put you down even more. This site is meant to discourage you, and I saw this one stupid article about a woman who was a successful sugar baby about to marry her sugar daddy. But that is an extremely rare case, as I've observed and from my own experience trying sugar dating. Do not trust the independent.


This magazine only exists to scare you based on flawed studies. Even if you have your nose exposed, it doesn't mean you are completely helpless against the coronavirus. A strong immune system is much better and more effective than a mask ever will be.


This site hates Trump and thinks that he's stupid and he got coronavirus just because he chose not to wear a mask> Newsflash: Trump would have gotten coronavirus even if he did wear a mask when he was exposed to it because masks don't work. By not wearing mask at times, Trump may have strengthened his immune system to fight off the coronavirus faster and increase his chances of recovery.


Don't trust Fact checkers, especially not this one. It favors fake news on the left, and to true sites that are not on the mainstream media, it labels as conspiracy theory and junk pseudo science, when the truth is just the opposite. This website is as biased and as full of lies as you get.


Vox is left wing biased and give fake news on abstract theories that cannot be proven because they are lies, such as the claims that CO2 can warm the earth or that the coronavirus is this terrible plague that's gonna kill us all, even though it's really only a bad flu (cause flu kills people too)


Stay away from Grist. It's got no truth in it whatsoever. Scam site full of fake global warming alarmism meant to scare you into killing yourself to save the planet. Do not read this junk nor kill your precious life. The CO2 warming effect has always been a scam since Arrhenius started it. Greta Thunberg is actually his descendant and successor to this scam. Do not believe the climate alarmism. It's fake news AND propaganda.


This site is radical left and promotes fake news and propaganda. Stay away from Mother Jones. They will not give you the truth.


Skeptical Science is anything but skeptical. It's run by a cartoonist, John Cook, who knows nothing of the truth, and who uses lies to "debunk" the piece of truth give by skeptics that the site labels as "myths." I don't know how anyone can like John Cook because he's not credible, he blindly trusts the most biased most greedy money driven scientists like Mann and Hayhoe, and he predicts doom and gloom that we've never actually seen in reality.


Business Insider is extremely left wing radical biased. I wish they'd stop sending me notifications. When coronavirus deaths hit 1 million tonight, they released an article about it stating all doom and gloom just like the rest of the media. I looked up 1 million, which is only. 00013% of the entire human population. That is nothing to worry about at all, and the media leaves out that the vast majority of the deaths from the panic are those who are aether 80+ years old or have pre existing conditions. And they use cases more than deaths to scare us. Back to Business Insider, though, not only do they fear monger, but they then rub salt in your wounds you may already have. I've never been loved, and they released an article I read through and cried even harder because it was a success story of a sugar baby marrying her sugar daddy and being super successful and rich from the experience. This must be an extremely rare occurrence, and I felt BI put it up there just to rub it on our faces that "Hey, this girl gets love while you don't!" I've had enough of this BS. Stay away from Business Insider.


The Guardian is insanely biased on the far left of the spectrum. It also has a very low factual reporting, despite what the fake fact checkers might say (which are dishonest, and no one fact checks the fact checkers). Regardless of what the Guardian might try to tell you, Carbon dioxide cannot warm the earth, Greta Thunberg is not a genius (she's actually quite $#*!ed), and the Coronavirus pandemic will not last forever and ever (even though the democrats want you to think that). And eternal lockdown is not ok, no matter how much the guardian says that it is or their claim that, "The science is settled, so you should trust it." Science is NEVER SETTLED!


They lock ability to edit info behind a paywall, and if you pay and later want to cancel your membership, they don't let you and they don't refund you, even though it says they do refunds on the website. Don't trust mylife.com

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