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I have used UberEats for many years. Over the last years both the service from restaurants and the service from Uber have taken a nose dive. I know that Uber rips off both customers and restaurants. When I order food directly from a restaurant that delivers, there are never any issues. When I order from UberEats there are issues 98% off the time. I think that restaurants are angry and take advantage of the fact that there is zero accountability through UberEats. I've reported unacceptable food and missing items to UberEats only to be told that either my order or my account isn't eligible for a refund. I just discovered that UberEats disabled the "Help" option on my account when I tried to report once again that beverages were missing from my delivery. I even spoke to the driver about the missing drinks. Previous attempts to reach them via email only resulted in bot replies and much frustration. Whenever I wrote detailed reports about issues I either received s lame bot reply or there was no reply at all. I'm DONE with Uber! They have ripped me off for hundreds of dollars. The few times that UberEats 'compensated'e with an apology credit, the credit would show when I placed an order but would not apply against the total and just vanish...

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Don't waste your money, save yourself aggravation and disappointment. Order directly from restaurants that do their own delivery.


I am disabled and often too ill to cook. I live with my son who has a sever injury so we order from Skip. I can't begin to tell you how much aggravation we have experienced with this company from rude couriers, couriers who couldn't find our address, couriers who didn't use their food bag, couriers who didn't have change for our money, delayed orders, cancelled orders, wrong orders, missing items, DISGUSTING FOOD, COLD FOOD and food that was mishandled. I also have had that I was double charged and had to FIGHT to get my money back. In short, I spent countless hours chatting and on the phone with customer service and with supervisors over the years that I was a customer with SkipTheDishes. When you depend on others to bring you food and you pay extra to get it you expect to receive something EDIBLE and reasonable. More than often I didn't receive that. I am NOT a difficult person and eat almost everything. I was stumped, disgusted, furious and felt betrayed when all of a sudden my SkipTheDishes app didn't seem to work anymore. I called in and found out that my account was closed. They said that it was because they didn't seem to be able to serve me or something... The "funny" thing was that I had had several successful deliveries and had not had a reason to "complain" for a couple of weeks before hand...


They are now in Canada and I recently received a flyer in the mail with an add for DoorDash and saw some commercials on TV so I thought I give them a try. I installed the app on my phone and it took some getting used to as I was used to another food app that is much more user friendly. The first time I tried to order was a bust. I was ready to place the order and it didn't go through as the restaurant was closed but the app had not warned me. The second order was also a bust because I had ordered something that was not available at the particular restaurant where the "dasher" was headed so I was forced to cancel the order because there is no way to communicate with them or to modify orders and it said that the store manager would substitute with the "best fit". The restaurants do not give you an option to make comments on the app like "no ice in drink" like I always do. The second order arrived COLD and was gross. It took me some time to sort out how to get to actually "chat" with customer service about this and had to wait a looooong time to talk to someone. I got a ridiculous small refund for 2 whole meals plus some extras that were all spoiled. Who likes to eat cold sweet potato fries, onion rings, burgers, etc.? I WAS ANGRY but because I had a credit I ordered again. And again,... we received cold, gross food and again,... I only got a partial refund for a ridiculous small amount after spending a LOT of time and effort. I am still emailing with them and get the most ridiculously stupid auto generated emails from them saying that because of my ACCOUNT HISTORY THEY CAN'T GIVE ME A CREDIT. Because I had a credit on my account I ordered again last night and low and behold..., we had a gross meal... - the burgers were under cooked (raw) and we had to throw them out. They were the kind of burgers that you buy in grocery store anyway. What reputable restaurant serves that kind of burgers? I rated the order BAD but don't expect anything from this DoorDash and have learned that I am wasting my time complaining.


I bought a pair of boots on line as a present for my daughter and never received them. I contacted the vendor as soon as it was clear that there were issues with the delivery. I did this through PayPal. Because I am seriously ill and have periods where I am bedridden I have times that I don't go onto my laptop to look at my email for days at the time and I missed prompts from Paypal to escalate my "complaint." So they closed it without my knowledge. I was very angry and called them to explain that I needed a refund as I didn't receive the product. They told me to call my bank and ask the bank for a refund as PayPal can no longer help after they close a complaint. My bank told me it is nonsense that Paypal gave me the advise to call them as it has nothing to do with them. All they (the bank) do is process the payment to PayPal. I read on this site that you have protection from PayPal for 6 months and that is not true because they refused to help me only after a couple of months and than there is another item that I never received and it doesn't even show up on the account anymore after a couple of months... I am totally disgusted as I am on disability and it was a hardship to make the purchase and now I am without the product and out of my money! I feel that PayPal has completely let me down and offered no protection on my transaction.


I ordered a pair of boots with a drawing of a cat on it from the Boundless Shop on line for my daughter as a present. I had to pay for shipping. The shipping company the Boundless Shop used is DHL. When I received automated calls from DHL that I had to make a payment of $25.40 before they would deliver my boots, I was confused and furious. I had already paid for shipping. I called DHL and was told that these were EXTRA costs they imposed. They dropped of and invoice and low and behold they were charging me for Duty of $4.36 and the rest was for Processing fee and Transaction fee. I was extremely angry that they could just make up nonsense fees and hold my boots ransom. I told them that I would pay the $4.36 but that they would have to charge the Boundless Shop for the nonsense fees as I paid for my boots and for the shipping and expected the product to be delivered to my door. I have ordered many items that were shipped to me from all over the world and I have never had to pay any extra fees or duty. The items were always just deliverd to me. I amede several calls to DHL to try and have my boots delivered and was always treated very rudly without getting any results. I received an email from the Boundless Shop that DHL had tried to deliver the boots but that no one was home... My son and I are disabled and there is always someone home so that is a lie. DHL never tried to deliver the boots as they flat out refused to deliver them without me paying the $25.40 in extortion fees. The purchase of the boots was a hardship and since I am on a disability income I simply don't have $25.40 to give away. I made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau about DHL but since they were under contract of the Boundless Shop the BBB told me they could not help me and I have to contact the Boundless Shop about not receiving the boots and needing a full refund. I have emailed the Boundless Shop NUMEROUS times and they are blaming me and DHL. At first they told me to WAIT until the boots were returned to the warehouse. I waited and waited and was told it takes time. Then I was told that DHL DESTROID the boots! Customer service at the Boundless Shop told me then they would send me a new pair of boots but it would be the same DHL problem so I asked for a full refund. After several emails back and forth they offered a refund at 40%... I emailed them back and told them that if they thought of themselfs as a REPUTABLE company they would give me a full refund. Paypal has also emailed the Boundless Shop on my behalf in the beginning of this saga and asked them to provide me with a full refund. They never responded to this email. I have paid $83.91 USD for a pair of boots that I never received and expect a full refund from the Boundless Shop or else they are nothing less but rip-off artists in co-hoots with disreputable shippers.


My daughter and I are both sick and have had to rely on delivery of food. Skip the Dishes was advertised on TV and seemed to be a good idea since it was convenient. We ordered numerous times and had numerous disappointments with the food and the delivery. Not to talk about aggrevation about wrong items, items forgotten, cold items placed with hot items and vice versa, restaurants responding but our money taken, drivers not showing up in time before the resaurant closed, customer service agents obstinate, rude, DUMB and not having a command of the English language, the chat ap on cell phone closing repeatedly when put on hold, etc., etc. The restaurants are supposed to provide quality food and package it properly and I can tell you that this doesn't happen most of the time. There is one restaurant that we ordered from several tiems and we noticed quickly that the quality, quantity, consistity of the product and packaging was an issue. I complained and had a very ligitimate claim as I had t throw food out. I chatted, emailed and placed 9 phone calls to SkipTheDishes. They told me to call the restaurant myself as a refund was denied. I called the owner and he said he never talked to SkipTheDishes about this and would refund me. I STILL don't have the money back! One time I ordered a STEAK and got a thin slice of unidentifiable meat that consisted out of 1/4 of hard unedible fat. With that I had ordered sweet potato fries that arrived partially raw. I complained but the restaurant absolutly refused to do anything about it and SkipTheDishes just shrugs it shoulders. Then there is the time that we ordered from a Thai restaurant that didn't confirm the order so we had to order from another restaurant. Usually the money is refunded in Skip Credits but that didn't happen so the new order was charged alover again. I caught it and started calling SkipTheDishes. It took numerous calls and it took just short of a month to get the money back in my bank account. There have been double charges too! We have had a few times that the food was mishandeled by the driver and ended up being squished, jumbled, hot when it should be cold and cold when it should be hot. At times the restaurant makes the food too early or something and everything is cold even stuff that you can't warm up yourself (without tasting off). The big thigs are that you often have no recourse with the restaurants and that you get nowhere with the (pardon my language) incompetents at SkipTheDishes (most of the managers are the worst).


I have purchased many tubes of Rub on Relief and was happy with the results. Not too long ago I ordered 5 tubes of Rub on Relief and to my surprise the formula had been changed. It smelled different, the consistency of the cream was different, it didn't rub in the same anymore, it didn't spread the same anymore, it didn't tingle anymore and most importantly IT DIDN'T WORK ANYMORE. I contacted LoseTheBackPain and was told to return the tubes AT MY COST. I am disabled and on a government income. I can't afford to take taxies to the post office pay a high price for International postage to return the tubes and then take the risk that he parcel gets lost. I went to the FaceBook page from LoseTheBackPain and wrote a review. I then got a message and received a refund for 3 of the tubes of cream - not for 5 - but only 3. I didn't get refunded for shipping either! If this was a reputable company they would provide return shipping if they really wanted their product returned and they would without question refund everything and not partial. AND WHY CHANGE THE FORMULA OF A PRODUCT THAT WORKS WONDERFULLY WITHOUT WARNING.

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