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7 Reviews by David


Menards customer service isn't... it is indifferent\unresponsive, inept, unskilled or untrained, innocently or intentionally. I've searched the web and read other reviews of Menards which are unfavorable and now I can support and add my views & experience. Frankly, my voice will be merely one from the chorus BBB reviewed Menards and Menards earned and F' from BBB with this prevalent comment: The business responded to the dispute but failed to make a good faith effort to resolve it.
I'd summarize their service or lack thereof as "institutional indifference" combined with a lack of familiarity with products and service. Staff of Menards hardware, Hardware Associate Buyer, Menard, Inc. as well as Menards "guest services" is unwilling or unable to write a reply to written requests, form a response or simply acknowledge a written contact in a business-like fashion; i. E., indifference and simply unresponsiveness, either intentionally or innocently.
My dispute? Trying to get what I paid for, the product was shorted on contents, not all parts and pieces were included in my shelving unit. I started trying to get replacements 10 days ago but the supplier was and is the wrong supplier Menards referred me to and Menards has not answered me at all despite cc of 14 email exchanges with the supplier the wrong supplier and two hard copy letters to Eau Claire corporate offices.

"Save Big Money at Menards" is because they don't spend it on service representatives or customer service.

I'm a simple customer with a simple problem that Menards has botched so badly Menards picture should be next to the Urban Dictionary definition of FUBAR.


Russ Darrow Group advertises: Experience the Difference... Better Service Better Selection Better Pricing. I did not experience any of those advertised traits, quite the opposite. While waiting for my first oil change service at Darrow last summer, I was looking seriously at buying a replacement car, a Honda. On my 2nd visit I was treated poorly; Darrow personnel wererude, offensive and indifferent. I am no longer considering Darrow-Honda for a new car of any brand they sell because of failures. Russ Darrow failed and fails: Failed to honor its own issued oil change coupon, dishonoring an appointment forserviceFails to engage the customer with respectFailed or is incapable of writing a standard business letterFails to respond or reply to written complaintsFailed to follow through as promised with customer serviceRuss Darrow
Has institutional indifference. Simply said, they just don't care about
Basic courtesy, respect and service. The customer is second class or
Disposable when[the customer] refuses to take poor treatment as the usual and customary norm [for Russ Darrow]. I rate Darrow service department as "F"; management sales and customer service"F". I now am someone else's customer and happily driving a Mazda 3' but will buy a Honda from someplace else.Other dealers are happy to have a new customer. Darrow management, customer service and sales did its best to be dismissive and indifferent. If
I accept poor customer service without objection, I deserve it. I'm not
Asking for ring-kissing deference, just courtesy and respect. I don't
Have to accept being treated rudely or ignored by Darrow, let alone pay for it, by being a returning customer.


USAA customer service isn't... it is indifferent, inept, unskilled, innocently or intentionally. I've searched the web and read other reviews of USAA beginning with the BBB site. Go to BBB and read for yourselves; amazingly uniform complaints. BBB Face page shows [25] Positive Reviews
[4] Neutral Reviews, [300] Negative Reviews, [329] Total Customer Reviews; [1,460] Total Customer Complaints. Frankly, my voice will be merely one from the chorus - USAA touts service but it's all talk,[TV ads] & no action. I'd summarize their service or lack thereof as "institutional indifference" combined with a lack of familiarity with the truth mixed together with incompetence, untrue, deceptive statements and practices seemingly designed to mislead or delay either intentionally or innocently.

Like the 10 or so other reviews on the first 3 pages of the BBB site, I'm cancelling my insurance and finding a more ethical and competent insurer. Are there any? While other insurance companies may stab you in the back, USAA stabs you in the front while saying how wonderful their service is: better the ˌdevil you ˈknow (than the devil you dont)(saying) it is better to deal with somebody/something bad, difficult, etc. [other insurance companies] that is familiar[or expected] than to perhaps have to deal with somebody/something worse [USAA]

I have no claim issues. I'm not a disgruntled insured.

I'm a simple customer with a simple problem that USAA has botched so badly USAA's picture should be next to the Urban Dictionary definition of FUBAR.

Tip for consumers:
Stay away from USAA - no service, bad service or stupid\ignorant service


I had a Pyrex 9 x 13" pan that a coating was peeling off or deteriorating; it was coated with some non-stick substance Pyrex called: "clear advantage" which is ironic because it is a disadvantage. Pyrex said too bad on the coating coming off and the pan could not be "saved" but offered me nothing as a continuing customer, consumer adjustment or anything as a courtesy. The writer was indifferent to the fact she just told me my pan was junk and ignored the obvious, I needed a new pan. Continuing customers are low-hanging fruit for most companies and most companies know it takes a fraction of a dollar to keep a customer to that of the dollars spent on getting new customers. Pyrex was indifferent to standing behind its product or providing service and any incentive to remain a customer. Beware when buying Pyrex, don't expect service nor product integrity - in fact, don't expect customer service integrity either. Read carefully the reviews where the pans exploded as it was coming out of the oven... david

Tip for consumers:
see this other site:

, 32 of 33 filings by consumers are for EXPLODING PYREX PANS - no longer beware, be on-guard and avoid an ultra-hazardous product!


The bitterness of a poor product lingers long after purchase.

I have experience with three Cuisinart products in three separate homes: mine, my sons and his mother-in-laws. All three products failed in their essential purposes, to work, make coffee or grind beans. All had electrical failures if not hazards. Mine, a coffee grinder, went up literally in smoke and failed to work a year after purchase. Going up in smoke, to me, is a fire hazard. The second and third were 12 cup coffeemaker\grinders programmable units. One failed electrically to grind but made coffee, rendering 50% of the unit lost to use. The other failed to make coffee while the grinder worked. That unit also went up in smoke right after making coffee, the owners smelled melted plastic and they quickly unplugged the unit; also an electrical hazard and dangerous.

My experience strongly suggests Cuisinart, although charging premium prices, makes an inferior if not dangerous product. I gave the 3rd unit as a wedding gift which now has cheated me of both significant $$$ but the pleasure of giving a quality gift providing continuing value. The Cuisinart products, in my experience, do not have long-life expected use; they fail of their essential purpose to work. Rather, the three products ended their useful lives in a hazardous and dangerous way, without warning, going up in smoke (literally) or melting or failing electrically.

Forewarned = forearmed, absolutely, buyer beware of an inferior product but also a potentially dangerous and sudden failure, without warning of useful life of the Cuisinart product.

Cuisinart customer service was institutionally indifferent and thus, customer no service would apply... I asked for an escalation of my complaint to a supervisor or person in a position of authority. The service representative blocked the referral and refused to comply. Cuisinart doesnt care about service. Their actions, by omission and default say there are plenty of customers, service doesnt matter. P. T. Barnum notion comes to mind, Theres a sucker born every minute. My purchase of Cuisinart made me feel like a sucker I spent a lot of money for a poor, inferior and potentially dangerous product.

I should have read reviews of Cuisinart online first hit on a internet search, Cuisinart reviews showed as #1 hit = 674 reviews of Cuisinart and a single star rating on this website: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/cuisinart.html

Cuisinart products are expensive. I assumed buying a premium product would yield long life and quality service; I was wrong. We, all three of us have an expensive paperweight\ book ends... Thankfully, going up in smoke or smelling melted plastic did not have any worse outcomes than a product turning itself into consumer junk.

You, the reader may not be as fortunate or lucky in just getting cheated your outcome buying Cuisinart product may be worse than just a product failure.


Institutional indifference - no customer service & don't care

I purchased a Garmin GPS today, December 20th at Best Buy but was not offered an extended warranty - today, December 20th - I called the store to ask about an extended warranty and only got useless menu options frustrating me and putting me off from ever returning to a Best Buy - why should I?

It was insulting when trying to telephone the store, getting only an unresponsive menu selection and a complete inability to speak to a human being. I called the 888' number to complain and try to find a human to reply to my complaints which took multiple menu options, hold options and call-back from a representative. It is dehumanizing to have my time trivialized and spent like it matters little.

The call-back option person was in the Philippines; useless and uninformed. She told me to call the store if I had a problem - my problem was in calling the store, the menu options were useless. I asked to be transferred to the USA. She refused and said there is no option to transfer my call. I asked to be transferred to Minnesota; she refused saying there are no options to transfer to Minnesota and to call the store. It was a useless call, a waste of my time and failed of its essential purpose:

I. To talk with a human being about my dissatisfaction with a useless menu system;
II. To complain about how customers are treated including routing my complaint to the Philippines to someone uninformed and unintelligible;
III. To find out if I have an extended warranty option of what I just bought.

I wasted over an hour on this and your customer disservice and [Best Buys] astonishingly self-defeating system called customer service. I will shop elsewhere and only at Best Buy as a last resort. I was going to get a DVD player as a gift for someone which I will now buy [& everything I need] elsewhere.

What a monumentally stupid system Best Buy has adopted. It is a target-rich consumer environment out here, lots of online sellers and competitors who value customers. I have enclosed a reprint attributable to Sam Walton - your customer service personnel [including those in the Philippines] should read it and quite possibly adopt the philosophy.

I have sent this to your Best Buy, Minnesota as a courtesy as well.


I bought a Sketchers pair box-priced@ $75, on sale for $69 but within 6 mos of wear, the sole came unglued from the shoe. I did not have my receipt, however, the Kohl's receipts boast, "HASSLE-FREE RETURNS, ANYTIME, ANY REASON... "no receipt, no problem..." - "we can look up your purchase and give you a full refund, or even exchange."

I returned my defective shoe, was denied an even exchange with the statement, "this shoe is in back-stock and no longer offered..." thus, no even price exchange, only an in-store credit. In fact, I was offered less than 1% of the box-priced $75 - I was offered $6 in-store credit with the statement: "you are given the lowest sale price of the shoes when you return without a receipt and an even exchange is not possible." I asked Kohl's "when did you sell this shoe@ $6 and where?" Kohl's did not extend the courtesy of a reply. Kohl's previously said "our system" fixes the pricing for an in-store credit [$6]; mind boggling, as if some rogue computer or artificial intelligence in the "system" took over any common sense practiced by Kohl's - the policy is set by the person who programmed the "system" - which, cheats the customer of a refund and is contrary to a fair and open disclosure announced in the return policy - "hassle-free"? Only if you're will to get less than one percent 1% of what you paid.

Kohl's has had an opportunity to reply to me but has declined any reply or answers.

Kohl's unwritten "system" policy & practice cheats the customer


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