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I've never had any issues at all watching TV shows on this site. I use Firefox with an adblocker plus several other privacy add-ons and have had no issues at all on Putlocker. Live streams perfectly and I've never had to sign up or register for anything. I think the people who are complaining are obvious shills for the MPAA. Just be smart and safe, don't download anything, live stream only and make sure you're on the right site and not a mirror site.


If you're using Firefox there are themes you can install with the Stylish add-on to make DDG look exactly like Google. We all hate change and prefer the familiar so this helps make the transition easier. My main complaint is the mouse rollover effect where each search result changes color when the mouse is near it is very annoying and makes keyboard scrolling awkward. There should be an option to turn this off. The other thing is that each search result does not have enough of a description or include any available dates to inform me if this is something relevant and recent I want to click on. All the search descriptions only extend out to a quarter of the page where google extends halfway giving more info. I don't want to be forced to click on each search result to see if it's what I'm looking for.
I like DDG and would use it full time if these issues were fixed. I'm completely fed up with Google's intrusive stalking and data mining. I don't want every search I've ever made in my lifetime stored for eternity.
Reviewers talking about DDG hijacking their browsers is just plain rubbish. It sounds like they are newbie computer users with no technical skills and got themselves some malware, or they are trolls. DDG doesn't require any installation or download so how could your browser get hijacked?


All the info you need is on the Crucial site if you want to do your own memory upgrade. They are real pros and stand behind their products, excellent customer service.


In the current climate of corporate and government spying with no regard for personal privacy everyone needs to have an email account that provides encryption. Very simple intuitive interface, encryption selection can be turned on and off when needed. Hushmail isn't tracking and logging your every move on the internet and forcibly intruding into your personal life like Gmail.


This dodgy website reveals all of your personal information, ip address, login info, email addresses, etc, to their self-proclaimed expert authenticators. The admin of TPF are in cahoots with the authenticators. They are all purse sellers who publicly slander legitimate online businesses in order to steer buyers to their own sales and eliminate the competition. Anyone who sits on public forums 24/7 doing purse authentications for free has an ulterior motive or is mentally unbalanced. A professional site wouldn't engage in the kind of vicious slanderous gossip mongering, stalking and cyber bullying that Purseforum members are known for. Read the online transcripts of the lawsuit filed against TPF authenticator Nancy R. Burke, (screen names: BeenBurned, TheBargainPrincess, fashionclubgurl) for trade libel, defamation and cyberbullying, etc. Transcripts for lawsuits filed against other authenticators are available online for all to read. Sad but true, they aren't doing these authentications out of the goodness of their hearts.


Simply the best! Excellent, professional customer service.


If you travel a lot this is a fabulous site to get an idea of where to begin finding what you need in a new unfamiliar city.


This site is stellar in every way! They will assist you in cleaning up any virus, malware, trojan, etc. infestation on your computer, they are seriously good at it and it is FREE!

3/10/13 is owned by some very shady attorneys. On this so called complaint website, anyone with a personal ax to grind can accuse you of criminal acts, make scandalous and libelous statements about you and your business, post personal information like: home phone numbers, addresses, family names, etc. then contacts the victim of the accusations and requests money from them for the removal of the posts. There have been news stories written about this highly unethical complaint site. The consumer is being used to aid an extortion ring. There is plenty of evidence on the internet about this site, please check it out and decide for yourself.


If you're an Ebay buyer this tool is indispensable. Put in a seller's ID and you'll see every single neg and neut they've been given without having to endlessly scroll through their feedback on Ebay. Highly recommend, super tool!


Awesome site! If you are having any type of trouble with your laptop this is the place to go. If you're thinking of buying a new notebook but can't decide which one, there's a great community of intelligent, sophisticated users on the forums who can assist you.

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