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Uber reviews

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798 reviews
Categories: Car Sharing, Mobile Apps, Taxi
405 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
Tel: +1.8772238023
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798 Reviews From Our Community

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Unfortunately though, I recently had a bad experience with a driver and the customer service was worse. (in 42 reviews)


But in many cases with a single complain or bad rating they will put the driver off the system. (in 230 reviews)


I took 30 kms trip in Hyderabad, Telangana on 14th Feb 2016. (in 65 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I requested an uber from my home 10 minutes from DTW on Saturday July 16 at 6:45am. 11 minute eta. 8 minutes into it, I had my son check on it
THE TRIP was cancelled. OMG what a predicament I had. Ended up driving myself. Cannot trust to do this again.

Ask Susan about Uber
1 review
1 helpful vote

Today I feel I was taken advantage of by UBER. I am a loyal uber customer who has used UBER many times for work and personal use. I have never run into what happened to me this morning with a ride charge of $68.97 US in New York. When I requested a ride I was told the fair was approx $18 from my hotel to LGA Airport. A surcharge screen then came up which advised me a 2.3 surcharge would apply to this rate. I didn't understand it and read it as an additional 2.3%. Now I am advised that it means actually an additional 2.3 rate. Even at that 2.3 rate $18x2.3=$41 not $68.97. When I received the uber receipt after the fact I was charged $68.97. I would have never agreed to this. A normal cab ride was $40. I feel violated and cheated by Uber. This system is not set up right and is very confusing for the customer. I won't be using UBER again as the company after numerous attempts will not help.

Ask Christine about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

We were in Fox Lake IL. We locked keys in our car. There was a Uber driver available to get us home.

Ask Mike about Uber
13 reviews
8 helpful votes

I don't know. My MAJOR complaint, not being able to tip on the app. I never have cash. Ever! Then I look like a major a-hole for not tipping. Other major complaint, surge fairs. Why??? I bet your drivers get NONE of that.

One driver at one point, after two others canceled, in a row, told me my rating was very low, which was probably why they were canceling. I was like wtf?? Of course Uber customer service denied this was happening.

So I looked into it. It was barely over a four. Seriously, wtf???? So I closed that account and vowed to only use Lyft. Then that turned into a disaster, and I actually had to file a police report. No joke. And to top it off, Lyft never responded OR offered me a refund. MFs! I had to dispute the charge to my debit card and wait for my bank to give me the money.

So I guess I'm forced back to Uber to be rated poorly for, NOT TIPPING, since I never have cash. F##k!!!

Plus, I see so many horror stories of the drivers, I hate to support this major a-hole company. But drivers, please don't rate us riders poorly for not tipping, I think most people don't carry cash, and if we could, we would tip. I don't know a solution other than to appeal to Uber, which let's face it, they will never do anything about.

It's like those cheap azz nail salons that don't let you tip on your card. Probably for the same reason. Merchants pay a fee to use cards, but it is nominal, and in a tipping situation that can be tracked anyway to pay the server/driver, etc the appropriate amount. How do I know? Well I'm a previous business owner. In addition, with a huge company like Uber, I'm sure they have an even smaller percentage that they pay on transactions, if any at all.

So Uber, come correct! Make EVERYONE happy here. You are being total d!cks to your drivers, and the customers too, because we DO want to tip, and it's so embarrassing when we can't.

I don't know the answer. It's a disaster basically. To the drivers, I'm sorry for when I have not tipped, but rating me poorly is not fair either. I don't know what the answer is.

Ask Sam about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

Map is not working! I had to call both the passenger and driver to track them! When you have children riding in Uber you better have a working map!

Ask Niza about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

I requested a ride at 7:45pm I could see the driver on the map never leave his home. The driver calls me and tells me he is outside my home when I knew he wasn't I called back and the driver was very rude he was very rude I hate to say it but mostly all every African drivers I get from uber are rude and they always have an attitude. The driver told me he was not coming to pick me and hung on me I was then charged a cancellation fee when the driver was the one that cancelled the trip. I never have this issue with lyft uber needs to get better drivers I will not be taking another uber i will use lyft or walk to my destination. I find it ridiculous I have to deal with someone rude when they are getting paid to drive me around.

Ask Chela about Uber
1 review
4 helpful votes

I feel like i got scammed driving for uber. One example i made $141 over a period of 9 hours got $100 sounds good right WRONG! I put $30 in gas + 300 miles on my car. Now mind you im in a busy area by the airport. They take 28% of every ride + they charge the rider $2.30 booking fee. So i do 97% of the job take 100% of the risk and what do i get after maintaining the car tires, oil change, other expenses, car value going down? well you tell me i could be working at a gas station making more then $70 with my car value + my gas still in my car. Ohh and uber gets 100% of the profit taking ZERO RISK how is this called a service and not a scamm? Look all im saying is i feel like i got scammed. If you feel like you got scammed then you got scammed PERIOD! Its like i paid uber and i gave a bunch of people free rides. *$#% you uber.

Ask Sora about Uber
1 review
2 helpful votes

$129.00 to travel across town in Boise. About 10 miles. 1st time used. Saturday on a non Holiday weekend. Mobile app is crap on advising you of your total cost until you get home and your email presents the shocking damage. Took over 13 minutes to get picked up too. SCAM!!

Ask Tyler about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

Requested a ride on my Uber app on July 3 from Eden Prairie, MN to Minneapolis, MN. The first driver went to the wrong location and didn't bother trying to contact me to see why I wasn't there; for this I was charged a $5 cancellation fee. My daughter looked at the app and noticed it said that my request hadn't gone through. She sent a new request and for some reason I was charged another cancellation fee, this one was for $6. The driver who did finally show up 30 minutes after my initial request charged me $60 for a 19 mile trip. For the return trip I tried Lyft and not only did the driver show up within 5 minutes of my request, he also only charged me $18.60! Guess which service I'll be using from now on and recommending to my family and friends? Hint: it's not Uber.

Ask Kimberli about Uber
1 review
3 helpful votes

I did an estimate on a trip that was supposed to only be an estimate price for $20. I didn't realize I picked a sub so after the ride I was charged $68.00. Why would I want to pay $68 if the taxi would of onlyour costed $30 I used Uber for over an year Iat not use uber anymore that was an outrageous price to pay for an $30 trip .

Ask Michelle about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

I got an estimate fare which said my journey would've between £23-£31 but got charged £53. I complained and got nowhere

Ask Mark about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

A few weeks ago I checked prices for my ride home from my friends house. By mistake I requested car and right away I cancelled. After some time I figured out that they charged me $5 for cancelation. I complained but it didn't help. I understand if I request a car and after a few minutes I cancel they will charge me , but I cancelled the same moment!
Beside is that, when I request a car to my home address their GPS brings them behind my building, behind the block. I sent them email , but nothing they did for it. Don't know if in a future I will use them again .

Ask Lana about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

Never could get a confirmation. My G.P.S. was floating. They said my phone was not valid. In Chicago, it's not worth the delay. NEVER again, this has been disgusting.

Ask Lydia about Uber
1 review
2 helpful votes

I would like to unsubscribe from Uber's emails but after contacting their support, speaking to several people and several messages back and forth I am still getting their promotional emails. They claim that they have done all they can to unsubscribe me but the emails persist.

Ask Jonathan about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

The surge pricing is a huge scam! I was charged $93 for a $45 ride in a car that was falling apart! I could have had a limo for $85.

Ask Kim about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

Always have good experience with Uber but I think their quality is declining. I booked an Uber today. 1990 toyota camry, AC was not ON and didnt work. the seat had some kind of plastic cover which made the experience ever worst. wanted to keep bag in the trunk but the trunk was junk. The driver was irritating kept asking how long have you been in Chicago. He had phone in one hand and was driving with the other and kept missing the direction even though it was clear on his cell phone on he route we were taking. I will think twice before requesting an Uber because a Cab provides me with better experience then Uber

Ask Jimeet about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes


Good to have your services in share too and for the last two days i am enjoying my to and fro rides , with competitive rates .

you have clubbed me with another rider who was in a different direction

for eg.;; my (second) booking was from Income Tax towers, AC Guards to Manikonda which is of some 13 kms plus
In the first booking , the cab's destination was Janapriya Utopia via Attapur Road
And then he drove me from towards langar houz and proceeded to nekhnampur from there to Manikonda, nearly covering some 20 kms in the traffic.

These two designations are poles apart. Ofcourse sharing is always time consuming. I do agree
But that should also be properly connected in the same route or beyond one destination or may extend to the bye lanes.

Definitely that cannot be coupled with this type of two different directions , that too in this hyderabad traffic in the peak hours.

So my advice is to refine the connectivity so that there will be more no. of commuters

And again on second occasion, today you have clubbed me with another who travels to entirely a different destination

Today also the same thing happened
you have clubbed customers travelling in two different routes thereby causing chaos between us and good amount of delay in the travel. I picked up at 9.00



This is my second mail. and which i expect turn a new leaf

If you dont improve, your efforts of pooling will go unnoticed


Ask jaya about Uber
1 review
3 helpful votes

They will fail eventually. Few years from now, Uber will be a case study in business classes for bad execution.

Ask Sami about Uber
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I used uber when traveling to NY to see my brother James. He lives next to Jamaica station and usually I take a cab from jfk to his place that adds up to as much as $70 for a ride. This time I decided to try uber and was very pleased with the price offered just $23.
The driver arrived quickly and the car was neat. Overall great experience!

Ask Derek about Uber
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I am trying to get paid the $156.00 dollars they owe me. This is only part of the $3,000.00 they have cost me with hype and misrepresentions. Clayton Blehm 84 yrs old

Ask Clay about Uber
1 review
7 helpful votes

I am an UBER Driver. UBER is a fundamentally dishonest company. First of all, in over two years of driving, I've never met or spoken to anyone who works for the company. It's all done via email. Second, anytime you write them for any reason, you receive a canned response that shows your original email was neither read nor comprehended by a human. Then they won't adjust fares when you've been shorted until you've sent at least five or six emails. Finally, they'll relent, usually. You'll get multiple responses that are canned and look like dialogue from Valley Of The Dolls.

The people who get in your car are sometimes smelly and your car will smell the next day. Also, UBER is a terrible corporate citizen. .85 cents a mile/.75 cents for UBER Pool plus .13 per minute means that when you deduct .575 cents a mile while riders are in the car and .575 cents per mile to get to the rider, you'll LOSE MONEY ON EACH AND EVER RIDE! This means a full time UBER Driver will never pay a dime in taxes, qualify for Social Security or have any money in life. All full time UBER drivers will end up a burden to the government while their cars have been polluting the environment.

The Wussy County Commissions all across the country that have rolled over for this company are anything but public servants. They are fools. If you want a cheap ride, do not care about taking advantage of other humans and like rewarding a greedy morally bankrupt corporation, by all means, continue too use UBER.

Also, UBER Pool -- You get into a car with people you don't know and a driver you don't know. You go on a route you don't need to go on. As a driver, you're a rolling day care center for drunks. UBER Company calls us drivers partners. That's CRAP. They treat us as if we're illiterate, mentally challenged minors. They lie, threaten, and constantly sell lie after lie after lie. My prediction is UBER will continue to have success for a long time ahead but will come to be vilified as the horrific example of greed that they are.

Their treatment of people and disregard for our environment, our laws, and most of all the safety and well being of their drivers is as egregious as any company in the history of America. The Pussy Politicians that are rolling over for this company are also an embarrassment to our country.

Ask Carl about Uber
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've had countless issues with uber drivers claiming false cancellations, claiming to have picked me up when they hadn't, etc. Tonight a guy picked me up and immediately started hinting that I lived too far away. Mid way through the ride he finally concluded that I did,in fact, live too far away (he just wasn't familiar with the New York area at ALL- NO, Brooklyn isn't in Manhattan). He kicked me out of the car in the middle of the night in a bad neighborhood and cancelled the ride. I had to walk with my three heavy bags all the way home because of other issues with false cancellations and uber. Lyft isn't much better but fewer terrible experiences for sure.

Ask Maura about Uber
1 review
3 helpful votes

Too much words are needed to explain about this big scam ,whether you are a driver or a rider. I have experienced both sides. Uner is collecting your information and selling them and ripping off the driver and the rider both! Stay away from this evil at any cost !

Ask Steve about Uber
1 review
5 helpful votes

First, I requested an Uber driver that was 6 minutes away from me in an appropriate amount of time before I needed to get to my destination. I needed to be at the airport by 8:30 a.m. and contacted Uber at 7:40. I didn't want to have to pay for parking at the airport. When I requested the Uber driver I saw that he has 4 out of 5 stars and figured he would be a good driver.
However, the driver seemed to be lost and had no clue where he was. He passed my street four times, which my street is not that difficult to find! He kept making U-turns and turning down the wrong streets.
For a driver, you're suppose to know where you're going! And if you don't know, follow the GPS! It was an awful experience that I had with Uber. I had to pay an outrageous price for parking at the airport and was late for my flight! If the driver just knew where he was going or knew how to use a GPS then this issue wouldn't be an issue!
Since I canceled the Uber ride they want to charge me for a cancelation fee! Uber really needs to test their drivers to see if they're smart enough to use a GPS. Although, you'd think it would be common knowledge... I guess not.

Ask Victoria about Uber
1 review
7 helpful votes

It is a ripoff for both drivers and riders. Uber gets the money and your car and pocket suffers. Not to mention the safety issues. I drove for Uber for two days; 4 rides. Up to 19 per hour?? Not even close! More like 2.00 per hour not mention you only get paid for the ride to the riders to their destination. The rest is on you!

Ask Rosario about Uber
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