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866 reviews
Categories: Car Sharing, Taxi
405 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
Tel: +1.8772238023
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1 review
0 helpful votes

I am Active Duty Army. I tried to apply to be a driver for Uber. They will not accept my valid drivers license. My license has an expectation date of 00/00/0000 because under Tennessee law it does not expire until I exit the service. Uber's automated email system kept telling me that it was expired. When I emailed the help line, I got an email back saying this:

"we understand that you had a question about requesting an exception to our requirement for a valid State driver's license. I'm afraid that we are currently unable to allow exceptions to this requirement. We know that Active Duty Service Members may relocate frequently. While many local regulations recognize this, these terms do not necessarily apply beyond personal driving."

There is nothing wrong with my license, I am not asking for an exemption. My license is valid.

On top of that I had to jump through hoops to get my account reset because when I drunkenly set it up the first time I put in the wrong email.

So I am beyond fed up with this company. I'm moving to Lyft!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I see there are four cabs near my home still 2x surge !!! Switching to Ola.
If this continues uber will shut down soon.

1 review
0 helpful votes

The service and availability is good but they put exorbitant fare almost every day. Practically useless for daily commuters.

1 review
0 helpful votes

This review is not just about the airport pick up, but in general for people who wish to know how to travel.

The best and only taxi company that I would recommend is Blue Bird, they are great! They always use the meter and the drivers are professional

The other taxi companies (dark blue, purple, grey colour taxis, not the light blue - blue bird taxis) are all rip offs! Be careful, they are scammers and rude 99% of the time.

Ok now onto Uber, it can be great and it can be not so great, I would say 75% of the time it is good, but if you get one of these drivers look out -

Booked a Uber ride at 6.09pm with driver "I Dewa Made Satrya" to pick up from Nikki Beach Club, after waiting at the front of the club for 10 mins it was clear he was not coming as his vehicle which was 1km away was not moving in our direction, but I was surprised when the app changed to being on the journey, a few minutes later it finished but I was charge 15,000 rah (of course you waste time and write to uber the they refund it, but why should loyal passengers need to go through such crap when it is clearly not their fault?)

I then booked Uber again at 6.19pm, the same driver "I Dewa Made Satrya" accepted the booking but this time, he messages me on WhatsApp to tell me unless i pay cash he is not coming, so I try to change the payment method to cash but this is not allowed on the Uber app, so when I tell the driver this he says unless I pay him cash he will not come!! He then asked me to cancel, but luckily it is within the 5 min BS time limit so I am not charged a cancellation fee this time (even though again it is not my fault!)

I advised the driver "I Dewa Made Satrya" that the service is terrible, he told me he does not care and when I said I would report this service to Uber he said "I do not fear", clearly Uber does not care for passenger service and is happy to hire anyone in Bali as a driver, as I would never employee someone with such an attitude, especially when now 18 hours later he just sent me another offence message to my phone "You Emang Top"

Anyway avoid the driver "I Dewa Made Satrya"with phone number +62 821 4407 1347

I then attempted to make another booking, this time it was picked up by driver "Nyoman", this booking was at now 6.29pm, this driver was 8 minutes away and started driving to my location, so I was thinking great finally have a driver, he was within about 3 minutes away and then I noticed he kept going passed the turn off and when I contacted him he said he is not coming, I could see on the app he was like 3 mins away, then 6 mins, 9 min, 12 min and clearly not coming to Nusa Dua but driving to Ulawatu, this driver just ignored all contact from me via message/phone, just keep driving and I guess waiting for me to cancel, which I finally did, clearly another driver that does not care for passenger service

Please avoid "Nyoman" driver and his number is +62 812 3786 5029, he clearly does not care and should not be allowed to drive for Uber.

Ok so finally made another booking with Uber, it is now 6.40pm, the guy turns up, very nice driver, but as I got into the car and sat down my daughter was just getting into the car and the driver starts to drive off, without her being in the car, the door was still open, my daughter then hit the road and was left on the street, this was clearly an accident but careless driving from Uber, I will not write his name, as he was nice, but clearly not careful.

Anyway basically after about 4 bookings, waiting 40 minutes, writing to uber for refund for my 15,000 Rph, we made it home to the villa in seminyak.

Honestly i love Uber, use it all over the world, however, I think in some cities like China (especially Beijing), Bali and Sydney the server now is terrible and the prices are on the increase so a taxi can be about the same!!!! Once uber gets the marketshare they want they increase the prices without warning!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Why is it if they take money out of your account for the Uber rides that they have to take additional money which they say it's an authorization hold but they do not put it back for at least eight days and this is money that I cannot access and another thing if you have an Uber gift card they still want to put monies from the ride from your checking account on hold when it is confirmed that they will get paid by the Uber gift card. I have for three weeks been trying to resolve this problem on two separate situations and the customer service is horrible. Isn't it illegal for them to keep a hold on your money even after they get paid for the services of an Uber driver taking you to your destination. And why does it take so long for it to drop off from your checking account they should confirm you have the money then debit your account for the Uber ride and then that's it. I am trying to find out how to issue an official complaint against Uber because of the situation can you please help

1 review
2 helpful votes

My first experience with uber was absolutely horrible. A driver by the name of Wylder picked up myself and a friend and we were under the impression this was a safe, comfortable and convenient way to get to our location. It was not. The car (ford focus) was in horrible shape, the seats were tore up and covered in nasty stains. The vehicle smelled like cigarette smoke so bad I could hardly breath, and the driver was very unprofessional. He didn't use GPS and asked if we minded if he picked up a 3rd passenger on our way, we accepted since there was room, but then Wylder drove around for 30+ min looking for this other potential "client". He finally drove back to the location that he picked us up at and said "I am suppose to be looking for a girl named Brittany"... umm, That would be me! He didn't seem to know what he was doing one bit. I felt very unsafe with his driving ability as he was all over the road and made sharp sudden turns in the wrong direction on several occasions. With this being my first experience with uber, I was very dissatisfied and probably wont be using the services again

1 review
1 helpful vote

I drive for uber in Orlando. My car is always clean, safe and I received a lot of great feedback from passengers. I driven all over Orlando many times very late at night only for uber to keep all my earning and display that I owe them. I've had to spend for a lot of gas and tolls, new breaks, tires, deep cleaning because of messes made by some passengers and when I ask where are my earnings I get a bs response. It's as if I been doing favors for people driving them around all for nothing. I'm going to find out who I can talk to so I can file suit again uber

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

I love the convenience offered by these cabs. It has taken a while for me to catch on the trend but I'm now using Uber for most of my in town commutes. Highly recommended for every person on the move. Regards

1 review
0 helpful votes

I used Uber a few days ago, 3 x going to the same address an get charged different prices.

1 review
1 helpful vote

On app Uber lures u to money making areas but once u get there,your riding around wasting gas hoping you get a rider. wear and tear on your vehicle....good luck with that. Uber dont care.they stress u to drive but wont help u with money to fix car.
Lyft Looks Out. If u wanna drive,Lyft pays better than Uber and less bull$#*!.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I requested an Uber ride on Thursday the 15th 2016 to take me from my home in Apopka Vineland to a Dentist Office in Dr. Phillips. The Uber arrived and took me to an address that I explained to him did not appear to be the correct address as it appeared to be that of a private home in a private neighborhood instead. I tried to explain this to the Uber driver, however, very rudely he requested assured me that that was the correct address. I got out of the vehicle to check the place out and see if it was the office, but, the Uber turned around and left me there (IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!!!!)

I contacted Uber on their contact line to tell them about their experience on repetitive occasions, however, to this day 23rd of the month no one ever did. This is quite unbelievable for me as I have been riding with Uber for a long time and dedicated; but if I ever have something like an outstanding balance with them they never play to hurry notify me for their funds. All I wanted was for someone to return my messages so I could state my case. Was that too much to ask for???

1 review
2 helpful votes

Emailed them about an issue with Uber Pool (Driver name Tejan in Mitsubishi Lancer in DC metro area on Saturday night at 8:14pm) and was promised internal investigation but they didn't contact me after that, shared a trip with another 3 people instead of 2, all drunk, one of them with a drink in his hand. I am a girl and was not willing to make an issue and was hoping the driver will do something but he didn't open his mouth to stop the F Words coming from the mouth of the men instead he opened the window and let us freeze in the cold because of alcohol smell. Inappropriate touching due to us crammed in the back, their girlfriend was in between but the guy with a drink kept his arms around her reaching to my shoulder. Uber customer service is a joke.

1 review
0 helpful votes

VERY UNPROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE FROM UBER'S SUPPORT. On 12th December 2016, I have registered with Uber and uploaded a valid credit card. On the same day. The same day, Uber disabled my account and suspended too. There is no Phone Number listed to contact Uber Support. The only mode of correspondence is email communications. Uber support team never gave a valid reason for suspending my account. This is nothing but HARRASMENT on part of an International Company.

1 review
3 helpful votes

If you only need Uber for a ride your fine. However, I use them for my grocery trips. Drivers have left me to carry 15 grocery bags to my door my myself. If you don't mind being dropped on the curb (disabled) trying to figure out how the hell your going to get all your stuff in your house without hurting yourself I guess there fine. This has happened 15 out of 20 rides.

1 review
1 helpful vote

For myself Uber has been a pleasant surprise. After reading through a hundred plus reviews and watching a few YouTube related videos(hysterical). I found myself uncertain if I wanted to join the Uber Brigade. The reviews seemed for the most part, to be negative. Not enough pay, a lot of down time etc. For myself, Everytime I flip on the Uber app it's non stop, until I stop. However I live in Toronto and I only use it part time. I have a full time gig. If I work Uber its 2 to 4 hrs a night Monday to Thursday at "rush hour".Friday I go 5pm until 10pm and start back up at 2-2:30am and work for a few more hours. Saturday repeat and Sunday is always busy up until 4pm. The rate varies for me but I base it by the day. It's been as low as $18 an hour and as high as $35 an hr. I don't always work the best times but I'm still averaging $21 an hr. After my first month. If you work the right times you can make $25-35 an hour, for me a perfect effortless part time job. The people are great. I always offer water and candy. Anyway if you're reading this and contemplating just check it out what do you have to lose. Here's my reference number you'll receive a minimum $50 incentive after your first 10 rides. Or at least that's what my incentive was. I believe it varies by city but anyone can use it

1 review
2 helpful votes

Sep 20, 20:47 PDT

I want my personal info off this site. I believe my identity has been stolen by an Uber employee as well as fraud being committed. If this is true, this employee has used my name my SSN, my DOB and my DL# to apply for credit accounts.
Thus far this person has has applied for 3 credit cards: Target, Finger Hut and Pay Pal. I found out this news today. A person of high authority at UBER needs to find out which Uber employee has stolen my identity and committed fraud.
I began my Uber Driver application on August 31st. The city I applied to to drive in is Albuquerque, NM. Thus far my application is incomplete. I did provide my DOB, SSN and DL#. Additional, I provided a picture of my driver's license.
Furthermore, the phone number that has been texting me daily is (256)826-0524.
Please investigate this illegal matter promptly as well as respond back to me ASAP.

Thank you for your attention.

Cesar (Uber)
Sep 24, 07:19 PDT

Good Morning Danielle,

Thank you for taking the time to write in, and we're sorry for the delay in reaching back out. I'm sorry to hear about the situation at hand here, as we take situations such as this very serious.

I do see that you do have an active partner account for Albuquerque, which we're more than happy to delete if you'd like us to. Before we submit this please understand, we can only provide this information through the process outlined in our data request guidelines, as our Privacy Policy limits our ability to share account holder information.

That said, we're able to work with you through the appropriate channels to help as needed. For the specific information you have requested, this page will provide the guidelines you're looking for.

Also just to keep you informed, for information requested through law enforcement, please visit this page for our guidelines in seeking records from Uber.

Please let us know if there's any additional questions, as we'll be more than happy to help.


Sep 25, 20:33 PDT

Delete my Active Partner Albuquerque Account IMMEDIATELY. I do not want other any other UBER Employeesor hackers to steal my identity. I am99.8% sure that an Uber Employee stole my identity from the jpg of my DL as well as SSN that I entered on the online application. From my my DL this personhas my previous address (which is only on DL), my DOB, my DL #

Additionally, as I stated before you should beinvestigating your employees who have access to my personalinformation. I did file a police reportfor identity theft on 9/21/16. I foundout about my identity theft on the 9/20/16.

Please provide your phone number so that I can reach you by phone.

Lastly, I do not understand how it is possible for me to have an active account when I have not provided my car insurance nor have I had by vehicle inspected.
Thank you,


On Saturday, September 24, 2016 8:19 AM, Cesar (Uber Support) <> wrote:

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Silas (Uber)
Sep 25, 21:49 PDT

Hello Danielle,

Silas, with Uber Support, stepping in for Cesar.

Thanks for reaching out. Happy to help out any way I can.

Please be advised that for record purpose we only retain the last 4 digits of the social.

Since you've filed a police report we're able to work with you through the appropriate channels to help as needed.

For information requested through law enforcement, please visit this page for our guidelines in seeking records from Uber.

For other data requests, this page will provide the guidelines you're looking for.

If there is anything else we can assist with in the meantime, please let us know.

Best regards,


Sep 28, 09:47 PDT

Good Morning Silas,
At the top of the last email that you sent me what did the following statement mean: "Your request (192809225) has been updated." Does this mean that all my account information has been deleted as I have twice requested? If it has not been, please provide confirmation that it has been. Or what is the specific task that has been updated?
I know as yesterday, that UBER still has my email address because I received the following email which is below:

Concerning the text that I have been getting daily from (256)826-0524 is this number an official UBER number and is the following address for vehicle inspection legitimate: 2300 Centre Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106?
Thank you for your immediate attention,Danielle

On Sunday, September 25, 2016 10:49 PM, Silas (Uber Support) <> wrote:

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David (Uber)
Sep 29, 07:08 PDT

Hi Danielle,

Happy to help here.

I do apologize for the trouble, but we're unable to have the riders' account deleted due to the fact that you have a drivers' account that is active.

So what I'll do is send your drivers' account to the respective team and have it cancelled then do the same for the riders' account.

So just sit tight while we look after this for you.

Speak soon.


Olena (Uber)
Sep 29, 08:34 PDT

Hi Danielle,

Thanks for reaching out.

Happy to help, but Im having a hard time locating your account with the information provided here. Can you please let me know the email address and phone number on your Uber partner profile? I should be able to bring it up once I have those details.

Looking forward to hearing back from you so I can help you out with this. You might also be able to find what youre looking for at, but if not, were here to help.



Sep 29, 10:46 PDT

Good Morning Olena,
As I have stated in several of my prior emails to UBER Support, I do not understand how my account is ACTIVE when I have not submitted my car insurance nor have I had my vehicle inspected. Please respond to this question. Additionally, in my last email I asked if the number that has been texting me is legitimate. The number that has been texting me daily is (256)826-0524. Please respond to this question as well. The third question that you need to respond to me on is this following address for vehicle inspection legitimate: 2300 Centre Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106?
My email on the account is the one that I have been corresponding to UBER Support with, ..........and my cell is ...........
Please directly respond to the questions that I have asked.
Thank you, Danielle

On Thursday, September 29, 2016 9:34 AM, Olena (Uber Support) <> wrote:

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Marrho (Uber)
Sep 29, 11:04 PDT

Hi Danielle,

Sorry to hear about what happened. Willing to assist further.

We've reviewed the details and still unable to pull up any account with the information you provided. Please write in from the email address associated with your Uber partner account and we'll be willing to assist you directly.

Let us know if you have any more questions.


Sep 29, 11:20 PDT

Look for it in the last email that I sent to UBER Support at 10:45 a.m. MST.

Oct 6, 16:23 PDT

Hi Danielle,

Sorry for the inconvenience and extra steps here.

I understand that you are asking how is your account active when you have not uploaded all your account. however, in order to find have a look in your account your email address and phone number on your Uber partner profile. I can see that you have sent a phone number and email ID, but I m sorry to inform that I cannot find any uber account associated with this details.

Looking forward to hearing back from you so I can help you out with this.



Supriya Das (Uber)
Oct 6, 16:29 PDT

Hi Danielle,

This is Supriya stepping in on behalf of Anisha, may be due to some tech issue the previous reply may not sent properly. Therefore, I am sending the response once again on behalf of my previous colleague.

Sorry for the inconvenience and extra steps here.

I understand that you are asking how is your account active when you have not uploaded all your account. however, in order to find have a look in your account your email address and phone number on your Uber partner profile. I can see that you have sent a phone number and email ID, but I m sorry to inform that I cannot find any uber account associated with this details.

Looking forward to hearing back from you so I can help you out with this.


Supriya Das

1 review
0 helpful votes

I am an uber driver and all I can its sh*t for the money and you get sh*ty customers

Rating is a load of bull**cks. Why would I want to rate my rider what difference is it gone make to me or them

Why rate driver just why ... Who gives Damn ? I mean you go from a to b don't matter who takes you

Overall I would not recommend any1 to work for uber as it is low pay drivers have no advantage

Rider can claim everything

1 review
1 helpful vote

After my credit card info was stolen and charged via Uber, fortunately the amount was refunded. But my nightmare didnt stop there. Soon I found my Uber account was inaccessible and they replied that I need to email them the scanned copies of my government ID and credit card. I told them that would expose me to bigger risk and willing to meet their local employee if necessary. They sent me this "I've reviewed your account. It appears that your account has been suspended for activity that violates our Terms and Conditions and will be unavailable for you to use until further notice. We will let you know if we will consider lifting the suspension." Do I smell some sabotage there? I violated T&C because I am trying to protect myself not sending my credit card?

1 review
1 helpful vote

We travel quite a bit and used Uber always. It was so easy, fast pick up, clean cars, nice drivers, roomy cars, some had amenities like hard candy, and courteous drivers. Right now three of us are crammed in a small car listening to the drivers personal conversation. We waited 10 minutes for him even though the app said three minutes away. Yesterday from the airport we were listening to the drivers music which was load and not appropriate for my son. It was loud and w asked her to shut if off but she just turned it down. Then I would crack my window and she kept shutting it. Is it NYC Uber or is it like this everywhere? One more try maybe but then back to yellow cabs.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Without a doubt the worst experience of my life with Internet based services. Drivers in NYC either can't follow directions or have difficulty conversing in English. I couldn't find a way to communicate my frustrations with Uber. The phone number posted goes to a fax machine or another digital line. I am a SF Bay Area resident and was shocked at my experience. Moving on to give Lyft a try.

8 reviews
12 helpful votes

I have been driving for Uber for 3 weeks and haven't been paid a cent! They keep telling me 'we have resolved your problem' when they bloody well have not. The keep telling me my bank info is incorrect. I have checked it 12 bloody times. It is perfect. I have sent them screenshots of my bank into and screenshots of it entered into the Uber system. 100% match. Still, the can't pay me. They tell me to go to the local Uber office, which I do. They verify that my banking info is 100% correct. So, they suggest I go to my bank. I do that. The bank verifies that the info I have given Uber is 100% correct and everyone is scratching their heads because they can't understand why Uber can't pay me the hundreds of dollars they owe me. And, all I get from Uber is copied and pasted form responses. $#*! you, Uber.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Recently, my Uber account was hacked. Suddenly I was driving all over Nigeria (I live in Minnesota). When I tried to address the hack, I discovered 1. Uber has no phone-based customer service, 2. Uber's email customer service is basically useless.

After visiting the Uber office nearest to me, I was given a promise that the charges would be reversed and my account would be cancelled. After 3 days, the charges were reversed, but Uber refused to cancel my account. Now, more charges are being accrued and Uber customer service is again refusing to respond personally to my complaints. Guess I will be making another trip (this will be the 3rd) to the home office closest to me.

Uber does not let you cancel your account- you must go through their customer service representatives. And when you do, they refuse to do it. I will advise every person I know to cancel their account and switch to a different ride service.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have used Uber pretty much since it was introduced. However, now that Uber tracks your location EVEN if your phone is OFF, i'm out. I will never use Uber again until they change this policy. Deleted it from every device in my family and am passing the word to everyone who will listen to do the same.

If your a driver and want my business, switch to Lyft.
Big brother is watching and his name is Uber

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

My wife had a foot operation and we used Uber in Miami against my wish, but the drivers had no training ie waiting for the passenger to get downstairs from their flat.
We were over charged and Uber promised but we never got the refunds.
The best option is to get a licensed cab where ever you may live, if you go to London ever, Uber cars are more expensive than black cabs in the rush hours and they don't know, even with GARMIN where they are going. PS ; Uber is valued in Billions on the stock market, because they get 15% of the cost of the ride worldwide everyday.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have asked Uber 5 times via email for directions on creating an Uber account. It will not let us do it because it wants a mobile phone number. We are retired and have no need for a mobile phone anymore. I need to use my house phone but it rejects it.
How can I utilize Uber services without having to purchase a mobile phone. It does not make any sense. Can anyone help us?

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