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Uber reviews

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819 reviews
Categories: Car Sharing, Jobs, Mobile Apps
405 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94105, USA
Tel: +1.8772238023
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819 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I love Uber and it has it made it really convenient to get around. My only issue is their receipts are like 4 pages long. It is not necessary. I travel for business and we need to expense these. Can't they make them one page please!?!?!?

Ask M about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

We were in Florida for the past week. We don't drink and drive so we used Uber on any evening we were going out. Half of the drivers (men) were wonderful. Knew their way around, friendly, awesome people. The other half (women) didn't know where they were, didn't speak English, depended on me for directions, charged me extra because they got lost several times. This is not a sexist comment for I am a woman! We are not sure we will continue to use Uber. The cost is less than a taxi but the frustration isn't worth it. Uber needs to make sure whomever they hire actually knows the area where they are working! Awful when you've been out having a good time, and then have to do your own work to get back to your hotel. Stupid freaking drivers. don't drive it you don't know where you are - common sense!

Ask Dawn about Uber
1 review
1 helpful vote

You have to be kidding! I was here waiting and the driver's car drove right past us! I am not paying for this cancellation. I literally chased this guy down there street and he said too bad and cancelled my ride. Then uber charged me $5???

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Ask Jason about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

Really Disgusting! This is the condition of National Capital Region, the biggest frustration people facing here is conveyance and moreover traffic. Nobody is hell bothered about 9-10 hours of jobs extending to 12, 13, 14, 15 hours and so on.
A person going to office or market thinks to book Uber/ Ola, the first question the driver asks is DROP KAHA KA HAI- i.e. Where is your drop location. Whereas, its clearly mentioned in Ubers rule book that the driver is not suppose to ask the drop location, not a big deal the rules are as fake as the company is. After waiting for 10-15 minutes, either the driver switches his mobile off, or standing at one position he will say that I am not able to track your location or even he will just sit over it and cancel the trip after 15 min with no intimation. This is not something that happens once or twice a week, this is something that happens twice/ thrice a day. Then for all the cancelled trips they will deduct 80/- (per trip), now if a person doesnt have the time to write them the incidence happened, they will not even return the money back.

Even after my last complain to uber, I attached the screenshots and sent them, these people apologized and gave me vouchers to close the matter and said that this will not happen again. But what next, everytime I should write them such detailed mail so that they pay attention to this, they dont even have a customer care. Moreover the driver has the guts to say that JAO KAR DO COMPLAIN or Okay, Jisse kehna hai kaho. Because what worst, just that they will not get the days incentives, nothing more then that. Everybody is just into money printing business, and who is the sufferer, just the common man.

Frustrated person, at last when goes to an auto wala so either he will be on strike or he asks for money as per his choice, because there are no rules. Nobody is there to check. Why is the common man working so much, just to get frustrated and depressed, for he is helpless for so many things and at last he should be happy that he has money to get admitted in a branded hospital. Anybody in India can strike for any non sense thing demanded, what should a common man do. Leave all his work and strike for the thousand things that he has to face because of wrong people into business. What is the government doing.

Meru and mango are out of business because of uber and ola. If this will be the case, the day is not far off that even uber and ola will be out of business.

Ask Astha about Uber
1 review
2 helpful votes

uber is the biggest piece of $#*! company. they have promised to send my "lost" now "stolen" phone since 8/26/16. I have been stood up by the Uber driver that had it and Uber as a company has promised multiple dates to have my phone all unsuccessful. they refuse to respond to any of my responses. they are a horrible $#*!ing company that hires only people with zero morals and zero care for true customer concern. i will be calling action news with consumer affairs

Ask KATIE about Uber
1 review
3 helpful votes

Their P.O.S. survey vehicle causes $4600.00 damage to my truck. They DO NOT have insurance. So, you, Mr. Driver, get your arse sued. Welcome to UBER! Michael Hung Thai Pham the subpoena is on it's way. You WILL need a lawyer. Still love Uber? Ciao.

Ask m about Uber
1 review
5 helpful votes

My upfront price was $44.56 last night when I got out of the car at my destination. I woke up this morning to at price of $71.71. I did not authorize that amount. I wish to be refunded, and to have my account closed. I will not tolerate shenanigans. I will also write a review about this incident, and I will look for a class action law suite against Uber.
Thank you in advance,
Broadway Photographer James T. Rainey

Ask James about Uber
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

Houston is so so I say 3 stars
You can take them but never get a pick up. It is not safe
Also the charges are all over the place
Denver NO! NO STARS!
I had an idiot that could not find me in Denver YET CHARGED me $5.00 for his mistake!
We need Lift! I miss LIMO companies. They were $ but Safe and a real biz!

Ask kat about Uber
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

When I saw an ad online for the soon to be Uber delivery service, I was intrigued enough to sign up. What I did not know is it would take TWO DAYS to sign up! I started at home taking pictures of the documents they wanted and sending them. Four hours later pulling in for coffee, the first text started for me to resend the pictures. Then hours later at my volunteer job, I was doing it again. Even when I got home, this continued into the night, with emails as well. Just how many times do you need to send the requested pictures until your account goes from pending to activated? It's not that I don't have patience, it's just multiple communication can become irritating and annoying. It took THREE DAYS (after angry communication from me to them to please STOP!) to find out it was multiple computer generated messages. Have patience if you want to try and sign up with Uber. And don't have a temper like I do!

Ask Ronnie about Uber
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

They don't communicate and you can't contact them.i closed my account and they did - it seems.

BUTT - they are still e-mailing me and I can't get them to stop

Think about your exit before you enter into a relationship with this company!

You keep asking and I keep saying

REMOVE me from your system


Sent from my iPhone

On Aug 25, 2016, at 1:29 AM, Uber <> wrote:


We noticed you have a document that has been expired for a weekanything we can help with? If you need any help or have any questions visit us at and we'll be able to assist you.

Insurance ID Card:
Expired 7 days ago

Get Help
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Uber Technologies Inc.
1455 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Ask Charles about Uber
1 review
4 helpful votes

There is an uber driver here in St. Pete that is a drug user and dealer; he offered me marijuana and or pills. He was high, his eyes were glassy and glazed-over he and his car had the stench of marijuana. He also offered rides off the app and is a go between for an escort. Mark gukpm

Ask Jill about Uber
1 review
3 helpful votes

An uber was called to bring my friends home. He heard them argue the entire way home it's a friend that she was trying leave. He then proceeded to pick the same girl up and take her to the airport. As several of us told him not to take her because she was drunk.

Ask Nicole about Uber
1 review
2 helpful votes

Uber is literally looting it's customers in the name of SURGED FARES in PUNE. After 6:30 evening whenever you try to book an Uber Cab...fares are surged. Starting from 1.2 X(available for minutes only) it goes to 2.6X till 8 pm and that too in norm days..leave aside in rains even if there are cabs available in that area. I don't understand it's parameters of surging. In a minute you see 1.2X surged fare and the next minute that fare expiresand you have to pay 2.4X. People you can try it yourself. Simply Cheating!!!!!!!

Ask Priya about Uber
1 review
3 helpful votes

my husband was at a concert at the NRG stadium in Houston on 8/5/16 at concert end during the "surg" time couldn't get his app to work. He called me when I was sleeping, sick, and groggy and saw the 8.2 percent surge charge but thought like a tip 15 percent of the total like a tip amount. I was so upset when I saw 341.00 for the total this am!!!!!This is wrong and law suit worthy. They need to make it very clear for the tired and apparently not bright to make a person realize that they will be stolen from a ludicrous amount. I am going to file a complaint with the better business bureau and refuse to ever use them again. And they don't make it easy at all to complain on there site. Please don't use them try lift or others even a taxi would have been less expensive!

Ask Kendra about Uber
1 review
2 helpful votes

requested for uber at 09:30am to reach office, it showed waiting of 8 minutes. Waited for ueber till 10:00am and then saw d tracker,the driver was nowhere near to my place. Called him and explained the directions ,,no response till 10:10am.. finally booked ola cab and reached my office. Will never book uber again..this was d second time..

Ask prerna about Uber
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was ripped off for $150 for cleaning fee. After a night out, I call uber and got a ride home. I got in the front seat and got home within 12 minutes. The ride is about $7. I got a receipt for about $7. I have no idea the driver file a charge of $150 for cleaning until I look in my credit card bill. I never received the receipt for the $150 until I complain to uber. Apparently, my driver file a cleaning fee to my ride with pictures of the middle back seat being wet and a little mess. I was sitting in the front seat. And if I don't get an alert that the charge was going to tag on, where is the avenue where I can contest this charge. The mess could have been made by the previous rider or the driver lied and file s false report. But if I don;'t get the alert right away, there is no way for me to contest this. That's why this is a scam. I will suggest all rider to take pictures of the interior of the car before leaving the car. Just to be safe so that you don't get rape by Uber.

Ask Austin about Uber
1 review
3 helpful votes

Never seen before, the driver don't come for pick up and charged me 5 pound cancellation fee , I called for an other driver , the estate charge was 17 pound maximum, the driver confirm that it will be around 14 pound , they charged me 21 pound .
I been charged for the same distance 16 pound to 17 pound with golden line . I tried to call them their's no number for those people. This company is really rubbish . I will never use it again.

Ask Cam about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

My daughter used uber for the first time today. She was very happy with the lady that assisted her. Sweet as can be her name was Gail. I was initially worried about her using the service at first. Gail picked her up from a school activity and it was a pleasant experience fir my daughter.

Ask Samantha about Uber
9 reviews
2 helpful votes

First Uber, need to have a ASAP phone number !!People beware of your account your phone tablet DON"T let anyone use it!!! Keep away from young people because they will use it, For instance an 13 yr old family member use another family member phone we know how some kids are be real, Well, this one stole the phone and went riding around visiting his friends which had moved. Yes, the mama please do not ask, Then the family member couldn't find his phone call for ride no ride. Now different drivers driving him around so I say, to drivers DUMMY

Ask Arlene about Uber
1 review
2 helpful votes

Please think twice before you become a partner with uber,and don't be a fool of believing them that you can earn 60,000rs per month.
Here is the business model for fooling partners.
you earn 2000 per day, i.e 60000 per month
uber commission is 20% i.e 12,000 rs
service tax is 5% i.e 3000rs
now you are left with 45000 rs
you need to spend at least 600 rs for diesel every day,as you need to move your vehicle continuously in search of trips
Now you are left with 27,000 rs
You need to pay your emi, say 12,000.
You are left with 15000 rs
so you can earn 15,000 rs if you drive 14 hours a day.
if you are planning to get a driver then you might have to pay your e.m.i from your pocket.
and after all this please remember you are not gurranted to earn 2000rs daily.
and due to a tuugh competition given by ola now it has become very difficult to earn even 1200 - 1500 per day.
So stay alert from this trap

Ask Kanhaiya about Uber
1 review
2 helpful votes

I recently had uber charge me $150.00 for a trip that should be $16.00. The trip was from Soquel to Santa Cruz. The driver had my fare going from Soquel to S.F . Uber refuses to make the correct adjustments. Next time I will request Jesse from Capitola .

Ask Esther about Uber
1 review
1 helpful vote

I requested an uber from my home 10 minutes from DTW on Saturday July 16 at 6:45am. 11 minute eta. 8 minutes into it, I had my son check on it
THE TRIP was cancelled. OMG what a predicament I had. Ended up driving myself. Cannot trust to do this again.

Ask Susan about Uber
1 review
3 helpful votes

Today I feel I was taken advantage of by UBER. I am a loyal uber customer who has used UBER many times for work and personal use. I have never run into what happened to me this morning with a ride charge of $68.97 US in New York. When I requested a ride I was told the fair was approx $18 from my hotel to LGA Airport. A surcharge screen then came up which advised me a 2.3 surcharge would apply to this rate. I didn't understand it and read it as an additional 2.3%. Now I am advised that it means actually an additional 2.3 rate. Even at that 2.3 rate $18x2.3=$41 not $68.97. When I received the uber receipt after the fact I was charged $68.97. I would have never agreed to this. A normal cab ride was $40. I feel violated and cheated by Uber. This system is not set up right and is very confusing for the customer. I won't be using UBER again as the company after numerous attempts will not help.

Ask Christine about Uber
1 review
0 helpful votes

We were in Fox Lake IL. We locked keys in our car. There was a Uber driver available to get us home.

Ask Mike about Uber
16 reviews
26 helpful votes

I don't know. My MAJOR complaint, not being able to tip on the app. I never have cash. Ever! Then I look like a major a-hole for not tipping. Other major complaint, surge fairs. Why??? I bet your drivers get NONE of that.

One driver at one point, after two others canceled, in a row, told me my rating was very low, which was probably why they were canceling. I was like wtf?? Of course Uber customer service denied this was happening.

So I looked into it. It was barely over a four. Seriously, wtf???? So I closed that account and vowed to only use Lyft. Then that turned into a disaster, and I actually had to file a police report. No joke. And to top it off, Lyft never responded OR offered me a refund. MFs! I had to dispute the charge to my debit card and wait for my bank to give me the money.

So I guess I'm forced back to Uber to be rated poorly for, NOT TIPPING, since I never have cash. F##k!!!

Plus, I see so many horror stories of the drivers, I hate to support this major a-hole company. But drivers, please don't rate us riders poorly for not tipping, I think most people don't carry cash, and if we could, we would tip. I don't know a solution other than to appeal to Uber, which let's face it, they will never do anything about.

It's like those cheap azz nail salons that don't let you tip on your card. Probably for the same reason. Merchants pay a fee to use cards, but it is nominal, and in a tipping situation that can be tracked anyway to pay the server/driver, etc the appropriate amount. How do I know? Well I'm a previous business owner. In addition, with a huge company like Uber, I'm sure they have an even smaller percentage that they pay on transactions, if any at all.

So Uber, come correct! Make EVERYONE happy here. You are being total d!cks to your drivers, and the customers too, because we DO want to tip, and it's so embarrassing when we can't.

I don't know the answer. It's a disaster basically. To the drivers, I'm sorry for when I have not tipped, but rating me poorly is not fair either. I don't know what the answer is.

Ask Sam about Uber
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