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ProxiBid reviews

69 reviews
4411 S 96th St
Omaha, NE 68127-1210, USA
Tel: (877) 505-7770 / (402) 505-7770

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2 reviews
0 helpful votes

In my neck of the woods, auctioneers are crooks - all of them either by sheer ignorance or greed do they rip you off. HERE on Proxibid offers a great service but you really have to research when it comes to who you pick to sell your stuff. Also, if they don't specify shipping costs or what you as a seller has to pay in fees, write 'em off. I don't care how active they are. MOST people don't complain.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Had an issue with an auction house and proxibid resolved the problem

1 review
7 helpful votes

I buy shotguns on ProxyBid. Had very good expeiences with RockIsland and James D. Julia
However gor screwed by Glenworth. The description was none descriptive and pictures did not show problem areas. Most other items were much cheaper and this alone should have raised red flag for me. So I learn my lesson. Do not look for jewels in the pile of junk. Do not deal with Glenworth.

1 review
16 helpful votes

The lack of help for buyers with concerns irks me about this site. Some high volume auctioneers are very arrogant and unresponsive, Proxibid leaves you to your fate when you have legitimate complaints. Personally, l feel l have a choice each time l have to spend my hard-earned money. I am not giving my money to an undeserving seller therefore, l will never do business with these people again. I do not want to go into the particulars of my complaint because my mind is already made up.

5 reviews
16 helpful votes

was just bidding on some rings an auction Affiliated Auctions from Florida. all of a sudden none of my bids on the jewelry were accepted and auction showed "passed" I emailed them right then they said there were "reserves" but NONE showed any reserves .Then all of a sudden bids started at $80.00 instead of the online $20.00 they passed quite a few people.I emediatly asked for all my other bids be cancled but they did nothing (although they cancel bids for people at the auction)... So i contacted proxy got a woman who had the personality of an un-flushed toilet barley knew what she was doing but said too bad they can do what they want..BS never again

1 review
11 helpful votes

This is the the 3rd time this has happened with this auction house.

1 review
16 helpful votes

I purchased a few items from an auction from Las Vegas Liquidations on After winning the auctions I get a call from Las Vegas Liquidations with an outrageous price for shipping for these items. I buy items on other auction sites, and have for a long time, so I know how much shipping should be. They quoted me $65 to ship about 13 lbs. in items when it should have been $24 through UPS. After attempting to discuss this with the owner, Frank Odeh, he just hung up on me. Next thing I know he reports me to ProxyBid and my account gets a black flag. I called ProxyBid and they basically told me there's nothing I can do and I am done bidding on their site. I can't file a complaint against the seller, I can't do anything but pay that shipping amount to get my account back - there's nothing I can do.

With other sites out there that are reputable ProxyBid just isn't worth the headache. Also, when you go to on Google Chrome you get an alert from Google telling you the site isn't safe. Beware putting your credit card info on a site like that!!

Tip for consumers: Find another auction site - there's plenty of them out there that care about their buyers.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I submitted a pre-bid online for 18 cast iron plates, Lot 172, at an auction on March 3, 2016 in Tracy, California with Surplus Asset Management (SAM) and it was passed over. When I posted online during the live bidding what happened to this lot I bid on immediately after the lot was "passed", the written reply stated this lot was grouped with another lot. I checked later my Watch List link and it erroneously states "I passed this lot" when I never did. After the auction was finished I saw online this Lot 172 was never grouped with another lot per the written reply by the consignor and instead was shown as not sold. So, I was lied to about the items being grouped with another lot and the Proxibid website erroneously showed I passed this lot when I never did. I called the Proxibid Phoenix, Arizona office and was told the consignor probably just changed it's mind during the live auction. I don't understand why not just tell me the truth instead of just trying to lie about the pulled lot. So, for you future bidders be aware SAM and Proxibid during an online auction will not only spontaneously pull a listed lot, but will thereafter lie about it later that it was grouped and then incorrectly put on your Watch list YOU decided to pass it. Very frustrating and deceiving. Just tell the truth please SAM and Proxibid, and the integrity of your auctions will not be so abismal!

1 review
12 helpful votes

I just got off the phone with a Proxibid agent....I stayed with an auction all evening until the clock ran down to 0 seconds. I was the high bidder on china I was buying for my daughter's wedding. The computer read "Updating"....and when it finally posted...I HAD LOST THE STUPID ITEM! The agent's explanation? "Oh well, we have two different timers running and the Java platform didn't update you to let you know that someone else was still able to bid." Really...after 0 seconds? I am beyond ticked off....I am furious!
I fully intend to tell the world. I will give one star because there is not a way to give none.

1 review
5 helpful votes

At first it was difficult to understand and grasp their process. We decided to run a pilot opportunity and it was successful. Our company will continue to sell our assets with Proxy and their partners.

1 review
7 helpful votes

What a fiasco this business is. I'm not entirely sure how the auctions are setup, as in who does the auctioning, if any pre-set prices are established, etc., but overall it is the most unprofessional chaotic sorry excuse for a clearing house I've ever taken part in. I often do online auctioning, I've attended live as well and they seem to run the same way. Open bidding after close/winning bid announced, ignore bids if they don't suit the auctioneer's idea of price, horrible internet and communication device, items out of order, item description changed mid-bidding, pre-bid completely ignored, etc. I will avoid any event hosted by Proxibid.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I was the high bid when the time ran out and once updated someone else was the buyer.

What's up with that... I think you have a security glitch.

1 review
10 helpful votes

During my last online auction using Proxibid, I have some great concerns. During 2 items up for auction, I was the high bid when the time ran out and once updated someone else was the buyer. On 2 later items up for auction, I raised my maximum bid with no other bidders and Proxibid raised my purchase price with no apparent in between bidders. My worst experience yet. Have left bids in past but could not watch the auction. This makes me wonder about doing that again.

1 review
8 helpful votes

I have had a great experience with Proxibid for over 3 years. Most auction houses are great. The biggest problem I have seen are scamming, or unscrupulous buyers. Looking at reviews of auction houses by those bidders they attack the auction house about what they won. The buyer got items they should have spent 10 times what they actually paid, and then say they should get a refund. example a ring that should have sold for 100 or more they got for 10 and say they got ripped off WOW WHAT A JOKE. Read the terms and conditions and follow them. If you don't like something then don't bid. If you do bid then pay what you agreed to pay by bidding, and move along. Don't cry because your an idiot who can't read, or thinks that they should get something for free. You are not gonna make a million dollars on 1 item. Be realistic!!!! If you can read, and have a brain in your head then you should go to proxibid. Great deals, and great items.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes


2 reviews
55 helpful votes

I'm a user of Proxibid both as a buyer and seller and was compelled to write a review after stumbling upon this page. As with any auction, retail store, business, the buyer or anything else on the internet, the buyer must take precautions. We love Proxibid, so I will give the reader a few tips that I hope you might find useful. First, I would use companies that have the APN logo. This is Auction Payment Network. It's the most secure way that the auction company will hold and process your financial information. I would not use an auction house that doesn't have it. Second, if buying a car or truck do not make a large purchase without a VIN number. If it is not in the description, call and ask for one. Sometimes we don't have one if the entry is late or the consignor hasn't provided all the details yet, and we want to get it online at least, but even (we) recommend that you get that VIN number so you can do a CARFAX before you buy. If you have someone local, send them over to inspect it for you. Ask ask ask questions before bidding. If you don't get answers, do not bid. Need more pictures of something? Ask for them. Another tip, save the photos of the item you are bidding on. Or right after the auction, the items you win. Many auctions like us remove the catalogs after invoicing. We have so many auctions that there are just too many to keep them all up there. This way you have the pictures. Delete them later. Anything seem too good to be true? It might be. Proxibid has a great reputation, so if you see anything that doesn't seem right, give them a call or send them an email. Believe me, the folks there would want to know. Never use the live application on a mobile device. As for pre-bidding, bid with confidence. I can only speak for our auction company, but many times, the online bidder is OUTBID as far as pre-bids go, so winning at your max bid would not be a surprise. Items bring what they are worth. Sometimes great deals, but mostly when you have lots of people online and onsite, the item will bring what it is worth. We like to send out a live message that reads "PreBid is OUT" letting you know each time those max pre-bids are extinguished. Sorry to read all about the lousy experiences. If at anytime we can assist with an online question just check us out, or email us. Even if it isn't about our auction, perhaps we can lend some friendly advice. Just remember, online auctions are not retail. Things (unless announced otherwise) usually do not have a warranty, and are sold as-is where is. If this is not something you are comfortable with, do not bid, or go and bid onsite only where you can see, touch, and inspect the item and feel more confident about the purchase. Again, very sorry to read the horror stories online. The internet should be a better marketplace than that for buyers and sellers. Check out Proxibid again, and look for all those bidder badges. APN, Top Seller, Preferred Partner. Good Luck and Happy Bidding!
Fields Auction-Lake Park, Florida

1 review
7 helpful votes

I was bidding on a car online and though I won the car. Few hours later I receive an invoice and it is a truck! I did not bid on a truck! Proxibid refused to help with the auction. And the auction house was threating to sue me if I didn't pay. The auction house and proxibid scammed me out of thousands of dollars plus the trucks odometer was set back which was not listed on the description and did not match the title. PLEASE! STAY AWAY FROM PROXIBID!!! If you buy a vehicle, go in person. Do not buy through online auction.

1 review
13 helpful votes

Proxibid says that their representative will bid for me in increments up to my maximum preset price. Seems strange that I have paid my maximum price on everything I have purchased through Proxibid. I can bet that the Proxibid representative is telling the auctioneer what my maximum is, and, therefore, the auctioneer is running the bid to my maximum. This is collusion, which is fraud. Proxibid refuses to answer my charges. It's a shame that the internet has created so may crooks.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I have made many good purchases through Proxibid. Coins, antiques and firearms to name a few. However, it pays to do a little homework before bidding.

Here are my list of dont's:
1. Don't bid on items when there are no or too few photos, or if the description is not adequate.
2. Don't patronize any auction house that reserves the right to look at pre-bids
3. Don't patronize any auction house that reserves the right to bid themselves, or allows the consignee to bid on items.
4. Read the conditions of sale to look for the "hidden" conditions including shipping conditions.

If you are competing with the "floor" there is a good chance that the auction house is trying to pump up the final sale price.

1 review
14 helpful votes

Auctioners and floor people are allowed to bid on items they think are to low. Once I see an onsite bid I'm done.

1 review
19 helpful votes

You read that right.....I bid on a land deal in the Bahamas that was a total SCAM. I had to send a $10,000 deposit within 24 hours so as not to leave me time to investigate prior to sending money. When I called Proxibid I had to talk to a lazy lame a$$ guy named Gabriel that was probably in on the scam the whole way because he gave me every lame excuse he could think of to take the scam artists side. One other person got scammed too in the same sale and Gabriel lied to me telling me I was the only one until I gave him names and then he started back peddling. Please BEWARE of Proxibid! They welcome scammers with open arms and they are right there waiting to steal your retirement and your dreams!

3 reviews
25 helpful votes

I ended up with an item that someone else bid on using my information. Proxibid threatened me when I questioned the transaction. I discovered there were two accounts for me, both with my credit card, and I only created one. These competed against each other on an item I was "watching." I doubt I will ever see the item and now have to cancel my credit card. Proxibid has ZERO customer service and a low level of security. EBayis much better.

1 review
17 helpful votes

You bid on items, win, pay for it, but you never receive it.
Call up the auction house and they claim it was sent to the wrong address. Really?
You just shipped $500 worth or merchandise to a wrong address and think that it is not a big deal, just brush it off.
So what the auction house does is put an item up, if it sells for lower than what they want it sold for, they claim that they shipped it to the wrong address, sorry. This way they can ensure they get the price they want while still looking legitimate.
The will give you your money back. What you cannot get back is the time you spent, sometimes the whole day, following the auction. You cannot get that time back, you cannot be compensated for that.

1 review
13 helpful votes

Proxibid refuses to release credit card information even though there have been no transactions. I am having all kinds of problems to get them to delete my account. I am reporting my credit card as stolen and I am reporting this business to the BBB.

Tip for consumers: Dont give them any credit card information

1 review
6 helpful votes

I have not had a bad experience on Proxibid, ever. I do, however, only deal with auction houses that appear to have their act together. If you bid recklessly you will not be happy with the results. One of the other reviews speaks about doing your homework. ....truer words could not be spoken. Silvertowne Auctions I highly recommend these guys great items, great prices, low shipping costs.

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jerry p.
on 8/12/16
Proxibid I. [ProxiBid Rep]
A: Thank you for your inquiry Jerry,

Thank you for using SiteJabber to notify Proxibid of your concern/question.

Proxibid is the Marketplace; joining buyers and sellers to purchase highly valued items. When agreeing to participate in an event, a buyer agrees to the specific Terms of Sale the seller has posted for that event. Terms can vary from seller to seller and from event to event, so please take a moment to carefully review the Terms of Sale tab when examining an events catalog or a sellers item. If a buyer needs further clarification on the Terms of Sale, we recommend the buyer reach out to the seller using their contact information posted on our website.

We hope this information answers your question. As always, if you need help or have questions about Proxibid, please visit our Contact Us page at the bottom of our website or call us toll-free at 877-505-7770. One of our friendly Client Services Professionals will be happy to help. Again, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us and assist with our commitment to excellence. We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you in the Marketplace!

Gabriel S.
Proxibid & APN Payment Network Customer Support Supervisor
on 8/13/16
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gary b.
on 4/24/16
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