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1 review
0 helpful votes

i understand that you need ads if games are free, but to play Risk, there is basically a 1-minute ad for every minute of game play. and.... the programming sucks so bad that the ads are usually just dead space, with a penalty timer. this website used to be fine, and now sucks donkey testicles.

1 review
0 helpful votes


1 review
1 helpful vote

POGO make a mistake and make me pay for it... they sold me a Dice city bundle for 60 gems and won't give credit back for what I already owned and wasn't suppose to repurchase, told me they will not credit 60 gems and I said will not spend a fortune on them ever again so the blocked my update on their forum.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I subscribed to get rid of ads but the price increased to $23 a month which is ridiculous. The ads are so annoying the site is useless.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Sadly after years of being a paid player I signed off. It has changed. Is it EA? I dont know. It is like a dead horse. Just get off it.

1 review
0 helpful votes

If you want to cancel your membership try to find a way to get to their live chat, as the cancel link on their website does not work. Google "how to cancel pogo", or try this link:

1 review
2 helpful votes

Yes get an 800 number to call for help. We pay $40.00 a year and get no help at all without paying. rediculous

1 review
3 helpful votes

I would give it the four stars it would of deserved but when EA bought it it turned to dust. I loved playing battleship, monopoly, pucks peak, but now they either A: dont load, B: dont work: or C: the site* just sucks.

*Whoops I said game -_-

Tip for consumers: Don't buy Club Pogo

1 review
1 helpful vote

It is a free games site with lots of interesting games. If you do not like it, you get what you pay for simples. As of the moment I am paying nothing so have no complaints. Stupid people

1 review
4 helpful votes

Pogo USED to be good. Now, not so much. Their "problem reporting" screens are just about useless. It is like pulling teeth to report a problem. No 800 number to actually "speak" to someone. Not worth the $40 a year anymore.

7 reviews
3 helpful votes

why don't they make it easier to tell them what is wrong? They need better techs. Every time I hit the box that says run or cancel, it gives my computer a virus and I have to call my tech team.

1 review
10 helpful votes

I paid for Club Pogo until May 1st and they now have cancelled my Club Pogo as of 4/14/16 and I also bought more gems that day. I tried to get help but it was a nightmare and got someone who want me to do strange things on my computer. It's funny how easy they can take your money but when you have questions there is no one there to help! I am reporting them to my state governors office and anyone else that will listen.

1 review
10 helpful votes

If the moderators of Pogo's game forums do not like a topic or post you have made they will delete it. They will delete it without any reason why,no warning what so ever. Pogo made a slots game a weekly challenge,but when you try to play the game you get a message stating that the game is undergoing maintenance. Pogo makes a game a weekly challenge and then put it under maintenance?? I made a post on their games forum stating this and asked why. My post was deleted,so I posted it again and it was deleted again except this time I was told that my post was in violation of forum rules. So I asked why and that post was deleted.No reason as to why and no warning what so ever. That is very rude. I once had a problem with a page loading. I asked for help on the games forum page explaining the problem I was having. Their response was if the page loaded for them it loads for you. That is the level of help they give. Reminds me of a dictatorship.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I hadn't played this in a while i remember them having commercials once in a while but when i got on today it stopped the game every turn to play a long commercial and intermission. I also noticed that the game has not been improved in any way. The AI was ridicules and i lost every battle battle that i was even on with troops. This makes me wonder how well the dice roll actually works.

4 reviews
8 helpful votes

What an awful experience. It's hard to see for one and you can't even get through 3 numbers called before an advertisement interrupts your game.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Pogo has terrible support. Problem player Host_TMS_Golf allowed to lock lobby chat at whim with a program in several high stakes pool rooms. Mainly 020 and 045, the popular roons. Made many attempts to report this player. He comes in allows chat for a few minutes. Then tells the room he is about to freeze room. Loads program then leaves. Destroys the full playing experience for all. EA/pogo could care less about the reports and screen shots I have sent.

1 review
9 helpful votes

Maybe you would like to tell me WHY I should use your sight? It is both frustrating and REALLY..I should TRY to play a game just to have it not open? One would think with todays technology that you people making all the bucks would be able to figure out how we the consumer can play ANY game on pogo without having to do "this and that" come on people get your stuff are supposed to be the experts!!!...well maybe.

1 review
6 helpful votes

renewal time comes up, so I log in to change my card on file. cant get to account page, getting odd msgs, including account not found. try to get it sup't. they direct me to a number that winds up being a telemarketer for an EXTREMELY expensive 'computer protection' system that was 3x as expensive as any other. they over dramatized, and outright lied about infections in my computer as well as some across the world having phished my passwords. I've been a customer fo over 10 yrs, but no more.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I was trying to setup a party day for my co-workers. I had Pogo Helpdesk call me so i could ask them some questions about their service. They told me i could setup a bunch of users using my corporate credit card. Fast forward to today, I'm setting up my co-workers accounts and BAM I can only setup 3 accounts using the same credit card. I get the Pogo helpdeskt o call me, and the guy tells me again that it's possible!!! I'm like "No! It's not! do you even know what you're talking about?!" I'm very pissed, I feel Pogo's inability to be informed about their OWN PRODUCT made me look like an idiot.

Advice for Pogo: Make sure your Helpdesk can answer questions about your service!!!!!

1 review
6 helpful votes

It seems Pogo's IT Department's fixes have fallen far below how game play use to be. Sad because we really enjoyed it. Ads are constantly interrupting game play making it juttey, doesn't load and interruptive. After their weekly 'maintenance' all seems to fall apart and then the healing begins again a couple days later.. then back to the same old poor functioning as before.

1 review
8 helpful votes

I used to really enjoy playing Monopoly World Edition on Pogo. Today, I spent several hours trying to complete a game just against some AI opponents. I constantly had to start over because the game would crash or freeze up. Above the game is a message that says I must use IE 11... which is an old version of IE. I tried running the game on Google Chrome, Firefox and Windows 10 new "Edge" browser and they all have the same problems. It just seems to me like all the games on Pogo haven't updated at all since they were first created and they don't even care. It's run by EA so go figure.

E M.
1 review
15 helpful votes

I had been a club Pogo member for 7 years and loved it but after what EA pulled I am done with them.A full month before my yearly membership was to renew I started receiving emails and inbox messages that EA couldn't process my payment,13 in total in less than 24 hours.I contacted their support to inform them I wasn't due to renew for another month and at that time they would get their money, and I asked that the annoying spamming of my email and messages stop.However,instead of receiving 'helpful customer support' I was told by the rep that EA is well within their right to do so and if I didn't like it I was more than welcome to cancel the remaining time on my membership.Which is exactly what I did.

1 review
17 helpful votes

My mother was using pogo - even paying $40.00 a year to use it - and she had nothing but problems. She is your typical older person, which means clueless. When she saw "update" she never ever noticed the tiny small "advertising" notes and no matter how many times I asked her to never take a update, she would click click click them - Loo,, if she is paying for a service, that garbage should never come up.
I decided to give pogo one last chance for her. Pogo suggested I change browsers, I did exactly as they advised, then after about an hour and fifteen minutes, pogo said their suggested upload was no longer applicable and I'd have to go with internet explorer 11.
They have to be one of the worst of the worst of the worst.
I am getting so tired of these companies taking advantage of people, and creating bloatware that only puts money in people pockets not joy in their hearts......

Tip for consumers: JUST SAY NO!

1 review
7 helpful votes

i had played a few games of risk and in one game i got matched up with some jerks. after the game i attempted to start a discussion on the forums and had my message removed.

here is the "offensive" message the forum mods wouldn't allow:

"I had been playing some games of risk and as with other online games i got some jerks in one game. afterwards i tried to start a discussion in the forums about this by posting this message:

so i just got done playing a game of risk and have noticed some people take this way too seriously.

i got the luck of going third and set up 18 armies in new guinea next to the person who went first that had 17 armies. that person attacked me with 20 and lost. then they and a couple others start insulting and crying about how i made the dumbest move in risk. really who goes all in on the first turn when you can take an easier territory and get a card then hope on my turn I take some losses which whittles me down.

its not the best strategy to set up like that but its just a game, that uses dice rolls to determine battles and everything depends on luck (dice rolls and getting cards for turn ins)

also after i got knocked out because that first player got a turn in, after getting only 3 cards, i stayed around to try and discuss strategy. i made observations and instead of having a good conversation i get insults and then muted. really you can't talk about why you are making certain moves or refute my claims that this person seems to be winning without acting like a child about it?

if this is how people on pogo play games then i'll just stick with the computer or go elsewhere."

after the first removal i got no message about why it was deleted and then i edited out the last line posting it again. this time they instead locked it with links to to the terms of service and forum rules stating that "Continued reposing of removed material is a Forums violation and may result in account sanctions."

well fine if pogo doesn't even allow people to have a discussion about how some folks are just jerks that play their games then i'll won't waste anymore time on this. save yourself trouble and play somewhere else it is definitely not worth the hassle.

1 review
43 helpful votes

PopUp WebPage's Cripes errors; and Blank pogo chat out!

What it is that the animated Easter Badge and non animated badges are Popping up a 'Cripes' webpage 'error' because of a couple Certain <color codes> used in non & animated badges.

Some people have found a way to use that certain color codes in Flash to boot or kick Most Players out of the rooms to get the Cripes errors; PopUp WebPage and Blank pogo chat out!

If?? pogo would add (NULL) in a new subject or line
-Hidden- - NULL - OR Null in front of the Sample ~> NULL<colorcodes> for badges in there source code for chat rooms

that would -null- the Cripes errors" webpages and would turn it into a ZERO So it cannot popup again into a new Cripes webpage error. it's Dead' Null' Zero' Zip' Gone' Bye' So The Players will enjoy not having a Popup Cripes errors; any more from certain colors

(OR) Pogo Can Change The RGB Color Codes To a Digit 7 or 8 DIGIT AND NOT USE THE 9 DIGIT color codes Pogo?
Problem Solved Fast!
Players would enjoy Playing pogo Again without having that 'OMG'
NO Way another Cripes Popup WebPage...

Some dont get the boot having chat filter on

BSD ++##15

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