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615 reviews
Categories: Dating
39 W 14th St Ste 502
New York, NY 10011-7403, USA
Tel: +1.8556528743
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615 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
1 helpful vote

Just about worth the outlay
Im definitely not rich so only usually try a site for the minimum subscription time and then make a decision on whether to keep it going or cancel. I took the three day option on OkCupid and figure its just about worth the small amount I paid. Will see if I feel that way after I stick around for the auto-renewal of a whole month (hate that they do that!!). Tried loads of sites but the only one I pay for every single month is as I actually get lucky on that one, so I know it works and dont mind paying one bit! As for this site, well see how the month compares to the three day trial but happy enough so far.

Ask Paul about OkCupid
1 review
6 helpful votes

Almost 60% are fake profiles or profiles of previous members that are no longer members but they keep your profile in system. If your not signed up as a paying member you get email alerts to con you to sign up and pay only to find out its a fake message. Total waste of time and money.

Ask Oscar about OkCupid
1 review
5 helpful votes

Absolutely amazing site. It is my second favorite dating site after Mingle2day and if you manage to ignore a few scammers (but don't worry: they are easy to spot) you can have a great time on OKCupid. Keep it up guys!

Ask Albert about OkCupid
1 review
9 helpful votes

I joined OK Stupid, as I call it, 4 separate times over the course of nearly 4 years. What happened routinely is it at first I get some responses and then zero. No matter how many times I would "boost" my profile it still will not induce a response. I finally got fed up with this site and deleted my profile. I'm done. I don't suggest you do what I did just find some other place to find women. The tramps on this site love it because they get 37 some odd responses per day from men. For men, it's just the opposite. Sometimes I could go months before I get an unsolicited response. stay away from this one.

Ask Bryant about OkCupid
1 review
2 helpful votes

We all know about the popular dating sites; match, POF, tinder,, etc. But I would say that okcupid is close to being on the same level as these main players. It has a really high amount of users (in my area I have lots of women in my search results and from what I can tell most are real people) and it's a nicely designed site that you can use on your tablet, phone, laptop or PC. It needs some work but its definitely one to watch and consider for your dating needs.

Ask Elvin about OkCupid
14 reviews
3 helpful votes

I love this site

Ask Rose about OkCupid
1 review
10 helpful votes

First a quick history for the youngsters: OKCupid has been around for years and emerged from another site called SparkMatch. In 2011, the large media conglomerate IAC bought OKCupid and it completely went downhill. Here's why you shouldn't support it.

SparkMatch was a bit wild and lax on enforcement of rules, but it was fun. It had journals, quizzes, blogs, an IM, and event invitations--it was a community where people hung out for hours, not just a meat market. All these features went away after the buyout and there was an expose showing that the new owners mine user data. The "compatibility" questions are still there, but don't be fooled: they're basically a long-term psychology experiment used for marketing. That IAC company? They own more than 150 brands and it's written in the site rules that OKCupid can share whatever data it wants with the rest of its umbrella. That's right: if you answer questions about sex, drugs, or rock and roll, hundreds of brands might have that information.

It gets worse. To be fair, let's ignore the stuff beyond OKCupid's control. After all, every dating site has scammers, spammers, bots and trolls. But the admins are now your worst enemies. Here's a choice quote from their TOS: "[We] reserve the right to determine...what constitutes harassment or mischief...and may partially or completely deny service to any infringing party." Just legal jargon to protect themselves, right? Wrong. If you Google "OKCupid complaints," you'll find hundreds of stories of people getting banned for no reason whatsoever. Many of them were new to the site or had never said anything remotely offensive to anybody. They lost their profile content and all their conversations: several of these folks were invalids or had no realistic chance of finding romance offline. In many cases they clicked a brand new profile and it disappeared from the site just a few seconds later. Suspicious, isn't it?

The only thing worse than this new era of draconian enforcement is the methods behind it. First your messages will get throttled. You won't even know you did anything wrong; you'll just notice you aren't getting mail after a while. Then if you log out (or don't, and the admins force a logout) you'll see a message saying "Technical problems--try again later." That's right: they'll lie to you just because they can, getting you to waste more time on something that has no expected resolution. This is truly the definition of heartless. If you catch on and email them, or figure out their blacklist method (hint: browser fingerprinting) they'll delete your account altogether and say you were harassing people instead of talking to you like a human being. And--here's the question of the day. Let's say that somehow you are the world's biggest jerk, and your online arguments aren't just simple misunderstandings. Since when is that grounds for account deletion? Isn't that why there's a Block button, so users can resolve their own disagreements? When people argue in real life, they don't get thrown in jail for it.

This happens in such alarmingly large numbers that there are many theories as to why: the site admins only want users who answer questions so they can mine their data, or that they're booting certain demographics to encourage some weird diverse liberal haven. Long story short, it's heartless and it's unfair. Paid users have even been terminated this way, having to argue back and forth just to recoup their membership costs. The icing on the cake is that IAC owns most every free dating venue by now, including Plenty of Fish and Tinder. The difference between those and OKCupid? Honest communication and fair treatment of users, not deceptive or sadistic admins who treat members like something on the bottom of their shoes. Don't let the funky, slangy welcome messages fool you if you're new to the site. OKCupid is a shell of what it was years ago. It's not "laid back" and its moderators will kick you to the curb, without justifiable cause. If you must date for free, do it somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Ask Justin about OkCupid
1 review
8 helpful votes

This writing is for the few intelligent souls who actually do their due diligence before joining dating sites. There are many free dating sites out there: OkCupid, PlentyofFish, and Mingle2 to name a few. At one time I was a member of all of them. My last venture into the free world of dating sites was OkCupid. Now I was not actually the site moderator; I was invited to moderate as many members often are who post a complaint or spot spam or
a scam. I received a message from the OKC admin inviting me to take part in the moderating of the site. I guess the sheer number of fake profiles, scammers, escorts, and other site offending users was too much for the site and so they decided to tap into the membership for help. A button was added to my drop down menu: Moderation.
The OKC moderation adventure. I really didnt want to get sucked into this but I was hoping that maybe my paid membership might get stretched out for a month or two simply by the number of profiles I was reviewing. The rules for marking a profile are vague and ambiguous. For example: It clearly states face pic not required then on the same page says that artwork or photos that are not the member are not allowed. The marking codes are not inclusive enough or defined enough for all of the alleged offensives that appear in profiles. Other offensives include: :Nudity photos, photos of genitalia, children, or other offensive pics.
Pay attention this is how you find scammers, liars, cheaters, and hmmmm escorts. Moderators are encouraged to use Google image search and Tineye to search ferret out photo piracy. This generally gets a violation of:GIS- Google image search, TE- Tineye, NTU- Not the user, OS- Overtly sexual, to name a few. What I found is that of the profile I reviewed 70% of the male profiles were pirated photos (actors, professionals, ad models) that usually pulled up scammer page links in GIS. 20% were non-user pics in inactive accounts and 10% were cool guys who just needed to move a photo or two into an album.
Of the womens profiles most of the things I discovered were: 50% escort language or links to sex sites, 20% were pirated photos (pornstars, actors, ad models) with scammer language, 10% were non-user pics in inactive accounts, and 20% cool ladies who again just needed to move a photo or two into an album. Links to sex sites are a dead give-away.
What began to happen was because I often looked at the actual page of the user it kicks up a notification to that user. So I would get endless visits to my page and sometimes snarky and offensive messages such as:Who the F**<k are you?. notify the use of why I was there Id leave a little message:moderator view or something similar. This reduced the number of visits and the language of the messages was better:Ok, no problem, etc.
Then one female user sent me a message:Are you and actual moderator or just using a line to score dates?. Rut-roh Shaggy. I answered her query simply by telling her to read my profile which is obvious to any reader that it would be nearly impossible to score dates by posing as a moderator. Wellwhat happened next is what I figured would happened. She snarkly replied ooooookkkaayyyy and then more than likely complained to the website. I couldnt log in to my account for about eight hours and received an email telling me my account was deleted blah, blah, blah.
My suggestions to anyone on or considering joining a dating site.
First: If you get an invitation to moderate tell them to get lost. This is simply an attempt to put someone out in front of the brand as a scapegoat to decrease liability to the company. Youre expendable, right? After all youre considered a loser who cant find anyone in the real world. Second: Dont bother wasting your time or money on dating sites. Look around you when youre out of the house: Ive found more persons to have activities with than on dating sites that way. Out of the persons Ive met from dating sites most have been looking for free stuff, extremely demanding, expensive gifts, paying their bills, or escorts. Third if you join a site use the tools they use to separate the real deal from the scammers: Google image search or Tineye.
Fourth: photo pirating is a big problem. Your pic could end up being used
for illegal purposes or identity theft. I hope everyone finds someone to end
the loneliness. Good luck.

Ask Joe about OkCupid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Id say most of the girls on this site are genuine. Probably 60% of those ive spoken with. Maybe not as high a number as on wejustfit (my personal favorite dating site) but still better than most of these kinda sites. Not sure what else matters im not looking for a nice design, im looking for girls. And there are a good amount here so im content at that.

Ask Colin about OkCupid
1 review
1 helpful vote

very good site

Ask derick about OkCupid
1 review
2 helpful votes

Don't pay any attention to all those negative reviews. OKCupid is a great dating site. I have been browsing the internet to find a legit dating site for YEARSSSS and OKCupid, Mingle2day and Tinder (if you prefer to go mobile) are the only ones which worked for me. Easy to use, nice people to chat with. Keep it up, guys!

Ask Robb about OkCupid
3 reviews
23 helpful votes

Online dating free or paid is a scam! Men just use them for hook ups.

Ask Mia about OkCupid
1 review
1 helpful vote

When looking for girl online there is only one place on start and it's here. Sure, there are a few hidden gems out there (e.g but overall OkCupid is what you need to meet a girl. I love it!

Ask Ian about OkCupid
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was only on okcupid for a couple months before I met the love of my life. I never thought a dating site could really work, but it did. After 15 months of dating, we are getting married. And I owe it all to okcupid for the opportunity to meet.

Ask Ashly about OkCupid
1 review
6 helpful votes

Here is my take on online dating - I hate it with a vengeance, and I am becoming more and more bitter as I get older. It is especially a nightmare for men like myself. Despite what they tell you, the dating sites are mostly male-dominated, so women stand a marginally better chance of success than men do, but not much.

There is a BBC Scotland documentary on YouTube which gives the lowdown on dating sites. Check it out if you can. It tells you what I suspected all along. They openly admit that they create literally millions of fake profiles, and if they did not do this, they would go out of business. This means that the system cannot possibly work. They claim this is to promote their business, which is ridiculous. When genuine people like myself join, they simply match them up with fake profiles or ex-members of the site. This means you are sending messages to a non-existent person, or rather a robot, and a robot will reply.

If honest people join, they are not matched up at all, and even if they are, messages are blocked. They are sent, but they disappear, obviously sabotaged by the dating site. Another dirty trick is for a member to receive a message from you without your knowledge. That is obviously a fake message written and sent by the site, and has nothing to do with you. This could explain why, out of the blue, you may receive an abusive message from an irate lady because she received an unpleasant message from you, about which you know nothing. It may also be a conspiracy on the part of the dating site to find an excuse to delete your account without giving a reason, for which dating sites are also notorious.

So what is the point in online dating, even if it is free with OK Cupid? You just waste your time, but not your money? If you see a photo of someone you like the look of, it is probably a porn actor or a model, and nobody is behind that photo, only a bot. The documentary I mentioned before even brought attention to a photo of the American actress Michelle Pfeiffer being used in a fake profile.

And if you find a real person you want to contact, all contact will be blocked. What more can I say? The system is 100% scam. How can any of this be legal? It is not. It is illegal.
Just look at the reviews - they are mostly negative, and they make horrible reading. I do not know what to do now. I will never have a girlfriend in my life, after learning the hard way with these awful dating sites. Should I commit suicide?

Ask Peter about OkCupid
9 reviews
8 helpful votes

I used the site for less time than expected because I found a great partner faster than expected. Their algorithm is great at finding compatible people, plus they have cute personality and other tests.

Ask Susan about OkCupid
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

My picture was flagged by one of the guys, solely because i wouldn't entertain him nor talk sexually. Therefore he flagged my picture. 90% of the guys on here only want sex anyways, but when a woman turns them down they want to act like a baby. Maybe y'all should offer tutorials for assholish guys so they will actually learn how to speak to a woman.

Ask Sammie about OkCupid
1 review
2 helpful votes

Really pleased with OkCupid I have to say. Id rank it up there with in terms of selection of girls/ number of fakes/ variety of functions/ mobile site/ etc. Think those are pretty much the cream of the fun dating crop at the moment, although im still due to try a couple of new ones in the coming months. Would recommend.

Ask Gilbert about OkCupid
1 review
2 helpful votes

I talked to several men, but only met two. The second one is now my boyfriend, and we'll be moving across the country together this month. Truly, he is the most amazing, kind, loving, handsome, patient, intelligent man I have ever met. I'm blown away with how quickly I found someone (2 months), especially someone like him. I'm very, very pleased with this service. Also, it's very easy to use. I recommend it to all my single friends.

Ask Crane about OkCupid
1 review
4 helpful votes

Im not sure when it happened but when I speak to friends about online dating now they all seem to be using cool new quirky sites (like or dating apps (like tinder, tangled, etc). Its like the big fish (OkCupid being the biggest traditionally) have almost got so well known that theyre now too vanilla! For me, I still like OkCupid and cant help the feeling that the people who say the stopped using it probably still do use it, but are acting too current too admit theyre still on it! Maybe its like how some clothes brands become so common that people deliberately start avoiding them (can you tell I work in fashion?!). Anyway ill be sticking with OkCupid, it may not be the coolest site anymore (when was online dating ever cool anyway) but its busy and thats the main thing.

Ask Matthew about OkCupid
1 review
4 helpful votes

OKCUPID is free! I found a good woman and we are into our seventh month together and all is well. It wasn't easy. I had to figure out who the scammers are and who the real ones are. Worth the effort because I tried the traditional methods and never managed to find a good woman. I found one because of OKCUPID! YAY!

Tip for consumers: Here is a tip. Be patient. Be careful. Be honest.

Ask David about OkCupid
7 reviews
57 helpful votes

Not great, takes a long time to sign up.

Ask Claire about OkCupid
1 review
8 helpful votes

For every 10 guys that messaged me only one was reaI. I recently got a message from lovestick1 and IJK04 one said his name was Michael the other was Bryan and they were using the same pictures!!!!!

Ask Lisa about OkCupid
1 review
7 helpful votes

I use OkCupid along with and POF and find the combination works pretty well. Its not expensive to do it that way and you dont get bored of being on one site all the time and seeing the same faces again and again. Plus you obviously improve your chances of meeting the one as you end up going on quite a few dates with people. All the sites are pretty different too, so you find things you like about one that you dont necessarily find on the other sites. But each has their advantages id say. With this site its probably the mobile app, which is super easy to use and has a nice layout. So yeah id say its a good website to use if youre doing a combination of sites.

Ask John about OkCupid
3 reviews
10 helpful votes

I got lots of responses but .I found that waaaay too many of them were from scammers (or guys too young-or too old -or too strange-for anything like a LTR) Okay for dipping my foot into the waters, but I just deleted my profile...overall, too much of hassle wielding my way through all of that. (and ironically, after all those "Likes"? Never did meet any of them) Well, time to try somewhere else...

Ask a about OkCupid
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