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Categories: Dating
39 W 14th St Ste 502
New York, NY 10011-7403, USA
Tel: +1.8556528743
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1 review
2 helpful votes

I took my mates advice and signed up to a few extra sites as used to only have a wejustfit membership. I was getting quite a lot of interest and a few dates with that site but now ive added tinder and okcupid and TBF I dont see a big difference yet. It's a B- from me ATM as I do like some things but hopefully the dates will come soon as ill be much busier on weekends! Finding someone nice to settle down with doesnt happen over night thats for sure lol

1 review
0 helpful votes

This review is not a bad comment , or good its an okay opinion ,,
I like the site , the problem is you don't have a lot of potential matches , and the system no sound for notifications .

I have talked with others there so its not only my opinion others tell me the same .

I think that customer service should be easier to contact for questions and concerns
Other than these gliches , okcupid does have the meeting of people that otherwise you wouldn't see .

3 reviews
28 helpful votes

Its a ok dating site for free but the PREMIUM A-LIST is not worth the money. I wanted simply slender, athletic, fit women & this was my ONLY criteria. Yes, I saw a few but not nearly as many as I expected to. If they don't have ANY more members who meet this ONE criteria out of thousands it tells me that ONLY FAT, OUT OF SHAPE, UNFIT women populate OK CUPID. and u pay dearly to find this out. PREMIUM A-LIST is a RIP OFF.....ok for free,lol. Ron Rosen, MD

5 reviews
4 helpful votes

I've been a member for a few years now. I've had some great dates, relationships, and made a few friends. It has a fair number of features for free users, a very easy to navigate site, and filters that actually work helping hide unwanted messages. I've tried sites you have to pay for, and they aren't any better.

1 review
2 helpful votes

its full of scammers, fake profiles, and some of the most shallow women you'll ever run into. if you actually want a date then lie, because if your not very well off forget about it. i don't like to post my job or pay, and nothing, so made second profile same pic of me diff email put my job down rounded figure of how much i make, pic of my car, and wow the likes and messages came rolling in all just wanting me to take them out, worst part is almost all of them i messaged on 1st profile

1 review
0 helpful votes


1 review
4 helpful votes

Hey everyone. OKCupid BLOWS. On the one hand, I've met several women from the site, and am grateful for that. But I've had to create numerous new profiles after randomly being deleted; sometimes my profile stays, but I cannot send messages anymore, or receive them anymore. And women can complain about anything they want -- fuzzy pictures or what they consider too-overt/forward messages (such as, "Do you like older men?" -- and the numbskulls at OKCupid just boot men from the site. But if you're a woman with a picture of a lake or some young idiot with your middle finger up (gee, how original), you're never, ever, ever kicked off. And, OKCupid NEVER gives you a warning, or a chance to respond to or dispute a complaint.

6 reviews
30 helpful votes

Ive used this site for months and so far its been pretty good for me. Though Ive got an impression that there are lots of scammers on Okcupid Well, seems like all the dating sites suffer from them. Just need to be careful and never send any money to anyone before you actually meet the person.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Founda whole load of good people on the there wanting a chat,make friends, date, more successful then any other site .
The down side is that some ladies dont give you a fair go ! I found i would send the first introduction message and then they would simply put "sorry your not my type" those people must be really good judge of character and know everything about me im know wonder there always single

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

It absolutely looks like a good dating site. Easy to navigate, nice and clean interface and it is mostly free. Looks like a nice alternative to POF.

In my opinion you won't meet as many people as on sites like Mingle2day and Match and honestly I haven't met anyone from OKC so far. But at least I can see it happen. Site looks good to me.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I want to thank okcupid. Im from South Africa met my "now" husband on okcupid. His from America. We started talking and hit it off. He came to visit me in South Africa got engaged and started applying for a visa for me. I'm married to him now and staying in the states. We are really happy and starting a family. I recommend the site you will find the right one for you.

Thank you okcupid

1 review
0 helpful votes

I like the site it way better than POF but what site isn't? POF is more like a bird bath filled with acid rain where all the birds fly off and try to contaminate others (IE: The women are so jaded). Okcupid is a good site it just isn't very diverse. Don't get me wrong I have no problem dating outside of my race and I do. But I would like to see some diversity on this site. The match criterias are okay but not great. If I wanted someone who was just like me I'd clone myself. Opposites attract I guess it's only true in my case. Lol. As far as the dating criterias I think the site does a pretty good job identifying different types of sexual orientations you may be looking for. All in all I like the site I just wish it was more diverse

1 review
3 helpful votes

I encountered a lot of scammers on this site (were madly in love with me without knowing me, obviously not real people, were deleted from the site soon), but when I reported a real person who was also a liar (claimed to be divorced when he was still married, claimed to be a financial success when he was dependent on his wife, lied about numerous other things), they refused to look at my evidence and kept him on the site where he could prey on other women. I was very upset about this.

1 review
3 helpful votes

Main plus point with OkCupid is youre not being constantly asked for a one night stand people here seem to get that this isnt a cheap, NSA site, which is definitely nice. The only other site that I've found that keeps things clean and still fun is Another thing about OkCupid is the choice of numbers on the site it's super busy. I'd like to see better features but their offline meet ups are a step in the right direction, they just need to do more new things like that.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Amazing website if you are looking to settle down or dating... I found my soulmate! I met the love of my life 3 day after signing up, he messaged me and we starting dating right away. He completes me and thank you okcupid for the help!


14 reviews
16 helpful votes

It's written on my profile who, what i'm looking for.
People who are the complete opposite of the description send me messages, and get mad when I don't reply.
I made the mistake of including my deviantart profile link on my profile.
Some loser that I didn't reply to sent me hate comments on there.
(I didn't know it was someone who found me from okcupid. I replied on his DA profile, and a few days later I got a "cute" message on okc saying what a douchebag psycho I am, how dare I talk like that about his artwork etc.)

Kinda pathetic.

5 reviews
9 helpful votes

Bad custumer service. I called, emailed them no action. There was one guy who was harassing me, stalking me. And guess what his profile still not deleted.

1 review
0 helpful votes

The site is like many others, many fake profiles so need to be careful while looking for that special one. But it's easy to use, and why not to try?

1 review
4 helpful votes

If this site has 10% real users I would be surprised. As a woman, you are constantly messaged by these scammers pretending to be US military personnel on deployment, bots that try to lead you to another site and fake profiles. I don't understand why okcupid can't figure out that all of the bots on their site seem to "live" in California. How are people supposed to meet each other when everyone is fake? And not in the shallow way!

I paid for the subscription and now feel silly that I ever wasted my money.

1 review
3 helpful votes

My mate doesn't even use this app and someone hacked into his accounts on social media and made multiple okcupid accounts. He is absolutely pissed off because now someone wants to complain about him on okcupid and he doesn't even use it WTF. He was called a freak for something he didn't even do and he's not happy about it.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I said OkCupid several emails complaining about the apps new update to change a format and how it doesn't work so they suspended my account due to terms and services basically because I complain it said their app sucked no other reason!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

OkCupid is a funny one, its not as bad as some people will say (usually people who try online dating for a month and think they know it all) and not as good as others will make you think. I've used enough of these sites to know that the key to me getting away from single life is to use a few sites at a time and change the ones that dont work every few months. At the moment im using wejustfit with match and thats going on 4 months now. Its a winning combo for me but im in London so it all depends where you are. I'd recommend either of these sites to be honest but try as many as you can be bothered to and see what works.

2 reviews
10 helpful votes

I don't even know where to begin with this review. I have been on several times and have noticed a lot of the same people on OkCupid, so I figured instead of paying for Match I would just get on there. I have been on before and it was kind of disturbing, but this past time topped it all.

I was only on for three days and had to take my account day for all of the verbal abuse from the men on this site. Everyone just wants hookups. Even when you take the time to fill out a nice profile.

I am 25 and had a 50 year old man with 20 year old triplet sons ask if I would date him. He said that I could date whoever I wanted, but he would remain faithful. I politely told him this was a turnoff for me and that he was out of my age range. He proceeded to call me an "ignorant brat" and said that hopefully me going to college would open my mind. That doesn't come down to having an open mind, it comes down to being taught to have self respect. I'm not judging him, just not what I was looking for.
I had a guy message me nothing other than saying "You're spoiled is what you are."
One guy asked if I was into friends with benefits.

Another kept insisting I was fake and told me he "did't have time for that." I have a truck that I enjoy modifying and the guy accused me of having a truck "fetish." He kept telling me to take a selfie and put it up so he could see what I looked like. The photos I had posted were literally from two weeks ago. I have a DSLR camera and had my mom take pictures. No, they weren't your typical bathroom selfie pictures, but it's sad if someone thinks you're not real because you have decent pictures up.

I had a married man ask if I wanted a "married sugar daddy."

Another guy kept saying I needed to read his profile and go out with him so I could take my profile down. He kept blowing me up with messages and said he always goes after what he wants and didn't care how many times he had to message me. He was so pushy I just told him I was done talking. I also jokingly said I didn't want to be locked in someone's trunk. My profile specified that I am sarcastic. I wrote him a message back and he told me it was too long to read. That he received his PHD in three months and that I needed to take my "Dunner Krueger" elsewhere. I'm sorry, but how stupid did this guy really think I was? He also told me that homeschooling made me too cautious of people. I explained to him that a girl got raped 10 minutes away from my house by a guy she met on Plenty of Fish, so I explained that I was cautious. He told me he "didn't give a $#*! about some girl who met a lowlife guy."

I had another guy message me twice and said "you don't want me?" I didn't even know his name!

There are a lot of foreigners on this site and after reading about all the scammers it has me very suspicious of who was actually behind the screen.

All of these scenarios literally happened in three days. You can't even report these guys because the moderators don't care. I was basically bullied off the site. I couldn't stand the constant slams and harassment. It's basically you have to go out with every guy that messages you. If you turn them down, don't answer them, or don't give out your number right away, they won't politely go away, they turn on you and continually insult you until you have to block them.

Everyone on this site is jaded. They are on here to either have women stroke their ego and if you don't give them that, they will verbally abuse you so bad to try and boost their sorry egos that way.

If you are a woman with any ounce of self respect, run the other way and find another outlet to meet people!

1 review
6 helpful votes

OKCupid has certainly undergone some dramatic changes since its acquisition by the Evil Empire a few years ago. The original site had large numbers of real members and was an enjoyable experience, but this has all been lost as it now runs manufactured profiles made from photos taken from closed accounts as well as from other dating sites.

The quality of the company-made faked profiles does vary and many of these individuals are pretty easy to spot. For instance: the gal listing herself as being someone with a Masters Degree in English and then cant spell on a grammar school level in the essays? They blanket the site with these types of profiles in order to provide the illusion of site activity. The juvenile use of emoticons in their profiles and e-mail replies to you are one dead giveaway. These persons dont receive any pay for their part in the deception, its just for the thrills and entertainment provided to them in confusing the persons on the site. They do, however, have the more sophisticated variety of operatives in their employ who write up very extensive and impressive sounding essays to accompany the fictional photos. The site has now achieved what I call The OKCupid Matrix. An unsuspecting person using the site may go for weeks at a time only conversing with the employees who are running these manufactured profiles. The programmers for the company have achieved a completely artificial environment for people to be in, with the real members on the site being unable to see each other in searches. The upper level moderators -- who are given free access to your account -- will from time to time plant one or two hand picked fakes in order for you to have something visible on your Visitors indicator.

The paid employees who are running the company-made faked profiles are capable of carrying on excellent conversations and they do have some style. However, the litmus test is to simply ask them a basic question about the location area shown in their profiles. They wont be able to answer you, because they honestly dont know. For example: the person pretending to be interested in you is actually six states away, is twenty years older than shown in the profile and is carrying on as if they are a resident of Wyoming. If you are already familiar with the geographical areas shown in these peoples profiles, then you can unmask them almost immediately by asking a simple question about a landmark or well known place there -- and then they will magically disappear while corresponding. These are NOT independent scammers performing the conversations with you -- theyre company paid employees who are given a large number of legitimate site members to manage in a particular geographical zone. Their ability to perform their assignments does vary. There are tell-tale signs that will begin to emerge and some of these people are more obvious than others. The over-use and misapplication of caps and lower case in their essays and e-mails show up rather quickly. Sayings such as my Amazing children, im living life one day at a time and Im so Grateful are classic lines used repeatedly in hundreds of the site-made faked profiles. Also, be advised that if one of the moderators -- pretending to be a site member -- takes a disliking to someone, they are authorized to deliberately provoke the person in the hope of getting them to send a hostile message in return. This qualifies as unacceptable behavior and is then used as an excuse to deny access to ones profile which seems to coincidentally result in new unauthorized charges on the members credit card.

Part of my research into this was to lead me well outside of OKCupid. There are a small number of conscience ridden persons out there who used to perform fake profiles and e-mailings for dating companies like this one and are coming forth. The pay rate for those helping these companies to defraud people really depends on the individuals communication skills. Many have a rewards system based on the number of e-mails that an employee can sustain with the unsuspecting persons. Match, as known with the ever present lawsuits in the news, has actually been caught hiring fake persons to go out with people on dates. The corporation that owns Match and OKCupid now owns most of the other dating sites as well and has almost unlimited financial depth. It can accomplish just about anything it wants, especially if millions more dollars are there for the taking. Any lawsuits lost by them can be easily paid off with the available millions that they have in petty cash. Its similar to the pharmaceutical companies who are poisoning and killing people with their products. It makes good business sense for them to do this, because paying out forty million to the drug victims families in settlements is acceptable -- if theyve made 150 million dollars in sales. Never mind the agony and the tears of the medical patients who took their products, right? This is the identical position taken by the online dating sites.

Once placed within the OKCupid Matrix system, your online experience will be very tightly managed and your exposure being only to the company made faked profiles within its manufactured parameters. In similar fashion, the other real members on the site cant see YOU, either, and the partition walls ensure that no one can find each other. Their fraudulent data base is now very sophisticated and colossal in size, looking just like a real dating site. The idea is of course to keep you hanging on with your credit cards and its been highly successful. The Consumer Complaint sites on the internet are currently ablaze with angry people who have had no success with using the site for dating (big surprise) -- and then also had the double insult of having their statements show up with new unauthorized charges on them.

OKCupid is now following the identical pattern set down by Plenty of Fish a few years back. The founder of POF started out with an honest and hugely popular dating site that gained its revenue by the advertisers simply placing their ads there. This arrangement worked out perfectly, until he realized that the profit margin could be quadrupled by crowding the site with manufactured profiles and erasing the e-mails sent between members. And with the encryption and site security being non existent on POF, many of the other dating sites routinely steal profile photos from there to create their fictional data bases. Its been reported over and over here that Match runs deactivated profiles to entice people to stay on -- and this is true. With the blending together of Match and OKCupid under one roof, there is now an endless supply of material needed to pull off the hoax and on a grand scale. And as far as the moderators and persons on their payroll who are participating in this scheme? I would describe them as being cowards and lowlifes, since they are trashing peoples feelings and are being paid to do so.

Someone out there will win over hundreds of thousands of people in the creation of a new dating site, if they could just go back to the simple concept of a free site run openly and honestly and supported by advertisers. POF had the whole world cheering for it during its first few years -- and it was a blast, as you were meeting real people there and in astonishing numbers. And then it all changed. The Matrix style of online dating systems had begun -- and good people were going to suffer. All of the dating sites are presently doing this and I do mean all of them. For example, most of the supposed Christian sites are now professional scams being run by puppet managements who are financially backed by the porn industry. Once on those supposedly Christian sites, it doesnt take long to realize that its just another fixed game and that there are no active persons even present there. Personally, I find the religious dating sites to really be the worst because they are using that as a cover. (CC is so openly fraudulent that it blows the mind).

To my fellow online dating brothers and sisters out there: I would strongly recommend that you request a new credit card account number from your card provider. The banks dont mind doing this at all and actually appreciate you telling them. And if you feel embarrassed by whole subject of being defrauded by a dating site, then just say that youve lost your card. Youll be issued a new account number and receive your new one within five business days and you will now be completely safe from finding any surprises by the dating sites on your subsequent bills. We need to starve the beast, everyone. No more credit card use.

The companies placing their advertising with OKCupid will eventually leave when they notice that there are fewer and fewer hits on their ads there -- and this will eventually bring the curtain down financially. Keep in mind that Match views this newly acquired dating site of theirs as mere entertainment value for their ownership and administrators. The parent company is doing just fine, as evidenced by the continuous TV ads featuring the paid actors who are talking about how they met their perfect matches there. Match is the big money maker and OKCupid is just a side show for them. People are extremely frustrated by the apparent lack of legal action taken in prosecuting these companies for fraud and Im with them on that. However, with this being the modern world and many people having their price? -- Match can certainly do a little creative gift giving to certain persons in any given state or district in order to help smooth things over. (Remember the Corleone family and their generous contributions to certain government officials in the movie, The Godfather?)

Once these dating companies realized that there werent any consequences for them in committing fraud online, the gold rush was on. Legitimate business sites that are selling real products on the internet seem to be held to a much higher standard, too. Interesting, isnt it. My wish is that you remove yourself from online dating entirely and youll begin to feel better within a very short time. Being on those sites is just costing you your time and life energy -- and The Evil Empire loves it that way.

The online dating industry desperately needs a Reformation. You can be a part of the effort and it all starts with that first deletion! And like Match loves to say in its staged TV ads:

Its just a click away.

Take care, everyone. Peace.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been on OK Cupid since 2012 over all these Yrs .I have ran into nothing but scammers.You report it in the opions but the profiles are never removed.I believe the site is owned & operated my scammers.And these fake profiles are people working for them.After 5 yrs the thing is still going on .On this site.It needs to be taken down.Am sure a lot of people have been scamed out of money here!

Tip for consumers: Tons of scammers ,scammers,scammers.......

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