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935 reviews
Categories: Dating
39 W 14th St Ste 502
New York, NY 10011-7403, USA
Tel: +1.8556528743
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935 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I haven't experienced any scammers and I wasn't ripped off (I didn't pay for the premium package). I was really disappointed with the low quality of posts, pictures and messages I was getting there. So many guys posting pics of headless naked torsos (is it supposed to be sexy???), or having their faces hidden behind big sunglasses, even when they are indoors (so their wives friends won't recognize them?). I am sure there are many wonderful guys there, but it's just so hard to find them. Many didn't even bother to write anything about themselves. And I kept getting those robocall messages "hi, how are ya?" From obviously super lazy guys, who couldn't even write a couple of personal sentences or make a reference to something I had mentioned in my profile. I can imagine they just kept sending these hi how are yas to every single female on this website hoping that at least one or two would reply out of desperation. I went for a few dates but I was taken aback but how guys misrepresented themselves in their profiles: the pictures were at least a decade old. One guy who described himself as "skinny" was actually overweight and came up with a very lame story how he suddenly gained weight. I did have some interesting conversations for sure, and met some nice people, but sadly nothing came out of it. I guess it takes a lot of time and effort, and one has to kiss many frogs, but I got really discouraged by all this.
OKCupid is definitely not the worst dating website, and it's free but I really wish it was a bit more selective (no headless pictures, no huge sunglasses) and maybe give guys some good tips on how to approach women? If you're a guy and and are on a dating website/app - just consider it - instead of sending a girl one of those "how are you beautiful?" maybe make a small effort and try to actually strike up an intelligent and meaningful conversation and ask her about something you're read in her profile, so she knows that there is actually a reason why you decided to contact her, besides the obvious.

1 review
0 helpful votes

OKcupid always delays my messages I send by 10-20 mins so that all the people im talking to get my messages 10-20 mins later. What is causing this & how can this be corrected??? This is on a regular PC computer. Is there any OKCUPID people on here that can answer that as its hard to carry on a conversation when my messages are always delayed by 10-20 mins!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I never ran into any bots, just worse, men who only took me as a pretty face. After about 20 dates with men that wanted nothing meaningful I was about to give up. The last date I went on was meant to be the last I'd accept from okc. We are now getting married after 2 amazing years together. He is everything I never thought existed and everything I ever dreamed. I would have never found him if not for those 4 horrible months of juvenile dating experiences. And with any site, that's just what you accept to endure in exchange for the help. At the end of those 20 dates I found the love of my life. Give it a chance.

1 review
2 helpful votes

OK Cupid is an overrated dating site that I would not recommend. They have yet to match me with anyone after I answered over 50 questions. I feel like I threw my money away on this site after hearing such good things.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

i wonder why so many people complain about scammers. I mean, there is literally no site on the web without any scammer. It's impossible since we can use fake proxy, make sense ? So for me i tried it and it was fine. I am enough smart to guess a fake profile, it's easy to guess but there is like many other site, very good people and the system is good as well :)

1 review
2 helpful votes

Worst dating site I have ever tried. I was on the site for merely 2 days and i kept getting this "internal error" even though I was using the correct name and password. I emailed customer service and never got a reply back. Through research, I discovered OKcupid is notorious for doing this to a lot of people. Even though I did not once violate the terms of service, and not one of my photos was provocative in any manner. (they were just of my face). The research told me my account was deleted, and email was banned. No body knows why they do this to people. Worst customer service.

17 reviews
23 helpful votes

This site sucks. I have used this sit on a and off. This site is a waste of my time. The only reason I am still using this sit is that I have not other way of meeting women. 90% of the women on here that I message don't respond back. The women that did respond back. Their messages did not lead anywhere. I have only been able to meet one woman on here is person. Her and I date for one month then to the relationship ended. I don't blame the site for the failure of this relationship. She chose to end the relationship. Resently I have been getting my likes. But I can't see who likes me until I pay for a membership. What a ripoff. Also I have been getting a couple of scam messages. The messages start out the same. The person tells me that they left OkCupid for another site that has million more users. The messages also contains the link to the site. The message ends with a series of random numbers. I have gotten this same message about four times. When a woman that is interested in me messages me. It is a women I don't find attractive. I have heard that the more people you message. The more likely you are to get a response. That is not true for me. I have sent out about 40 + messages and only heard back from four of the women 40 + women I messaged. Three of them sent m ae message back that lead nowhere and the other one. I chatted for a couple of weeks. After that she told me she was not looking for a boyfriend. That was a waste of my time. All she did was lead me on. Also when I message a women I find attractive that viewed my profile. They never respond back. Why should they even take the time to view my profile if you're not gonna respond to the message. They should expect it If they view my profile I might message them. They should expect that. The good part about this site is that I am able to send out many messages to different women. I like that this site sends matches based on my match filter setting. Overall this site is alright. It is better than dating sites and dating apps like Plenty of Fish and Tinder.

2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Quite contrary to most haters I think OKC is always worth a try. If ya don't like it move on but ya can't deny that it ain't a bad site! I also prefer Match or Mingle2day but I ain't claiming that OKC is a scam cuz it simply ain't! Period! Compare it to all the other dating sites and you will know what I 'm talking about.

1 review
3 helpful votes

There are a high number of fake women on this site with broken English and photos that appear to be stolen from Facebook accounts. Woman that say they're 40 but look 22. In the 48 hours I was on this site I had 10 beaut women initiate the connection with me and all had similar communication skills. I believe the ultimate goal was to get me to a cam site. The women that were taunting me with claims that they wanted a relationship with me was probably a sweaty guy with a hairy back named Omar.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I'll start by saying internet dating worked for me, I met my new girlfriend Sally just over a month ago (was on a different site called and weve both cancelled our various dating site memberships now, including OkCupid. So this isnt one of these typical negative reviews. But OkCupid is where I started probably like most do and I gotta say its a professional site with a lot of women (I should know I probably talked to every one of them in the SoCal area!). If im unlucky enough to be single again in the future id go back and give it another try, but I hope I aint unlucky!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Anyone that will take your money and still will stop you from communicating with members is a scam . I can understand if they are stoping the none paying member from communicating to other members but if someone is paying they shouldn't prevent them just to keep they're payments coming In. This will hurt ok Cupid in a long run I found a real website it's called Truly Honest Dating ...this website is real

1 review
2 helpful votes

This was my second profile on OKC. I actually watched a couple of YouTube videos about writing a quality CV OKC Man's profile. In one week, 34 visits . 9 mutual likes. Of the 9, 3 said "let's meet." After a week, one of the three has called me. The other 8 faded away. Moved to Hangouts with 2 others. Both live in Ghana. Same story. Born in USA. In Ghana to take care of sick mother/father, I need some money for food and Mama's prescriptions. In one week. I disabled my OKC profile. Later that same day. Thursday, Nov 9th. I wrote a similar profile for POF. Much faster, more varied response. I've been on POF for one week. So far POF is hands down more lively than OKC.
Take a few minutes and learn how to write an attractive online dating profile. That's time well spent.

4 reviews
21 helpful votes

IMHO it can't compete with Mingle2day or Match but I think it is always a nice option to use. I discovered some fake profiles but generally speaking it seems to be a legit dating site.

1 review
3 helpful votes

This site is so ridiculous I mean they hold your IP address if you ever closed your profile and wont let you get back on to talk to people again due to the fact they are rude oh cause someone reported you but in reality it was a reason if it was someone reported you cause they were being sexual n rude first but they dont care nor look at that aspect

I closed my profile over a week ago n been trying to open with a new ID but same e mail and they are telling me BS of well we hold on to see why it was closed or what reason n still it is so stupid and a full of crap if someone closed their profile then quit holding their IP address and let them go back on and also if they have been reported which it is also BS then quit being mean and let them go back on so stupid this site OK CUPID really is I don't recommend this site to no one to join it should not even be on the internet


1 review
5 helpful votes

Another eugenicist website run by nazis who go around censoring hetero profiles for no reason other than to feel special about how big of scumbags they are. They will scam you by charging $1 to message a person then randomly deleting your account a few days later. It's just like POF which also takes your money and censors you so I highly recommend everyone avoid both of these terrible scam sites. These are not real "free" dating websites, they are scammer $#*! failed sites of no use to anyone seeking a real relationship.

Tip for consumers: Avoid this site, AFF and POF like the plague, they are all scammers

39 reviews
19 helpful votes

And it's your fault

1 review
3 helpful votes

How is it that a site states your art is inappropriate when it is a drawing of Ironman and a character from Walking Dead? Maybe OkCupid should actually look at the art first before believing somebody who has their feelings a bit hurt that they didn't get a date!!!

1 review
2 helpful votes

We're all searching for our elusive other halves and although online dating helps us in our quest, it's not quite the fix that some people would have you believe. So far ive had a month on okcupid and a month on and ill actually be dropping my okcupid membership because the only person I met was on WJF. I dont know what other cities are like but im struggling to get anywhere on okcupid in essex. I will say though that its a really nice site and easy to use on my ipad so if you have more people in your area maybe it will be a good option for you

1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been okc off and on since Jan 2015..

This site is all scammers . all the guys suck. They either want money or just sex..they lie. I compliant to okc they did nothing. I was scammed and. No one cares. I emailed to okc again. Gave full details they didn't do one thing..

6 reviews
4 helpful votes

I love this website, there are lots of interesting people here. I want to share my happy experience with you, i met my boyfriend here and we are happy together for 2 years already.I wish everybody to find their soulmates.

3 reviews
15 helpful votes

The site is functional, easy to message, and fun to see who's viewed you. I reviewed message and responses to my messages, which is what the site is for!


I started messaging with a man who is charming, handsome, fun, and very interesting. We chatted for a bit, exchanged phone numbers, texted but he would never respond to my requests to actually talk over the phone. He found me on Facebook without knowing my last name, and was strangely always available even though he supposedly had a job.

Looking through his Facebook I noticed a lapse in time and pictures of his children suddenly changing from young to drastically older.

So I Googled his name. Two hits with his mug shot in the Ohio prison system and a convicted felon at least once, maybe twice and a guilty charge for domestic violence! He said he was in prison after I had the proof but did not then disclose that he has 5 records over different times ranging from one thing going to another.

I was shocked and scared of this because I had to ask questions rather than him freely telling me that he lives in the hotel he works in, and no car. I'm thinking maybe he is still in prison? And if not still living the life of incarceration so why would he not lie and try to romance me? That's what cons do and most importantly he does not realize that he is not an honest man and has used what he learned in prison to manipulate and create a cover.

I stopped communicating with him immediately. His initials are JTO 44 yrs old white male from MA.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I know that lots of people love OKC but for now this site doesn't bring me anywhere. Been on and off for four months and obvioulsy I am doing something completely wrong. Actually, I am also running out of options. Has anyone used dating sites with success? What about Mingle2day? It seems to be good. And what about Chemistry? I have read mixed reviews on that but it seems to be ok. Message me if you have any information.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been using OKC back in the days and it worked more than just OK. Solid dating website. I'd rank it as the second or third best dating website after Mingle2day and FF. OKC has many members, and I think they are pretty much widespread in many countries. So give it a shot.

1 review
11 helpful votes

This site is the same as it was many years ago.... I probably messaged 50+ girls on here. Im a better than average looking guy. I got back only one response from a girl saying she was busy but open for another day. This place sucks. I've read articles online that men who want to get laid need to send out 200+ messages per day and call that "success." No! That is insanity.

These websites don't work, if you want to get laid meet a girl eye to eye and take her out then slowly and subtly emphasize or express you want sex. Or just go to a bar. Plain and simple.

The women on these sites: want attention, want to feel that they are loved when their day goes bad, ego boost. They are too coward to actually go out and meet someone. There is but 1% of women on here who actually want to meet someone.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Just about worth the outlay
Im definitely not rich so only usually try a site for the minimum subscription time and then make a decision on whether to keep it going or cancel. I took the three day option on OkCupid and figure its just about worth the small amount I paid. Will see if I feel that way after I stick around for the auto-renewal of a whole month (hate that they do that!!). Tried loads of sites but the only one I pay for every single month is as I actually get lucky on that one, so I know it works and dont mind paying one bit! As for this site, well see how the month compares to the three day trial but happy enough so far.

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