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Categories: Car Sharing, Mobile Apps, Taxi
548 Market St #68514
San Francisco, CA 94104, USA
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1 review
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One of Lyft's drivers reversed into my brand new car, ask me not to call the police and apologized profusely. When I made a Lyft claim I had not heard back from any one in almost 8 months when I finally started the hunt to talk to someone about they gave me the run around for another 2 months until I finally received an mail from a supervisor. It took me 4 times following up with the supervisor to actually get a response to where he says their driver said I rear ended her and it was her word against my word unless I had proof (photos, police report, and a witness.) I provided all three of those things to this "safety agent" and then when I followed up he blocked my emails and I kept getting "your message is not able to be delivered to..." This is just not right! I am definitely not recommending tis company to anyone and I will not use Lyft at all in the future. They are just shady. Now I have to come out of pocket $800 to fix my car.

1 review
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My husband was driving for Lyft in February and was hit by a drunk driver. Fortunately he was ok, but his vehicle was totaled. After trying to call Lyft for 2 days, we finally reached someone and was set up with a claims person who kept in touch for a week or so and then NOTHING...this claim is still not resolved. It has been 3 months!!! My husband has emailed, called, left messages constantly this entire time and no one will return his calls or emails.
TIme to hire an attorney)!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

i was charged for a ride i did not take. Your driver called to inform me he had to go into NYC first, and if i still wanted a ride he would pick me up in an hour or so. I told him no worries, cancel the ride & i will request another car. He thanked me and then charged me $17.50. Very poor business practice

1 review
1 helpful vote

If you are a New upcoming Driver, lyft will hook you up with awesome rides.. They entice new drivers with making money fast and giving them a pleasant experience. **NOTE** Once you are hooked and engaging in working more hours. Lyft will gradually Lower your rides per hour and will also make it impossible for you to hit the bonus.. "YES" LYFT controls how much you make per hour.. When you look at your Dashboard to opt in to weekly power bonus. It gives you zones and times you could make 20% or even 30% more driving these hours.. **NOTE** If you are getting close to getting your bonus LYFT will stop you from achieving your goal by taking the power bonus feature off your app so you won't be able to access it.. When you see your map of where high demand is and you are actually there.. Best believe that lyft will get you a request far away from the high demand zone and hook you up with a ride that will take you further out so you won't achieve making more money for that hour.. A Driver will typically make 19 to 17 an hour after LYFT takes their fees.. . No matter how good your strategies are to make more money they would slow your request down.. EXAMPLE if you are making $180 dollars in 5 hours that's $36 an hour.. Guess what? Lyft doesn't want you to make that much an hour so they will lower your hour income by giving you smaller rides that would be 10-15 minutes long,.. paying you an average of $3-4 dollars for that ride to having no request for the next 20-30 minutes.. Have you ever wonder why there is no request coming in, in your area,.. where the map shows it's super pink in high demand? That's only because lyft knows your making more money then what they allow per hour and they are giving the request to those that either just started their shift or has seniority over you and gives them the rides.. LYFT also has friends and relatives that works for the company giving them always the first dibs on awesome rides.. Have you ever wonder why you get a request in and within seconds to a minute it shows on your screen passenger cancelled request!?? Rarely passengers do cancel but in other times the passenger is taking a longer trip paying extra $$$ money and lyft takes the passenger away from you showing you on your end that they cancelled on your app when in reality they haven't cancelled and clientele is given to those special drivers they have working out on the field in that same area.. MANY customers have also said that they like how LYFT has the feature for tipping their drivers when a ride is completed .. Guess what?? LYFT doesn't always report the exact tip amount to drivers of what passengers give to their drivers. They show their drivers a smaller amount to none for that ride. They say that tips are 100% for drivers. When in reality the drivers don't get exactly what the customer pays out. Another thing LYFT says to their drivers that the amount shown on their screen after each ride has completed is the amount they charged each passenger.. That's totally misleading.. LYFT reports on your app a different smaller amount of what they have already taken out for that passenger ride embezzling extra money without the Driver noticing that the amount shown on their screen has already been modified.. **NOTE** LYFT claims that they only take out their 20-25% off their drivers when they want to cash out. WRONG!.! LYFT has already taken out a percentage for each ride and slaps their driver with their 20-25% on top what they have already taken out per ride.. EVER WONDER how LYFT can offer a higher bonus to NEW and CURRENT DRIVERS? Simple... they simply take extra money from their drivers how I mention above and puts it back in their pocket "IF" they hit the bonus.. Its not really a bonus. It's the DRIVERS own money that LYFT took out without the driver noticing, of what they took off each trip, and makes it seem that they are a generous company to their hard working employees.. For those that have notice and are COMPLAINING!! LYFT will lower your Rate & income request up to 60% . And what you use to make in 8-12 hours. Best believe LYFT will give you $#*!ty rides to 1 or 2 rides per hour and the drivers would work same hours to have barely $100 made for that day.. LYFT controls who you get wheather it's a 5.0 customer to a 4.0 passenger.. How this could be addressed is, drivers should unite and do a class action Law suit against LYFT so they know not to be greedy and be liars to those hard working Americans who are only working to pay bills and feed their love ones.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Lyft's insurrance company has not contacted me after a car accident I was in with this company and it's been over 2 weeks! I'm going to hire a lawyer because I can't even get ahold of anyone.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I have had so much trouble with this company and random charges it's unfortunate. Driver service is so much better than uber but I would recommend uber over this company solely for the fact that they've now charged my card TEN times with zero authorization. If this is a systematic issue that's unfortunate as I've reached out to multiple Lyft associates to get the issue resolved. It's been two weeks since I've brought it to someone's attention (multiple times) at Lyft & no they haven't resolved it. But they surely have managed to charge my card two more times since. It's almost like it doesn't matter at all to them. 0 points for Lyft & genuinely caring about customer service. Not sure how many people would be okay with $110 going missing from their account for rides that were never taken by them.

1 review
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Took 3 rides, totaling in $56. Got 3 receipts via email for said rides. Found out they helped themselves to $43 more of my card account. Went to their site to contest these non-existant charges, filled out the info, got to the bottom of the page only to find that the "submit" button is disengaged. There is no way to file a dispute on their website. Called their toll free number, it told me to go to the site. So, basically, they can do whatever they want with your account and all you can do is filled a complaint with the BBB, as I did, and hope you somehow get your money back.

2 reviews
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Anti gay, words to me fagot go fck yourself with mcd frappe. He is type that should not be allowed to work with such wide range of diverse people. Hateful to core. Selected to puck u up better get them send u another driver

1 review
0 helpful votes

I was approved to drive with Lyft at the end of Feb. this yr. I was only driving for 4 days then I ended up in he hospital to ave emergency. I even emailed them to let them know what was gong on. Then after i was cleared from my doctor I only was able to drive for 1 day & i ended up back in the hospital because of complacations from the surgery. I let them know that also. I even emailed them and asked if they could give me an extension for my drivers bonus because of due to the emergency surgery. They responded by telling me that I never entered a drivers promo code. I even sent them the copy of the code I used when I applied. I was only 20 rides away from getting my bonus. They even approved my new car. 2 days after they approved my new car I received an email from them telling me that i would not be able to drive due to some safety issue. That's all they told me. I emailed them back & I wanted to know what the problem was. They responded by telling me my rating was to low & a passenger said that I refused to get out of my car when I was asked to. Well the problem with that is at no time durning those 5 days that I drove I never had a passenger that was disabled that need assistance. I always got out of my car if my passenger had luggage, I personally put their luggage in the trunk of my car & I removed it when I dropped them off at their destination. The thing is the passenger doesn't always rate the driver right after their ride sometimes it takes them 3 to 4 days later to rate their ride. So they do get the drivers mixed up. Lyft does not give yo any type of training they only give you a platform to work off of. So you will fail right away. They said that they were investigating the issue. The problem with that they never even talk to me about the issue. They also stopped me from driving before I got my total hours in for my driving bonus. I'm not the only one they have done this to about the driving bonus. I have spoken to other people that work or have worked for Lyft and they never received their driver bonus either. How can a company let you go only after 5 days of being a driver without really investigating both sides of the issue. My ratings were not low enough to let me go. They never give you any training at all. They do not stand behind their word. Plus their are other problems. I had riders that I picked up that said I was only picking up 1 person & sometimes ended up being up to 4 total & I had no way to add the 3 extra people to the ride. I have emailed them everyday for almost a month since they said I cold not drive because of the issue & they have never responded back to any of my emails. Just to let you know the riders tat did rate me gave me 5 stars. example 7 out of 10 gave me a perfect score on everything & 5 stars. You do not want to work for them. Plus they add people to your ride without giving you the chance to accept it or to refuse it. Some of my passengers had to be at an appt. at a certain time & I could not accept the ride that they wanted me to pick up. That is not fair to the passenger you have in your car at the time since they have an appt. they have to get to by a certain time. If you were a passenger and you had an appt. at a certain time would you want to be late or on time? Lyft never even gives you a chance to work. They do not investigate the issues like a company should.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Lyft itself sucked it did not tell me how much my ride would be, only way i knew was to check my account, the text message sent said save $20 on Lyft, the ride to or from my house to this destination on a taxi is usually $14 to $17 so at the end of my ride lyft says it takes off $5 credit for my friend refering me which is more than I pay for regular yellow taxi or black cat ride even with the 5 bucks off. the driver knew nothing about the company the app or how I can find info, all in all Lyft itself sucks not just the unprofessional!! never again..who only tells you how much your being charged AFTER you artive at tour house???

6 reviews
4 helpful votes

I wanted to love Lyft. I wanted to support the company after hearing they had donated to one of my fave non-profits. But both times I used them: a) the drivers spoke very broken English and I had to keep asking them to repeat themselves, b) both of them asked me where I wanted to go after I had entered it on the website, and c) one of them asked me how to get to the airport. Gotta do better, Lyft.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Lyft is a scam for passengers and drivers. For drivers, Lyft keeps 20% of the fare and charges a processing fee. Lyft also does not help drivers with car maintenance, insurance, or fuel costs.
For passengers, Lyft is constantly overcharging them. They use their GPS app to purposely take drivers on longer routes in order to make more money and make the driver look bad. Lyft assumes no responsibility for anything except taking their share of the fare.

1 review
2 helpful votes

This company keep hiring the worst people who don't know what there doing in the office to they are posted bad ads on Craigslist and online telling people you can make up to 1500.00 or 35 with a person smile on it not true with the minimum fare being 3.50 for the first 3 miles and lots of people only want short rides and lots of people order rides far away from you and since the college students are responsible for this stuff not tipping and going nowhere but down the street it's become a game to lots of people and the people who really need a ride can't get them to since the change the app it not going to work for most people doing thris you are getting longer pick up and shothere rides cost you money they don't pay for anything but give you 80% of the fare you use your own car and gas and insurance and repair and maintenance and they keep changing the bouns again to try to get money back guarantee from it now it's 20 peak rides and 40 regular to get 10% back and 25 peak rides and 70 to get 20% back have done thris 4 times in the last 1.5 years and drop the price 2 times and wonder why they can't keep drivers to and try to scam the driver at tax time sending you tax forms for everything you gross income and not take the 20% out of it so they don't have to pay the taxes to the irs and if you don't make over 20k or 200 transaction your not supposed to be taxes on it and Uber is even worse on that matter to used to be a good thing to make money with but they are breaking the law and tell you that your not an employee at all but try to treat you like one and the star system is just a way to make the driver look bad to the Phoenix area is no longer good to drive for companies like thris all the people who used to come out here that have money are not and the college kids are not going to make you any money with short rides for 3.50 to 5.00 fares to just remember what I'm saying most people think I have a car and can drive but if you don't know what to do with getting around and handling the passenger in your car and being quick and easy to do don't waste your time you are paying for the car and insurance they don't care just how much they can make from people to used to be good but like most short term company in Arizona just don't care about anything anymore then the money to so please look into it it's all true

1 review
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Use Uber all the time. Tried using lyft for the first time. Can not enter where the hell I want to go. Tried five times. Will. Not. Take. So frustrating. Bye bye lyft.

1 review
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Customer service is very poor with Lyft. Their website was not running properly via phone app or PC. I contacted customer support and explained the situation while filling the application out (DL would not be excepted so uploaded to email), the representative was able to fix it. As I was attempting to complete my application and consent for background check my ssn was not being excepted so once again I recieved an error message and contacted customer service again (with a uploaded copy of my SS card). Well I received no response via email instead I was sent a message while trying to proceed with my application that they were sorry but can not hire me, but thank you for applying! Wow...I do not have a poor driving record nor am I felon.

1 review
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On a trip to the airport my driver missed the exit. Then spent 10 minutes circling through a really bad part of town ignoring the GPS. Then as he got ready to turn onto the freeway changed his mind and did an illegal u-turn in front of other cars and almost got us in a wreck. I finally had to tell him how to get to the airport. He then proceeded to speed all the way there. The bill went from an estimated $18 to $29. When I questioned Lyft responses that the route was the most efficient. What a joke you could see the circles we drove in on route. I then requested a second review and they completely ignored me.

The fact they refuse to fix this speaks volumes about what they think about their customers.

1 review
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I'm being harassed by Lyft drivers. Last one called me "$#*!" and such. It was only 5 min ride.. im very very upset.

1 review
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As a driver I ll said it not worth it I just killing my car they not pay mutch at all they not playing taxes
All paying driver taxes they take percent from my ride I have to put a gas some at my tank pay taxes it's not worth it

1 review
5 helpful votes

After working for lyft for seven months and carrying a 4.8 rating, I was suddenly deleted for allegedly charging or attempting to charge a passenger on top of their fare. Though I drive for Lyft, I'm also an author and retired businessman that still needs additional income. When I tried to dispute the claim they wouldn't respond to my emails for over three weeks. They promised to me back into their system and did. Before I had the chance to get back on the road they took my privileges again. I sent the email showing my reinstatement, but they told me nonetheless I was permanently removed from their platform. I would never attempt to do something like that to a passenger, but all the passenger has to do to get out of paying is launch a complaint against the driver. I have never in my life been defamed but Lyft allowed it to happen. I would warn anybody don't ever buy a car thinking you can make money driving for this company. Now I have to join the Uber drivers if I want to eat.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I started working for lyft, setting my time, dedication, and hard work. They promised to give a good pay and time (breaks). Now, I realized that everything is just a lie. It really upsets me how they picture this job as something very convient and worth working for. In reality their service is not how they picture it to be. They have high expectations from us such as making more than 115 rides for just one week (each week) which is difficult to accomplish for the rental rewards program. They expect good reviews from customers which is really hard since not everyone is very social. I have set my time to complete they're expectations in the beginning. Now they just keep increasing the amount of rides! This means I have to work more hours and complete more rides in just one week!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Lyft is not nice and all. All of this customer service crap they yell and "stand by" is clearly not true. Ive been using lyft for a while and it has been ok. The account that I use for my miscellaneous work activity was compromised and was OVERDRAWN due to a 'reoccurring fee'. I DID NOT TAKE THESE RIDES AND I ENDED UP PAYING FOR THEM. OVERDRAFT DRAFT FEES AND ALL. I have emailed and emailed and have tried to resolve this issue with Lyft and they, NOT ONCE, have contacted me back regarding this issue. On top of lyft account is frozen/closed and i cant even use it. Hmmmm...i wonder why? Seeing that no one has contacted me is it possible? That tells me that someone saw the MULTIPLE EMAILS and took THEIR action without contacting me. They will contact you regarding AAANNNNY other issue... jusy not this one. I at one point even signed up to drive for lyft b/c i thought the company was top notch...NOPE. guys suck. I hope youre reoccurring charge is worth doing people dirty and not trying to help the situation.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I'm a lyft driver...I used the express pay to put my money into my checking account no problems....Now out of know where it's my banks fault that my transactions wont go through, no type of customer support at all what a joke scum bags tobthr fullest!

1 review
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A letter to Lyft

Good morning,

As a concerned Mother of a minor child, I believe strongly your system needs to be addressed.

My 17 year old son was able to create an account reflecting he was over the age of 18. Are your passengers not required to show proof of their identification upon pick up?

My second concern involves the actual pick up from my home. Two people stood in the yard flailing their arms and shouting for the driver to stop. The passenger side door of the vehicle was opened at the time. I find it hard to believe he could not hear or see us. It is a no outlet street with a speed limit of 25mph. He pulled away in rapid fashion and was down the street like a shot. I find it hard to believe he was going 25mph on our street or the connecting residential road. Perhaps he was afraid of what the situation may become. However, he made an already difficult situation harder to resolve.

My final concern with your service proves most disconcerting. When I contacted your business for help needing the dropoff location, I was told this could not be disclosed. Given I am the parent of a minor who was leaving without permission and unbeknownst to his family, you need a system in place to aid the parent or legal guardian rather than abetting a minor child who happens to have a debit card and a job.

While our personal situation was reconciled, it was through no help of your organization. The legal ramifications of the 'what-ifs' for your company given your current system could prove costly for you and harmful for the minor. Regardless of whether the child was being placed or placing themselves in a dangerous situation, Lyft needs to revisit the systems in place in order to posture yourself as an advocate rather than adversary to this type of scenario.


1 review
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I drive for Lyft and now they keep telling people that you can make up to 1500 that a joke with the 3.50 fares that they chrage and so many people who think that I can drive to but don't know how to get around town without GPS and the people you pick up out here anymore in phoenix area are cheap and don't tip and don't want to go any further than 1-3 miles away and waste your time and gas to pick them up about 40% tip and 60% don't tip and expect alot from the driver and have no respect for the driver think because they are a big spender and pay 4-5 dallors they can run the mouth to you or after the transaction is done by talking $#*! about the driver to try to get free rides from the company and its been slow down since the think that college kids are doing it it's a totally joke to they are cheap and broke and lazy to call for a ride for a short walk away and lots of the ride are getting longer to pick up then drop off the person Lyft has mess up the app sending the driver call 20 30 minutes away and you can't see were the person want to go until you get there now and wonder why the person don't get picked up last year shows that were the person want to go and chrage more money for the fare and wonder why the driver are not going out any more or will not pick up the person it used to be fast and easy to pick up the person but it not getting to the point where it's become a real problem in the Phoenix area cheap rides bad passenger in some cases and no tips and people tell you I'll put it in the fare and don't people want to go to the store and get picked up from the store waste your time and gas for 2.80 you get and are rude and cheap people who don't tip the driver only time you can make any money is in prime time now since most of the big spender don't tip and wait time is a joke 5 minutes and if they are not going any were you don't get paid for the wait time to used to but not any more and they are trying to scam the driver on the taxes send people taxes form who don't get them and if you do get one they are added the 20% on the tax forms so they don't have to pay the tax to the irs to so it's only a seasonal job to not going to make money in the summer mouth here it's become less and less money to make in Arizona to since the people with money are not coming out here anymore to Arizona about 10% from years past college kids are not going to work they are cheap and don't tip out here so I just want you to know that it's a good thing to do if you know the areas and don't need GPS to do the job the picture of the person smile on the ad if you're making great money you will be but remember that it's still a job your use your own vehicle and insurance and repair and maintenance and gas to do thris they only pay you 80% of the fare and if you're not getting good fares and make good money it's not worth it so I think really hard about doing this if you not serious about making money and because you have a car does not mean you can do this must be very good at the street and town to get around fast enough to find the person and drop them off don't have to speed around just know what your doing to the rideshare in Arizona are getting to be a joke now just remember that you will be paying for everything before to and they don't care about you ever you don't work for Lyft they work for you since they tell you that your not an employee of the company in anyway but remember that the star system is a scam to get money from people to only good thing from the star system is to get rid of bad passenger so good luck if you don't have experience doing cab work courier work and know that only pick up people who are with in 5-10 minutes max lost of cancel the ride and waste your time and gas to try to pick them up it better than most places to work but if you think the Phoenix area is paying 1500 a week that a joke to the price should go up to but they only cares about the money they make so if you don't know how to play the game with the cab business don't waste your time your not going to make any money

1 review
1 helpful vote

Lyft is a great. The drivers are friendly, the rates are great and the support team is awesome. Although it's my responsible for making sure I have all of my things when I exit the vehicle, on several occasions I have left things in the car and my Lyft driver always returns them to me. As we know, technology can be flakey, but when there are occasional gps or app issues, the drivers confidently work around those. Yea, there is an authorization hols on your cc, but Lyft let's you know that upfront. Promo codes usually work well as long as they aren't expired. I love Lyfts love of community. Great job guys.

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on 12/31/15
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on 10/23/15
Andre L.
on 8/22/15
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on 8/11/15
Tracy K.
Dear Lyft Support.

Am so depressed right now, I was unjustly accused and with that my account got deactivated. I wish some one could get back to me and listen to my side of the story.

I picked up that passenger from her house and i dropped her to her destination. She refused to get out of the car saying that that was not the location she had put in. I immediately reported this to lyft and i that caos trying to ask the customer to get of my car because she had refused to get out.i recieved a request from another customer and i accidently accepted it. I immediately called the lady and explained the situation to her but she was not happy i asked her that i may need to cancel her ride so that i can deal with this first and she said no she needed to go somewhere immediatley. I didnt pick her with another customer in but i called her and explained the situation and asked her if she could kindly request for another ride. It took me like 25 minutes to sort the situation and i contacted lyft. Please help me i dont want to deactivate my account i love working for lyft.
on 6/6/16
marc m.
on 12/2/15
D R.
on 7/24/15
Travis F.
on 6/24/15
denise k.
on 6/11/15
frank r.
on 12/16/14
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