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Review of Lyft

Lyft reviews

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192 reviews
Categories: Car Sharing, Mobile Apps, Taxi
548 Market St #68514
San Francisco, CA 94104, USA
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192 Reviews From Our Community

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The bad part is that it can be really hard to get a driver sometimes. (in 66 reviews)


You won't find those issues around here never heard of such holds of 25.00 and credit card info being stolen in L.A. (in 8 reviews)


Lyft app requests drivers when I am NOT requesting one. (in 43 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I received a receipt for a ride I never took and instead of freezing charge and reviewing I was charged and then accused of being "too good" for service I received. This freaking crooks should be taken behind the wood shed and put outta the business worlds misery. I give them one star because there wasn't a option to rate them lower or give these freaking crooks the finger like they deserve.

Ask Rob about Lyft
1 review
0 helpful votes

It's one of the most injustice rideshare companies with their drivers in the world . I drove for Lyft almost for a year and I was a 4.9 driver which is considered as awesome driver , but when they realized that I asked them about my rights and earnings when they stole my fares then they deactivate my account for no reason. Even I can not use my Lyft app as a passenger. They want their drivers to be like a $#*! and say nothing even if you get harassed or molest by the drunk passengers just stay quit and keep driving . If you wanna be a Lyft $#*! go for it .

Ask Muzam about Lyft
13 reviews
8 helpful votes

I guess it's fine when things are fine. Then when they aren't you're up sh!t creek. I was picked up at the hospital after a night of horrors in the ER. I was at a pretty low place.

When so and so Lyft dude showed up, I was so happy, like I almost wanted to hug him. (I've used Uber and Lyft both a TON in the past, no major problems). I get in, and say hi. Thought maybe he didn't hear me so I said it again. Crickets... then I asked if he had the destination address, he merely replied with a route. The route made zero sense, so I corrected him TWICE. During the initial conversation, then at the actual turn.

At the turn I told him to take, he almost drove past it. This dude slowed down approaching GREEN lights, waiting for them to turn yellow and stop. Basically every single chance he had to make it longer, he used.

Then, we get to my gate. He acts like he's never had to enter a gate. Pulled way far away from the keypad, slowly drove back and forth, to get to it, instead of getting out like he should have.

Asked the code, kept saying it back incorrectly. Every exchange between us he raised his voice, things escalated in volume quickly in our dialogue.

FINALLY we got in. I said, stop here and let me out. He stopped. The door was locked, and he would not unlock the door to let me out. No conversation. Then he drives around even more until HE decided he would let me out.

That MF. I called and filed a police report for not letting me out after I requested to get out, basically keeping me in the car against my will. Lyft NEVER ONCE RESPONDED TO ANYTHING. I asked for a refund at the very least. Crickets. Called their emergency number suggested by them. Crickets.

This was over a month ago. You think anyone ever followed up? If you laughed and said yeah right! You'd be RIGHT! Worst freaking company I've ever dealt with. They wouldn't even close my account as requested.

Had to dispute the charge to my card. They NEVER EVEN ISSUED A REFUND, as I had asked for. WTF????

Ask Sam about Lyft
1 review
1 helpful vote

I apple for drive and I finished all the application then I have appointment with the mentor Erika Ellsworth she let me change the tiers to let me drive after I did she denied me when I asked her why she doesn't answer me she doesn't honest and her face upset with non white peoples and any questions she saide go online I don't know I think what I saw this company racism through mentor behavior

Ask Sami about Lyft
2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I like the drivers. I like that I can tip the drivers. I am disabled so totally dependent upon ride share for point A to B.
I wanted this to work but they make it too hard to do business.
They pre-auth. $25 when you add a method to your account, did a cancel recently, or havent used the app. in a bit.So whenever they feel like it. I just cant budget things this way. I small pre-auth. I can understand but its just way too much.
I have also had problems with drivers denying service due to my need to be transported with a medical device. When I brought this illegal discrimination to the attention of customer service they had a casual attitude, as if it was just business as usual.
I have enough to worry about during my day without having unnecessary barriers. LYFT makes it quiet clear they dont want my business.
I am perfectly happy with UBER or a local limo.

Ask DD about Lyft
1 review
3 helpful votes

I am a new user and had used a promo code to be applied towards my first use. I am very upset that the code was not honored. I have tried several times to email about my issue but I never received a confirmation receipt. I called customer service number and he was not able to assist since "this is a matter" they can not resolved in this department. Then they offer a $15 credit for the next ride. After this incident, why would I use Lyft them again? This was a HORRIBLE experience towards the end of my family vacation. I will tell everyone I come across never to use Lyft ever, save the headache and stay with Uber.

Ask JOY about Lyft
30 reviews
24 helpful votes

Prefer Lyft to Uber. The prices are usually near the same.I like that I can tip the drivers for Lyft on the card.I've had some fun Lyft rides.

Ask Christopher about Lyft
1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrible service to Manhattan. Take an hour and a half to get home. Normally only take 30 minutes. Picked people up all around town and dropped them off no where near I live. Will NEVER use it again.

Ask Zhifg about Lyft
1 review
4 helpful votes

Lyft does several thing that you will notice. They will say a trip is 10 minutes away and when you hit navigate it is 25 minutes away. They will also tell you that your acceptance ratings are low when they will contact you during rush hour to pick up someone 25 minutes away. You also need to document your pay because they will not give you all of your money. I did not get guaranteed pay because my acceptance rate for the last day was 63% but was 94 % on the first three days. Please watch them and make driving beneficial to you.

Ask Lisa about Lyft
1 review
4 helpful votes

Never got the 50.00 credit and I just got charged 25.00 for a 5.00 ride

Ask RAYLE about Lyft
1 review
5 helpful votes

In milwaukee I applied to drive for lyft 2 years ago and I did not get it. They say that you get a mentor but I never had a mentor. I am driving for uber for a year with 4.84 out of five with over 1000 rides. There is something wrong that you can not reapply

Ask Gregg about Lyft
1 review
2 helpful votes

I started using lyft because i thought it would be cheaper from my house to my job usually it would cost me $8.50 with uber which is fine with me . When i started using lyft they started charging me $17.50 from my house to my job thats crazy ! My work place isn't far away 15 mins to be exact . Sometimes i have people that can't get to my destination and when i call them to give them directions they get mad and give me this attitude . Not my fault you don't know how to follow your GPS . Lyft SUCKS and i will most definitely not use this app anymore . DELETED !!!!!!!!!

Ask Karen about Lyft
1 review
3 helpful votes

The worst service I have ever used. I have only used this service when uber has surged, and I regret ever trying it. 85% of the time I try to call for a ride the driver calls me and tells me to cancel it because he/she doesn't want to do it. I've had driver who have been very rude to me, drivers who do not speak one word of English, and drivers who amaze me that even have a drivers license. I have used over 15 times hoping that I have been getting fulkes but it comtinues to prove me wrong. Will never use again, deleting the app.

Ask Hank about Lyft
1 review
4 helpful votes

It is disappointing to start using a service to discover how they treat the customers. This is what happened when using Lyft for the first (AND LAST) time. I called a driver from Lyft. Came Mr. Brook to take us to the airport. The guy was driving holding a cell phone to find the airport that is nearly a straight line form my home. 10 minutes away. Them, decided to drive and text to find music. I asked him to stop to text, and he said this would be fast. Not enough, he stilled $20 from my husband as, he said the ride was $11.50 and, when my husband gave $20 he could not find the change. As we were late, he decided to give the change as tip. Just, minutes later, I got an email from Lyft stating they charged $17.50 to my credit card for the same ride. I called, explained the situation, they said they would investigate the situation. They did nothing and, today, when I still found the charge there, I send another email to get the reply below. I think to fill in a police report could be a good option. I suggest, my friends, to avoid this company.
Hi Eliani,
Thank you for your response. All charges on the Lyft platform are non-refundable, as outlined in our Terms of Service and Help Center. You can view this policy in Lyfts Terms of Service here: Lyft web page addrfess, under the section Payments.""
We can assure you that your concerns regarding this driver have been taken seriously, and that we have investigated this case and taken the necessary and appropriate actions.
Have you filed a police report regarding this incident? If you choose to speak with the police regarding the matter, we would be more than happy to cooperate. Should the police need any information from us, they will need to send a subpoena due to our strict user privacy policy.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. To ensure I receive your response please reply directly to this email.

Ask Eliani about Lyft
1 review
3 helpful votes

One driver name Angelo his a thief he pick me up at work trop me at home that is only 10 miles what he did he change the whole address so he can over charge my account from $7.75 to $23.77 that's a lot lyft customer service very poor

Ask Barbara about Lyft
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

This is my favorite service! I prefer finding a trip on Lyft instead of going on a bus or a plane. First of all it's usually cheaper, second of all you can meet tons of nice people and have a nice chat during a trip.

Ask Laura about Lyft
1 review
3 helpful votes

If you update your payment information on your Lyft account, they will deduct $25 from your account and hold it until you use their services. Whatever is left over will be credited to your Lyft account.
Just imagine if all companies were allowed to do this. Seems to be a slippery slope to me.
The Lyft drivers are awesome, this isn't a bad company, but holding my money hostage until I use your services isn't cool at all. It's borderline criminal.

Ask Akhirah about Lyft
5 reviews
3 helpful votes

I've only used Lyft once. I heard they were superior to Uber so I thought I would give them a try. The driver picked us up in a timely manner in a sick Audi, really nice ride. But he did not speak one word of English lol. My friends and I are a laid back group, but it did get a little tricky trying to tell him to turn left/right when we don't know Spanish. I do like how you can tip right on the app and don't need cash like with uber.

Ask Nick about Lyft
1 review
4 helpful votes

So my cc has a $50 hold because 2 Lyft drivers failed to pick me up on my vacation. I requested one driver and he couldn't find my villa so he claimed to drive to my vacation villa but I was outside the whole time waiting and no driver showed up. The other driver just failed completely and didnt even try to find my villa he stared 8 minutes away and proceeded to go further and further away. Plus they never answered the phone calls so I couldn't give them specific directions because I am staying in a resort. So now I have a $50 hold on my cc and I won't see that money till after my vacation. Good job Lyft for failing. This would of never happened with uber. Oh wait it didn't those drivers were able to communicate and find my villa without a problem. So stay away from Lyft they'll hold your money even if it is their fault.

Ask Mindy about Lyft
1 review
0 helpful votes

I signed up today and I didn't have to submit any credit card information at all so I don't know what everyone is saying about a charge.

Ask Cynthia about Lyft
1 review
3 helpful votes

I applied to become a driver with Lyft in Rocklin, CA and completed my appointment with my mentor. She was nice and took my picture and then said all that was left was the background check that would take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Not even 24 hours later, I got an email saying my application was denied. When I contacted my mentor I could not reach her and was told by Lyft that the mentor appointment is the "make or break moment" and they would not reverse their decision. They also said they could not disclose why it was denied nor could they connect me to a live representative due to safety for drivers and passengers. I will not be recommending Lyft to drivers or passengers and see the process as a complete waste of time.

Ask Jeff about Lyft
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have been workimg with lyft for 2 months as a DRIVER. And I have lost/they stole $500 in the last 4 weeks by working more than 12/day 6 days aweek. Lyft "Power Driver Bonus" is a trick to rip its drivers out. After completing the bonus they said its not working correctly and I have to wait to get paid. I am not rich and now I'm way behind my bills

Ask Max about Lyft
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

I recently tried Lyft and found that it was quite a bit more affordable than taking a cab. Usually I take the subway, but for those late nights it's a nice alternative to the subterranean schlep. The drivers are always friendly, and you don't have to deal with any of the usual disruptions of a pleasant ride such as chemical smells covering up the stench of last night's frat boy puke, no over-bearing cheap cologne, and no annoying forced commercials.
If you have time to wait for a ride it's a far better experience and for a fraction of the price.

Ask Andrea about Lyft
1 review
4 helpful votes

Used Uber one time in St. Louis. We didnt check statements closely for several months, but eventually noticed recurring charges for Lyft services over 6 month period even though we havent used them since the St. Louis trip. (We reside near Chicago). Evidently there was hacking or driver stole info. Dont even think about getting help from either company on these issues. Thank goodness our bank had our back . Had to cancel card and get new account. CC theft complaints seem common for both companies. Drivers are allowed to drive for both companies at the same time. Nice setup for them,especially if they want to use your info.

Ask Daniel about Lyft
1 review
1 helpful vote

Lyft go to hell, who's not treating drivers or customers . If a rider is mad at his girlfriend he give poor rating to driver, if driver didn't say "$#*!" word as he or she saYS THEY GIVE POOR RATING FOR THAT GOOD DRIVER

Ask julio about Lyft
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