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Listia reviews

349 reviews
785 Castro St #C
Mountain View, CA 94041, USA
Tel: (347) 254-7842

349 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
9 helpful votes

I liked this site at first until I spent 60.000 credits on a braclet that I never received I requested a refund and still weeks later listia has done nothing about this matter

Ask Carmela about Listia
1 review
11 helpful votes

Listia banned my account because I referred the people who live in my house hold. Only 3 of us signed up but I was somehow banned. They stole money and credits from me. Do not download Listia, it is a scam.

Ask Anna about Listia
1 review
2 helpful votes

I had to comment. People are complaining about the other people on the site, which, in my opinion, shouldn't reflect on Listia. People are weird, rude and sometimes down right nasty. I love this site. I have gotten soooo much yarn on this site that I have been making afghans for my whole family and I have not paid one penny. I have listed so many products with occasional mishaps, but that's based on the people on the site. I will be on the Listia selling and bidding for as long as they will have me!!

Ask Paola about Listia
1 review
11 helpful votes

I posted auctions for original photography and offered free digital copies too.

They edited my account like a toddler, said I was breaking their rules. I was in my rights to offer something extra and my freedom of speech was violated.


Ask C about Listia
1 review
4 helpful votes

Hi Everyone, there are good and bad in everything. In the past year I've been in Listia I had a few problems. But the good out weighed the bad by 95 %, and I have gotten some really AWESOME things! And I give kudos to the customer service for all the help I've gotten! Deann50

Ask Deanna about Listia
3 reviews
10 helpful votes

I listed a piece of furniture For Pick Up Only. A person on the other side of California bought it, and asked me to ship it to them. Really? Then gave me bad feedback for not shipping a desk 500 miles. Listia ignored my messages. I closed my account. Too many non-shippers and weird people. 5 out of 10 never shipped items. Too much inflation with the credit system, too.

Ask Gail about Listia
1 review
11 helpful votes

Started an account on 12/10/15 was going great at first then really started to go down hill i bought an item for a controller and the seller never responded i filed out a refund request the seller finally contacts with derogatory remarks (includes messaging) seller begins creating fake accounts to get me blocked (making comments on his other auctions and messaging himself) listia blocks me from commenting and messaging which does hinder things but not a big deal. I listed 5 item which 3 of them were received and left positive feedback and credits transferred by the buyer + bought $20 worth of credits i begin bidding on a phone case i wanted got an email claiming i was suspended from bidding for 14 days i submitted a support ticket asking why i have been suspended from bidding they claim its till the buyer receives the item they marked received and manual transferred credits and the other 2 items the credits are still pending such a scam have had to file a dispute with my card company to get my $20 back i purchased solely to bid on this item i will not be getting this item as it will have ended before my suspension most ridiculous site i have ever experienced your told to file a support ticket that most will go unanswered and closed when you do get a response its most of the time not related to the question when it is they dont offer any help or review of said suspension they just give you a generic tos response do not list your items or buy credits as they will more than likely ban you for any reason they can find stay far away from this site and BTW to the guy that is going to respond saying submit a support ticket I have submitted several either goes unanswered and closed or some stupid automated response

Ask Jaycee about Listia
1 review
1 helpful vote

ITS RELLY GOOD. But the site follows a algorithm. You relly can only do a certen amount of surveys. It all depends on what you do say you do 7 surveys you might not get ALL points but you still do. So all I am saying IS RELLY GOOD but you it wisely :)

Tip for consumers: USE IT WISELY!

Ask matthew about Listia
3 reviews
26 helpful votes

Listia is where sellers go when they've been banned from all of the other selling sites/apps.

This site is credit based, not only will you be unable
to get a straight answer as to the dollar value of a
Listia Credit, credits change value randomly.

Example: One day they will be selling 10,000 credits for $4,
the next day it will be 5,000 credits for $6.

Dupes, fakes, & recipes that can be googled make up the bulk of the items being sold.

Customer support is slow, robotic & frustrating.

Ask Bails about Listia
2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Listia stinks don't join.

Ask james about Listia
1 review
7 helpful votes

Used to be fun in the begining, now it's just a bunch of rude a-holes who want to try and rip you off. WAY to many people using it as a business site, ripping you off by charging to any points, then wanting more $ for shipping. I can go buy half the stuff myself.....cheaper than points plus shipping. How but that!?!?!?! Now my wife got banned because some stupid chic running a business thru Listia screwed up and shipped the wrong item, and then called her a liar. Total B.S. site now. We both had 100% positive feedback. Won't ever use it again, total rip off with rude ass people now.

Ask Andy about Listia
1 review
0 helpful votes

It has some good and bad things. First the good is I like you can ear points. Bad though is there is really not a lot of nice things you can earn with the points, people list their stuff way way way to high. Also I don't like that you have to verify your address it is very annoying. Plus I got yelled at on Listia by a seller that listed an item that I had at home. They said that it was this really fine piece of jewelry but I know I bought the same exact piece at Walmart for 5 dollars. Also bidding is way to competitive. I feel like you never win anything.

Ask Leah about Listia
7 reviews
13 helpful votes

My first listing experience wasn't a good one. My item was bought by this total weirdo who sent me this comment: (I had not said anything to him except asking for an email I can send my shipping charge to through paypal).

"Thank you for your item. I could really tell that you love me and my family. <-[WTF?!]

No offense my cousin said that you are idiots by i don't think so."

He sounds exactly like the automated scam emails I get from Craiglist (but at least those people only waste a second of your time). Three days now and he still won't send his email. He sent his address though.

Yeah, no, I'm not sending anything until I get my shipping fee. Total scammer, weird automated message, and total waste of 10 days.

Also, the value of their credits changes like, multiple times a day. It's annoying. I'm worried that if I give away stuff, before I can save enough credits to get something I want, my credits are going to be worth much less.

This was my first (testing the waters) experience and it wasn't a good sign.

Honestly, just selling your stuff for cash and then using that cash to buy what you want is easier. I recommend: Ebay, Amazon, or Craigslist.

Ask Jess about Listia
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've been a member for over four years. The customer service is excellent. When I submit a question or support ticket..I never have to wait over a couple if days..most questions will be answered the same day if you submit them soon enough. I may not always like what the answer is..but I consider them to be fair. If you want to be successful on's what you should do...follow the rules..offer up clean and useable items..take good pictures..give a clear description..pretend that you are the potential bidder..what would you like to know? Answer any good makes people more confident to bid on your listing. Always send your matter what the final bid is..and ship in a timely manner with good packing and tracking. Be nice, be pleasant. Occasionally, you will get that "problem bidder". It's easy to block them. Keep everything positive..your ads, your responses, your questions, etc. People will respond to your attitude. Again, always follow the rules! There are more things that I could say..but these are the basics. If you do these things, you will love a Listia too!

Ask Luann about Listia
1 review
4 helpful votes

baning account - they ban your account without warning. My account got banned for violations when i didn't violate any of their rules and wasn't told what I violated. I made another account to try it again and got ban without even being given a reason. They didn't even tell me why I got ban. The day before I got ban I had spent money on points for the site. It seems that they took my money and turned on me and left

Ask Hannah about Listia
1 review
4 helpful votes

they ban your account without warning. My account got banned for listing violations when i didn't violate any of their rules. I made another account to try it again and got ban for listing violation and for having multiple accounts. They didn't even tell me what listing violation i broke.

Ask sam about Listia
1 review
3 helpful votes

I'm really so upset about a problem that i'm having on Listia. I don't understand why the moderators dislike me so much.
I have been enjoying this site for months...i think i'm addicted to it...but that's going to have to change i guess. I had a really good auction of an old Waltham Pocket Watch of my Dad's. A lot of people were interested in it and i got a nice high bid. The person that won gave me positive feedback..and a couple days later wanted his credits back. The moderator sided with him, without telling me why. I had not broken any rules.
I guess the worst part is that i don't have 400,050 credits to refund. So i'm sure i will end up banned soon. Very sad and upset :(

Ask Janet about Listia
1 review
0 helpful votes

I grow a garden, collect seeds, and when I found Listia I thought I had hit pay dirt. I have had such sweet little notes and prompt service. Being a newbie I goofed once and buyer so understanding--I more than made up for the error in my shipment. Maybe gardeners are just a wonderful down to earth group to hang with. I don't know, but I have enjoyed so immensely. Only been at it a few weeks, but constantly got things going out and coming in. Christmas every day!

Ask Shirley about Listia
1 review
9 helpful votes

I was having problems getting account credited for offers I completed. Opened a ticket on Nov 20, I explained thoroughly what was happening. They replied on Nov 23 to send screenshots and the confirmation emails, I did on Nov 24. I did not hear a word until Dec 6, and that is because I replied to them asking if I was ever going to receive my credits. They replied back on Dec 8 asking me what problems I was having. Pissed me off, I replied asking if they actually read the emails people send. They replied Dec 9 telling me it is out of there hands to contact Trial Pay. Seriously, after NINETEEN DAYS, they tell me to contact the original company that I had tried 4 times on Nov 19 and every time I clicked on the Trial Pay link that was sent to me, it would just say an error and wouldn't let me continue. So, on Dec 9 I sent another email, thanking them for everything they DID NOT DO to help me. Within an hour my account was banned. Had just under 50,000 credits.

So if you ask me, don't ever piss them off or you will be banned.

Ask Doesnt about Listia
1 review
0 helpful votes

Yall Listia Really Works Ive Gotten My Stuff And Its Amazing Such A Loyal Fan

Ask kizzmic about Listia
4 reviews
17 helpful votes

I have been on Listia for a few years now, it was good before, but now every time I turn around, the credits have devalued and are out of control. If I list something for 21 days, by the time I hit the 10th day or so, my credit value has changed so much that I am selling my items at a loss. What with the cost of shipping having gone up and people only buying with free shipping, this site has gotten out of control and unless you are a buyer and not selling, you can get bargains.
Now, as far as feedbacks are concerned, you unfortunately bought an item from a rogue seller who had no intention of sending the item to you, and after waiting and waiting for this liar who promised to send the item and did not, he refunds my credit after two weeks and THEN CAN LEAVE NEUTRAL FEEDBACK AND RELIST THE ITEM. You get a neutral feedback for doing nothing wrong except being scammed and Listia justifies that. Then, to top it all, immediately he relists the item to scam someone else and Listia does nothing about that......
I am really sorry about this because unless you sell your item for next to nothing and take a huge loss when you add the shipping cost, you will sell nothing. I used to sell a ton of items daily and now because I am asking the equivalent of say $14 (200,000) for an item which is worth $50 or more, plus the shipping cost which is about average $5-6 you cannot sell the item. If you want anything that is worth anything now, it costs in the millions of credits, and you are lucky if you get it at all, and have to wait weeks to get a refund when you could have used those credits on something else.
It is so out of control now, I would not recommend this site to anyone at the moment. I will be leaving as I figured out how much money I have lost and nearly fainted. I am in the business of making money and not losing. The amount of work that goes into selling an item for what????? Nothing, simply nothing.
Oh, and by the way, on top of not sending me the item I won and leaving a neutral feedback, this .......$!$! is now harrassing me and sending me threatening messages.
Just so you don't land on his site (as I found out after all this that the item he is selling is garbage anyway, so I was lucky not to get it) his moniker is DelRaie. BLOCK HIM!!!!! you don't need the aggravation.
So, after having said all this, I am sad to say that I am leaving Listia after all this time as it is not worth the aggravation and loss. Really a pity because it used to be a fabulous site and I won some wonderful items, but now all the GREAT sellers have left or are leaving and only the riff raff (no shortage of them) is left to rip off anyone who they can. Sorry, Listia, you need to change your policies and get rid of the garbage and keep the valuable trustworthy sellers. Also, you need to stop this out of control devaluation of the credits. They have doubled in less than 3 months.

Ask Lee about Listia
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been a member since Aug 2012 and could not be happier. I read these bad reviews and wonder if there is something these folks just don't grasp. Yes, you can buy credits and support the site or earn them for free by taking surveys, completing goals or just watch a video. When you sell, I strongly advise to mail with tracking and save your own butt. Yes I had a buyer state her tracked item was not received. Sad sad sad. So yes there are the scammers on both ends. Just like court you need to prove your case with any dispute. No need to complain when it doesn't go your way. So get the clutter out of your house, list it and get what you want for free. This site is so easy to use. I'm not going anywhere.

Ask Sandi about Listia
1 review
6 helpful votes

Got on there just to get Christmas stuff was harassed by sellers.Scammed out of points.Bullied by moderators.It has been HELL!

Ask karen about Listia
1 review
4 helpful votes

i won a knife and when i received it had bona floor cleaner instead of my knife i asked for my credits to be refunded the agent amir wants me to return the knife that the seller claims they shipped but ive tod both seller and agent multiple times i didnt receive the knife i won it was hardwood cleaner i received and hes taking the side of the seller i for one will be boycotting listia

Ask joseph about Listia
1 review
9 helpful votes

When sellers acquire over 500k+ credits they may get their accounts banned for no reason in order to keep them from cashing in those credits. For example:(

Flagged auctions don't get taken down and the auction browser is awful. People with no feedback can charge for shipping (no buyer protection). People are selling items for $ by setting excessive shipping costs and Listia couldn't care less.

You get charged 10% of your auction's credits for listing GIN auction and 10% of your starting asking price whenever you list an item, irrelevant of whether it sells or not.

Mods are bullies which make up their own rules, which are not written in the terms of service.

Only rarely useful, but set up for you to fail if you plan on becoming a large scale seller. If still interested, don't buy credits, sell gift-cards of the same value, they are worth over twice the credits.

The guy that replies to the reviews has no idea what he is talking about and is only here to make Listia's actions seem justified notice he never offers to help or give reasons for what happened.

Tip for consumers: If still interested, don't buy credits, sell gift-cards of the same value, they are worth over twice the credits.

Ask Tomas about Listia
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A: Funneling Credits means that you were making new account and using those account to buy bogus auctions from your main account.
on 9/24/16
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on 7/29/16
A: I don't get what you are asking exactly.
on 9/24/16
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