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JustFab reviews

796 reviews
800 Apollo Street
El Segundo, CA 90245, USA
Tel: (866) 337-0906

796 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
1 helpful vote

Fine print: if you disenroll /cancel VIP membership, they retroactively apply penalties to your past orders. Their website says "cancel at any time" mention of penalties. SUCH A SCAM!!

Ask Liz about JustFab
1 review
0 helpful votes

I advise any and everyone not to order from this site. i tried to order a pair of boots i fell in love with off this site for this winter and they were all messed up when i finally got my order three weeks later when i was suppose to get them in 5 to 7 days. i called customer service for a refund and wanted to send the item back they refused to do so. The customer service i recieved was horrible they were very short and rude. this is by far the worse company to order shoes from. buyer beware!!!!

Ask michelle about JustFab
6 reviews
7 helpful votes

I'm a V.I.P member at JustFab and I have ordered from them many times now. Always arrived on time, ships fast enough, quality is good (one pair of boots I've been wearing for a year now, in the snow and salt (I'm situated in Canada) and they still look great! Sizing is like described and if they don't fit for some kind of reason, you will have no issue returning or exchanging them. Great customer service. Good prices.

Ask Marie-Pier about JustFab
1 review
1 helpful vote

Terrible customer service. They hung up on me. Don't buy into the good deal$30 off and free shipping for a membership you can't cancel. They will hang up in you! Buyer Beware!!!!!

I called to cancel. Couldn't find my account. I called again, they hung up on me! How rude.

Ask Julie about JustFab
1 review
3 helpful votes

I saw a good deal on boots pop up on fb if you joined the VIP... well nowhere was it blatantly visible that it was 39.95 of course it was in the fine print... so I immediately called to cancel. The first agent I got had to have been trying everything to get me to just hang up ( a ploy I'm sure they try to get people to not cancel). First she said she couldn't pull me up with my phone number. Then I was giving her my email and out of the 15 letters she claimed it cut out and she only heard 4. Throughout the call she would constantly say she misheard something or there was a bad connection but magically when I told her she appeared to be doing this on purpose she heard me just fine. She claimed she still couldn't pull my email up and asked for my order number. Again she magically didn't hear the first 3 numbers and when I went to repeat them... for 3 minutes there was no response and then the call was hung up by her. I was on that call for 20 minutes so obviously irritated. I immediately called back and got a different agent who pulled my information up without me having to even tell her. Imagine that since even when you call the automated bot says yours name so clearly my phone number was linked to the account. I'm so glad I cancelled before it even started because I could tell this company was shady.

Ask jessica about JustFab
1 review
4 helpful votes

Seen an advertisement for Justfab where you received you're first pair of shoes for under £9. I was not made aware at any point that they took £35 out of you're bank every month as a 'subscription fee'. When I went to cancel it, they were pressuring me into not cancelling it and bullying me into keeping it telling me the consequences if I cancelled. Absolute $#*! business and I will tell everyone to avoid it! Disgraceful

Ask Keeley about JustFab
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I am so very pleased with my first order from justfab. The boots I ordered are awesome and I love them!! I have a couple friends who are online right now to order the same boot. I will definitely be buying from justfab again.
Thank you
Wendy Roberts

Ask Wendy about JustFab
3 reviews
11 helpful votes

So last night i decided i needed a head start on my boots/shoes for the fall. Was on facebook and seen justfab pop up. Went through the entire process, ordered 6 pairs of shoes, signed up to be a member and paid for my order. My order total last night was $124.00 because i became a member (fully aware of the monthly charge to be a member), however this morning my bank was charges $347.00 (the non-member cost). I woke up this morning with an email stating i cancelled my membership. Confused ... i called justfab and was informed that because i put a different shipping address (my work) then my billing address (my home) my account was under "suspicious review" because the addresses did match!! WHAT?!!? I did not want 6 pairs of shoes sitting on my un-covered porch all day, so that's why i shipped them to my work to avoid this. The first person i talked to couldn't give me more details as to why i was under a review or answer any questions, and the manager he sent me to just kept saying .... "well have an answer in 24-48 hours" ..... an answer to what???? Is it not common for people to ship to a different address when they work all day and don't want packages sitting on their porch?? Either way ... why not call me to discuss why the addresses were different and let me explain, instead of cancelling my membership and charging me full price for the shoes, and on top of it ..... i have to see for myself something went wrong and call myself to find out why i was charged full price and the membership was cancelled. This is completely stupid for Justfab to do without notifying the person who agreed to their membership and placed a pretty big order. Neither the people i talked to were helpful or could answer any questions i had about what the issue was. Just kept saying "24-48 hours we will have an answer". You know what JUSTFAB ... keep your membership and your shoes cause the way you do business is very shaddy and believe me .... its common for people to ship to a different address then their billing address. Ill go but the 6 pairs of shoes somewhere else! Definitely don't recommend becoming a member or even purchasing shoes from here .... pretty disappointed in the way my situation was handled and the "customer service" i received.

Ask Amanda about JustFab
1 review
6 helpful votes

I was attracted to the website advertising shoes from £9 via an advert on Facebook. Upon finding a pair I liked reduced in the sale and then with further reductions when becoming a member, I decided to join the membership (not that I had much choice otherwise as I realised the scheme had already made me one). As I was given no reason to believe this was anything other than just a free service upon which I would receive emails about the latest promotions or suggested styles like other such websites (ASOS, Very) which I am also a member of, I went ahead and joined.

To my horror, after my purchase I discovered that becoming a VIP would require £35 a month to be withdrawn from my account?! I am absolutely furious that I have been tricked into a purchase of a membership that was not brought to my attention sooner. I think this service is outrageous as it is operated so sneakily with clauses hidden in terms and conditions that make you 'opt out' of the automatic scheme rather than 'opt in' like on other customer friendly, respected websites.

This whole ploy to get 'VIP' customers by tricking them into a devious payplan, conning its customers into paying a significant amount of money each month? I'm surprised it is still legal. Although they obviously found plenty of loop holes in the laws, their operation is not the decent thing to do and certainly makes me wary of their company and the desperation to cling onto customers? Suspicious...

Luckily, the customer service lady that I spoke to was very decent indeed. I was geared up for a long battle with her after reading the many reviews telling me nothing but the struggle with customer service, she was actually alright. Although I was not rude or did not raise my voice I made it very clear that I had made up my mind about the cancellation of my account and after reading her script (which you can't blame her for; it is her job), she immediately ended my VIP contract.

I suppose I was one of the lucky ones as my contract was terminated the day after I had made the VIP account so it was not long enough to withdraw any money from my account but we shall she if any is snatched from me next month!! I will give them hell if this is the case!It is a shame because without the snide process of signing up to be a VIP the company would probably find that more people would sign up to it e.g. regular customers, first time buyers to try it for the first month. This is a very bad was to build a clint base. Beware.

Ask Gemma about JustFab
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have been a member for almost 2 years and yes you will be charged a fee every month once you order. It is in the "fine print" that you will become a VIP member once you order. You may skip a month or several months but you MUST remember to do it every month within the "grace period".
I have no problem with the products and the return policy and customer service in the past. I just cancelled and will never order from them again. As a bed ridden handicapped person who buys for her children and grandchildren it in no longer convenient. I am stuck with several items that i paid $40 each for because they refuse to mail me a return label. I have no printer to print one out and do not go out or give my personal email access to people to print one out for me. I am not buying a printer to accommodate one company.
It is sad that i have to accommodate them when they should be accomodating me. I guess the paying handicapped elderly are not the clients they want as customers. My family was happy when i had those surprises for them from just fab. I guess i will be searching for another site and will have to take a huge loss on the items i was not able to return because they "changed their policy" without any notice.
Not happy with this company at all. Seems that the bigger they got the less they care about the customers that have been with them for a long time and helped to get them where they are by ordering and recommending them.

Ask Angel about JustFab
1 review
7 helpful votes

Been getting shoes here for a while so that each teen could take a month and get something cool.
Ordered a sale item that was 30% off and was charged full price. I was told club members are not given sale prices because they are already members. Bait & Switch Con Artists.
From the above reviews, I talked to the same Nasty- Horrid lady that had Zero Sense of Honor. I advise everyone else to contact the Better Business as I have just done and then review this Mafia Like Business at every site you can find.

Ask Linda about JustFab
1 review
8 helpful votes

Do not buy from this company. My credit card got hacked and unauthorized shoe purchases were made on my account.

Ask Emily about JustFab
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

Do not purchase from this company, you are automatically signed up as a VIP member and kept on the phone when calling to cancel (as you cannot do this online). When they finally agree to cancel, you are still greeted as a VIP member via their email and live chat, despite correcting them multiple times leaving little confidence that they won't try to take the £35 at the end of each month! Staff are incredibly rude and dismissive and end chats abruptly, even when you're still typing which in my case happened when trying to get an eta on the order. Cannot advise when or where this is so it could arrive any time this year for all they can tell me! All they do is send you irrelevant auto responses without acknowledging a single word you say! Absolutely useless total rip off scammers!

Ask T about JustFab
1 review
8 helpful votes

Ordered a pair of shoes from them over a year ago and £35 keeps getting charged to my account, and they haven't replied to a single email I have sent them. I am yet to get my money back too. Disgusted by their customer service, awful awful company

Ask Amy about JustFab
1 review
5 helpful votes

Buying from justfab will automatically bind you to pay them a monthly fee to buy more from them.. unless you take some action on their website but this was never clearly stated to me.. when i asked them to refund me because i didn't intend to buy more shoes from them they simply refused.. total scam, they are thieves. Dont order from them, the quality of the shoes is also not worth the trouble

Ask alexandra about JustFab
1 review
6 helpful votes

I have been ordering from Just Fab for a little over a year now and I have never had a bad experience. After reading the reviews from other people no this site and all false. I am not a paid surveyor I am a legit customer. The people who continue to complain about the monthly fee did not read the TERMS AND THR CONDITIONS. This states clearly of what to expect from the company. You do have the option to skip as many months as you want AGAIN AS MANY MONTHS AS YOU WANT. You do receive a notification by email every single month. You do have FIVE DAYS to choose the option whether or not to pass that month or make a purchase. I have passes seven months in a row and never had any ISSUES with Justfab. I made a purchase on September 4 and my package was delivered at my door on Septemeber 10. NO ISSUES AGAIN.

Ask Brianna about JustFab
1 review
1 helpful vote

I don't agree that this company "steals" your money. They don't exactly advertise that they will charge you every month unless you read the fine print which is usually the issue. I like how you are able to become a member and save money rather than someone that likes their product and keeps purchasing the items over and over not realizing they are saving money for shipping and such if they would become a member. They will always talk you out of cancelling but a good compromise if you actually like their items is you can skip the month and as often as you want. I shy away from the heals since they aren't comfortable but the sandals and boots and booties are cozy and stylish. I haven't tried the clothing yet but bags I have. Also cute like the shoes. A lot of women like Charlotte Russe and Forever21 and the quality of justfabs shoes are similar. When shoes aren't the right size they exchange them free of charge. If you do not like their items try out the buy one get one free bogo first before you commit to a membership. Legally, they can't force you or obligate you to stay a member just go through their speech of why they want you to stay a member.

Ask Antoinette about JustFab
1 review
9 helpful votes

I bought a pair of boots six months ago.
When I went to the website n tried to find the 'skip a month' option but it wasn't there. So I kind of forgot about it.
Last month when I put money on my card n went to pay a bill, the money was gone! They had charged me.
So I called n cancelled my account. I asked the lady multiple times to make sure I wasn't going to be charged again. She reassured me everything would be fine.

Skip forward to this month,
The same thing happens.

The company has been nothing but unapologetic and rude.
I don't have enough money to keep putting extra cash on my card b/c I have to wait 2weeks for my money to get returned to me!!!

I was on phone w/ them for 40+ mins today.
Transferred from supervisor to supervisor, each telling me the same thing,
We're sorry but there's nothing we can do. It's your banks fault for not refunding your money.

It's my fault for trusting a stupid company like this.

Ask Alice about JustFab
1 review
10 helpful votes

My wife ordered from them not realizing they charged a monthly fee to use there website which they claim it is a shoe of the month subscription. Total ripoff. Thank god she used PayPal , canceled their authorization and won't be doing that any more, for non PayPal user get a new Atm/Credit card number and dispute it now , do not call them you will just get the run around.biggest ripoff on the internet.

Ask Charles about JustFab
1 review
8 helpful votes

Have been charged 35 pounds on a monthly basis for the VIP membership. It did not say so on the very front page along with all the nice discounts that unless I shop, I will be charged. Also, the website does not give refunds - whatever you return gives you credit to spend on your next order. Absolute disgrace. A very well thought through scam.

Tip for consumers: Read you terms and conditions carefully, even if it is a small print on the last page of your agreement.

Ask Frida about JustFab
1 review
8 helpful votes

I have been charged for the last 8 months without my consent (315GBP). I am guilty of not reading the last line of the fine print because I trusted them!!! Obviously I shouldn't have!!


Ask Dilek about JustFab
1 review
2 helpful votes

I am not impressed with this site at all. I ordered a pair of shoes recently which I have not yet received, so I do not even know how the shoes will turn out, but the woman I talked to on the phone was not a nice lady. I was trying to cancel my account and she informed me if I cancel my account I will not receive the shoes I paid for. I then asked her why this would happen, because I was a member when I ordered the shoes, and she proceeded to tell me the same thing over and over again, without ever giving me a straight up answer. I will not be ordering from this site ever again.

Ask Abby about JustFab
1 review
0 helpful votes

Great style of shoes! If you're Canadian paying with Canadian funds the shoes are actually $70 dollars with shipping, taxes and exchange rate. That great deal of $39 dollars doesn't apply to Canadians. However, the styles of shoes are great and the right pair can be worth $70 dollars.

Ask Kay about JustFab
2 reviews
14 helpful votes

So awhile back I bought shoes from justfab and it turns out that they were exactly like another company I had tried and had the worst customer service experience with ever that being said every month I had to either buy something or they would charge my credit card card for a member service so to prevent that you had login and press the skip the month button well that usually worked for me id
just skip the month and I didn't have to worry about the company charging my credit card however this month I truelly believe they wanted to try me as I logged in to skip the month as usual I get all these error links and so I tried to reset my password then The company tried to say my email wasn't a working email and this and that so that they could sit or stand happily knowing that they could get money from me that I worked hard to get well I have news for your company @ justfab you won't be getting anything from me ever again from helena ostronic a fed up customer

Ask Helena about JustFab
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Their hand bags are cute

Ask Kawekwune about JustFab

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