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465 reviews
1212 S. Flower Street, Suite #300
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Tel: 1-888-547-8438
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465 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
4 helpful votes

I placed an order January 1 for a Morphe brushes eyeshadow palette and a Billion Dollar Brows Eyebrow pencil. I figured since HauteLook is a Nordstorm company, it must be good, but I was so wrong. It took well over a month for my Morphe palette to arrive, and I had to continually remind them to send me my product. Contacting and trying to hear from customer service is a NIGHTMARE! Thankfully, after a month (over 3 weeks) of waiting, they sent me the correct Morphe palette unharmed. However, my Billion Dollar Brows product never came. They sent me the wrong product. After waiting over a month, I was so disappointed. I contacted them and they said they would refund me. I will be checking with my bank to make sure because I don't trust this site. I wish I had read reviews before shopping on HauteLook. I'd rather pay full price for products instead of ordering from this awful website! Don't use HauteLook! People who do recommend it, are only trying to get money for the site because if you invite a friend to HauteLook, the site gives you credit on purchases. Don't make my mistake! Avoid this HauteLook at all costs!

Ask Bita about HauteLook
1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered an item more than a month ago and it has still not been shipped yet. don't shop here.

Ask Bailey about HauteLook
6 reviews
6 helpful votes

Who would have know that such a well known company have such a bad reputation!!! I should have done my research before spent more than $100 for nothing!!! I placed my ordered more than a month ago and received a confirmation email, thinking that my order is secure. But more than a month have past and still no email regarding the shipping! Emailed them a dozen times and all I got is the auto reply saying that they will Ensure their so called member care will response to me within 24-48 hours! I don't want to call coz it will waste my $$ as I'm from Asian countries!!

Ask Andrea about HauteLook
4 reviews
2 helpful votes

The service is good and the item has a high quality though for he second attempt that I purchase, the products failed as I expected.

Ask Margaret about HauteLook
3 reviews
8 helpful votes

This website has some nice merchandise. The ordering process is simple and because I am a Canadian Resident I have come to expect long waits to receive my orders from the USA. However, clothing and footwear don't always fit. The return process from Canada is an absolute nightmare.

This is my most recent experience. I mailed the package on Dec 22nd. It was delivered to the Hautelook warehouse on Dec. 28th in Burlington, ON. I have since contacted Hautelook three times by 'live chat'. The first occasion, I waited a long time but could not get a customer service agent. On Jan 13th, I got lucky. I got connected and the customer service agent was pleasant. She looked up the Landmark Global tracking site and confirmed for me that the package had been received and the return would be processed soon.

Today, I contacted Hautelook for the 3rd time. I was told by a customer service person named Kameron that the returned merchandise had not be received yet according to the Canada Post website. (That's another complaint for another day). According to Canada Post tracking, the package has been out for delivery since December 28th. Out of concern that the package might have gotten lost, I contacted Canada Post before my first 2 attempts to clarify the situation with Hautelook. Both Canada Post and the previous Hautelook cs person verified that the package had been delivered to the Burlington warehouse.

After repeating this info a couple of times, Kameron finally decided to check the Landmark Global site which confirmed what I have been told. When I asked when I could expect my refund, Kameron told me there would be an update in 3-5 days. I advised her earlier in the conversation that my entire file (orders and returns) have disappeared on the website. This "update", if available in 3-5 days, would be obtained how?! When I again asked how long it would take to get a refund there was no response for many minutes. I ended the chat and have resolved to shop online elsewhere in the future.

Ask Pauline about HauteLook
1 review
2 helpful votes

I order from Nordstrom Rack all the time. Their orders ship within 3 days always. I tried HAUTELOOK, even though shipping takes up to 3 weeks. It was a great deal after all. I called after 3 weeks and was told one item was just marked shipped and the other would take another week. I received the first Love Token item and really love the quality of it. I'm disappointed to find out after my next follow up that the second half of the order will never come. They didn't have enough to fill the orders. Instead of notifying me and returning my money quickly, they did nothing. No notification email or phone call. I had to follow up. I'm not sure I would order from HauteLook again. If I do, I won't hold my breath waiting for the delivery. If it's a good deal and I'm not counting on needing the item perhaps. I hope they get it together. They need someone who will crack the whip and run a tight ship...otherwise it's gonna sink.

Ask Erica about HauteLook
1 review
4 helpful votes

I wish I would've read reviews about HauteLook before attempting to order some Christmas gifts for my sister on the site. The items were supposed to arrive before the holidays - they did not. So I called and the customer service rep told me they would arrive before New Years - they did not. So I called again and the customer service rep told me they did not have enough inventory to fulfill the order so they were going to cancel the order and refund my money - fine.

I thought I was done with the ordeal, but then two weeks later I received a shipping notification for the items! So I called and the customer service rep told me it was a mistake and they had just printed a shipping label but had caught the error - they did not. A few days later, I received the items I had ordered over 6 weeks ago. So I called again and was told that I did not need to return the items and would not be charged for the items, I could just keep them for my troubles - fine.

THEN! I receive an email stating that I've agreed to be charged for the items - I DID NOT! I'm still in the process of trying to get a customer service agent with enough authority to actually know what's going on and tell me what to do with these items. I don't believe I should have to worry about returning or reshipping items that no longer need and did not mean to order.

The customer service department is a mess and no one seems to know what's going on. I'm so dissatisfied with the experience, not at all what I would expect from a company owned by Nordstroms. So I'll say it one more time - DO NOT SHOP HERE

Ask Maria about HauteLook
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

No bad experience here, the online process was smooth and deliver. Thanks.

Ask Viv about HauteLook
1 review
2 helpful votes

Can't believe Nordstrom (Nordstrom Rack) is associated with HauteLook. Bad experience in regards to item fulfillment and shipping. I had always thought Nordstrom provided stellar service, but no longer. Could the reason be because of Nordstrom Rack's association with Hautelook? After reading the reviews online, regarding HauteLook, I believe it's very possible. But, perhaps, Nordstrom deserves to share some of the blame.

Ask J about HauteLook
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a jacket from them 2 months ago and I should have received it a month ago. I called them to find out where my purchase was and they told informed me they didn't receive enough of the item from the brand for the amount of orders they received. Even though they charged my card for the item and shipping and failed to contact me to inform me on that information once they had found out. I would have never been refunded if I had't called to complain...

Ask Annie about HauteLook
1 review
3 helpful votes

I should've read the reviews before making my purchase. I purchased 3 items from their website 4 weeks ago. Aparantly items are shipped "within" 2-3 weeks. My items still show that they haven't been shipped and by the looks of it, I'll be waiting a few more weeks. I understand the holidays were busy but come on! I will never order from them again! Seems like they're quick to take your money but not quick to send you the items you purchased. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!

Ask Desiree about HauteLook
1 review
2 helpful votes

Altough my order was cancelled, HauteLook is working diligently to fulfill my order. Thank you.

Ask Susan about HauteLook
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've been shopping on Hautelook for about a year. I got many good deals throughout and the delivery times and customer service was fine. Here or there I had a couple of issues regarding the shipping fee.
For example I would order an item below $100 and be charged the shipping fee. Couple of days later I'd place a larger amount order qualifying me for a free shipping. I started noticing that Hautelook often sent these orders in one package, which made me realize that I shouldn't be paying for the shipping fee and I confronted them about it. At 95% my complaint was heard and they reimbursed me. It's about the principle. Once I came across a unforthcoming agent who just couldnt see my point, but I just wouldnt let it go and I was reimbursed again, but she also told me not to count on this in future.
Well in October, I guess my "luck" run out. I've ordered some cooking dishes (for Thanksgiving) and the delivery was supposed to be shipped within 2-3 weeks from order date. They already had another event take place with the same items (some of the deals go in circles, till the inventory is sold out, I guess) and my order wasn't shipped. I had to cancel in the middle of December, as I got tired waiting and contacting their customer service.
Their customer service is either excellent or very bad. Many times I'd be waiting for their chat service for about 30-50 minutes, be in position nr.1 and the service would disconnect and I am adviced to contact them by email or phone. It would take 2 cycles like these to be admitted for a chat. I usually then call them and put myself on a call back service. This always works, but be prepared to wait about an hour.
My very last experience that made me finally stop shopping there was a great deal on a designer handbag. I was between the first ones to purchase this item (I looked at some details and an hour later the last bag was still on hold). I recieved a shipping email about a different order, but looking at the order page a saw that the handbag was also part of this parcel being shipped. I was very happy and looking forward this purse. I even changed my UPS delivery to pick up in person at UPS location of choice. After ordering the box in the car there was no purse, the dress I ordered wasnt packed in protecting foil (as usually they are). The shipping box was way too small to even include a handbag, but guess what, the item was included on the invoice slipped in the box!!! I contacted Hautelook straightaway and the agent told me (after waiting on the phone for 25min) that the purse is no longer available. I have insisted to have the purse shipped to me, so finally she placed a re-ship request with their warehouse and promised to contact me about the outcome in about a week. I took many pictures and even sent a complaint email. A week later I still recieved no follow up. The next day I went on the chat, only to be 2x thrown out being at #1 spot, waiting for 2 h total, I gave it another go and I got through. Long story short, I got Hautelook to refund me the bag (as the agent suggested to follow up with her colleague and letting me know), because I had no intention waiting any longer for what I suspected was a caseless hope to recieve this item.

I would recommend this site 50/50, if you're lucky to grab a great deal and it gets delivered rejoice
;-), but after my experiences I'm going to stay away as there is a good chance, that you'll be parted with your money for weeks or month(s) and at the end you'll never recieve the items due to overbooking. I was one of the lucky ones that refund was never an issue.

Ask Judy about HauteLook
1 review
7 helpful votes

All the positive reviews on this site is from Hautelook workers trying to do damage control. Hautelook overall has bad customer service as well as bad employee relations. This company either needs to shut down or change their policies.


Ask lisa about HauteLook
1 review
3 helpful votes

They used to have awesome customer service now you wait on hold forever and the people on the phone are useless. I've returned a few items and I've had to call them every time to get my money back!!! I used to shop a lot on Hautelook and sadly I won't be anymore, I can't trust them...

Ask Carla about HauteLook
1 review
4 helpful votes

SO after several more hours of trying to get through on the live chat only to be cut off once I asked a single question, I finally got through on the phone( after a 65 minute wait). Spoke with Kirkland who explained that the fulfillment center was having "some difficulties "she spoke with her supervisor and they agreed that she would prioritize my orders so that I would get them by Christmas. She guaranteed they would get here in time . It is now 12/23 and there is no shipping information on the website and I don't have my items, some of which were ordered Nov.3. They just lied to me. This site is just taking money and not delivering anything. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE! Unless you like donating your money to large corporations.

New update after multiple more chats and phone calls, always being disconnected I finally got to a rep who said they oversold so I wouldn't be getting any of the pants I ordered. I spoke with a supervisor who said he would reac out to the rep and call me. After another week ( its now been 21/2 months since I ordered te pants) I noticed the order had been canceled. I contacted Micah and he said they couldn't do anything as they sold more than were available. Although I was one of the first to order , mu order was not fulfilled, not a single pair of the 3 pairs I ordered and paid for. I did get a refund, and $10 credit for my "inconvenience". ( even though they had another event wit the same vendor. They couldn't explain why the order couldn't be filled if they had more inventory available.) I called their legal department but I was told someone would call me back. That has not happened. DO NOT USE THIS SITE. Try Rue LA LA or Ideeli they may be better

Ask Kelly about HauteLook
4 reviews
5 helpful votes

I love haute look. I am a very loyal customer and have been shopping with them for the last couple years or so. The only issue I've had ( after at least 20 orders this is the first issue to come up) was not getting an item I ordered for a trip in the estimated shipment date. I called customer service the week after it should have been delivered and not only were they extremely helpful and understanding, but they went above and beyond what most companies would do. The representative gave me her name and email address and she was going to investigate why my item had not arrived. I explained to her I ordered this item for an upcoming trip and I really needed it by a certain date or I would have to cancel the order. She updated me a couple days later through email and apologized about the delay. I decided to cancel the order but thanked haute look for the stellar customer service. I was refunded the full amount of the item no questions asked( despite it being a very expensive purchase). They also credited my account with a $30 for the inconvenience and understanding. I could not have been happier with the customer service representative. I've recently dealt with other online discount companies that are polar opposite of haute look when it comes to customer service and assistance with returns and what not and I will NEVER AGAIN order anything from that other company again due to poor customer service policies and communication skills. Making a customer happy like haute look is really how you keep loyal customers coming back!

Ask Sarah about HauteLook
1 review
3 helpful votes

I spent thousands of dollars with them online because I was unable to shop in stores for a medical condition. I also had to return a lot of items to the nearby NR /HL store as well as cancel a lot of items over around a year and a half. When I began to inquire about where my refund was for X order or that cancellation, they changed their tune. I could get no assistance from ANYONE at their call center. I had asked to speak with finance, supervisors, managers etc. No response. In fact , the day I thought I was getting a call from the center manager, I instead got a letter saying I had merchandise I had not paid for, I had declined help to resolve the disputes( wtf?) and they owed me nothing more, then proceeded to wipe out my online account info and access to it. I still had orders due to come in that I had already paid for. They also stopped a delivery of thousands of dollars of stuff I had already paid for and had UPS return it to them. They then lied on the manifest notes saying" customer refused delivery". I was not home at the normal time the UPS man comes.. I had to sign for the pkg. I am now in the process of adding up everything and submitting to my banks involved. I can only dispute charges from memory and some back up on my laptop. Any suggestions from anyone other than to hire an attorney to go after the money?

Ask Leslie about HauteLook
1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been on hold for almost an hour. Last time I will ever order from Haute and I'm going to tell all my friends family and customers about my horrible experience

Ask lynn about HauteLook
1 review
3 helpful votes

I made the mistake of ordering a Divani Casa Rixton Sofa Bed from Hautelook. When it did finally arrive ( after 3 weeks ) I had to go pick it up because UPS would allow me to unload it off their truck (?!) when they showed up sometime within a 4 HOUR window. They told me I had to unload a UPS truck?UPS offered to leave it in my apartment hallway for $215! Thanks : /
So that is how my purchase started but it got worse when I finally got the sofa unboxed what I saw for my $1500 I spent was a complete joke of a sofa. I mean the construction looked like maybe a $300 couch at best.And it is so uncomfortable to sit on its almost unusable. I called Hautelook and talked to a few people that seemed genuinely concerned and helpful but they kept saying they would have someone from customer service contact me. THIS NEVER HAPPENS!

I did some digging and found out who sent my this POS sofa. They are VIG FURNITURE in Los Angeles CA. So I called there and was told they didn't know who Hautelook was and Hautelook received my money so I should talk to them! So basically I feel I am just dealing with a huge den of thieves at this point. I am out my $1500 because I trusted Hautelook and the pictures they posted showing this sofa. I had ordered clothes from Hautlook before and that was OK but this purchase is a royal scamjob.
So to sum this rant up:

SO I am done with this company. I did see Nordstroms is struggling financially so its nice to think they will get whats coming to them.

Ask Mark about HauteLook
1 review
1 helpful vote

First and last time shopping at Nordstrom. Yes the exchange rate was pretty bad. But i decided to go for it because I had been eyeing the dress that finally had my size available. It was advertised $40 USD, but after shipping and conversion it came out to $80 CAD. I should have stopped right there. I received the parcel fine. But decided to return it since it didn't fit at all and would take a lot of tailoring. After returning the parcel, it took nearly a month after the shipping tracking number informed that they had received my return until I was refunded. After the mandatory $10 fee for returns and the conversion rate, I was only refunded $35 CAD. NEVER AGAIN.

Ask Grace about HauteLook
1 review
2 helpful votes

I don't even know what to say except you probably won't receive what you order.

After not getting my order. I sat on hold for 1 hour for them to finally tell me my order wasn't coming. But they hadn't refunded my money because you pay up front not when items ship like every other company.

I won't order again

Ask merry about HauteLook
1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered a pair of boots, they were not shipped as promised and they sent the wrong size. I called, straightened it out and was assured shipping would be quicker. That was 5 days ago and no tracking info yet. Wish I would have read these reviews first.

Ask Saundra about HauteLook
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Bought a nice pair of boots and a gorgeous scarf for fall! Shipping was on time, quality is excellent, and the prices are literally unbeatable.

Ask Caroline about HauteLook
1 review
4 helpful votes

I order (ed) from here a lot, & for years.
at first it was great. good quality & good prices. For the last year id say every other order has been the wrong one. Then I'm the one that has
do all the work to return it. to ad insult
to injury they have a department called the 'fulfillment center'! give me a break. never again. for sure this time.

Ask eleni about HauteLook
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