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33 reviews
Categories: Event Planning
155 5th St, 7th Floor
San Francisco, California, USA
Tel: +1.4159634055
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33 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

This company sold tickets to an event that was oversold then they tell me there's no refunds so I paid $22 for something I never got to see

1 review
0 helpful votes

Eventbright hosted New Years eve party. San Mateo ca Marriott.

1) $60 per person so they packed people in like rats .
2) No in and out privileges so once in at 8pm you are stuck till 2am even though they actually patted you down before entering. (could have let you leave and patted you down when you came back)
3) Dehydrated from dancing and looking for water ? 6 Bucks for 16 oz bottled water.
4) They actually wont let you have water unless you pay 6 Bucks for a bottled water.
Thats seem criminal to me.

1 review
0 helpful votes

if anything goes wrong good luck getting in contact with them

1 review
0 helpful votes

I purchased a ticket from this web site, I tried to request a refund before the event date passed. They told me that I had to contact the even organizer myself! Makes no sense, the charge on my card says that i paid event brite. This company is a rip off and a joke!Next time in using groupon or living social. I've never had this issue with them.


6 reviews
0 helpful votes

they won't pick up the phone...i hate this automated world...

1 review
0 helpful votes

Purchased tickets for the event and wasn't able to go. Company never responded to my inquiry about refund or transfer of tickets.

1 review
1 helpful vote

We used Eventbrite for an event in 2016. When it came to payment, weeks went by. We phoned every number listed, only to be disconnected or led back to their webpage. It took contacting our legal department before Eventbrite relinquished our payment. I ask, how can a company of this size be permitted to operate strictly via e-mail? When or if you have an issue, it cannot be addressed but by e-mail, if they respond at all. Very, very poor service. (Now we did receive payment, but it took a month)

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Good Afternoon,

I am writing to express how unsatisfied I am with the way the Nick Cannon Wild 'n Out 9:30pm show yesterday (Fri November 4, 2016) at NYC Arena was run.

This was possibly the worst event I have ever been to at this venue, unsure of who to put the blame on (venue or event promoters) BUT the 9:30pm show was conducted with out any form or fashion. Doors were scheduled to open at 9 however the line did not begin to move to allow for those to enter until 11 o'clock!! Two hours later, around the time the show was scheduled to end (11:30pm). No one came to explain the delay or inform us of what was going on. My friend and I had to leave line to ask security what was the hold up, and we were told the meet and greet had ran long.

We did not enter the venue until around midnight upon which the show was in progress, and we were told there weren't any more seats together and that my party would be separated in order for us to have a seat.
Despite the ridiculously long wait we were cheated out of our money. We paid $64.29 for mezzanine seating yet there was no distinguished area for it. We were scattered throughout the arena with those who paid less ($40). Defeating the purpose of the additional funds. I need someone to explain to me what our extra money was for because it was obviously not apparent.

I am a faithful user of Eventbrite, having used the services many times before in the past and have never had this issue. I understand this event was listed as no refunds but this was not acceptable. Since I can not get back the time I wasted as promoters/venue kept us outside, compensation for tickets I reaped no benefit of would be the least that could be done.

Please if this is not the correct outlet for me to voice my complaints please inform me of who to reach out to.


3 reviews
5 helpful votes

I purchased tickets for last nights Wild N Out event Amazura. This event was listed to begin at 9:30pm and end at 11:30pm. I along with many others waited in line for over 2 hours just to get inside. This was not the fault of the patrons because when I asked a security guard about the delay he mentioned that the VIP meet and greet was still going on. There was no other mention from anyone else what was going on inside. The staff seemed to be very upset themselves and at some point two bouncers had to be separated from each other as they were about to get into an altercation. At this point my friend, who I attended the event with, and I were very confused and figured that the show itself would just begin late. This was not the case as when we finally entered the arena at 11:45pm the show had begun and seemed to be coming to a conclusion. The mezzanine seating that we had paid $64.29 for was not only not available but the staff angrily shouted out that there were no more seats and that we could look for ourselves to see what was left. My friend managed to find a seat on the other side of the room and I unfolded a chair near the bathroom to sit. The comedians were on the stage but you couldnt hear what was being said due to the fact that people were still trying to find seating. At some point people began to stand on their chairs to see the stage, which completely blocked the little view that I had. Shortly after, the lights came on and the event concluded. I have used Eventbrite many times before in the past and have never had this issue. I understand this event was listed as no refunds but this was not acceptable. This event was very disorganized and I did not receive ANY of the services that I paid for and I am asking for my money back.

3 reviews
5 helpful votes

Stupid $#*! spoke to me in a very rude manner in regards to a event to which I bought tickets from. These people have no customer service or social skills. I bet this dumb whore has the competence of what McDonald's requires as far as qualifications to flip burgers! Eventbrite fire this bimbo!

1 review
2 helpful votes

Never did I receive an invite after the company paid over $5K for Evenbrite's services.
I sent an email to their support email address and received this in return:
Eventbrite Support <>
Aug 27 (1 day ago)
to me
Hi there,

Our support team no longer checks this inbox, so we havent received your message!

To get in touch with us, please visit

This short form ensures your message gets to the right team fast.

You can also check out our recently redesigned help center for step-by-step tutorials and videos:

We look forward to helping you out,

The Eventbrite Customer Experience Team

THEN, I went where they directed me to find I could not post my question/problem without a URL address for the invite - - WHICH I DID NOT HAVE -which was the entire problem- AND COULD NOT PASTE, so could not report my problem to receive the invitation for the second time! Fast forward a half hour, -since MY time is CLEARLY not valuable to these JERKS, - I posted the issue on their FB page. . . the only access I could find to try to remedy the problem -for a third time. Guess what? Not only did I get no reply/assistance, now, I have discovered that they blocked me from their FB page! Class act!
Below, please find what I put on their page, which obviously they did not care to respond to. The fact that this company collects THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to NOT invite the people they were hired to invite, then slaps an innocent person who is inquiring about it around - ignore, force to color between their lines in order to send a question within such restrictions a question cannot even get sent. . . are you kidding me? I smell class action lawsuits any moment against these shysters!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I've bought a ticket for a workshop titled "Start and Run a Successful Wearables Business" organized by a frauding company named Amexos. I went to the event and found out it has been a scam. They offered a wrong address and no contact number.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Eventbrite allows posts for illegal events even when they are reports to be illegal to them. They allowed a post for an illegal, unpermitted party hosted by squatters in a foreclosed property. Despite numerous neighbor complaints to this business, they did not remove the advertisement from their site. They are still allowing unsuspecting people to purchase tickets to this illegal party run by criminals. They are furthermore placing the neighborhood in danger by allowing such things on their site.

1 review
9 helpful votes

We used to be able to contact customer support by telephone anytime and got good service from them, but now it is impossible to contact them by telephone and their 48 hour turnaround of emailed concerns seems to be only a number. Not only were they very slow in responding but did not address my question and when I asked for clarification on the main question, they did not respond at all. Very concerned as I have two active events and am just finding out that they do not seem to be the company that I dealt with when I first started hosting events.

Deva S.
1 review
9 helpful votes

Beware of this company. My event disappeared from my account even though eople can still buy tickets. I need to cancel the event because the main speaker canceled.

There is no tech support on the eventbrite site. They have so far not responded to email. Efforts to call them don't work as they put you on endless hold and then finally disconnect you without being able to leave a message.

As of now I consider Eventbrite a scam.

1 review
9 helpful votes

This is a scam of a company will not respond to emails.
their phone number is 415-694-7900 but you will not get anyone the recording says the receptionist is in a meeting really all day.
if you paid with bank or credit card call your bank and start a fraud charge.
I called my bank and they started a fraud charge and is crediting my account tomorrow let's all do this and put them out of buisness

1 review
0 helpful votes

Looks like a good site.

1 review
10 helpful votes

Went on line to purchase two tickets from Eventbrite for a magic show in Tahoe. When we went to the venue it showed that we purchased two sets of tickets one being a handicap set. When we went to the venue the it was noted there was an error and said the double billing would be resolved. I could not get Eventbrite to refund the error. I do not recommend buying tickets through a third party, it's impossible to get this common sense error fixed.

1 review
8 helpful votes

I purchased tickets to a show and never received my tickets by email. I had issues with my primary email address. Contacted Eventbrite by email requested tickets be sent to my secondary email address. They asked me to verify my purchase information twice by email and never sent me my tickets. They list a 1-800 number for customer service but when you call you get a voice mail message for what every issues you are having and the call terminates. They are set up so you can never talk to a person. The website and customer service is horrible. Stay away form the website.

1 review
9 helpful votes

This is now 2016 almost every company now a days does have live customer service, but nooooo not event brite u get the run around, hung up on by automated serv. so now that i need a refund that they are telling me i'm owed cant find no status etc on this refund if you email them they send this stupid universal email that didn't answer my questions and it tells you if you need more help respond to the email but no answer now smh. i have to now go through my pay pal account to get my refund but that's going to take longer now, mind you the event i was going to was on new years eve and its now the 13th of jan to try and get this all iron out and lastly. event brite tells you to go to the event planner to resolve this issue but they need to realize that if your not dealing with a real company just a jo smo they might not be professional to care about a refund like the guy i'm dealing with. So they need to put plans in place to protect the buyer like pay pal, i have all emails and text from the event guy that seems to me at times he gets to personal when this is a business transaction that he never followed through with. it seems also he had to refund numerous people and he is loosing out which is not my problem and he should go back to his day job cause this is not his meal ticket.

no real service but money taken from this honest
buyer looking for a good time.

1 review
11 helpful votes

I am guessing this is a simple ticketing tool for event organizers. If so, then it shoud appear and function as nothing more than that. We bought tickets to an event and immediately had a conflict and tried to cancel within hours, and the event was 2 weeks away. Eventbrite mandates a minimum requirement for refund listings, yet the organizer had no refund listed at all. We ended up getting charged 50 dollars. They stated because they paid deposits etc for the event. They didn't pay any deposits based on our attendance since it was a holiday and no one responded to us when we first tried to cancel within hours. They got back to us 5 days later. If they would have canceled immediately as requested, there would be no deposits made, which I'm sure there weren't. They wanted our money and we can't get it back.

1 review
9 helpful votes

I accidentally had a type in my email when I ordered tickets for an event. You would think there would be a warning. There are only so many email companies.

I have contacted Eventbrite and the promoter several time and no response. I guess I will disputed the charge on my credit card. These people are horrible. Where is the phone number? They have instructions on what to do if there is a typo. They include signing up with wrong address so you can go in and change it. But they send a verification to the wrong address!! WTF!!

1 review
8 helpful votes

The night of the New Years day concert I looked for my confirmation email for my tickets, what's that? No confirmation email? No tickets? I was scammed out of 50$ and they won't answer any emails. Never again.

1 review
12 helpful votes

I purchased tickets for a Tim Burton event by Costumes and Themes through EventBrite.

The event was completely FALSELY ADVERTISED and EventBrite claims no refunds because the organizer has a strict "no refunds" policy.

So an event planner can create and event, advertise it as somethings, not deliver, and attendees have NO WAY TO BE ISSUED A REFUND.

THe organizer has refused and EventBrite refused.

BUYER BEWARE. I will never purchase another ticket through this site.

1 review
8 helpful votes

Eventbrite totally took the hit and sent refunds when the organizer of an Obstacle Race (Atlas Race) bailed and took off with the money. I can't speak to their services, but in terms of doing the right thing for the participants--they were awesome.

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