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114 reviews
Categories: Auction, Shopping
382 NE 191st St #42012
Miami, FL 33179-3899
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114 Reviews From Our Community

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2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Hundred Thousands of unhappy sellers, who fed up with eBay, goes to different sites like ebid, or other websites which exists and are trying to sell there, but with no perspective they cameback to eBay and using friend's, or partner's accounts if their own account is suspended or restricted when they lost a privilege to sell- for nothing, often without explanation from eBay, often for trying to find a justice, often for confrontation of unhonest buyers: My account was closed after I sold PRADA purse with authentication card but buyer requested a return saying it is not authentic.I offered a return under a reason "changed my mind" but buyer did not wanted to pay return postage and contacted to eBay.Ebay closed the case "not authentic" and sent a decision only under "not as described" (all 12 pictures presented with a full description of the item), but what is important- here was no such case open, at all, but a decision came on never existed case!!!! By eBay rules a buyer can not open a second case for the same item but eBay sent a refund and closed my seller's account- my account is restricted to sell !! Nightmare- this decision is final,could not be appealed!!!!! But till this moment on eBay I made over hundred sales per six months. On ebid I sold nothing- lowered prices for some items up to half (Samsung note3 unlocked 32gb I listed for £120!!!!!) but no even 1 question never came!
I am sure, that if all these sellers, who fed up with eBay, like me,- cames together and all of them leaves eBay but moves to the one but same oneline selling site- no doubt eBay will loose not thousents, but hundred thousands sellers (every second seller has had an expierence when eBay took a wrong decision by supporting a buyer even if he/she is wrong). If all the unhappy sellers will leave eBay together, at the same time- eBay will loose millions listings..... NO DOUBT-BUYERS WILL FALLOW.....
All what we need is- A PERSON, WHO COULD ORGANISE IT!!!

Ask Ex about eBid
1 review
0 helpful votes

Been on ebid 7 years. Lots of people browsing mostly. I've had around 40 sales its not bad at all. Fees, well, I paid only 50 bucks because I paid in advance 1 dollar for each one of those listings. Some listings I took the 3% selling fee instead. Savings, well, had I sold those items over ebay I would have paid around 2000 USD in fees,OUCH!!. Yes, I sell high end items. Overall I think Ebid is great! I just wish people would buy more instead of looking. Some of my listings have been viewed 2000 times and not even a question has come in. Only takes a few minutes to register as a buyer and its free and you can ask questions to the seller! Their customer service is way more better than ebay and a lot faster. You usually get an answer from them within an hour. Ebay it can take up to a week! More and more people are discovering ebid. I think the baseball, stamp and coin dealers are doing well there. Does not make sence to list a 3 dollar stamp on ebay for one buck. Ebid you can list it for free and it stays there until the item finds its buyer. No relisting and paying again. Its a good site I just hope it improves. I think it will people are getting totally fed up with Feebay and all their limitations. 30 day return policy for buyers, and ebay still gets to keep the seller fees if it goes beyond 45 days. That is criminal! I sell internationally and sometimes it takes a month for an item to reach a customer, or longer. Customs in some countries can take 2 to 3 weeks. My fingers are crossed for ebid! Too bad for all the trash talk. Ebay had the same when they were starting out.

Ask J about eBid
2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I like Ebid, been a member for over a year. Have thousands of items listed and have sold items on this site. I accept payment in the form of Pay Pal, Money Order, and Checks. Support is great and they answer your concern as fast as they can with great results. I am a satisfied seller on and not sorry I tried it.

Ask Jan about eBid
1 review
2 helpful votes

Many of the '5 star reviews' stating how wonderful ebid is are bogus. Don't be fooled by them. There are SO MANY bad reviews that the company (ebid) HAS to do something to negate them such as submit favorable reviews.
Check out this review from a most likely fictitious 'john t' "ALL THE BAD COMMENTS ABOUT EBID IS FROM PEOPLE WHO WORK AT EBAY!!". Check out this review from a most likely fictitious 'John N' "eBid is an up and coming site. Good service. Good products. Friendly people on the forums." Or this review from a most likely fictitious 'Jim A' "Ebid is an awesome Alternative to ebay. I am just able to sell products on there as I am on the bay. I also had no problems with sellers there and have always received items just as described.I see a lot of smaller sellers on ebid and hopefully soon much larger sellers will make the move like I did .If you are a seller you will love the low low low fees. If you are a buyer you will love love love the low prices because of lower fees. Its a win win !"
The next review made me laugh out loud. A most likely ficticious 'James E' writes "Everyone please stop using Ebay and use Ebid which is very similar to Ebay and perhaps even better and easier to use. Ebay is a complete rip-off they take away almost 20% from the selling price of the item. Those people are greedy and don't deserve to have many customers. Their customer service is also terrible, very hard to contact them and very uncooperative representatives. Ebid is a great alternative to Ebay I hope they start getting more traffic than Ebay." Or this review from a most likely fictitious 'Kitty H'. She writes "I'm sorry for those who have had a bad run of things. It isn't ebid's fault that a seller was bad or that people looked but did not buy an item they put up for auction.
Nor can ebid or any auction site make people look at what you are selling.
Perhaps you could try selling something more popular or at a better price.
I both buy and sell on ebid and I love it WAY more than e-bay. The tools for selling/preparing your auction are way more user friendly.It's a fantastic site & I think everyone should give it a try to see for themselves."

Ask Josh about eBid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Unlike other auction sites you are not being tracked. Meaning your data is not being "stolen" and sold to others. You are not having product rammed down your throat. The selling fees are literally the best in the world. This allows sellers to provide buyers with lower prices. It has been growing everyday since day one. I just do not like eBay, I feel like a number and their customer service while friendly is sometimes difficult to communicate with. As it is not massive like eBay the community is closer. I started buying there a few years back. I think the prices are better because they allow people to sell for free. I dunno - I like it....... I get it, it is just another auction site of many. It is worth looking at.

Tip for consumers: It is an auction site. It is not focused on mining your data or corporate marketing. I prefer my privacy, to feel like a person not a number. Other sites might have more options, I go there. But I been buying Ebid for years. There are really no "tips" there are plenty of auction sites they are similar. But privacy is here and corporate sponsorship which views you as $$$$$/a number aint.

Ask Tony about eBid
1 review
1 helpful vote
4/27/16 is way superior to ebay as a seller I was getting ripped off on ebay through fees almost 10% of items worth went to ebay on Final value fee, plus a shipping fee, plus paypal fee and variable listing fee. What I've seen so far it's max. 3% free to list and unlimited listings which is a big plus as well. I've been spreading the word about I am so happy with this site over ebays corporate greed sickening.

Tip for consumers: Get out of ebay it's a money racket

Ask Ashley about eBid
3 reviews
12 helpful votes

Signed up from a Google ad stating "FREE BID AND SELL". Turns out it's only free to bid. You need to 'upgrade' to a seller - which will cost you. The one time fee is great if you are listing one really expensive item or many items but is no good if you only have a few inexpensive items to sell.

This place has apparently been around since 1998 but I never heard of it until yesterday. Tried searching for a few items that I might want and there is nothing being offered. Lots of junk. People selling dollar store items and what not. No thanks.

I read one other user having to supply them with ID and utility bills...????WTF. NEVER send that kind of information on line or by email. Might as well just hand them a copy of your fingerprints, blood type and your debit card for good measure.

Been here 2 days - and I can't wait to get out.

Ask Bird about eBid
1 review
3 helpful votes

In Short
The Good
1- Fees are mostly a once off Lifetime Fee - Excellent
2 - You Still have the option to use paypal
3 - Site is easy to use and very easy to list items
4 - There is none of the DSR nonsense and FEAR of LOSING YOUR BUSINESS and livelyhood that ebay seem determined to implement on their site and to their... read more

Ask joseph about eBid
1 review
9 helpful votes

What can I say I have now been a member for 4 years .
I have not even had a message or a sale .
Me and my business colleagues even listed items for a penny brand new items
We still hot no response .
Are these 2 guys in their flat still ripping people off.
Do not give your debit card details to these people or you will wake up broke when these guys go down the pan.
All the reviews on here that are good are made up from the 2 guys who work on this Scam.
This company needs reporting to trading standards .

Ask John about eBid
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

eBid is still in its infant stage.
I have been a member for just over a year. Bought & sold.
It's not bad and had no problems.

Ask Sally about eBid
5 reviews
8 helpful votes

Instant billing to my card.Not even 1 single question.Pure evil scammer get away with running this fraud company because internationally you can get away with everything.

Ask William about eBid
1 review
4 helpful votes

On my first, and only purchase on eBid, the seller sends the wrong item. So OK, they made a mistake on their listing, I will just hit the return button.. But wait... there is NO return button on eBid. I have to go to a LOT more trouble pursuing this directly with the seller via messages.

Unlike eBay which has a great infrastructure to manage transactions between buyers and sellers, eBid is just a wannabe copycat, except that they have missed out most of the essential functionality.

I will be deleting my account.

UPDATE - I had a reply from a message to the seller who sent the wrong item: 'This email is not monitored'. Unbelievable. I have never had this much trouble at Amazon or eBay.

Ask Alex about eBid
1 review
9 helpful votes

If you are using Ebids then you are not only wasting your time but you are opening yourself up to being stolen from. I paid for a n item that I won and never received my purchased item. After emailing Ebids they suggested that I call my local police. No concern or any apparent feelings of responsibility. If I had been robbed on EBAY they would have guaranteed my purchase and at least pretended to care. Ebids is a racket.

Ask Steven about eBid
1 review
6 helpful votes

Again how many times do we have to tell the owners of Ebid that the business is rubbish !
The reviews with 5 Stars on here are from Ebid them selves .
None of us believe you have sold a single item.
None of this traffic from your website has Google search optimisation or any other effort to take this website up in the rankings of Google.
If you type Ebid into Google you will find nothing but bad news.
I was very scepticle about parting with my money for this service along with thousands of others who have been had by this scandal.
I feel sorry for the guy who loaded up over 1500 items and never even had a message never mind a sale.
If I had Ebid I would have it on the first 2 pages of google in no time and get help to manage the phone lines .
2 directors from 4 directors and no employees ! JOKE ! And ebay are above their station to infinity and beyond for Greedy Ebay .
There's 111 platforms to sell from avoid Ebid and if yiu use Ebay your giving all your profit back to them every month.
Start your own website and connect up Facebook I make a fortune on Facebook more than Ebay ! . Good luck sellers from Steve x soldier and seller of 20 years on line.

Ask Steve about eBid
1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't be shy give Ebid a try no silly fees to pay like ebay.

Ask Mike about eBid
20 reviews
43 helpful votes


Ask Alicein about eBid
1 review
7 helpful votes

I have been selling for many years through eBay, mostly 2nd hand items. I used to do well, but since a couple of years it felt more and more eBay is just a platform for businesses. Private sellers get stung over and over with fees.
So I decided to switch to eBid. I am not making millions, but I sell and from what I make I don't have to give 30% away.
It's easy to use, the people are friendly. I have nothing to complain about.

Ask Annie about eBid
3 reviews
11 helpful votes

I just signed up for three months ago. Two weeks into it, they wanted me to upload an id, & a bill. So I did. Then they emailed me saying I needed to upload a hydro bill. This actually took me two months, because I was starting to think about what kind of business this was. So, now I do it. Upload a hydro bill. They come back to me & say I need to do another utility bill? How many utility bills do you think I have? I told them, well, I uploaded a photo id & a cell phone bill, then a utility bill? What more do you need? I am getting sick of this site!

Ask Darleen about eBid
1 review
4 helpful votes

Superb easy and cheap to use, no rip off ebay fees. No silly restrictions on your adverts and pictures. If you list at a fair price people will offer or buy outright, you just have to be patient. No good if you need to earn a weekly wage, but fantastic to list all your stuff and just wait.
I have been on there about eighteen months and sold over 70 items total about £1500 that's £80 a month. Won't pay the mortgage that's why I have a job but it's a nice bonus income.
I have nearly 500 items listed now. All the works done, just a case of checking your emails daily, easy money. None of the feebay rat race rush.
The only thing that all the bad reviewers rant on about is how many visits they get, don't expect so many and you won't be disappointed you idiots.
Also if you put an item up as an auction knowing you won't get many visits your also an idiot.
If you list an item at silly money don't expect it to sell you idiots.
I suggest all the idiots should just stick together and carry on making a mess of ebay.
Leave all the decent relaxed folk to enjoy the freedom and ease of eBid. :-)

Tip for consumers: Check the feedback, you can soon tell if your dealing with a genuine honest and committed seller. If the feedback is poor walk out the door. Simples !

Ask PETER about eBid
2 reviews
12 helpful votes

eBid is as bad as it gets. First off, do not make the mistake that has scammed so many and made eBid rich - do not sign up with eBid because you are mad at eBay. eBid is not the solution, no matter how pretty it reads. They are so much WORSE than ebay its amazing. First of all, there are large amounts of complaints (myself included) of people signing up for lifetime memberships, paying $50-100 only to have their account shut down the same day without reason. No contact, no notification, no explanation. You just lose your money. eBid takes it from you. It's their policy. Are you KIDDING me? Don't bother with this deadbeat company. Even if you bypass the scam, read the reviews - members go months, even YEARS without any sales. There is no traffic - at least no buyer traffic. There are many alternatives to eBay out there. Don't pick this one. You can only lose time and money.

Ask W about eBid
2 reviews
31 helpful votes

I am a seller bought their membership for $49.99. Have not sold one item but they charge me fees!!!!!!!!! I sell coach, Michael kors brand name items!!!!!!!!!!! Go to EBAY ! its is 100 better then this company !!!!!!!! And their is no number for customer serivice That is so wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Ana about eBid
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

In Short
The Good
1- Fees are mostly a once off Lifetime Fee - Excellent
2 - You Still have the option to use paypal
3 - Site is easy to use and very easy to list items
4 - There is none of the DSR nonsense and FEAR of LOSING YOUR BUSINESS and livelyhood that ebay seem determined to implement on their site and to their loyal sellers???
5 - I personally have found the ebid Support team efficient,reasonable,fast(no 4 hour phone calls)and very polite.
6 - They have a very nice buddy points system that actually shows they care,appreciate and want to reward their loyal don't get a lot,but you do feel appreciated.
The Unfortunate Bad
1 - Ebid won't Advertise so it is very difficult to get new customers and high traffic
2 - The Existing customer base is very small,They are very loyal to each other and ebid.But very small Unfortunately.
Truthfully,There is not another bad thing I can say about Ebid.
I enjoy using the site and have generated a few sales there.
But most Importantly I feel like a Valuable and Appreciated Member.That to me personally means A Lot.
I would Recommend the site to anyone as an alternative to ebay.
But keep in mind,If you want to sell in volume.You have to Stick with ebay and their Soul Destroying,Nerve Wrecking Rules.Which is a pity.As once upon a time it was a Fun and Enjoyable place to spend a few Hours of your Free time.
Im not sure if this is allowed but Hopefully Sitejabber Won't Mind So
Heres a Link fo ebid

Tip for consumers: Give Ebid a go,It doesn't hurt to try and you will feel like a valuable member.It's cheap and Easy to use and is slowly building a solid customerbase.

Ask christopher about eBid
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

I tried eBid after using eBay for years. I may switch! There are no fees unless you sell and that is only 3%. It is easy to list and you can import listings from other sites.

Tip for consumers: Try it free for a while, you can upgrade to get more things like buy it now for listings.

Ask Sari about eBid
6 reviews
21 helpful votes

After having made my one and only sale on eBid, I have signed up for the lifetime membership, following which I haven't sold a single item. It's been a couple of years ever since. Starting last year, I started listing the same items on both eBay and eBid. Guess what, when they got sold on eBay, then I'll pull out a listing from eBid, unless I had more items in stock. Even when plugging my auctions for the items that were selling real good on eBay, I couldn't sell them on eBid, period.

One of the eBid's problems is that they don't want to advertise. They expect their sellers to do that. Of course this doesn't work. I don't expect any more sales on eBid but am listing my items anyway, since it's free to list.

Tip for consumers: You can give it a try BUT do not sign up for the lifetime membership.

Ask A about eBid
1 review
15 helpful votes

I am an online seller and sell on amazon, ebay, ebid and a few other sites. ebid is by far the worst of all the sites i use. I have listed the exact same products and I have yet to make a sale. I am a seller plus but have sold not one item although having over 200 items listed. I have constant sales with both my amazon and ebay and other sites. The evidence speaks for itself...Not the best site but maybe Im doing something wrong...highly doubt it though..yes it has less fees but I prefer actually making money and having something taken out than making none at all..

Ask john about eBid

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