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1 review
1 helpful vote

I got ripped off for $200 on craigslist and id like it back. I bought a tv which turned out to be the wrong tv and the wrong stand and no remote. Its completely useless

1 review
1 helpful vote

I bought a car on Craig's lists sold my this company 3 weeks ago and now it needs $5300 worth of repairs. Do not buy cars from them!!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

It's a lady or man that uses "GMAIL" accounts just different names they usually post really nice cars for cheap prices they will give you a sorry story about losing a child husband passing in Afghanistan single mom being in the military or all lies they constantly post things they are really bored and obviously broke and don't work do not fall for them just look on eBay motors review they are posted all over it and they will act like the deal will go through eBay motors be smart which I'm going to report them to the fbi

1 review
1 helpful vote

Hired this contractor-- did good at the start then he never came back and finished the job-- its been 6 weeks and no-show--- had to get someone else to finish the job--- I will never use them again ----- just be cautious on this one. There name is Ray Smith, from Athens/Florence area.

1 review
1 helpful vote

On Tuesday, February 28, 2017 6:13 PM, Joseph S. <> wrote:


Thanks for the response. This is to bring to your notice that you have been chosen and considered for this job position. We are offering you $20 per hour and your working days and hours is 8:00 - 4:00 ( 8hrs a day ) from Monday through Friday ( 5 days a week ). You will receive a week upfront payment as well as some money to move the van (2015 Ford Van) over. Please be informed that You'll receive a Check which covers your upfront payment and the balance would go to the Mover's agency for the Van delivery. I want to make sure you are okay with that. The Job starts 3/13/2017 because right at the moment my Mom is currently in Oklahoma for a funeral service. I'll always keep you updated and I'd like you to check your email at least twice a day ( Morning & Afternoon ) for updates and your prompt response will be appreciated. I 'll come over to the state probably next weekend because I would really love to meet you as well and I believe in your interest to work for us and I do promise to satisfy your needs. In order for your weekly pay to be processed, you MUST have an active bank account and I'm asking you now "Do you have an active bank account" ?
Awaiting Your Response

Joseph S.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

Do not buy anything on that site they scam and rip you off on there you buy car audio the stuff is blown and they steal your money on there also and it is the worst site to buy from and so is Offerup same thing people on there go and harass and cuss you out on there major issues best to buy off of Amazon or Ebay.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Carlton Edwards was awesome as a salesperson. I purchased a used 2003 Honda Accord Coupe and he went out of his way to assist me. The car was a good deal with low mileage and he helped me reach my final decision. The car had a slight damage in the front bumper..he even assured me to get that fixed at a future date at a nominal price. A very helpful salesperson and I will go back to him for future trade in and buying a new vehicle. God Bless him. Ronnie B. Chatterjee Elmhurst Queens, New York

1 review
1 helpful vote

No place to leave a review for dishonest sellers to keep other buyers from being deceived! Please stay away from a lady named Sheila living at Winterthur CL NW Kennesaw, Georgia! Sells toys and other items she states "collects" from neighbors to sell. VERY dishonest lady!!!!! Beware!

26 reviews
24 helpful votes

Craigslist is a gift to humanity. I have sold and bought many useful items over the years thanks to this wonderful site. Most people are reasonable and fair, only a few were on the sly but as the old adage goes "buyer beware".

1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't move with Todd! He stood me up today. He charges $20 per hour per guy with a three hour minimum. He has a lot of ads up a lot for the Seattle area. He even has one up for today February 1, 2017. He does not have his own truck.

1 review
1 helpful vote

If you are in the huntsville/madison area stay away from these apartments they will draw you in with the specials and then lie about so call damages that are normal wear and tear to avoid returning the security deposit back

1 review
0 helpful votes

This is by far, the most unprofessional...cunning and deceptive company I have ever done busy with! They operate under 2 different names DOJ Auto Sales in Marietta, GA and also Universal Luxury Cars. From the purchase to delivery of car, even today...FAILURE TO DELIVER TAGS & TITLE! The owner has been dodging my calls, left and went to Africa for 3wks without resolving the Tag & Title issues concerning my vehicle. I paid the car in 30days, the sent in wrong information to have car registered. I later discovered the information was sent electronically only for a 2009 Honda Civic, but I purch 2006 Honda Civic. The scan in wrong car & VIN#. Its going on 4mths, and this guy is still MIA. I haven't spoken with him since Dec 21st. My County Tag Office has attempt to reach him several times. He's trained his 3 employees to operate just like him, smooth operator, full of lies! They tried to come off as if they are serious about helping you and anything to get your MONEY! After that, all kinds of issues...this is just the most serious. My Tag office finally reached this clown on Jan 24th 2017, he lied and told them he would definitely be in to settle this... Then he sends his nephew in the tag off to deliver the paperwork, but still NO MONEY and the car has a lien on it! That he had put up there, but yet failed to RELEASE and the car is paid for in full! My County Tag Office reached out again and he told them he was coming his self to bring money that next day or Overnight that day... Auh neither has happened. I'm now having to seek an attorney to get my money back, for car that i paid for in full but don't own because of title issues and still no valid tag! I have left numerous message, texts and emails...they have ignored them all and now dodging the Tag Office calls... I purchased this car in Oct 2016, it's Jan 2017... Well over 30days. Please Beware!!! They are SHEEP IN WOLVES CLOTHING!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR from this bogus company!!! .... Well over 30days.

4 reviews
1 helpful vote

I assume this one can be positive or negative depending on how lucky you are... Unfortunately the feature that many businesses nowadays have ;(

1 review
2 helpful votes

Asked why my listing was deleted and got nothing but immature insulting answers! Who ever The Bottom Line is should be fired!!! He makes assumptions and shoves them in your face. I'm 55 years old and can't believe I have to text with what seems to be a child that wants to feel like he has some kind of power or something? I guess it's just a big ego he has because he thinks he has an important job? His first answer to me was: How many ads are you not posting to by-dealer. What the hell does that mean? He asked a question and didn't answer mine? Instead of answering :if you list too many listings, someone will think your a dealer and delete your listing. If I sell something for 10.00 on Craigslist and I meet up with someone and they buy my item, what does being a dealer on not matter? By the way I'm not a dealer!! Also they said I have over 200 listings. I only have 20 listings! Please get some more reliable people on the texting and tell them to help not insult someone! Very disappointed.

6 reviews
22 helpful votes

I dated this hot mess for 12 weeks last year. Worst decision of my life! Has lived at home mooching off his wonderful mother for many many years! He doesn't want a relationship due to the fact that he his bipolar and not on needed meds, he snaps in a second. Smokes pot, has slept with many women in exchange for pot! This man by his own words is only good for one thing an incapable of a relationship! He states in his ad he wants another child??? He and his ex wife both drug addicts didn't even raise the child they had! Her mother did! Steer clear of this loser unless you are looking for a user, drunk, taker, whore that sleeps around for drugs, and can even afford to support himself. This is my experience with him and he will never change, never fully commit, mooch off of you, sleep with everything and anything! He has a bad temper and will snap on a dime. And absolutely no talking while he is watching the news!!! lol he's a nut bag. Incapable of loving anyone but him.

4 reviews
18 helpful votes

I wanted to add to this review that Craigslist is located at 222 Sutter Street near Kearny St. in San Francisco, CA. Someone noted their corporate address is in New York but their physical address is on Sutter Street in San Francisco and this is not widely known. They have offices there in an office building with other companies...

Craigslist has changed a lot over the years... At one time if you wanted to post you needed a verified email and phone and they would call and check before you could post.

Frankly I wondered why so many foolish and flaky ads then I found anyone can just enter an email there and post anything. Years ago I sold of a big lot of collectibles and Craigslist was helpful - More recently I've been unable to even buy when I tried (and this was several times)...

What is most scary are the singles ads so here are some things to be wary of... If a guy or gal looks too good to be true it is probably not their photo. If you use google chrome you can click on the photo and do an internet image search on the picture. You will often find the photo is a scam and not the person who posted so check it out and see before replying if you use chrome.

Another thing to check are singles ads which are posted in the late night or early AM. Why because often they are from offshore posters who are posing as locals. Craigslist was intended for local to local business but I now see ads posted which are far away. I just saw a posting from a supposed local gal who looked good that is until you read it and she admitted she is in jail 2,000 miles away but posted as a local and needed financial help to reply until she gets out of jail and comes to live with you...

On buying on CL. If it does not feel good don't go for it. In our locality people have been robbed and injured by meeting someone they don't know to buy on CL. My personal experience is sellers are so flaky you can't even buy if you want to. I wanted to buy some old tapes and contacted a guy who lived in a nearby community - no problem he said I can bring them into town. Two hours before we were to meet he calls and can't make it. Yet he ran the ad for the old tapes for a month afterword with no takers. I guess he threw them out as the ad finally went away with him trying to get $5 for the lot I had offered him $25 on (I mean why bother with this BS?).

Another time I wanted to buy a Monster Power item. I wrote the guy Thursday could we meet Saturday - no reply. I went out of town and get an email Sunday saying if I can meet him in a hour we can do business (one day after my suggested time and four days later when I'm out of town with 2 hours notice).

Craigslist is delusional and a total waste of time. I'm wondering how long they will survive with almost everything there appearing to be a sham lately. Use it if you will but you probably won't be successful or satisfied with the results that is is you get lucky enough to have anything real happen there in the first place,

1 review
0 helpful votes

This app sucks I posted hundreds of things on the old Craigslist app got a new phone original Apple used wasn't there try this one try to post my car 3 times it kept saying Craigslist has stopped will continue to use other websites because Craigslist is not what it used to be

1 review
2 helpful votes

I found a job on craigslist for a delivery driver for a flower shop in colorado springs called colorado springs florists. I worked for this person for about 2 months but she wrote me 3 bad checks during that time, and was atleast 1 week late every time she paid me. Her own bank told me she had been doing it for awhile to all her drivers. Craigslist doesn't monitor their jobs and its a daily chore for me to mark fake jobs as spam. I have over 1300 jobs marked as fake jobs right now. And the ones that are real are jobs like this where an employer is looking to screw you over.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I purchased motorcycle rims from a guy named Joel who said they were brand new, I then took them to have tires mounted, I was then told they were used and was out of true, and that it would cost me $300.00 to have them trued. I contacted Joel and he was ok with giving me my money back at 1st, and after about an hour he turned it around and said I damaged the rims, his post has a picture of a rim and his phone # is 570-238-1247... he is a liar and a theif, and now he is harassing my boyfriend about it.... the only reason for this review is to let everyone know the rims are not safe

1 review
1 helpful vote

Review for Personals and Car section:

Craigslist we all go on it to find something we need and then it turns out to be the opposite.

Ive been on craigslist for awhile. It has addictive nature; you surf and think you've had enough and then before you know it you're back on it again.

To get to the point I search and browse the casual encounters alot. It's a mess in there because its all practically bots try to scam people to get phone numbers and collect pictures. I literally cannnot find anyone and when I do its very rare. Gay people post alot on the w4m, mw4m sections which is unwanted as well as personally email you on your posts. I don't have any hate towards them but it defeats the purpose. I think the website is not in popular demand for young people hooking up I have yet to find a website that does. Pretty much all online interaction with people is a waste of time, you are better off meeting and planning in person.

Car section: Horrible. All sorts of people selling stolen cars or cars with no registration and or proof of ownership. Again not a very trustworthy site for dealing with people. Background checks should be ran if people want to sell their cars to other people. I have had close chances to buy cars and then all the sudden seller doesn't want to sell anymore.

In short criagslist is something that sounds great but in practice not so great. With the personals, things for sale, jobs section they are all riddled with people who want more for less and people who take a chance at screwing over others for the benefit of themselves.

There is no technical or customer support so that is the biggest downer for this site. You either find a way to work it out with someone online or you lose out.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I came here because no recourse for leaving feedback/reviews. I live in Austin and tried to hire a guy who rents out Moonwalks/Bouncehouses for $75. He has 3 (Hello Kitty, Spiderman & a Purple Castle). I spoke to him over the phone and hired him for a kid's party. There was no contract but he assured me he would make it. I sent a note to Administrators of Craigslist after he was a no show. But likely nothing will be done to regulate people like this. He is running a business using Craigslist. He doesn't have a name listed so no easy way to give him a yelp review. I guess Buyer Beware and I'd recommend meeting anyone you hire before your event to get something in writing

4 reviews
4 helpful votes

Craigslist do not monitor site they leave it to users very stupid idea! I took off 53 false ads
on one page for Las Vegas thats over half they should never allow this to happen. Buyers
all want to lowball you only less than 5 percent are sincere. Many many scammers will
try to con you quite pathetic Craigslist does nothing about it. Sellers put high prices lots
of salvage cars with stupid prices!! I have sold a number of cars here but is it worth the hassle
probably not!!!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I travel for business and rented a "small luxury house" from an elderly couple who appeared to be deeply religious. On the day I rented the apartment, the deposit check was cashed, even though he made me write out 2 different checks. The wife often invited herself over to visit me when I was home, without calling. They would invite me to dinner and coffee. They would keep me there talking about jesus and mostly the anti Christ. (this should have been my red flag) for hours. When I would go to work, the wife would sneak into my house and turn the air conditioner up to 78 degrees. I usually keep it on 74, which is very reasonable. When I confronted them, on august the 5th 2016 at 8 pm, Russell Thibodeaux told me that since he told me previously, he would pay the electric bill for my 800 square foot postage stamp for me not to worry about it. He also admitted that Phyllis Thibodeaux had been entering my apartment while I was not there, which is illegal. On the day I moved out, he showed me electric bills totaling 90 to 100 dollars a month and said that it was " in the contract " that I pay it. After 19 weeks of him paying the bills, and never mentioning it, he decided to be pejorative and take it out of the exorbitant $ 1000 deposit, which he did not hold. I believe that there is one meter for the electricity for the rented apartment, since it is in his back yard and for some unknown reason he decided I should pay for it. Therefore, this Pentecostal minister lied to me so that I would not pursue appropriate legal action for his wife entering my residence while I worked. He is a criminal and a charlatan.

6 reviews
57 helpful votes

To be honest, I wouldn't recommend Craigslist to anyone. I bought a phone that was listed as unlocked, only to later find out that it wasn't. If only it had been tested when the seller was met. Very saddening

1 review
0 helpful votes

I hire this man and his Son to Put up Cameras and set up The DVR He came with out any Tools and expect to Use mine Then Try to drill a Hole into My wall I told him it was Block and you have to have the right Drill Bit to go Thru the wall He did not Listen Now I have a Hole He Left me a MESS The Cameras do Not record they only live play so i have to hire some one else to come do A Job this man screwed up @ night the camera are all white so Im not sure what he has done.. Do Not hite this person waste of time and your Money

Tip for consumers: do not hire

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