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140 reviews
222 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA 94108
Tel: 6789101112131
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140 Reviews From Our Community

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5 reviews
13 helpful votes

I find that men seeking women are also In the men seeking men section. I've learned to Google every pic I see and find interesting where it's at on other sites.

Ask Paula about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Mike's TV Install in Dallas was a great value and service all around. Mike was professional, quick, and mounted my TV beautifully without any mistakes or mishaps. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to mount any size TV on a wall or even brick wall, with all the wires hidden behind the wall!

Ask Jen about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

The site would be good if they took the prohibited option off. Some people like myself post real stuff and just because a web surfer isn't feeling it it will get flagged. You have people with no life who sits on the sit 24/7 flagging everybody. It should be limits to what someone can do. I posted one day saying hey world and that was it and got flagged.. I hate Craigslist but the guys post $#*! and ass pics all day and nobody messes with the transgender folks on there just the females because they asking for something particular and these sad miserable dudes hate and flag... Ugh

Ask nunya about Craigslist
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Plenty of people looking to conduct fake deals in order to rob you. Please always keep this in consideration. Otherwise this is a great tool for a modern world.

Ask Alex about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I got my dog back not even half way groomed,from Groomin Tails in Montgomery Alabama, the girl lied, said she was the one who had been grooming him, when Julie Mcray has actually been doing it. It takes Julie all day to groom him, because he can sometimes be difficult and she is very patient but this lady called me back within an hour and half of me dropping him off. She still charged me $40 and told me he needed to be given drugs to calm him down and that he was too matted to finish. I've taken him in there worse and tried getting an appointment a month earlier but she said she was all booked up and didn't offer to put me on a list in case someone else didn't show up. My dog is 11 years old, a groomer told me he needs drugs,!!! I still have to pay someone to finish him and a groomer friend told me I should not have paid her and furthermore she should not have charged me, because in the grooming business you don't get paid if the dog isn't finished. My heart is broken for my dog and when I went back for conflict resolution they just made excuses about how he didn't know them. I think honesty would have been the best policy to begin with, by telling me the lady who usually grooms my dog isn't there anymore. I will be taking him somewhere else from now on, because I wouldn't want anyone being mean to my dog on account of a situation they had with me.
This is the groomer's response to me:
My heart is also broken for your dog. We only see dogs that matted from the humane shelter. Dogs that have been neglected or abandoned. We were thinking of Curly Midgets safety when we suggested that the owner take him to a veterinarian to be sedated and safely finish the groom. Curly had mats as hard as rocks on his face that covered his eyes. When we tried to shave them off he started jerking and snapping at us. That's why we suggested sedation and the owners response was "Well, I can't afford that". We worked on the dog for over an hour plowing through some of the worst mats Ive ever seen, so we felt well within our rights to charge for our time.
Luckily I was able to locate the lady who has been regulary grooming my dog through Facebook and she is picking him up from my house on Tuesday.
Where is the professionalism? Where is the customer service? When did businesses begin to do so well they can treat customers and people any way they want to.
Edna thought it was okay to lie to me, it was within her rights to charge me for the service when she didn't complete the service and then it was okay to insult me as a pet owner.
I had several friends taking their dogs to this groomer on my recommendation, they won't be going there any more.
What happened to ethics? To being polite? What happened to "I'm sorry you aren't happy", and "what can I do to make this right?" I can't see this shop making so much money they can afford to treat people this way.

Ask Darlene about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

This was by far the WORST apartment complex I have ever rented from!!! Management is rude, unprofessional, will steal your security deposit, and will lie right to your face. Worst of all they over charge for absolutely everything! Save yourself some money and time by not renting from Sterling Parc at Middletown in New York or from any apartment complex that is associated with Solomon Organization LLC. They will only rip you off.

Ask joe about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Everyday i must start all over saving apartment rentals... It did not begin this way.

Ask Marilyn about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Ron's masonry
Call Ron 302-669-5102

Stay away from this company. They took to long and left the job unfinished.

Ask nico about Craigslist
4 reviews
3 helpful votes

Using this for simple stuff that I need or need to sell and it's simple and easy and trust worthy

Ask Rachael about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I found A-1 Bullion Exchange, (AKA Paradise Coin & Collectibles both names are used by the same people) on the Ocala Craig"s List and agreed with "Tom" (aka Seth Lutz) to purchase 25 Gold 1oz. American Eagles for $32,950.00. On 5/3/16 I wired this amount to a Wells FargoBank Account #6072549527. Tom said this account was owned by Bonnie Miller who he said was the owner of A-1. Tom assured me I would receive my 25 coins in a couple days. After much stalling I was assured by Tom that he was sending the 25 coins via insured registered USPS Mail on 5/14/16 and even sent me a text with a tracking number. No gold/package was mailed and the tracking # was bogus according to the Postal Inspector's office of the USPS! On 5/19/16 Bonnie Miller called and said she was mailing 10 AE Gold coins! That package arrived on 5/21/16 and contained only 4 coins not 10! I am working with local law enforcement, the FTC & FBI.

Ask Paul about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I hired this company to do some remodeling for me and want to let anyone that needs someone to do some remodeling - Affordable Builders Construction of Reeds Spring, MO had dome me an excellent job at a very good price. They are truly professionals.

Ask Sandra about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Purchased a piano from Bill Kap piano company in Cleveland, Ohio. Bill Kap and his salesman, Lou, repeatedly told us that we were buying a "brand new piano with a 10 year warranty." Piano was delivered (3 hours later than promised) without any warranty information. I called Bill Kap, who said he would "mail that out" to me. When a week passed without any warranty info, I called the manufacturer to ask about the warranty. Gave the manufacturer the serial number, and was told that my "brand new piano" was actually 18 years old, and no longer covered by warranty. Emailed Bill Kap, who never responded. I would definitely look for a reputable dealer, and Bill Kap does not fall into this category. Don't be fooled by the age of his business....just means he's been ripping people off for a long time!

Ask Jean about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

No way to talk to a live human being. Voice recordings and emails with automatic responses seem to be the way to go with craigslist. They remove your ads with no indicators as to why. I have tried emailing them and yet my responses are automatic. The response you get when you call in to them is to email them. You are basically just are running around in circles getting nothing accomplished with them. When they remove ads they need to start giving explanations as to why. I have read through all of the rules and it makes absolutely no sense as to why my ads are being removed. I can spend hours compiling ads and trying to help my customers out. I used to love craigslist and lately it is just a huge hassle. I used to recommend everyone to them. I want everyone to know how terrible I think their customer service is. Wanted to test the waters with the free ads to start out. Thanks for nothing!

Ask Britanny about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

My son's renters moved out and the inside needed painting. He lives in Minneapolis and and the house is here in Portland so he found someone to do the work and asked us to help. My husband and I showed up at the appointed hour but the painter did not show up. I called my son and he found Francisco Munoz on Craig's list and gave him a call. Francisco showed up within an hour with equipment and a big smile. He painted living room, dining room, hallway and 2 bedrooms. He did several applications in the bedrooms because the old paint was very dark. He also added texture to the family room and painted the ceiling. When we returned all the holes and blemishes had been covered up and the house looked like new. I was astonished! He worked so fast and yet so well. I could see his sense of pride and how much heart he puts into his work! Francisco is a treasure! I cannot recommend him any higher. Also he only charged us $430.00! What a deal! I wish he did everything for a house!

Ask Julie about Craigslist
1 review
1 helpful vote

I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for accommodations for a music festival and started immediately receiving texts from "people" who answered my ad. Turns out they're all from "roomster" inviting me to join their site once I've clicked on the link that shows me the accommodations they're supposedly trying to rent out. Even if the site really exists, I'm not about to condone anyone who uses these kind of underhanded tactics to get your attention. "Let's see how many people we can screw over in an effort to make a million bucks." No thanks.

Ask loose about Craigslist
12 reviews
21 helpful votes

I had adds on Craigslist a was getting flaged from people at dident like my price I tried to to repost and keep getting flaged I tried to get in touch with Craigslist over the problems they just keep send me to there rules list never did fix problems Craigslist is one of Worst companies that deal with when you have a problem Craigslist list is joke for fixing problems with there adds welfare had company there clowns

Ask Ron about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Go elsewhere to buy a car. You will be spending much more money to repair the car you purchase fron this wife and husband.

Tip for consumers: BEWARE

Ask Beverly about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I was scammed by a guy named Simon Rincon. He posts work on Craigslist about insulation, duct cleaning, finish carpentry, painting, and general labor. I paid him $1100 up front in cash to do some drywall, painting and carpentry. He did about 25% of the work, terribly I might add. He caused more damage with his shotty work which costs me more money. He ended up taking off with my $1100 in cash and the key to my home. He will not return my calls, money or house key. Needless to say, I paid to have my locks changed. By spreading the word about Simon, I have been contacted by others who fell victim to this same man. The phone number that Simon uses is 517-366-9120. I hope that nobody else falls victim to this man.

Ask Melissa about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Carlos Paz, phone # 973-756-7232, also has a website he might refer you to

DO NOT USE HIM. I used him for my home renovations for more than $10k (including bathrooms, kitchen, flooring, basically everything). First of all, he did not complete single part of the job (e.g., bathroom, there are still holes in the wall, the vanities are not installed, he messed up the plumbing so I had to spend extra money). He will assure you that he can do it all but he's really just a tile guy (although not even that good at that because the tiling is uneven and the grout is coming off). He will also lie and say that he can complete the job w/in a x period of time. He quoted me 1 month at first, and 4 months later, I was so fed up with his lies and inexperience that I had to let him go.

Do yourself a favor and don't use him. You have been warned.

Ask aaron about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Willy responded on short notice to aerate our front yard. He was on-time, business like, and did a GREAT job at a reasonable price.

Ask Josiah about Craigslist
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

The coward slumlord with no morals! He has proven to be violent, hostile,full of rage,manipulative, alcoholic,drug fueled , compulsive liar, a deadbeat, BUMB,unemployable , degenerate gambler,mentally ill,retarded , sociopathic,Schitzo ,begger, no morals, no honesty , he has admitted to being ACCUSSED of RAPE! , he scams renters and feels they should get over it! Robert S. RAU is all BAD!! He is a lazy coward holding his hands out for free money. He will write and sign contracts and he will simply lie and pretend he didn't and he will make excuses!! He is a Bastard child and he uses that for an excuse to be a low life bottom feeder! Robert lives at 564 Westminster street and he can't get a minimum wage job due to his BACKROUND check and his unstable mind and life! He is a total piece of work. Avoid him at all costs ! He will lie to your face to get you in and get you out! He lives in a delusional world telling everyone he's the victim of vindictive tenants but it's not true as usual with Robert S RAU. ! He is the problem

Tip for consumers: Do back round checks on landlords if you decide to rent a room in THOUSAND OAKS,CA 91360 Westminster street. Avoid this so called business that this subhuman is offering because you will regret it. 50 criminal charges on the backround check!! It cost $1 please take the time and effort

Ask Billy about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

I do not trust craigslist anymore Everyone watch out for someone useing the name Susan Williams and Email name is on craigslist trying to sell a red 1995 Chevrolet c/k pickup saying it's being held at Omaha, NE in Auto proshipping it is a scam they tell you to use Apple iTunes but they use a fake account to steal your money so please be careful about buying online

Ask Anna about Craigslist
1 review
1 helpful vote

The site is an absolute joke. Over the years it has been involved in prostitution, solicitation, and murder. Now the site wants to charge employers a fee to post job openings. Yeah, cool, I will give you money to have the bottom of the barrel contact me for a job that they will undoubtedly be unable to perform. Thanks craigslist, you should go back to murder and prostitution.

Ask Andre about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

This guy was a bad joke. He did the worst possible auto detailing job I have ever seen. They did not even touch the inside of the cars. I had 4 cars I paid $330.00 to detail one car, then they were supposed to clean the other cars. They did not even clean the other cars on the inside at all! I called him on it and he then promised he would come back and make it good. That was 4 months ago! I called him to remind him he again lied to me , he never came to clean the cars. Don't use this fly by night service. He uses a bunch of young guys and does not give them guidance on how to work, so they completely skip the inside of the cars. I could go on but lesson learned for me I hope you read this and don't waste you money and time with this Dany Inland Empire Auto Detailing!

Ask rrrr--- about Craigslist
1 review
0 helpful votes

Incredibly irresponsible! I confirmed three times with Brett that my husband was meeting him to pick up a refrigerator. We accommodated our schedule for him, and drove out an hour to meet him. The guy completely fakes!

Ask Erika about Craigslist

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A: I have posted many adds with craigslist my house, furniture and pets in the past. I am trying to post an dog now that showed up on here on the 4th of July. But all my adds get deleted use to love craigslist now I hate Craigslist. Big waste of my time every add I post gets deleted if I will selling cocaine I can understand craigslist use a funking little common sence. Don't call the customer service number thank you for calling Craigslist but there is no one here to help you. I have posted last add with Craiglist longer customer.
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