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BeNaughty reviews

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259 reviews
Categories: Dating
Tel: 1465485348
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259 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
2 helpful votes

This place is a scam, and it doesn't even allow you to delete your account. I've tried several times. I get a final message that they will send me a special password to finalize my unsubscribing. It never arrives on my email, but I DO get many requests from supposed members. Why won't you let me unsubscribe ?

Ask Ralph about BeNaughty
1 review
2 helpful votes

I like Be Naughty and will probably keep using it every once in a while. IMO tho its not as good as hookuphangout for me and they are about the same price so wont be switching for good but I do like it as a 2nd option. It has a few girls that look like models and I avoid them like the plague so make sure you do the same. Thats not just this site tho that goes for them all. Girls like that dont need dating sites! But stick with the realistic girls and see what they reply to you and you will be fine from their im sure. Good luck!

Ask Howard about BeNaughty
3 reviews
13 helpful votes

I've used up to 20 to 30 hookup sites during the last five years and from my experience this is not the best but also not the worst hookup site. I'd even say it is above average. I still prefer good old Adultfriendfinder, even thouh there are many inactive members by now and which never disappointed me at all. But if I had to go for a third choice it would most likely be BeNaughty. I'd say that if you treat women with respect and look okay you will do fine.

Ask Lionel about BeNaughty
1 review
4 helpful votes

This site has too many bots, (or computer generated chats). Doesn't' accurately answer detailed questions.
I can say I did meet one real lady here. that was after having "chats" with hundreds of fakes.

Ask Kinky about BeNaughty
1 review
2 helpful votes

be naughty is alright but is far superiour for me but my advice would be try as many of these sites as you can afford too + when you get a few replays from women in your area keep going with it. Were you dont have many women showin up in the searches and all that, walk away after a month or 2 max.

Ask Charles about BeNaughty
1 review
5 helpful votes

Fake profiles... Computer generated responses... Fake cities... Like San Francisco Texas... Really...? Just stay away...

Ask Mark about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

After seconds of joining I had a message.
After a minute I had 25 messages.
After 12 hours I had 125 messages.
I didn't even post a pic or any info.
On pof I send a hundred messages a week and might get one reply.
This alone tells me the site is fake, I didn't fall for it this time like I did from justhookups or rudefinder as it was called at the time. These sites just make a new name when the gig is up, its the same company or scam as I call it.
After you join the messages will stop.
Read their legal they say it's only ment for entertainment proposes or profit proposes as I say, don't fall for it.
As always my money is better spent on backpage women or your local agency.
Aff is good also to introduce yourself to the local red light women if you're new.

Ask Tune about BeNaughty
1 review
5 helpful votes

5 days and quit nothing but mostly fake profiles and responses. The cities on most don't exist in my state. Ask a member where in general they are located and they resond with a local.mall. just too much garbage to sift through, not worth my time.

Ask Brian about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

In 3 days I didn't find 1 genuine woman

Ask Pete about BeNaughty
1 review
1 helpful vote

BN is up there with the main sites for the more casual online dating (this is not a site to find love, unless by love you mean checking into a dingy hotel with a stranger and screwing her senseless for an hour before wondering if you should pay for the room or split the cost. And if you do call that love, then you need your head examined!) Ive had some good chats on it and met a couple of girls in the few months I've been a paid member. Must say I like it in general, I use a few of these kind of sites together and that seems to work well, I usually get at least one dirty chat going at the weekend and sometimes more (had a webcam sess on last friday and blew my beans in minutes, girl was stunning, was fairly embarrasing!) If you are thinking of joining up id say give it a try, its cheap enough to try out for a while (i would suggest no less than 3 months) and I'm sure youll do ok. Unless you look like an ugly sloth and smell like mouldy cheese, in which case you should just become a monk.

Ask Christopher about BeNaughty
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Many of my friends were or are registered on Benaughty, so I am never bored there with or without them. I have plenty of attention from handsome users and I like it

Ask Joyce about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

I've been using all kind of adult hookup sites for four years. 99% of them are a WASTE OF TIME! That being said there are a few adult hookup sites which are worth joining (but just joining won't get you laid). From my experiences I can recommend 3-4 adult hookupsites: is one of them - also try (absolutely awesome when being used with a good strategy), Adultfriendfinder (hit and miss but mostly good results possible).

Why I consider one of the best adult hook up sites? Well, if you decide to upgrade your membership the prices are decent and dispite the average review claiming that there are only fake profiles, my experience has revealed that you can met REAL women for casual encounters.

Ask Erik about BeNaughty
6 reviews
962 helpful votes

Robots, Scammers, Fakes, Photo stealers, Girls with multiple profiles. Their screening processes are terrible and well below industry standards. Girls can post any photo they want, men can not. Women can use their cell number as their screen name, men can not. Women have free accounts and communicate with anyone, men can not. Women can post personal information on their profiles including photos with emails and phone numbers, men can not. Men are strictly screened, women aren't.
Talked with administration and was told to report fake women. It would take me several days to report all the fake women on the site. I firmly believe that they know 95% of the women on their site are fake, but these women are making them money by having guys upgrade. Moral to my story. STAY AWAY!! You have been warned.

Ask jack about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

I used this site about four year's ago and met a great woman within a couple of weeks.
We had two great years and then parted.
Joined again last week and the place could not be more different. Complete scam.
Try "winking". You are "winked" back before it would be humanly possible for a living entity to either realise you had even browsed them, never mind respond. Chatting is even funnier ! If you enjoy confusing sex bots, this is the site for you. Otherwise, avoid like the plague. Seriously !

Ask Dave about BeNaughty
1 review
8 helpful votes

I chatted with dozens of "women" only to discover that none of them were real, just sex chat bots that won't deviate from their script, except to get offended if you use the right words accusing them of being fake, after which they go right back into their sex chat as if nothing had happened. Total 100% BS. If 0 star rating was possible, I would rate it thus!

Ask Lyall about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

Joined about a month or so ago. I had been a member a few years back and actually met 2 women from the site after lots of time and effort! So I thought I would try again, wish I hadn't bothered.

It isn't so much the waste of money I object to but the waste of time and the fact they think us men are idiots!

I work from home so am logged in for quite a few hours a day, at different times whilst I work and so far there hasn't been one genuine contact on line. I get lots of "contact" from women that open a chat and when I reply they go dead. Obviously they are fake, probably from the site itself.

you can usually tell as they start with very American sounding "friendly" opening line such as Hey... etc and lots of winks / smileys.

I know they are 99.99% fake but I respond as you never know there might be the odd real woman contacting me. I doubt it though. this is what I mean by wasting my time and insulting my intelligence!

Also, I get loads of friend requests from women that never contact me or when I chat they never reply. Strange but why would a real woman want to "friend" me when they haven't even looked at my profile.

Lastly, lots of women that contact me or friend me are single (I am married) and you can tell from their profiles (if real) that they value loyalty / faithful men etc so why are they supposedly contacting a married man!!!??

I don't mind paying and I know the chances of meeting real women are slim but please save your money here and don't waste it like me. If they were genuine and open about how hard it is for a man to get a woman here, and vetted women then I would pay again but basically I feel scammed!

Tip for consumers: Don't!!!

Ask Mark about BeNaughty
2 reviews
6 helpful votes

Don't bother wasting your time none of them are real

Ask Bobby about BeNaughty
1 review
1 helpful vote

There is a reason why companies like this site (be naughty) last so long they work. If they never worked, people would leave and nobody would pay for the service. Although I'd say that be naughty is not as good as something like I would still be able to testify to it being an idea that can work, when you get some luck. There are lots of people that say its a scam and all that but they arent giving it a chance or they are just expecting to damn much. These sites will not get you laid in seconds guys, wake up and smell the damn coffee already! But you can get some pretty hot chats going, you can arrange dirty webcam chats with sluts in your area or outside your area. And best of all, once in a while the stars allign and lady luck smiles on you and BANG! you get yourself a fine piece of ass and you realise that the past few weeks of sending messages, searching through profiles, avoiding the model 'members' all was worth it and then some. I guarantee you, when you look down and find some hot chick slurpin your salami you will not be thinking boo hoo this site sucks I had to wait to long blah blah blah but you'll be thinking thank you thank you thank you! Does it happen all the time? No freakin way! But does it happen? You bet your bottom dollar it does. Keep you expectations in check, keep tryin and stay positive. It costs you hardly anything and worst case scenario you get some hot cyber a few times a month with girls that are so much fun. It's worth it if like me, you have no interest in long term relationships or going steady. Screw that, ill take the chance of finding sex online over that stuff any day of the week lol! Peace out.

Ask Sam about BeNaughty
1 review
3 helpful votes

This company is owned by TOGETHER GROUP they own all websites like flirt, cupid, benaughty, shagaholics, loveacholics and a bunch other .. The problem lies that its ran by a bunch of $#*!s who have no clue what they are doing .. the site is plagued with tons of issues and does not run correctly there is always tons of glitches. they have some volunteer mods that have no freaking clue what they are doing to man the chat rooms and they play favoritism .. site is loaded with fake profiles / scammers and the employees make up tons of fake profiles.. and do not get me started with there customer service dept omg they are rude , nasty and lets just say i have a few dead rocks out side that have more brains then they do.. They have no clue what is going on try to report a problem and u get the standard message ... the site is going under and people DO NOT WASTE UR MONEY.. they took cam options off they took all the chat rooms away except for 1 then after everyone started leaving they decided to put 2 back so there are now 3 rooms total. They ban and remove all the regulars the good people especially if they do not like you . they find any reason to have u banned i have seen a few of my friends banned for no reason but yet the scammers and the trouble makers still at large.. then they block you from calling them for answers.. One of my friends was fully removed for no reason and yet to this day was never given an explanation as to why ? Good riddance i say .. I wish this site wld just fold up and go away and all there worth less employees as well.

Ask WHO about BeNaughty
1 review
8 helpful votes

How do these sites stay in business? Oh yeah: By convincing people like me that, without even paying yet, in less than 24 hours, somehow I miraculously received over a dozen messages, over 150 views and likes of my page and countless email notices telling me how incredibly desirable and hot I am to an endless stream of gorgeous, young, sexy women , just from my area alone! Wow, who knew I was so sexy?! Another total crock of $#*! from another ripoff website.. geewhiz, what a surprise.

Ask c about BeNaughty
1 review
2 helpful votes

Not a bad hook up option if you are single guy or girl and just looking for fun. id say its almost as good a website as (usually seen as the site that gives you the biggest amount of real women in uk/ us cities and towns if you read the reviews) and its not expensive, especially if you compare it to other ways of getting no strings sex lol! Lets see you could go to a hooker and pay a fortune every night, if you are really lucky you could take girls out on dates and basically lie that you want a relationship lol or you could go out to clubs and pubs every weekend and hope to go home with a girl but more than likely end up going home on you're own lol! Forking out the price of a decent nightclub entry for a month of chatting to chicks is not something I can get pissy about, so I'm happy with the site even if i don't always score, at least I'm always meeting new girls and working towards getting laid. Cant really argue with that so will keep using the site!

Ask Doug about BeNaughty
1 review
7 helpful votes

No doubt about it: BeNaughty is one of the best sites among with CasualDating4u and AFF. Guys complaining about it usually really suck at online dating. Period.

Ask John about BeNaughty
1 review
14 helpful votes

I was skeptical about this site after reading the reviews, so I setup a fake profile where I was 90 years old. I uploaded the worse picture of my grandpa that I could fine who is actually only 88. Also stated I was confined to a wheelchair, couldn't have sex and just wanted a young girl to wheel me around, clean my place, cook for me and change my

I was overwhelmed with hot young girls that wanted me...So this site is obviously a total scam.

Ask Truth about BeNaughty
1 review
1 helpful vote

I would say this site is a good choice IMO if you are looking for NSA dating/ flings and is actually a lot better than iI expected it to be. You have to pay to use all of the features (in fact you have to pay to use the all main things, only searching is free if I remember right) but then thats the same with most of the top sex dating sites e.g etc. So after you pay you get to send messages and read them as well, pretty vital, but its not expensive at all and you can get it cheaper if you take a longer option like 3 months or 6 months or whatever. Ive had some good nights because of this site and generally prefer it to a lot of the other sites out there so if you're reading this because your not sure then id say go for it but top tip is to make sure your check how many girls are in your area before you pay. Good luck!

Ask Steve about BeNaughty
1 review
10 helpful votes

benaughty haa,should be re-named be ripped off, as a previous reviewer said so called members are online 24hrs same faces no matter what time you log on, if i log on in the morning within minutes i will get 2 chat requests and i profile review , every morning it's the same, if you browse someone, usually before their review has appeared on your screen a tag will come on telling me they have either browsed me or winked or liked me , think the guy at benaughty is pressing the button to soon he needs to slow down a little to make it more believeable . since becoming a paid up member more fool me, i cannot reply to any chat requests my reply does not go through , benaughty technical are rubbish and no help at all , like being ripped off join benaughty.

Ask David about BeNaughty
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