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226 Reviews From Our Community

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Not as good as but sure one of the better hook up sites! (in 48 reviews)


Benaughty is great because 2-3 days is enough for find a single lady in specific area. (in 9 reviews)


I'm contacted by way too young or way too old women and many of them are not even in my location! (in 28 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Started out with this site and it was bad, they like to use the bait and hook scam to get you to sign up for one of their other sites. I complained and stated my case, they didn't give me a refund but they did give me another month on this site. Well ok I thought, then they pushed other sites on you, hard push, emails, sending your personal name out to their kissin cousin sites. Imagine my horror, when I saw my name in a subject line. When I started I had "incognito mode" (no one can see that you reviewed their profile.) Then it disappeared, only way to get it back was to pay extra, a lot extra. The emails letting you know someone wants to chat with you or wrote you a msg had stopped. You still get their other sites emails even though you optioned out. The icons letting you know you rec'd an email stopped working, and the icon for number of chats you have going was/is completely off. It said I had 3 chats, when I really had zero. I put in "tickets" to have them resolved. You get a standard response, but that's it. You may get, "sorry to see you leave." WTF? I just wanted those issues fixed, didn't say I was leaving.. I replied to them and stated they needed to get someone there who can read and understand English. Their reply? "Sorry to see you leave." And you'll always get those one or two chats that never answer you back. Last but not least, they are using photos of women that are on Milfoholic and Lonelywifehookup, not just one or two. Many of the same women, I know b/c they're supposed to be in my area. Don't waste your money, join a real dating site, even the women there get lonely too.

Ask Pic about BeNaughty
1 review
0 helpful votes

Give me some more time here I don't have money now!!! Aaaaa let me stay here longer please!!!!

Ask Frank about BeNaughty
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

What can I say? 10 minutes since I registered, and Ive already got 4 messages from muscled godsWon't lie, it felt good.

Ask Sam about BeNaughty
1 review
1 helpful vote

Personally I rank this site among the best hookup sites out there, maybe the only one I prefer is but its very close between the two. I use them both actually as part of my overall online dating method, which works pretty well for me most of the time and im happy to share in case its of interest, for any one who is having issues getting replies or setting up sex meetings. What I do is pretty simple, as follows:
1. Set up free accounts with a few hookup sites and find which ones have a good number of members in your area, dont bother filling in profile until you know its worth spending time on (you can use any sites but id suggest the two I use and BN)
2. Spend time on your profile, add a few pics, try to be funny but also dont be scared to talk about likes and dislikes. Women want personality, even when looking for sex (they aint like us easy to please guys unfortunately haha!)
3. Dont mess around chasing the supermodels, some sites are full of these and they arent real. Stick with the sites ive recommended and use common sense - the hottest 10/10 girls dont need dating sites
4. One you find a site youre liking, go for the best options available get a long membership(unless youre planning to stop being interested in sex sometime soon!) to keep your monthly costs down and if they have a VIP option cheap then grab it, its a small outlay for helping you look like you have cash and practically speaking, it help to make you stand out and often lets you contact free members you couldnt normally contact
5. Be patient because no matter what the ads say, no site gets you instant sex. It takes time, chats and a whole lot of patience but the key is to get the ball rolling
6. Become a messaging maniac contact as many women on the two sites as you can and youll have a better chance of getting talking with one or two. After that, its down to having good chat and a little bit of luck!
This really doesnt take as long as youd think and is totally worth it. As I say, it works well for me and ill be doing it for the foreseeable future, as long as the women keep joining!! Hope that is helpful anyway.

Ask Ray about BeNaughty
1 review
2 helpful votes

Right lets be clear, this was always going to be bots, nobody could possibly believe they're meeting the girl of their dreams on this cheap $#*!e. But still... considering the money they're taking you think they'd have TRIED to make it look real?! Also slightly concerned about the bots with rape fantasies, that's just weird.

Ask J about BeNaughty
1 review
0 helpful votes

It's really annoying when site blocks as they say "due to the suspicious activity" but it's only before verification. And what a hack with some of the guys some of them a really crazy or just maybe dumb after you have responded to them they could write you back something like "Do you wish to play with my [ insert here any name of the penis that you can imagine ]? I know you do!!!". Come on!! Get real! It's just pissing me off. However I have to admit they are minority by this minority could spoil you whole day if you be so unlucky to find one of them.
Just eliminate them and the site will be better.

Ask Kate about BeNaughty
1 review
3 helpful votes

I liked this website but also found it a bit frustrating. I liked it when women would start conversations with me and talk dirty. Unfortunately, most of these women lived in New Berlin! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone looking for a relationship. Most people are on here just to talk dirty, which gets old after a while. If you are not a paid member, you are very limited in what you can do. I found it frustrating that cancelling a paid subscription was so hard. They give you a number to call, where the person asks why you are cancelling then tries to make you an offer to stay. Plus, I tried three times to delete my profile and the website never deleted it! Overall, this website is more trouble than it's worth.

Ask Rich about BeNaughty
1 review
1 helpful vote

It's bots. Conversation will laste a few questions like favorite color and than they will have to leave.

Ask Jordan about BeNaughty
1 review
0 helpful votes

80% of users from my city have uploaded their naked photos. I do not want others saw naked body of my future girlfriend. So It was enough difficult to found the right one, but thanks god finally i did it

Ask Petya about BeNaughty
1 review
1 helpful vote

Definitely the best place for girls! There are a lot of boys on benaughty. Ofc some of them are real jerks like in real life but they don't hide while they are on the net so it's easier to spot them quickly especially when some of them offering you to do something awful after saying hi.
Anyway it's only one issue that I've had so far.

Ask Jenniffer about BeNaughty
1 review
7 helpful votes

The site is fake. All of my communications have been with robots. It's easy to tell. You ask them questions like do you like swallowing c** from a dog, and they come back with I love to swallow it's my favorite thing. You can say hi, hello, hey and so on and they will continue to reply hi, hello, hey. You can even ask them if they have had sex with minors and they will tell you they like doggy style. What a f****** joke. I have not been able to communicate with a real person since I have been on the site 4/3 weeks because they will not refund my money. Stay away. I cannot believe that sites like this are able to exist in today's society with the laws in place regarding internet providers.

Ask Harry about BeNaughty
1 review
8 helpful votes

I created my account and immediately started receiving all kinds of emails and whatnot from "people," most of whom weren't even in the same state I'm in. Mind you I hadn't even filled in my profile yet. Within 24 HOURS I started getting spam messages in my e-mail box. Just deleted my account. Sounds like a good site, but save yourself the trouble and move on. I wish I'd read these reviews before I signed up. Have to wonder who's making the good reviews, and how much they're being paid to do so...

Ask M about BeNaughty
1 review
7 helpful votes

This site is easy enough to use, its got a good app for using on the go and its super simple to run searches and send messages. You have to pay to be able to send and read messages but thats to be expected id say. Girls are pretty hot judging by the pics, Ive not managed to stick my hot dog in a bun yet,but im about to pass the one month mark so it cant be far away now. On my third week with I got sucked off, so youve gotta think im close. At the moment id give this a solid 7 out of 10

Ask Mel about BeNaughty
3 reviews
0 helpful votes

Thanks for experience. Found my special one

Ask Kanon about BeNaughty
1 review
0 helpful votes

hello there what's wrong of my account i can't verified my account this is my account on okey can you verified my account

Ask jhessica about BeNaughty
1 review
3 helpful votes

Have used application on my iphone for 3 weeks. It was great time finally I met a great woman.
Happy customer

Ask Mark about BeNaughty
1 review
2 helpful votes

Making me put my penis deep inside you and having so dam fun $#*!ing your pussy and locking your $#*!

Ask Hubert about BeNaughty
1 review
9 helpful votes

I didn't upload a photo, didn't fill out anything in the description yet and suddenly all the hot chicks want to chat with me within 5 minutes...O yeah, just like the real life, just pay us so you can read those messages, ahhh how many times I've seen that already... And when you do pay suddenly there's no interest from anybody, most profiles are fake, garbage site.
Why there's no option but credit card? Why there's no paypal so you can later log in and easily cancel your subscription there? Because they know it ! I can't believe something like this is allowed in this country

Ask Daniel about BeNaughty
1 review
3 helpful votes

Not sure where Id be without BeNaughty and HookupHangout (the other site I use), love how getting messages from guys (most anyway) gives me a spring in my step! Like how they send compliments over what im wearing (which isnt very much FYI) in my profile pics. And when I eventually choose one to meet with at the weekend, I like how I get treated like a princess, taken for meals and then more often than not, if all has gone well, taken to bed lol! Im a student so I dont feel like im a slut, im just more at ease with my sex life than most people. Plus its just the way people are these days, guys and girls. Most of my class (I mean the girls as well as the guys) are on these sites or some kind of online hookup site. Its fun and its not like you have to do anything you dont want to. I love it anyway and its free for me, so I really dont know why I wouldnt use it! Yes you get the occasional a-hole but thats why I like to chat a bit first before actually meeting up, as there must be a lot of weirdos out there. But if your careful (I even went on a double date with my friend once) and use common sense then I dont see what could go wrong. Meet in crowded places, speak beforehand over messages and on the phone, thats what I do anyway, and set it up so you have a friend call you half way into the night to speak. Some people even create a code, like if you meet with an ugly guy you have a code word to get them to come and save you! Id recommend the site if you dont mind a laugh, arent scared to leave your comfort zone and are willing to try something new and different.

Ask Birgitte about BeNaughty
1 review
4 helpful votes

I always sign up as a girl looking for a boy first,why because its free and gives you time to check it out first without spending a penny. And yes this site is a scam. All the good reviews are written with really bad English,which is a give away. STAY AWAY

Ask jack about BeNaughty
1 review
1 helpful vote

I do remembre that time when we winked at each first. That's how our relationships has started. Unfortunately I don't remembers who have send the first message however I'm trying to prove that it was me lol. Me and Laura we have made a deal that our relationships won't become something serious however I'm thinking about it sometimes.
Thanks to BN that i have found my Laura.

Ask Pierre about BeNaughty
1 review
6 helpful votes

Love it! I have two women at the same time. They know about each other, and that's really cool! No hysteria!

Ask Alex about BeNaughty
1 review
12 helpful votes

This appears to be a scam - I was offered a promotion of 3 days access @99p - As soon as I paid this, my account said it had £40 something as a reoccuring bill. To add insult to injury, I was bombarded with private chats that all end in the girl requesting to go to another site and pay to continue chatting. Worst of all, the site won't allow you to terminate the billing unless you call them. This is ridiculous....

Ask Lee about BeNaughty
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have had good things happen to me.

Ask Joseph about BeNaughty
1 review
3 helpful votes

Id say the positives are: super simple to use, especially on my iphone and ipad. Looks fine on mobile for when youre on the move as I usually am. But overall even with these things its not as good as certain other sex sites that are more under the radar, im thinking specifically about and those kinds of sites that probably dont have the same big budget but still do well because of word of mouth and positive experiences (i.e people actually get laid). But all things considered this site serves its purpose and although ive not got lucky yet ive only been a member for five or six weeks and these things do take time so im not at the point where im writing it off, dont get me wrong, I just dont think its quite among the very best.

Ask Kevin about BeNaughty
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