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Avoid this company. They do not pay out. I phone every day and every day I am told that the money will be paid later that day. This morning I rang and spoke to Grace who promised me an email this afternoon informing me my payment had been made - no email and no payment YET AGAIN. Always tomorrow well I will be reporting to Trading Standards tomorrow just like all the other people who have written reviews on here should be doing - lets get this place shut down.

Tip for consumers: stay away from it they don't pay out.

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This company is shambolic and I am putting measures in place to take the necessary legal action to recover my money. After being told they will offer the highest price for the iPhone, upon receipt it would appear it miraculously developed scratches during transit, resulting in a lower offer price being made...... For a simple life, I agreed, but that was just the start of it! After being told my bank account details are incorrect, they somehow still allegedly made a payment and now state that the money has been sent.... Well I can assure it hasn't!!! I am still awaiting payment despite being told a pack of lies. It seems like I am not the only one too. Like I say, I am taking legal action and will seek to ensure these fraudsters will never be able to trade again!

Trade in ID 31094386

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I've been waiting almost two weeks for money got told I eould receive it Friday evening no later haven't received it so they said they issued it to check they have the right details I did and they have the correct ones tried logging in again it won't let me I'm annoyed wished I read reviews before I placed a order with this company won't be using them again

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I have sent my iPhone 6s to them and they have offered a low price to me. I refused and asked for my phone to be returned to me. Then a week later I have received a new email with a new priced offered(+9£ on top of the original offer )
I still refused and asked for my phone to be sent back to me! More than a month and several emails later I still don't have my phone back! They have sent me a tracking number , claiming they have sent the parcel, but the number doesn't work..... I assume they have never sent it back to me and hoped that I will forget about it. After reading all the reviews online I should have never used them! Don't send your phone to them!!!!!

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Only give one star so i can write a review do not sell to these Go private dont ever use these there quick to send envelope out.give u a good price get your phone tben make out something is up with your phone then you accept new offer and then they wont pay out they start saying ur payment has gone missing and fraud team are onto it took me 6 weeks to get my money only because i was on at them everyday from morning till teatime threatening them with trading standards speaking and getting fobbed off by grace who answers the phone everytime saying the same $#*!e id never ever use them again total con they need closing down

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You may as well bin your phone than send it to them. Sent phone, they knock you down for no reason claiming there is damage then don't pay up

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Order No. 31031206
Had my phone since 10th December - was told payment has been
done via faster payments, obviously not the case as no payment
received. Emailed, told may take up to 5 working days, queried why they
have faster payments quoted all over website if not using this method.

Received email Friday 14th Dec saying would be sorted by 6pm - I replied
saying they close at 5pm so not in by 6pm would have to wait until
Monday, no reply.

Called four times, nobody answering phone. Emailed again stating if not had payment by 5pm will be contacting trading standards and requested they call me ASAP.

5 minutes after posting this review online, checked my bank and they'd sent
me my cash... along with FINALLY contacting me asking me to consider or
editing this review as they'd sent the money by 6pm, as they outlined in
a previous email.


1) They only gave me the deadline by 6pm today, after I pushed them. Originally they just sent a reply about it may take 5 working days.

2) They only replied to TWO of my emails after I had written this review and sent email mentioning Trading Standards.

3) If they sent my cash within literally 5 minutes to me, why are they holding on to everyone's cash? Clearly because they see how far they can get away with keeping people's money until the threat of Trading Standards is sent, or a negative review left here.

I will not remove the review and will be going to Trading Standards still. They need to stop holding people's money that their entitled to have paid to them after sending their phone etc in. Also think their claims of damage or wear and tear is dubious, and shouldn't be trusted.

I would also add, that as plenty of reviews have said, when they decrease the original offer down, push against this and demand your phone back. You'll soon find out they, in actual fact, due to a mistake on their end, they can now pay the full amount - again, trying it on. I will now be seeking the rest of the money owed to me. I urge everyone else to do what I did if you want to get your cash back.

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Corrupt! Like with other reviews I did not see the experiences that are described on Trust Pilot or I would have steered well clear of this excuse for a company.
A pristine iphone 6s offered £164 for was downgraded to £140 due to the following statement "We have offered you a revised price due to moderate wear to the casing" I immediately rejected this new price as the phone had a Zagg glass protector and an apple smart battery case fitted its whole life. I was told the phone would be returned and that they may have to call me to confirm delivery details. Fast forward five days as I am calling to chase my phone and I receive another email saying that "We have some great news! Our quality assurance team have reviewed your device as there was a technical error with the grading system and we're able to offer you more!
We're pleased to be able to increase your offer to the full value of: £164" Ten days later I have still not received my money after an email and three phone calls.
Read from my experience what you will but this company seems as bent as can be. It is my opinion that they try to sell your handset on before they pay you for it, it is the only explanation that I makes sense. You cannot speak to anyone other than a customer service operative, they keep spinning the same lies about an escalation team and being paid straight away after you have complained.
I have tried to speak to a supervisor but not managed it yet and they will not discuss compensation for their totally inadequate service. Use another recycling provider, I have never had any problems with competitors. Their price may be slightly lower but you will get that price and not have the pain in the butt of having to chase Webuyanyphone wasting your time. Do not use them!!!!!! I cannot emphasize this enough

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Received offer of £270 online for an almost new phone in perfect condition. Once they received the phone, was offered £200 because they had found 'deep scratches' which - when we requested a photograph - they said wouldn't show up on a camera?! We refused the offer and asked them to reassess. When we ran back we were told that this hadn't been actioned and instead they would pay us £200 because according to them, we hadn't been in touch for 5 days and therefore their policy us to pay the first offer. In summary: poor customer service, inaccurate assessment of phone and clearly they'll do what they can to make money! We certainly won't recommend them to anyone.

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Late on the payment and under offered against the phone value, spoken to the customer service agent GRACE everyday now for the last week and she talks over you, claims to send email (never cc's you in) and hung up on me on multiple occasions when trying to offer a resolution. She essentiall hang ups when you ask her to actually resolve the situation. AVOID USING SLOW PAYMENT, RIP OFF PRICES AND AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE AVOID AVOID AVOID

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I am still chasing the loss of my iPad Air 2, which I traded in at the start of June. I have received no response to my emails and it's been impossible to get through on the telephone lines for the past three months.

The service is absolutely appalling, I am loathed to even give them one star because I've clearly been conned. The company have obviously sold the item to another buyer before I had a chance to respond to the offer. To this date I have received no response or compensation.

If any representation of the company reads this page, my order number is 3843695. I am now having to go through the lengthy battle of a court case because their complete non-response. I urge anyone else having issues to go through the courts as well so that this fraudulent company can be closed down.

1 review
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Still waiting for my funds to come through after 3 weeks!
Telephone staff very polite but absolute waste of time .
I will add a new review every day till I get my money.

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Use another Company, after threatening to contact the police because they had obtain my phone and was not paying the money owed for my old mobile, I was paid. The company should be avoided by all cost, they leave a really bad taste with the way they treat you and I do believe they try to not pay you for the mobile.

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We con is what they should be called. I sent them a brand new iPhone 7 34GB that I received in an upgrade but didn't like. After using a phone comparison website they came up with the best price. Took days for the packaging to arrive to send them the phone and then received an email saying they couldn't offer me the price they had as it was damaged on the bezel and was in "quarantine" waiting for my decision on the new reduced payment. I said I would have my phone back as it was not damaged, only to receive another email saying "good news" they had reviewed their offer and could offer me more. I foolishly agreed and here I am four weeks down the line with no phone & no payment. I have sent countless emails, which some have been responded to but all with lies and fobbing off. The most recent correspondence was today when I was promised a call but then received an email saying they had rang but I hadn't answered; of course that was utter rubbish as my phone has been on me all the time awaiting the call. They are now saying the payment has not gone to my bank because I supplied the wrong sort code and my bank returned it. Again pure fabrication as I rang my bank who said they have had no contact from this company. I am now at the stage where I am in contact with the CAB, Trading Standards and filling in the police online fraud forms. How is this company still trading? I am now about to launch a campaign on social media to highlight this fraudulent company and will also be sending details to Rip Off Britain via a friend who works for ITV.

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Awful experience and very rude staff including managers telling me to never call the company again and hang up because they have had my phone for 4 weeks and still haven't paid the money for it. If you are in the same situation please report them to trading standards and get them investigated. Bunch of thief's need shutting down

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Terrible company. Didn't pay for god knows how long. Terrible customer service. Hang up the phone on you, ignore emails. Just bloody rude money grabbing frauds!! Do not use this company even if your desperate! You will never get the price the company offer you, they always make up an excuse that the phone is in some way faulty when it isn't and half the price of the original quote! Thieves really

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I sent my phone to these an iphone 7 128gb which i was offered £305 for. They then emailed and said its only worth £200 and i accepted. They said i would receive payment on the 9th of August. I still haven't received a penny. Iv now took it upon myself to take this company to a small claims court for my money and iv also reported them to trading standards. I will report back on what happens

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Waiting almost 3 months for money and tiered of hearing that my money will be by midnight Friday. They gave compensation haven't even got that. Waiting on hold 30 minus plus going to small claims court. Very bad reviews all over.

scott h.
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Did not process payment as promise. Took phones from me and hen ignored every time I tried to contact!
If you dont get anywhere then try to contact Menzie who works there. Phone his mobile directly and he will pay up.

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Honestly guys DO NOT BELIEVE any 5 star review on here it's fake.

I have just submitted my small claims court form after not receiving my iphone back after rejecting their significantly reduced offers.

Let me tell you about the process:
1) they offer you a great price
2) you post out your phone
3) they make up damage to your phone and offer you much less than quoted
4) you either accept (AND NEVER RECEIVE THE MONEY) or reject
5) If you reject they will tell you the phone has been posted out
6) if you call you will either speak with MATTHEW or GRACE they will tell you Royal Mail can take up to 10 days.
7) You call back and wait 1 hour for them to answer. They tell you a manager will call you back.
8) They don't EVER call back so don't hang up.
9) Sometimes Grace likes to put you on hold and then hangs up (she loves that trick)
10) You either give up and let them have your phone for free or you make a claim

I recommend the latter. Google "small claims court" and press on the website link. THEY WILL PAY UP IF YOU DO THIS

1 review
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Sent phone in perfect condition quoted me 472 pounds never been paid
They agreed to the payment by email despite loads of emails and promises of payment no money has yet arrived

1 review
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Like many others it looks like i've also been taken for a ride - My phones value was down graded and after contacting customer service various times I have had no response. I have been left with no iPhone and no money for what you have received even though you have said online it has been paid. No payment received. For a company that has received awards I can't believe how unprofessional and appalling we buy any phone have been and continue to be! I am so angry and frustrated I used his company - I will be taking this matter further because we buy any phone shouldn't be able to effectively steel from people and this is what this feels like until the matter is resolved.

Order number: #3852894
Product: Apple iPhone 6 64GB

I look forward to this being resolved.

Katrina $#*!son

1 review
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These people are daylight robbers I sent my phone off to them they offered a lot lower than the initial price when it was in great condition so I asked for the phone back a month on no money and no phone back its a con dont use them Im 300 out of pocket to these jokers!

1 review
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Absolutely disgusted with this company.
Allegedly they say they had made a payment of my device yet to date have not received payment.
Getting hold of anyone to resolve the problem via email or phone has been impossible.
No calls back, no emails back, just a complete void of information.
They have my phone and continue to ignore me.
Stay away from these people.

Tip for consumers: Use an alternative

1 review
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Appalling company, seemingly impossible to get hold of despite numerous phone calls and emails. I have been messed around from the start and despite rejecting a derisory offer for my phone, which has no issues, and instructing that this be returned to me over a week ago I have heard nothing to confirm that this will happen. Extremely frustrating and frankly unacceptable.

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