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1 Zodiac House, Calleva Park
Aldermaston, Berkshire RG7 8HN, GB
Tel: 0118-956-6464

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1 review
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$20 per person (admission fees) for canceling the free cancellation booking,
It doesn't matter how many persons on the booking,
They charge per room capacity,
I am getting all my money back,
they get the bad review and the complaint,
Long story short, you can't trust overseas sites.

1 review
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Booked our hotel in Florida with travelup. With the looming hurricane was advised to cancel flights and hotel. Flight cancelled , refund given from Spirit, easy transaction . Booked with traveup for hotel which doesn't want to give me a refund !! have given me the runaround non stop even though it says on there web site to contact them for cancellations.. have a bad feeling I've lost my $$$ and it wasn't a cheap resort / hotel!! Never will book with them again!!

1 review
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I booked on a 19 August just around midnight 3 tickets (myself and my 2 Kids) for £1,100 and notices 2 hours after booking that my daughter surname was incorrect and notify straight away Travel Up to modify the name.

Travel upp has deliberately delayed dealing with this issue. They do not respond directly to emails and in order to get a response I had to send 4 emails begging them to contact the airline earlier morning on 20 August 2019 Nothing was done!!!

I had myself to call the airline (Iberia) the staff in London were very helpful and nice I was told that they can amend any mistake in a booking as long as it is during the first 24 hours but as I didn't buy my tickets directly with the airline that travel up should contact them directly!

When calling Travel up (please note they call are high rate) I get the phone put down on me!!

When I called a 2nd time same day Someone with an asian accent told me to stop calling them 20 times a day and that Someone is dealing with it! Full stop they won't give you any information!!

WORST CUSTOMERS SERVICE EVER!! Iberia airline where much better, Polite and Helpful such a SHAME!





1 review
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I used Travel up to book a hotel in Atlanta for business. I arrived at my hotel on the correct day to find the entire hotel had been shut down for legionnairs disease and had been closed for 2 weeks prior to my arrival. I spoke with the manager of the hotel and he told me they had contacted all of their 3rd party vendors and it was up to my vendor to contact me and to refund me. Travel up never contacted me to let me know my hotel was closed. I was in the city at night with no place to stay and all surrounding hotels were booked due to the busy season. I called travel up and sent emails. They refused to refund my money because they "didnt know the hotel was closed" They are based in the UK and even in the UK you have google. Even after me telling them over and over again that I could not use the hotel for the week that i had booked it for they continued to refuse to return my money. I called the hotel again and they once again reaffirmed they had contacted all 3rd party vendors. So not only was I stranded in a city with no notice my hotel was cancelled when i was 1000 miles from home but I also still ahve yet to receive my $900 refund 3 weeks later. Their customer service is rude and I would suggest paying a little bit more to use a more reputable company.

1 review
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I had bought a tickets 4 multi stops from Travelup 1St time by Skyscanner. Before payment & double check the flight,date,time. After confirmation email came back to me . It's wrong with 3 differences flight & time . Call the agency at 9.15pm & booked at 9pm
The staff told me to call admin flight tomorrow 9am-6pm to help me out . Next day call the agency all day with 7-9 staff but all bull$#*! with liar. How on earth booking my flight 3 flight mistake ? I will have a meeting in Taiwan at 10 am in the morning & booked my flight at 7.50am . Idiot & good excuse, bad reputation if you want to change the flight , We will charge for the fee that they make money for . Go to hell & d__k head

1 review
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This is a scam company. They advertise free cancellation but they will charge you $20 per person in administration fees that are mentioned absolutely nowhere except on page 15 of 20 in their terms and conditions. It is clearly a made up fee in order to scam money out of people who think they will be able to change their travel plans. No other travel booking sites do this. Do not use them!!

1 review
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If I could leave 0 stars I would. Do not book with this company!

Booked my airfare home to the States with a US credit card (currently living/working in the UK and traveling home for the summer.)

Received booking confirmation details and payment authorized emails after booking. Immediately received a call from customer services checking if I wanted to upgrade my fare. No thanks - all set.

Two weeks later, receive an email saying my payment has not been authorized and my flight/tickets have been cancelled! No warning, no email, no phone call just cancelled. But the payment was taken from my credit card the day of booking. And the agents spoke to me immediately after booking to ask about upgrades! They seems happy to take my money then...

Called customer services to ask why my flight was cancelled and they said I need an authorization code from my card carrier - so I call them - internationally at my own expense. Card carrier says there is no authorization code to give, but that TravelUp has successfully received payment two weeks ago and if they have an issue to contact them for the verification code.

Call TravelUp again. After being put on hold, talking to several different agents, finally one comes on to say that without verification code, they cannot confirm my tickets. Nothing else to do - "it's just our policy."

So two weeks later, Travel Up has had my money for weeks and cancels my tickets without warning because of an inexistent code. Now flights are more expensive and I can't pay for new ones until TravelUp refunds the money they've had for weeks.

What sort of business model is this? They clearly received payment from me and sat on it for weeks without contacting me to discuss this non-exsistent authorization code. Will never book with them again and advise you not to trust this business!

1 review
5 helpful votes

DO NOT USE TRAVELUP! They are the worst. They have zero support if there are any issues, and will not provide the least in customer support. The extra dollars to book elsewhere are definitely worth it. They canceled a reservation on me when I did not want the reservation canceled and charged me a penalty fee of $300! When I called back to see if they could rebook the reservation for me, they said the Hotel would not allow it. I called the hotel and they had not heard from TravelUP, and that they would call TravelUp to try and work it out for me. ...obviously TravelUp was lying and just wanted the cancelation fee. This Company is basically a scam, avoid the headache and DO NOT BOOK WITH TRAVELUP!

1 review
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Hard learned lesson - never use shabby Travel Agent - book directly with airline instead!
Avoid at any cost. Absolute lack of customer service and 0 flexibility. Made an error in booking - British Airways would allow for the change free of charge within 24 hours from the time booking has been mad but these guys would simply demand for this £108/person.
Bunch of scammers at best!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I was charged for a hotel booking by travel up. It looked like a real bargain. I paid full fee with my credit card. Then I was informed by travel up company that the bookings didn't go through. How could a company have done this to any customer.
It is terrible for a company doing this. Anyone should stay away from travel up. Also I believe that TripAdvisor should take some responsibility for letting travel up using its website.

1 review
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Worst service I booked my ticket this morning going to London (lhr) to goa end off the day their telling fair is going up now they call me & teling they will return my money please I tell all my friend never booked to travel up I fell very bad 0118 956 6464

1 review
3 helpful votes

I would give them zero stars if I could. I booked in December for a February trip. FOUR days before they sent me a sketchy, misspelled email from an individual named "Aaron" that there was an "urgent reallocation" and they were switching my hotel. I was fine with that until I got to the hotel and they told me the agency never transferred the monies and I had to pay the entire amount for the hotel (again). It is nearly impossible to get a representative on the phone and all they ever say is they will "check with the supplier." They never refunded me my money and I had to report them to my bank as fraud. I am surprised they are still in business but BEWARE!!!

1 review
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I booked a hotel through TravelUp for two nights. I paid cancellation insurance fee. Due to bad weather I couldn't make it to my destination for the first night. I emailed and called them( no answer but left a voice message) early in day to cancel the first night because of flight delay. When I got to my destination the following evening I took taxi from airport to the hotel only to be told my reservation was canceled because I was a no show. I called TravelUp and spoke to a gentleman who said they had notified the hotel and will work on getting my money back. Later they email me to say that the hotel will not refund me.

1 review
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- they charged my $40 to cancel a hotel reservation weeks in advanced. The fee is #16 in TINY PRINT HATE THEM. Will complain on yelp and tripadvisor.

1 review
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If I could put a lower than one star I would! the worst worst worst service!!!! I booked my ticket through skyscanner and I chose my timings correct and double checked before I even confirmed the booking. I was shocked to be receiving a ticket with complete different timings for both ways - the options were not even there when I booked my ticket. They refused to do anything about it. They asked for 900 pounds to change the ticket (bare in mind that I paid around 350 pounds for my ticket) or else they would cancel the ticket and I would be refunded 50 pounds only. I called them in less than 24 hours so Im sure they could have done something about it. The worst service I will never ever use them again. I always travel and book on Skyscanner all my flights and this has never happened to me. bear in mind that I'm a consultant and I live abroad so I'm always traveling at least twice a month and this has never happened to me. The first ever time I use their agency, this happens. Never use this agency - they couldn't even confirm that I chose these timings and I'm 10000% sure that I didnt - I clicked on a different flight

1 review
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I feel disgusted
about your costumer service, they mess up with my fly, booked a fly to Brazil for me and my child 2 hour between connection, they contact me 2 months late to inform my fly hours has been change the option was waiting 6 hours between another fly, I asked for refund the email reply can be refunded after 6-8 weeks!! must be a damn joke.

1 review
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Booked my ticket. Was then informed the flight times had changed which made it impossible to make my connection. Asked for a refund was told;-
"I would like to drawer to your attention the following section taken from our terms and conditions:
In accordance with EU Regulation 2111/2005 we are required to advise you of the actual carrier operating your flight/connecting flight/transfer. Any changes to the actual airline will be notified to you as soon as possible. Such a change is deemed to be a minor change....."
And therefore no refund. Terrible company. be aware.

1 review
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I bought a $2000 ticket through TravelUp and when an agent at the Israeli airport wouldn't let me board the plane because he was confused about which documents i needed to board TravelUp wouldn't help me. The airline made it clear that I had to go through TravelUp since they are who I bought the ticket from, but when I called them (while I was stuck in the Israeli airport) the kept saying they would have it resolved in "3-4 hours." Two days later they said, nevermind, we cant help you. I had to pay another $2000 to get out of there.

1 review
1 helpful vote

They lied to me that the money I paid includes a checked in bag. I called them three times to do confirm I didn't have to pay extra, they said I was not going to... Fast forward to the flight check in and I was forced by the airline to pay $120 to check in my one bag and my wife's one bag. As a frequent flyer, this is the first time I have ever had to pay for just one bag. Even if I were to pay for a check in bag, I would have loved to have paid while booking the ticket, not while checking in and paying from the money I was travelling with. I'm still here trying to get a response from travel up. They have been rude on the phone. They have also ignored my email so far.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Took 15 thousand pounds of our money. Claimed to not have it. Arguing between them and the banks. Customer service very rude. Accusing me of making a mistake while they took all the money and have yet to give it back. Stuck with no money and no tickets. Very rude service wont even help with a solution.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I booked the hotel on the Travelup site. Once the booking was done I had to cancel it as it was one price during the booking then the final price increased almost 5 times. I sent several emails and called to Travelup. Finally I got an answer that they will do a full refund. I sent several emails with request to inform when ghey do a refund. Up to now I I have not received the clear answer when the return me my money i.e 1620 USD

1 review
1 helpful vote

Avoid travelup!!!!! They are professional scammers.What happened to us was just unbelievable. We booked a New Years reservation at travelup and it was a hotel that we have been to many times in the past. We spoke to Samantha from travelup who we confirmed that we had the rooms multiple times despite the fact that wheh we emailed the hotel they told us to beware as they have been sold out for months. Everytime called Samantha she confirmed that all is good confirmed and the rooms can only be guaranteed the week before and its a long ways out still. they will confirm with us a week before. Thankfully I somehow felt something was up and started to liaise directly with the hotel. After much back-and-forth Samantha finally confirmed that there was in fact no room available. They even went as far as lying that the reason is its an adults only resort and they rejected our reservation bc we booked with a child. We know the resort very well having spent 3 New Years there so not only do we know it was a flat out lie but the room rate actually stated it was for family. At this point we had already purchased $5000 worth of tickets. The best part of this was when they offered to replace our $3000 a night hotel room with a $300 a night budget room saying that it was an upgrade from our villas. It was so insulting that I didnt even know how to react to that. I would suggest staying away from them. They obviously refused to refund my tickets and we have taken legal action against them. Its not about the money but these people should not be allowed to operate.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

The cheap travel agent trick - the prices for flights you searched are not available when you try to actually book them. Yet still the same rate is shown when you search later. Do not waste your time.

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