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Sensee has a consumer rating of 1.73 stars from 22 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Sensee most frequently mention terrible company problems. Sensee ranks 41st among Customer Service sites.

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  • .your commute is the time you log on which has to be 30 minutes before your paid shift starts
  • I would like to clarify that you need a desktop pc which is no older than 4 years old and has to pass their tests.
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“Work life balance, caring environment, and it's a proper job!”


I have to say that I'm surprised by some of the reviews of Sensée that have been posted on this site. I've been working for the company since 2014 and I absolutely love it. I've worked for other contact centres and Sensée certainly treats their people better. If you think that working from home is a case of 'when and how I want', then that's not the case - certainly at Sensée. You need to pick your shifts within the 'rules' of your account, and you do need to have a proper work area and a desktop pc. You also need to undergo training (they pay for that) successfully. I think this is perfectly normal as we are dealing with customers on behalf of major brands... I do get to work in a way that gives me much more flexibility than in a bricks and mortar operation, which suits me and my family down to the ground. Although it's a work from home role, I am never lonely. I have great colleagues and the technology allows people to interact with each other when we're not dealing with customers.

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Top Critical Review

“Worst company ever!”

Carol D.

Don't waste your precious time applying to this impoverish company who cares nothing about employee. Total absolute rubbish company that shouldn't exist in the first place.

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1 review
4 helpful votes
September 29th, 2016

I have to say that I'm surprised by some of the reviews of Sensée that have been posted on this site. I've been working for the company since 2014 and I absolutely love it. I've worked for other contact centres and Sensée certainly treats their people better. If you think that working from home is a case of 'when and how I want', then that's not the case - certainly at Sensée. You need to pick your shifts within the 'rules' of your account, and you do need to have a proper work area and a desktop pc. You also need to undergo training (they pay for that) successfully. I think this is perfectly normal as we are dealing with customers on behalf of major brands... I do get to work in a way that gives me much more flexibility than in a bricks and mortar operation, which suits me and my family down to the ground. Although it's a work from home role, I am never lonely. I have great colleagues and the technology allows people to interact with each other when we're not dealing with customers.

1 review
26 helpful votes
April 26th, 2017

On its surface, Sensee's business model is compelling: no more commuting is something everyone wants.

However, read (and pay heed) to the raft of negative reviews here. Sensee is not your traditional callcentre: Sensee are beholden to their clients, and they promise their clients a number of hours which are fulfilled by you, the agent, and your colleagues.

In practice, this means the following:

* No real flexibility. Mandatory hours exist. Each week, the hours are released, and there is a mad scramble to book the hours you want. If you can't get those on time (and sometimes they don't appear when they ought to), you can wind up with a patchwork quilt of hours which leave you 'commuting' to your home office multiple times per day.

*Taking holiday during busy periods (e.g. Term time) you may as well forget. Only a certain number of hours are provided as holiday hours, and once they're gone, unless you can beg for a shift swap with someone else, they're gone. MONTHS in advance. I have never seen anything like it.

* Shifts can change at short notice. The only way to protect yourself is to book holiday, but refer to the above as a warning. It is the most inflexible company when it comes to booking holiday I have EVER worked for. They simply don't hire enough agents to create enough of a buffer to provide holiday unless it's outside of peak periods. If you holiday in the winter and your sister's wedding is in the winter, you're ok!

* Interaction with management occurs online and mostly via text conversations using software tools - there are often many people asking questions and not enough senior team members/managers to answer these quickly.

If you are on a part time contract, don't have any commitments which you must attend at particular hours, and don't mind not taking any holiday at busy periods unless a kind soul offers to swap with you, Sensee might be worth it for you. It is not entirely the fault of the company, as they are tied to their clients. As it stands, working for Sensee means you bend to their requirements -- it is not at all as flexible as it is made out to be.

1 review
4 helpful votes
September 25th, 2017

On the down side the hours booking system is awful and you have to be very flexible and there are no benefits as such, on the plus sisde the management are awesome and you get all the support and encouragement you could ever need with lots of opportunities for progression.

1 review
2 helpful votes
October 28th, 2020

Don't waste your precious time applying to this impoverish company who cares nothing about employee. Total absolute rubbish company that shouldn't exist in the first place.

1 review
6 helpful votes
August 11th, 2019

Worked there for 5yrs. Worked up from agent to management. At first everything seems fine but soon realise there is no consideration for anything other than what benefits the company and keeps their secrets at all costs. Staff are disposable, turn over terrible, not a good environment to work in at all. I'm sure there are still a few good people left but that won't stop the rot as it comes from the top down. No consistency, honestly save yourself the time money and stress.

1 review
4 helpful votes
September 29th, 2016

I'm not sure why Sensée has so many bad reviews as I work for the company and everyone else that does also only has good things to say about it!
For me, it's actually been a life changer as I would have struggled to find a job otherwise after my 4-5yr gap from work.
Everything about Sensée is professional - so if you're thinking 'work from home' sounds like a scam. Think again and perhaps visit their website and send a mail to their recruitment team to clarify any concerns you may have!

Sensée works with some of the leading UK brands & clients and a lot of processes are put in place for security reasons and ofcourse for the health & safety benefits to the employee! Just like any other workplace!

If you want a job that's flexible (you get to choose your own hours), fully employed positions so you're guaranteed your contracted hours, purely work from home and a virtual system that is second to none then go ahead and apply... you wont be disappointed.

They are one of the best company's I've worked for, and they really do appreciate & encourage their employees in every which way possible.

1 review
12 helpful votes
June 8th, 2016

I am a working Mum and for many years I had wanted to get out of the rat race. I had a very stressful job and on top of that, I had to travel 30 miles to work (each way), I was getting stuck in traffic, then I had the daily struggle to find a parking space, and then being hit with the winter weather (which invariably means that I am snowed in with no way out!), All of this was really getting me down. I wanted more time with my children, and to get a dog!
So I started to explore the idea of home working
I spent a good deal of time researching my options. I came across companies where you had to set yourself up as self-employed and/or pay for your own training. I found positions where hours werent guaranteed from one week to the next.
All this was at odds with what I knew that I wanted namely the security of working from home on a fully employed contract, with guaranteed contractual hours and holiday pay. Even more importantly, despite working from home, I wanted to feel part of an organisation, not be on my own - out on a limb.
So when I found a company that offered all this I couldnt believe it - I really did think that it was too good to be true. On that basis, I checked their website and looked into them on every forum going. To my amazement, I discovered that they had been operating in the UK for close to 12 years and employ 750 homeworkers to serve blue chip and innovative brands such as RAC, Aviva, PhotoBox, Eurostar and Home Retail Group to name but a few. I even looked at their registered office just to make sure it was real.
That was back in June 2013. I applied and was offered a HomeAgent role on a 30 hour per week contract providing customer service support to Home Retail Groups customers. Since the beginning, Ive loved it. I have the flexibility of choosing my own hours and breaks. I no longer have to pay £300 per month in fuel costs, or buy expensive coffee from high street coffee chains or extortionately priced sandwiches. I dont need to - I am a 30 second walk away from my fridge!
I confess that at the outset I was concerned about working in isolation... Would I be lonely? The answer is no. In fact, its quite the opposite - I have made some great new friends and we have an online chat room for instant support and social communication.
I have so much more time to do things. Take today for example, in my lunch break I managed to get the washing done, make a chicken stew, feed and walk the dog. All this means that when I finish work I can dedicate all my time to my children, instead of being stuck in traffic and then having to make tea and do chores. I may not be paid as much as I was in the rat race, but when I factor in travel costs, parking, subsistence and work outfits, I genuinely hardly notice the difference. Of course, I did have to buy some equipment to get going (desktop PC, telephone, headset and webcam), but I managed to acquire all these things for less than a couple of months commuting costs. In truth, I wish I had made this decision a very long time ago.

1 review
25 helpful votes
January 28th, 2017

Terrible company. They do not care how they treat you training is awful management is terrible. They dismiss you for reasons which are beyond me. You try and contact hr to speak about problems they do not respond. Never known a company like it. Do not waste your time and work here the training manager does not know what she is doing and has very little respect and will not help you in anyway. Or give you answers you need. And will tell you. You cannot appeal. You ask her questions she cannot answer very unprofessional. Terrible company

1 review
32 helpful votes
July 22nd, 2016

Was with them for nearly a year during which I was treated like an idiot, didn't feel valued, respected or trusted, the spy on your PC by installing keyloggers. Shifts were changed with no notice and technical support is laughable. Targets were nearly impossible to reach and when you reached your target it was a case of only just. Also had problems with getting paid on time and if held up on a call at the end of a shift never got paid the extra... Hated every day I worked for them.

1 review
35 helpful votes
February 17th, 2016

I agree with all the reviews on this site, I must advise do not work here. As a former employee I was treated horribly, only desperate people would work here. They treat you like a child, talk down to you with no respect. The shift hours are forced on you, I have never felt so controlled in my life. They try to control everything you are doing, listening in to your calls. Its ridiculous. There is so much more I could add, but do not work for them. LISTEN TO THE REVIEWS.

1 review
11 helpful votes
March 18th, 2019

Having completed hours of online tests and had a video interview i was told i would be perfect for BUPA because I have a medical background. Then to be told by someone i had never met or spoken with that they had decided no i could not have that contract as there was a conflict of interest! There was NO conflict of interest.
I was then provisionally offered another role with them and was obliging with regards to hours etc only to be told again that there is no job! This time the client had changed their mind! I am a highly professional person who has worked within the customer service arena for many years and to be frank from what I have seen this company is a shambles.
Very low pay. They ask you to spend a fortune on a computer, you pay for your telephone line - you pay for your DBS check, you pay for head phones and they pay you barely above minimum wage.
My advice AVOID.

anon a.
1 review
23 helpful votes
January 27th, 2017

I have never left a review of a company before but feel in this instance I need to. I pretty much agree with all the other negative reviews and in fact question the true authenticity, all be it few reviews that say how great the company is! No management support, poor training, poor pay are just a few of the issues. No pay for downtime when the company deems the issue is that of your computer (which is most of the time). Every issue I had was due to the companies applications not wanting to work, usually when windows updates had been done (which you are encouraged to check before every shift, along with running a ccleaner). You end up waiting usually hours for what normally is a poorly trained IT operative to fix the issue remotely which isn't always successful. This then affects your adherence bonus for the month which is set at 99% even though you are at work wanting to do your job, so you lose all of that as well! I have communicated with numerous management individuals both within the account I worked on as well as HR and the COO and in my opinion they are all as corrupt and nasty as each other. I could go on and on but if by writing this review I have prevented someone from wasting their time then it has been worth my time!

1 review
19 helpful votes
September 28th, 2016

They are a terrible company. The KPI's are difficult to achieve and in the meantime they do pretend coaching which gives you no information about how to reach these ridiculous targets.
You need to be desperate to work there long term. The pay is appalling and it really not worth it. They expect you to do long hours not the minimum as they state in realiy. Do not look at this company for anything long term

1 review
12 helpful votes
April 15th, 2018

They do not bother about the staff and pay is very poor. For some reason the management seem to think that staff are disposable and they have a high turnover off staff. So this speaks for itself. Do not take this job seriously, there are better elsewhere

1 review
21 helpful votes
April 19th, 2017

They have a high turnover of staff for a reason. You are required to work for nothing at times and pay for everything yourself. As they are so short staffed, you will not be able to take holidays
AVOID if you can

1 review
33 helpful votes
February 5th, 2016

I would advise to avoid working here. I started working here not so long ago. I had to buy all my own equipment that needed to achieve their minimum requirements, which was fine and was also told that my first weeks pay will be held for the first 3 months; again I thought this to be fine, considering I had already invested a lot of money on buying new equipment.
To start with the training was a huge problem, this was due to starting on what I was told was a brand new account with a new client Bupa. Unfortunately for the first few weeks of the training the systems were not ready so a lot of time was wasted (we were doing things that were not what I would consider training for a new job) but the trainer did the best with the tools available. I would say the training did make you feel like being in a team and was advised this is what it would be like when you go live, remote but together. This was not at all what it is like being live, you are very much isolated and anything that you brought up in the live desk, you were often told not to discuss on there.
The team leaders who also started at the same time as us were meant to be answering our questions on Live Desk which was ridiculous, considering they had no clue other than a simple pre-auth, often giving incorrect info then correcting 5 minutes later after referring to a Bupa coach.
All this aside, the reason that I decided enough was enough, was the constant loss of pay due to the issues with their systems. This was in no part due to my own PC or Internet connection as the Team Leaders would often advise. This I believe was being done due to not being able to claim from the client. I still keep in touch with some of the advisors who work there and have been told there are hardly any of the initial staff remaining (which is no surprise).

1 review
29 helpful votes
May 15th, 2016

I worked for Sensee for fifteen months, and it was the only time in my life that I walked out of my job.

KPIs, micro-management and a ridiculous level of compliance and control freakery are your daily lot at Sensee. You are not made to feel valued for your efforts, it's more a case of if you don't like it suck it up or leave.

Management do not have your back: when Sensee talks about an agile workforce, that means allowing their clients to make you jump through hoops according to their whim, which changes frequently.

Booking hours is not about flexible working as they claim, it is a fastest finger first bun fight. Tough luck if you were stuck on a call when the hours got booked and you end up with not enough hours and half hour shifts all over the place.

Regarding their Facebook page, I never take seriously any employer-managed page that only shows happy comments from cheerleaders. I have seen for myself negative comments appearing then disappearing.

Avoid this company if you value and respect yourself and your sanity.

1 review
40 helpful votes
October 30th, 2014

This has got to be the worst company in the history of companies to work for. Their hiring process is extremely long and invasive borderline espionage! Their registered address is a sham address and they keep your first weeks salary.

After being hired and after spending over £300 in equipment they withdrew my offer of employment because according to them I did not provide proof of my acitvity prior to employment. I sent it TWICE, via mail and email and phone conversations.

Stay away from them!

Jane D.
1 review
34 helpful votes
November 11th, 2016

Don't be drawn in by the 'no commute' slogans because seriously that is the only thing this company has going for it. There are good reviews on here it's a shame they have been repeated verbatum on other review sites which smacks of a little attempt of damage recovery in my opinion. Ok down to basics,
.your commute is the time you log on which has to be 30 minutes before your paid shift starts
.if you have down time that is your fault you will not be paid even if it is a few minutes note the onus is on you so it will take everyones systems to go down to prove that, even if you know different
.personal breaks can be no longer than 2 minutes and you have to announce to all and sundry in live desk before you go, anything longer than 2 minutes is unpaid and is monitored
.Any downtime or absence is not only unpaid but affects bonuses and is also deducted from your leave entitlement pro rata down to the minute
.when calls or chat or emails run over the end of your shift you are not paid for that time, and they do often
.you will be constantly monitored with hard to reach kpis which affect bonuses
.pay is minimum wage for majority of contracts
.you don't have a say where they put you
.shifts can be moved around without consultation
.unreasonable hours and any work life balance is unachievable as when booking hours it is a free for all so you can end up with hours spread all over the week/month with no proper break
.sitting tied to your pc for hours at a time the company tell you to book in breaks unpaid naturally but this is not only impractical but not enforced, there are some very unhealthy people slogging away at sensee 24/7 to make ends meet
.you are expected to check emails/messages and often complete other work related tasks out of work time which is unpaid
.management support when you have a problem is little to none
.has a climate of 'if your face fits'
.pay is not often calculated correctly

I could go on and on but the bottom line is this company pay low and work you hard for their profit and that of the clients. They do not care about the welfare of employees which is why there is a constant high turnover of staff. If you value you personal free time, humanity and self respect and don't want to be treated like a child do yourself a favour and avoid

Brigitte G. – Sensee Rep

Hello Jane D and thank you for your review, although we are sorry to hear that your experience with Sensée has not been positive. First of all, I hope that you will see this post! We take all feedback very seriously and felt that it was important to address your concerns, so I am posting on behalf of Sensée.
• First of all, in any workplace, it is expected that employees start work on time, and indeed it is also Sensée’s expectation that HomeAgents are ready to start their shift on time. This does mean logging onto all required systems in advance so that you are ready to start work at the start of your shift, but usually, this should only take a few minutes. Furthermore, given that our employees are based from home, while systems are ‘firing up’, people are free to make a cup of tea, listen to music, read the news or even set off the washing. Many of our colleagues find logging onto a system from home much more preferable to a commute to work – in fact, in our recent ‘Homeworking Happiness’ survey, nearly ¾ of our workforce stated that ‘not having to commute’ was a key benefit.
• I would like to clarify that there is no time limit on personal breaks. To be clear, HomeAgents do not need to announce when they are going for a personal break, however, they do need to set their status to ‘break’ on the telephony system so that there is no disruption to service. However, for operational and efficiency reasons, we do need to identify if employees take excessive personal breaks to ensure fairness and consistency among employees and also provide us with an opportunity to identify any underlying welfare issues.
• On occasions, HomeAgents may work beyond the end of their shift, primarily because they are engaged on a call with a customer. Clearly, we cannot hang up on customers simply because our shift has come to an end! However, we do pay HomeAgents who work beyond the end of their shift (this is called overrun time).
• Regarding pay, Sensée remunerates HomeAgents above the national minimum wage. In fact, on every single account, Sensée pays above the national living wage after the paid training period, and on many accounts, also offers a pay rise upon successful completion of probation. Last but not least, a performance related bonus is also offered on every account. To conclude, HomeAgents do not incur commuting costs, which many of our employees consider to be a great benefit (77% of our recent survey respondents ranked ‘money saved by not having to commute’ as the biggest benefit of homeworking).
• Regarding client account allocation, we always try to take personal preference into account. However, sometimes it’s simply not the right thing to do as each trainee has specific skills and aptitudes which may mean that they are better suited to another account – one which will allow them to thrive and be happy.
• Regarding shift changes, despite our best efforts, it is inevitable that shifts may, on occasions, need to be changed. If this happens it is generally due to changes in customer call demand or other unavoidable operational reasons (absence, for example) and we always do our best to provide as much notice as possible and systematically secure the agent’s consent before publishing the revised shifts.
• We firmly believe that homeworking offers additional benefits to those previously stated. Indeed, our own internal surveys (please see freshbusinessthinking.com and contact-centres.com on 14th June 2016) and indeed many 3rd party surveys, reveal that people find that homeworking offers greater flexibility vs. traditional bricks and mortar workplaces. However, we recognise that not everybody is suited to homeworking, which is why we have developed a particularly rigorous recruitment process, in order to ascertain suitability at the outset.
• You mention that pay can be incorrect, but we have systems and processes in place to prevent this from happening. First of all, pay data is derived from the statuses recorded in our internal systems. Then, prior to payroll being run, a breakdown of payable hours is sent to each agent to be checked. Clearly, this provides employees with an opportunity to raise any concerns which are addressed before payroll is run.
• To conclude, we take our duty of care extremely seriously. For example, agents are not encouraged to check emails, nor undertake any type of work outside of their scheduled hours, except under extremely exceptional circumstances. We continuously review employee support structures and make changes if improvements are required. We invest time and effort to enable our managers to be good managers, hold regular coaching sessions with Team Leaders, and regular account reviews between HR and Senior Management. Staff turnover is monitored and reasons for leaving reviewed and discussed. Any concerns are investigated, and we apply lessons learned as appropriate. These are just some of the examples of governance that enables us to identify and deal with issues quickly and appropriately, and to ensure that there is fairness and consistency throughout the business.
I hope that these explanations have addressed your concerns. Of course, if you would like to discuss any aspect in more detail, please do get in touch with Zoe Stewart, Head of HR, who would be very happy to speak to you.

1 review
42 helpful votes
October 7th, 2016

I applied for a position with sensee in August 2016. I had an initial online interview with a nice lady. I was emailed to say that I passed the 1st interview and was invited to a second interview and assessment. I thought great sounds very promising. I had an online assessment which was through Adobe connect and was almost 5 hours of watching video's of the clients they were currently recruiting for. It was also a one on one interview where a chap interviewed me and then a series of online tests which you had to complete before the assessment ended. I was then contacted by email to say I passed this stage and to move onto the pre employment screening stage!
I would like to clarify that you need a desktop pc which is no older than 4 years old and has to pass their tests. I was contacted to arrange an engineer to remotely install their software on my pc. I had to purchase a brand new pc which cost me £400 from pc world. You also require a headset for your second interview/Assessment which I also purchased for £25. Already adding up the costs so far? Anyway the engineer phoned on the date they arranged and installed all the software on my brand new computer which was used soley for this purpose and installed bupa software as this was the contract I was offered. Then comes the screening process... I had to pay £25 to have a basic police check so I did that with Scotland. Great that came back rather quick to my home address. Then you have to fill out a credit check online form with experian. So I also completed that for them. You have to send a recent bill in your name and current address so yes I printed that and had that in the pile to post to them. You also have to complete a 3 year work history and provide evidence to this effect whether bank statements or a letter from the employer to verify dates! Now hold it right there just to let people know a letter signed by an employer is not enough. It has to be on headed paper with a logo! I sent to signed printed letters which were signed by two people confirming dates from two years ago and it was not good enough? It did not have a logo? A small farm does not use a logo or have headed paper? It was a letter from the owner signed. You also have to purchase a phone which is compatible with a headset before your training date. So today I spent running around and I purchased a £50 BT phone and an additional phone headset for another £30. Plus an office chair for another £50 which I was told in my second interview I also required. And a desk because I needed one for my office set-up. So get the time now and costs so far? I sent off all my documents by special delivery costing £7 as also contained bank statements and other id documents. I was sent an email a few days later to say my letters from previous employers were not good enough as not on headed paper? I stated that it is to verify dates and was printed off by myself and personally signed by them confirming this? You can contact them directly if you wish? But it is all I have from them. I had an e-mail confirming my start date of training and the woman who is training for the next month as it is two months intense training! To confirm that Monday the 10th Oct 2016 I start training. I recieved a call when I got home from shopping on Friday the 7th Oct that they are withdrawing my employment offer because the letters I provided from certain dates are not on paper with a company logo? I was shopping with the farm owner this very day? They dont have a logo. They then wanted bank statements from three years ago? I dont have access to this account as was with my ex partner. But I was told they are very sorry and been a delay in contacting me? I said well It was confirmed my training on Monday and I bought all this equipment which you asked me to do? Just a sorry? Avoid this company. They have cost me not only my time but a lot of expense I did not have to purchase those items. I just put the phone down in the end because I was at boiling point. I now have a pc that I don't need as I have a great laptop. Which their bloody software installed on. They then sent me an email to state I got to remove their software off my pc? I have never been through a process like it for employment before. I even turned down a job as I thought I invested in this I will run with it. I spoken to my previous employer who wanted to contact them directly as they are appalled too.
I do not recommend risking if you have to buy the equipment to do so. They should do the paperwork first not expect people to go through this expense. A waste of space.

1 review
4 helpful votes
September 28th, 2019

I worked there 2 years from 2016to 2018 on the Bupa contract and if yoyr contracted for 35 there were supossed to be so mamy high weeks where you worked 42 and so many low week which would be 28 then so many regular 35 hour weeks. It got to the stage you were doing more 42 hour weeks than anything. They could take it upon themselves to change what you were working that week because thats what thr client wanted. Usuallynthis would mean more hours. If calls ran over your break which your not paid for anyway. They dont oay you if your call runs over. I had numerous occassions where i finished at 5.30 and was still on the call at 6.30 your toilet break cant exceed more than 2 mins. Unless you have had special permission from HR for higher which i did because of a medical comdition. This sometimes meant running over that time which i couldnt help. I went down to 30 hours and between the high weeks and low weeks i rarely did less than 35. Most times when i had a day iff booked just to meet my weekly shift allowance. I had to work some of my day off. Bupa close Christmas day and boxing day which means sensee are closed but because they dont inckude those days are part of your hours for that week you then had to squeeze yoyr full weekly hours into 3 or 4 days remaining that week which meant working 12 hour shifts every day and fir someone. Disabled thats not good. If you were not on the ball getting your shifts in then you could end up with big gaps throughout the day but you couldnt. Go amywhere bevause you had to be back in. Time to work again. The worst thing was if a customer got angry at you b3vause they didnt like the fact you were folloing protocall amd shouted at you and demanded to speak to a manager even if you were still polite management made you take the wrap for the customer getting angry and threatened your job if it happened again which then made you scared to take calls incase someone got angry at you again even if you hadnt done anything wrong because you were the one that had to take the blame. So its good to start with and they make everything seem great until you get there. People being promoted to team leaders that were there less time than yourselve but it was because they became friendly with the main account manager even if someone had been there longer and was maybe already a deputy team leader before that person started. If you had to go off for a time for example to have a baby. If you came back they made you go through training again and you lost the position you were in before you left

Q&A (9)


Most people will be too scared to report them, also as everything is virtual, they have been known to falsify evidence or documentation is deleted, therefore as they have lawyers on hand those who have tried have been met with major issues.

By S B.

No, Sensée are a home working contact centre. I have worked for them since may 2016 and they have been brilliant. The issue with the above reviews is that it only takes into account people's negative experiences. The fact is, home working isn't for everyone. The support is there from day one and it is made very clear the expectations of agents that join Sensée. Conditions of employment are there and if you don't meet them then you won't stay with the company. Home working is a growing business and sensée have a strong network of 700+ employees!

By Martin B.

Yes. I started training with Sensee two weeks ago. There seems to be some myths growing around this company, myths that have little reality about them. First, the training IS paid though, like many companies, the first week's wages are held back until the employee has completed three months actual work. This is not hidden, Sensee make this clear throughout the recruitment process. The company do require a lot of documentation to prove you are eligible to work in the UK, that you are not carrying a fraud conviction etc., etc. As employees will have access to people's personal, financial or medical details, these recruitment precautions are not overly oppressive. After two weeks training and exposure to Sensee as an employee I can say they are extremely professional. There are guidelines, systems and backup programs to cover every eventuality. Despite being still a trainee I already feel a valued member of the team. I will also state here that I have no other incentive to write this than to set the record straight.

By Tony B.

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