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Parcelhero.co.uk has a consumer rating of 1 star from 16 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.

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“Lost my package! No customer care phone number does not work - awfull”

Lucy G.

Do not use - parcel hero they are shockingly bad Never arrived in Cape Town and now it is lost and to make matters worse no one contacted me - it's a scam and all my sons Christmas presents have seemingly vanished

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February 8th, 2021

Do not use - parcel hero they are shockingly bad
Never arrived in Cape Town and now it is lost and to make matters worse no one contacted me - it's a scam and all my sons Christmas presents have seemingly vanished

1 review
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February 3rd, 2021

WORST experience in 35 years. Boxes were seriously mishandled-or thrown. Boxes were brand new when sent & packed with extra cardboard/bubble wrap. The rep for ParcelHero George Martin has many negative reviews and this seems to be a pattern of trying to blame-shift. I sent 20 pages of emails-yes 20. And the pictures tell the story. Instead of being professional like Amazon, he constantly looks for reasons to shift blame. I have never dealt with such a sneaky person and he should be fired. Many of the positive reviews are obviously from friends as it is obvious. Negative reviews with pictures tell the real story.

1 review
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January 25th, 2021

My package was scanned as collected, reached the depot but just vanished from the delivery! Parcel hero attitude seems to be we did our best, can't find it and anyways its your own fault for not insuring it when trusting the package to us!
He's a £15 credit to use for the next package. REALLY?
How does that make sense?
Never never never use this company.

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February 3rd, 2021

Utterly disgusting service. Via UPS. Long story short, rare, (irreplaceable) collectable framed print dating from 1960s sent, took weeks to send, and only due to my constant chasing did I eventually find out that the item has been smashed. Not just cracked, but completely smashed. I had carefully packaged this and clearly marked it as fragile but the item was obviously thrown around, and treated with utter contempt for the contents, which were irreplaceable.
I was shocked to find the state of the parcel by the time it eventually arrived, UPS having called me to ask if I still wanted it to be delivered! (REALLY? - of COURSE I still wanted it to be delivered!)
Anyway, pictures speak volumes.
They offered me a measly £15 credit "for my next delivery" (AS IF I'd actually use them ever again...) and the debate continues, with me complaining and them sending me automated/scripted emails and getting nowhere... I paid around £30 for this service, and I demand satisfaction! It's not over. In the meantime, if you are looking for a delivery company, steer very clear of UPS and Parcel Hero.
Watch this space...

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June 17th, 2020

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I have had nothing but issues with them from start to finish, I over paid insurance that did nothing for me when they DESTROYED my parcels and would not do anything for me with this. I had parcels returned to me without their original labels on them with no explanation why they were returned and WEEKS to get a refund for this with NUMEROUS emails back and forth with their customer service. I used boxes that complied with their rules and weights, double bubble wrapped each individual item, and purchased insurance and they would not do anything about this. I was UNDER the overall weight I paid for and they are trying to charge me for being overweight. It has been a nightmare with them on so many levels - DO NOT

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May 27th, 2020

Worst company ever. Parcels dont get delivered and are lost. They give you a mound of paperwork to find them, with customer service giving you pre written replys and sending you round in circles, probably in the hope that the effort i put in isnt worth the time and hassle [little do they know] and i will give up. THEN theres the trying to get me to pay over size/weight parcel surcharges. When asked for proof of this i was sent literally near enough a blank piece of paper, proving nothing.so i contacted there sub contractor for proof, they said no such parcel had EVER passed through there hands. Then when i told parcelhero this, they decided to forgo the surcharges out of and i state 'goodwill'! Lol
There more but we will save that for another time...
Im going to roll these jokers up in so much litigation they will be tied up for years to come :)

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January 12th, 2021

Never collected and never replied to 3 emails, and waited for collection all day. Paid £34 and will contact my bank as covered under visa; avoid at all cost!

1 review
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July 30th, 2020

After taking my money and my parcel being refused collection, I now get an invoice four weeks later saying my parcel is oversized and I owe them nearly four times the quote to deliver the parcel. CON. BEAWRE. DO NOT USE

1 review
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September 21st, 2020

After shipment, they will send you a new invoice for an apparent "error in weighing and measuring your parcel and they will take the money from your account. My latest 1kg parcel "apparently" now weighs 33.5 kg and they took £112.23.

1 review
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July 27th, 2020

BEWARE OF FRAUD! Fraudulent company! I made an order with ParcelHero for two large parcels to be delivered to the UK through TNT. My parcels were collected (although that was a mess as well, because nobody could get in touch with me or ParcelHero, because ParcelHero provided TNT with a wrong number and ParcelHero themselves don't even have a phone number to ring!). Five days after my parcels were collected (and should have been already in the UK), it turned out that they were still in Moscow. It turned out that TNT in Russia to not deal with privet customers and they said that ParcelHero should have informed me of this (this did not!). I wrote and wrote and wrote to ParcelHero numerous times to contact TNT and sort this. They did not, the only messages I would get back is that we are dealing with it'. At the same time TNT in Moscow were saying that they have not had ANY communications from ParcelHero. In the end, I had to sort (i. E. organise the return of my parcels) everything myself at my own cost. 10 days later ParcelHero failed to communicate with everyone. So I asked ParcelHero to pay my money back. They did at first with a cancellation fee (!) and then withdrew all the money anyway! I just want to warn everyone out there not to trust this company with your goods. Go directly to the carrier services, always check everything yourselves. This company cost me a lot of money, time and efforts. Absolutely disgusted!

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December 5th, 2020

You are probably reading this because you have already been sent a bill for additional fees with Parcelhero.
I carefully measured and weighed my parcel and actually added on weight, length, etc just to ensure there could be no error. A couple of weeks after delivery I was asked for extra money as my parcel apparently was over the weight limit. Not true. They said my 30cm parcel measured 137cm. And the weight of 3kg was somehow coming in at 28kg!
I asked for proof of this numerous times and was ignored. Instead, they told me that I was the one who had to provide proof that my parcel was within the dimensions. Luckily the recipient had the parcel parcel intact and I sent video/photo evidence. Without this, I would have had to pay their additional £100 bill on a parcel costing £40.
This is an atrocious way to do business. Before sending the customer a massive bill, Parcelhero should provide absolute proof that the customers parcel is over the limits. How can they put the onus on the customer to get proof when a parcel has been paid for in good faith, and the recipient has opened it and discarded the packaging?
Surely this is complete malpractice. Even though I won my case, I am looking into every way of reporting this to any/all regulatory bodies who may be able to crack down on this totally unfair way of operating.

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February 13th, 2020

I sent some items through "ParcelHero" who sourced UPS for the delivery.

I very carefully calculated weights and dimensions of all the packages as best as a layman (and carpenter) could I believe.
Delivery was just over £57.

AFTER the packages were delivered I get an email from them telling me that they were going to charge me an ADDITIONAL +£84
As they claimed that UPS had weighed and measured and calculated a different price. I was utterly shocked at the huge difference they wanted to charge me. They provided no evidence to back up their claim.

I emailed them:
- Disputing the additional charge
- Telling them that any prior agreements were void and they were forbidden from taking any more money out of my account as this was now a dispute.
- I emailed the item descriptions of what I had sent along with weights and dimensions

They, emailed be back, and in the same email, in one stroke:
- notified me that they were taking the additional money out of my account (despite my written instruction to them that they were not allowed to do so)
- told me that I had not provided enough evidence to support my dispute. Their evidential threshold for a dispute is entirely unrealistic for the average person. They wanted me to have taken photographs of each package I had sent, with the delivery barcodes on them, with pictures of a tape measure on them showing the length, width and depth dimensions! EACH PACKAGE PHOTOGRAPHED WITH MEASUREMENTS MULTIPLE TIMES IN ADVANCE. Right...

My experience with them is one of dealing with thieves.
I felt violated.
I would not recommend anybody to use ParcelHero.

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October 7th, 2020


Booked a collection to deliver back to me the night before, all seemed to be booked fine on their site...

Then it BEGAN...

The next day the parcel hadn't been picked up by 6pm... great... Went to look if there was a number to call... NO... Called UPS who they booked though and they haven't got a clue what I'm talking about...

Booked for a pickup on the 29th September for pickup on 30th September and delivery for 1st October, not hard, no?... Well with Parcel Hero think again!

Because I couldn't get hold of anyone after 6pm and no updates on the details and I needed this package picked up ASAP I booked with Parcel Force directly.

Next day got a response FROM Parcel Hero by email saying just click cancel and you'll be refunded... I went to see this magical cancel button but when I clicked it, it popped up saying you'll be charged £6 to do this... NO! Not on so back to email again to explain this is out of order.

In that time I got a call from Parcel Force to say they had been but the parcel wasn't there to pick up... I called the person who packed my item and they said UPS had been and picked it up... A day late plus no updates until the second they picked it up!

After over a week of trying to explain this to the obviously backward none logical mind numbing poor excuse for customer support person (Let's call him Mr P) they thought because UPS still picked up the parcel (even a day late and not what was requested and what I pad for) that I cannot have a refund as they are just a price comparison site... Well who do I get my money back from? UPS? No they won't deal with me because I didn't book through them... Soooooo, I paid for something specific and didn't get it and paid for another service because of the poor communication this company has but its still my fault and shouldn't be refunded...

Still trying but might as well put my head on a train track and wait for the next train to go over my head than try to make this company understand that they are wrong and somewhere their system didn't make this booking correctly and they won't take responsibility for this!


Using Parcel Hero is like not using a condom with someone you just met, you might get lucky and not catch anything but there is a chance you'll get caught out and you'll be paying for it after...

2 reviews
22 helpful votes
December 13th, 2019

As a consumer psychologist, I feel obligated to share experiences where consumers have been mislead or assist other consumers in making informed choices about the organisations they engage with. In many ways, it's just about protecting people from 'rogue traders'. Parcel Hero is exactly that: a rogue trader... I bought a pick up and delivery service from them to ship a wood burner from the UK to France. The service I bought was a pick up on Dec 2nd and a delivery on Dec 4th. We had booked an installer for Dec 6th. They were 8 days late in delivering the item and I was the one chasing it in France, no communication of the item's where abouts from Parcel Hero. No indication that it was going to fail to meet the delivery date. Here's what you are dealing with at Parcel Hero. They don't have any 'real' people that you can talk to. Just email 'heads' with various names, who respond to your emails very promptly, but don't have any difinitive/helpful answers for you. Interestingly, their advertised phone number doesn't work either, how convenient. When I asked if I could speak to someone at head office, they clearly said it wasn't possible. The number that I was given for TNT in France... didn't work either... They won't give you the number of their drivers to assist in pick up and delivery. There also wasn't any confirmation of pick up from the supplier. You cannot contact anyone... They also have a small problem with telling the truth on delivery dates and their supposed 'communication' with TNT in France. I have taken the matter further as we paid quite a lot of money to ensure the delivery would be on time to meet with the installer. Not only will I share and copy this review extensivley, I am currently in the process of taking a case out against them which involves the the Ombudsman, Trading Standards and Finanical Instituions that process any transactions to Parcel Hero's accounts. Don't be shy about taking a stand here. They try and fob people off with this 'gurantee' nonsense saying that you have to have taken this out to secure any refund. It's totally rubbish and I'm surprised that they are getting away with saying that to people as it's legally not correct in 'contract law'. As soon as someone receives money for an advertised product or service, they are automatically bound in a contract for the 'said' product or service. We will be seeking compensation as they've failed to meet their contractual agreement and therefore are legally obliged to reimburse/compensate. In addition, like many others have said, I have just received an email to say that the weight we paid for is over and we need to pay them a further £38. Read the reviews, this is a standard practice for them. Contact your bank and block them immediately as they will take it out of your card. Please just book directly with the carrier companies or someone else you know you can trust, BUT DON'T have any kind of relationship at all with PARCEL ZERO! Feel free to share this review if it will help others.

1 review
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August 24th, 2019


1 review
10 helpful votes
May 1st, 2016

Stay clear of them. A slow rip off.
Parcel hero does not know how many days there are in a week.
A parcel that I shipped half way around the world by COURIER was to take 4-6 days but it took more that 14 days. I was double charged also.
I was told I would get a refund in a week and more than 2 weeks later I am still waiting

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