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Rohan K.
1 review
“Worst experience ever!!!!”

Worst experience so far! logged my package against the wrong suite and after 5 days of identifying that the package was logged against the wrong suite, they email me today to say that it will take another 3-6 weeks to have the package returned to their facilities! this is totally absurd!

you have the invoice of the item shipped to you. please reimburse me the cost and keep the item!

I have used similar services from Aramex and never faced any issues!

Liam S.
1 review
“Frustrated at MyUS and DHL”

I am frustrated with a situation regarding a package that was rejected by DHL but still hasn't turned up in my suite after 3 days so i may return the rejected item (lithium battery) to the seller.

However, John Benedict looked into the siutation at length and was diligent enough to call on a Supervisor to aid my queries - this is the foundation to any good service agent and I can give no less than stars for his work.

I hope this issue is resolved by higher management and my account refunded for the shipping cost as it is very quite frustrating.



Khalid A.
1 review
“Thanks so much mr John Benedict”

I ask for helb with John Benedict
He is bowrfull help to me when i concet with him
My engleh langug is poor but he is so smart man
Thaaaanks soo much for him
And i hoop all emblooy like mr John Benedict

1 review
“My MyUS Experience”

My bank, for reasons still unknown to me, originally refused to accept the posting charge for my MyUS package. MyUS staff could not have been more helpful in sorting this problem out.
My package arrived today, expertly packed by Christopher, in perfect condition.
So, very many thanks to the considerable number of MYUS staff involved in this transaction.
A very satisfied New Zealand customer..

Bankole O.
1 review
“Excellent Service”

Twice today, I contacted MyUS over packages I was expecting to be delivered to my suite by USPS. The first time Abubakar handled my concern and second time it was John Benedict. Both men professional handled my concerns and provided speedy resolutions. Thanks MyUS and thanks to the excellent people on your team.

Richard F.
1 review
“Paperwork for packages”

Sara, Zyrra, Luke were friendly, polite and persistent in solving the puzzle of inconsistent labels. I didn't expect the personal touch which these three brought to their work and it is much appreciated.
As a first time user of MyUs it boosted my confidence in the service.

Chika U.
1 review
“John Benedict MyUS”

I found this guy really helpful. Answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I wrote a similar review but I think this chap deserves a special mention.

Richard C.
1 review
“Too many hassles and delays”

I personally don't believe any of these 5 star reviews. I have spent lots of time arguing with this company to try to get them to ship various packages to my address in Thailand. Example: They stopped a shipment due to their internal policy about address formatting (!), saying the address I entered and which they accepted as valid initially violated their policy, which they claimed was due to FedEx's rules. I know this is false because FedEx manages to deliver to my address all the time. After several emails full of arguing, they were magically able to make my address work with their system anyhow, which by the way confirms that it was not FedEx's fault. They were very inflexible, obtuse and brusque the whole time. And then on the very next package, they again complained about the exact same address which worked on the previous shipment. Again I had to go round and round with them about the exact same thing.
The latest debacle was a hold placed on a package and an $8 fee because the merchant did not put the full suite number on the address. It had my name on it and most of the suite number so they were able to see it was me, which I know because they sent an email saying they will charge me $8 for violating their policy.
Maybe I'm nitpicking but did they even say "We're so sorry for your inconvenience, we made a mistake?" Nope, they don't even say that. They just argue. This is typical communication from them. They do answer emails quickly to their credit. But their replies are usually bureaucratic and there is no sense of humanity. It's like the DMV. I dread talking with them.
I'm just spending my time on this complaint because someone needs to call them out and publicly point a finger at them or they will think everything is fine. For now, I'd recommend to try another service first if you can find one.

Ahmed I.
1 review
“Ordered a quite expensive and fragile item through MYUS.”

The item went through some delays initially, but I immediately got in touch with a representative named John Benedict who was extremely helpful and to the point, he solved all my problems within a few moments, very very good customer service on his behalf.

Sultan A.
1 review
“Very helpful”

He really helped me out a lot. He describe the differences between the services that they provide and soon enough I'm going to upgrade my account.


Begginer , i am still learning on how to use myus site though i do trust the quality of their service all the times.

Yussef d.
1 review
“Helpful " John Benedict "”

It was all clear and helping! all my questions have been answered perfectly
and I got the help as fast as it could be

my regards

Fares N.
1 review

John benedict Agent, was fast and very helpful, myus in general seems to be a very good company.its my first use and up to now its perfect !

Hannah H.
1 review

Dawn answered all of my questions, and there were a lot. Thanks for keeping it cool! She was very kind and continued to help me with everything that I needed. I will recommended to other people and speak of the customer service that I received today. Thanks Dawn!

Vic C.
1 review
“Excellent service from John Benedict of My US”

I use webchat (different companies) quiet a bit and John Benedict has been most helpful. He got to the point quickly, understood, took action and helped me sort it out. Excellent. Thank you.

“Very Helpful!”

It was a great conversation with the costumer service representative. I did get a clear answer of what I wanted, Thank you!

David E.
1 review
“Super Service from Customer Support”

Live Chat was 100 % effective. A pleasure to have my question about delivery and Tracking so clearly expained

Mario S.
1 review
“John is the man”

I presented the issue i was facing,
John Benedict did the breakdown including all our options, we settled for the least expensive one.
+ a million for that guy right there for being professional and prompt in his replies.

Titus M.
1 review

I was assisted by Darazel an agent from MYUS to create shipment request when my account could not create one for me. He has been very helpful.

Harry K.
1 review
“Great service!”

John Benedict at MyUS was amazing and so helpful. Thanks for the great service. I got everything I needed extremely fast.