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Abdullah A.
1 review
“Help to fix declared value”

Pedde Jeff D. helped me in fixing an issue of declared value immediately

It was nice experience, I suggest to keep this live chat service 24 hrs

Hilary B.
1 review
“Misleading shipping costs”

myUS trying to charge me almost double shipping for my goods (than that on their shipping calculator page ) I have asked for senior management to review but I just get the same person repeating same thing. Beware when calculating freight cost. Website says "Don't see package count or dimension input? MyUS calculates rates by weight ONLY, regardless of package size and count. " I calculated $484 freight.Yet when my items arrived at myUS they claim I must pay $816 freight. Because the package is 39.5 x 23.5 x 21.5
How is this possible when the calculator says "weight ONLY, regardless of package size"
Do not be misled by this company. They think they can get away with it because the packages are already at their store and there is no option but to pay it. Also they tried to take money from my credit card without my knowledge. Fortunately it was a card that was cancelled and it did not work.
Do your homework thoroughly and be prepared to pay more than you can afford if you use this company.

rahma h.
1 review

John Benedict was very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very helpful ...

“Customer service from John Benedict...”

was fast, friendly and resolve the issue immediately. I havent used the chat option before because I havent previously been able to get through but this was excellent service.
Thank you John

Ganna I.
1 review
“online chat staff help”

very patient and helpful staffer. not much else to say until my package arrives safely to be honest, but the staffer that chatted with me was very nice and knew what he was doing.

Alan B.
1 review
“Exceptional Service”

I have just had a live chat to John Benedict, service cosultant, who provides a great service for Australian, SE Asia & Middle Eastern clients. I had an issue with the GST , John very swiftly alerted the correct department for review, He was very helpful, & very obliging, Excellent service

Muhammad A.
1 review
“i am happy because of Mr.John Benedict”

i had a problem with my member ship and Mr. John Benedict solved it for me in like 5 min . i would like to thank him

Jemma L.
1 review
“MYUS great customer service”

I was having trouble verifying my card on myUS, as it was not clear that I had to convert the amount in my account to USDollars, which ended in my card being blocked. John Benedict was very helpful. Looked into my account and fixed everything so simply. Having him help me, took away all my stress.

1 review
“Package in review (Quick process by support team)”

I like the very quick communication of the support team!
Myus is the top of his kind!

Thanks to John Benedict and Beryl Grace for their precious help!

satoru h.
1 review
“A wonderful operator”

Pedde Jeff D is a wonderful operator.
He listened carefully to my troubles.
And he gave me adequate advice.
I am grateful to him.

Caroline L.
1 review
“credit card information provided was not the same as member name but still got processed, stay away!”

this account was made by mistake, using a false credit card information, my sister as a card holder have tried to resolve this issue with the customer service but customer service wasnt seems very helpful at all, it was charge under a different name and paid with a different card holder name monthly for 1 year with no activity. Me and my sister were deeply very dissapointed at because of a bad customer service, you will lose a possible good customer in the future, definitely will stay away from this company your website is not save at all!

Andrei R.
1 review
“Awesome Customer Suport”

Talked to John Benedict and he answered all my questions with really great detail. The customer support is great! Looking forward to use the service.

Rachel M.
1 review

I ´d like to give a big thank you to John Benedict. Very friendly and very competent. He was able to solve the problem through the chat. Very kind and fast. Very good job John. Thank you!

Niven R.
1 review
“Unauthorised charges”

I have used MyUS for a few years now wih reasonable service but always a few issues with parts they cant send or the addresses merchants use are always wrong, But the last experience I had was shipping a couple of Ebikes to the Caribbean which I emailed MyUS to check and they replied yes they can airfreight and gave me a quote of $200 per bike. When I ordered the Bikes and had them sent to MyUs they then told me it would be $1400 to send both bikes. I told them this was way more than their quote and I asked them to send the bikes to a shipping company locally and I would have them shipped. I told them I expected no charge as this was due to their missleading quote. My Us eventualy sent the bikes to the shipping company but without my authorisation or knowledge charged my Credit Card for $200 for the shipping. They also charged my Credit Card with $50 of miscellaneous charges, some from nearly a year ago that when asked to do so could not corroborate. When I contact them about this issue I get no valid response, I will close my account with them and use another Company.

Di Z.
1 review
“All that frustration from a small strap”

Here is my lengthy battle with this company for a single misplaced strap in my shipment.

Jun 26-Each time I'm thinking this can't get any worse, this company always has a way to shock me:)... Here is the response I got from MyUS which after few lengthy emails:

"We can replace the strap that was not received in your shipment.
You can either order the item (Purchase Link for a purse not in the same style as the one I lost) and once we received, we will send the strap to you at no cost and remove the purse.
Or we can order this on your behalf, send you the strap and remove the purse as the strap is what is missing. We will not be able to send the purse unless you cover the shipping cost. "

I'm speechless when I saw this email. Besides they are giving me the wrong bag, when I specifically ask for the replacement of exact same style of strap, their suggestions are ridiculous! By my understanding, those 2 suggestions are: 1. get a free shipment of the strap by purchase a bag at your own cost, and guess what, all you can get is the strap, even you paid the strap&bag in your own money. 2. We will order it on your behalf (not mention who pay the bill), but you have to pay for the shipment in order to get the strap which we lost at first place.

I'm just wondering if this company is run by people who are having any common sense:)...

Jun 25-I don't know if this will be the last of my case, as I'm not satisfied with the final reply they giving me. Here is their final reply:

"I have reviewed all of your e-mails and I see this is in regards to a strap missing from package 01-628-8950.
I have reviewed the Login Photos taken for this item and there was not strap inside this package. Please see attached. We shipped what we received by the seller.
We have checked our surveilliance cameras as well as spoke with the Logger and Packer for your package/shipment and confirmed there was no strap with this package. The seller never sent this with the handbag, I do apologize.
As this is not a MyUS error, but instead an error on the sellers end, we recommend you contacting the seller for further assistance with this item as we cannot contact them on your behalf since we did not make the purchase.
As a one-time courtesy, I can issue a $20 courtesy credit as a good will but no additional refunds/credits will be issued.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Best Regards,

I'm not too surprised that they will conclude in this way, as I already know how irresponsible they are.

But I still want to make something to be clear.

I had spoken with my seller way before I contact MyUS, and he is positive that the strap included with the bag which wrapped with paper. From the picture I had from MyUS, I can clearly see a wrapped paper beside my bag when they weighted it. But the wrapped paper wasn't been examed nor included in the shipment I received. In addition to that, all my other bags have been forwarded by this company, the picture taken by MyUS IS NOT showing a strap nor a log indicated there are 2 items in the shipment, but I do receive both bag and strap as those sellers didn't bother wrapping the strap. As such I don't TRUST their conclusion since the wrapped paper been lost and they have no record that they been checked the wrapped paper before throw it. Based on the available evidence, how can they say it didn't include with a strap?

I'm not accepting this "courtesy credit", as I'm not satisfied with their conclusion and I will not be using this service ever again. From the experience I had, their process for handling the goods are poor!

If you don't want to lose ANYTHING, please make sure you are select Forwarding with Original Package, otherwise, please prepare to have the same ending as me, after they mess up with your shipment and treated you like a beggar by throwing a $20 coupon in your face:). I also should mention that forward with original packaging may ending with extremely high charges, so either way, they win.

I should also give a word on their "promises", the first promise from Customer services that they are put my case to "upper management" who I found out only been a customer representative, then they give you a guarantee that there is 24-hour reply period which only reached after the repeated request from myself. After that, the HIGHLY TRAINED customer representative said will forward my case to management, which, another lie, I got the email above from the SAME email as this HIGHLY TRAINED Customer representative, with no title, no direct contact:).

And one suggestion for sellers who will be ship your customer's good item to MyUS, please make sure you use something visible for filling and do let them know what is included in the package, also do take a video while you are packaging. If you don't do that, MyUS will blame you for not shipping the item:).

Jun 21-Just an update on my experience, after a of week of chasing the dedicate personell responsible on my case to reply me, I still dont have any resolution for this $100 damage from MYUS. Not very surprising to find out that they remain claim the strap may not included the package at first place, but at least they admitted to the responsibility of they may lost it because the staff didnt felt the strap in the paper.
Now my case has escalated again to a management, and just hope this time they kept their words, at least a real management.

I usually dont give a bad feedback to anyone, but the service I received from MyUS does. I purchased a beautiful vintage bag from Tradesey, and they have me using this carrier as my international shipper, which I did. My bag has 2 parts, the bag and the strap, the seller is taking extra protection to the strap which put the strap in the bag with a wrap of paper on. When the item arrives at MYUS, they REMOVE all content from the bag and without checking the wraps, then just throw it away, now Im End up with a bag without the strap. To make things worse, When I contact their customer services, they are blaming me for not pay shipment insurance and not having their advance photo($10USD), which is no relation in my case, my straps are gone at the moment they decided to empty my bag without asking me! Not only that, both customer services ended my conversation like Im some sort of diseases, which I never been traded in my previous experience.

Also, when MyUS mention an Upper Management will contact you. is this means a general support email like support@myus sends you a general reply?

Jun 14 -After 24 hours I responded to the so-called "upper management's" email and almost 48 hours after I report my unfortunate loss, no further communication. So you call this special personnel assigned to my case? "dedicated attention and time"??? lol This dedicated attention given to me even didn't have the courtesy to send a short reply to my response:). What a service!

This makes me want to question that the reason for MYUS can't solve this small issue (from their point view due to the value, but it's a BIG issue for me!) in a timely this because they are short staffed, internal control is poor can't backtrack the order, no good procedure in place on their loss, or just don't give any care at all.

No matter which one is, I only can conclude that this company is okay for international shipping services as long as MYUS didn't mess up the order. HOWEVER, based on their response and the quality control, I doubt my case is just a bad luck.

George F.
1 review
“beware unauthorised charges!”

They sign you up or transition you over to a premium membership without you knowing. I never even used their service, but ended up getting stung for tons of fees I never signed up for. CHECK YOUR CREDIT CARD REGULARLY to make sure they aren't charging you by stealth!

1 review

I had some issues that I needed to solve and John Benedict helped me a lot in a very short time. Great service and great company.

Kam s.
1 review
“Customer Support”

Mr. John Benedict has provided the rocking support in few minutes.. I am extremely happy with his support.

1 review
“Awsome work thankyou”

Like to say thanks again , MYUS love your service and i also love your customer service and a big thanks for the help and information from your Live Chat staff including Pedde Jeff D. who assisted my last request.

Anne S.
1 review
“Quick Service! Great Customer Service”

I had a product and shipping query and John Benedict from MYUS was most helpful, answering my questions promptly and succinctly. Love dealing with this shipping company!!! Very happy and satisfied customer.

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