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55 reviews
45 main suite 524
Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
Tel: 919(916) 445-9555

55 Reviews From Our Community


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1 review
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I bought several certificates through Lifebooker and was never notified that they were shutting down. We get charged up front for services and the certificate links don't work. Now I have to eat over $200. Thank a lot!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I paid $299 for a service on LifeBooker and when I went to go use it, the spa indicated Lifebooker was no longer in business. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 review
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I've had mostly good experiences using Lifebooker. It has helped me find cool new hair salons, spas, etc. at a discount. On a few occasions, I've encountered some less than stellar places, which leads me to believe they don't check out the merchants before signing them on. When I did need to ask for a refund because I couldn't get an appointment using a Loot certificate, they put the money back in my account even though the 24-hour refund period had passed. Stay on the safe side and use Lifebooker to visit businesses you trust.

1 review
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I CAN'T believe people take out their frustration of salons or massage/nail parlors on Lifebooker! The saying "Don't shoot the messenger"? Well, in case you haven't noticed..... It is NOT the website's fault if a business it's not doing their job. So, in this case. PLEASE, for all the hard work that gets fueled into an operation like LifeBooker, DO NOT shoot the middleman. Thank you.

1 review
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I am not sure why there are so many negative comments, I found their customer service to be very helpful! The service could not be performed so I got my money back!
Thanks Jenn!

1 review
4 helpful votes

The worst company we ever worked with!! Advice for all businesses DO NOT SIGN any contracts with this company, they are promising one thing, after all you are getting nothing. WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Whenever I use lifebooker deals I get bad hair. I guess you get what you pay for.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Worst Experience. Not only is the site/app loaded with bugs but the company basically stole from me. When a business overcharged me for a service lifebooker basically said tough luck there's nothing we are going to do. It was technology assisted theft! No customer service or rights.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Folks, do not give up on trying to get a credit for services you do not use even if your loot or certificate has expired. Under the CARD act lifebooker must issue a credit for services being rendered. (Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act) This is why Groupon had to change their policies a few years back. Do your research and know your rights.

1 review
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LifeBooker SUCKS!! They are f*$%ing SHADY LIARS. Like SO MANY OTHERS..I bought a LifeBooker coupon for a business that DOESN'T EXIST! I contacted LifeBooker, they said no refunds, only credit. Then the freaking credit expired! So I'm just out that money. Scumbags!

1 review
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Went to FIFI salon for a classic mani and pedi my experience was great.. The place was very clean and cozy! Josephine was simply great..dint rush me at all..she did a great job..The owner was pretty warm and courteous too.. Will definitely go back!

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

If I could give them less stars, I would. I bought a voucher for laser hair removal and had a horrible experience with the company... tried to get a prorated refund for the unused sessions, and was furious with their customer service rep by the time I hung up the phone. Tried email (see below) and they offered me a credit on my account. After the sub-par services provided by the practice and the horrible customer service at lifebooker, why would I want a credit to buy more vouchers from them? Here's my last email to them...

Hi Jenna,

Per our conversation on Monday, the bottom line is you're selling vouchers for a practice that is providing sub-par care/services and I would like a refund. It's not that I HAVE to see Kathy, I want a refund because everyone left at that practice is providing sub-standard services. The only person who seems to have had any expertise, Kathy... is no longer there.


I've been in the sales/customer service/marketing industry throughout my career and anyone with a basic understanding of this, knows that customers aren't expecting companies to operate without problems... what they want is companies that excel at resolving them. THAT is the definition of GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, and THAT is what brings a company success. You should take a look at how a company providing similar services is operating... LivingSocial is hugely successful. If I had experienced this problem with a voucher I purchase from them, they would have offered the refund and probably even apologized for the terrible experience I'd had.

The only recourse I have at this point is to share my experience on social networking sites and hope someone will read it and avoid wasting their money on your vouchers. My posts will be up before the day is done on Yelp and Facebook. It's too bad really... I think your company is founded on a great idea, but your execution of the idea is lousy.


1 review
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I purchased a 3 day cleanse through Lifebooker today and changed my mind after printing out the voucher. I called customer service and got a refund right away. There customer service was great and I will be ordering from them again :)

1 review
3 helpful votes

Complete scam site. Bought loot that only said tip was not included but when I showed up at the salon, they made me pay "tax" The tax was 15% of what I paid for the lifebooker and it was a $200 deal!! Stay away. Deals are too good to be true and they are false.

1 review
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This website is such a hassle. If you realize how it works in the first place, the whole system makes no sense. As well as the fact that if their app malfunctions, which it does a lot, and you are at your appointment getting ready to read the vin code and it doesn't work, then you have to awkwardly sit with the merchant... Another bad thing about this website is that they don't refund your lifebooker money? I think it's a well put scam in my opinion. Too much control from their behalf...

1 review
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I thought Id try LIFEBOOKER since I always have good experiences with GROUPON.. I had a TERRIBLE experience. I dont see an entry for the service I bought coupons (or 'Loot') as they call it... for IN THE ZONE DELIVERY - STAY AWAY FROM IN THE ZONE DELIVERY!!! I cannot stress this enough.

First you pay for these coupons and they give you a discount on the Food service.. but you have to register for trhe IN THE ZONE DELIVERY online and use one of the coupons to do so... WELL - 1) It tried to get online to them for a full day to no avail - their site wasnt functioning properly. I SHOULD have stopped there. I called them.. Not able to get a human... tried a few times, even left a voice message. nothing.

The next day I figure Ill try again, maybe they were having tech troubles... I get on. I have to make out the menu that I want for the week - so I do this. It takes time.
I get a reply on my email confirming each meal I ordered for the weeks worth... each day. so i think - Great! Im in business...

SO then I try calling them to let them know - again - nobody gives a damn - I contact LIFEBOOKER and tell them I want a full refund.. I'm not using this business... Im not going to get their food - I SEE they are not together, am I going to trust them with food I put in my nouth ?? NO WAY.

SO LIFEBOOKER says they'll look into it for me...

what happens... LIFEBOOKER tells me they'll only refunf me HALF of my money - since I USED THE COUPON NUMBER to log into the system for IN THE ZONE DELIVERY... OF COURSE I DID!!! How was I to register to get my food??? that never came??

And then THEY finally give me a contact at ITZD .... and THAT guy tells me its my own fault the food didnt come because I put a hold on my deliveries WTF???

So I explain to him - no... I didnt.. and moreover I have had nothing but trouble communicating w this company and I no longer want their food - No service has been provided, therefore I want my refund whoever is giving it - them or Lifebooker... I want a FULL refund.

They are insisting they arent going to reimburse me even though Im not using them??? NOT SO SMART. I plan on letting EVERYONE know to STAY AWAY FROM IN THE ZONE DELIVERY and frankly - LIFEBOOKER should pay me back my full amount knowing I am not using that service and discontinue working with that company.

I called my credit card company and opened a dispute claim.
Save yourself any problem and dont go with these people

1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't advertise with this company. waste of money. employees horrible.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Horrible Horrible Horrible!!! Do NOT use this company I bought a voucher and the company never answered their phone or emails I called Lifebooker for a refund they refused I explained I did not want a credit and they told me too bad disgusting company

1 review
3 helpful votes

I don't know why people are complaining about the customer service. I've called twice i the past week with ridiculous tasks for them to help me with (year old loot that I never used, not being satisfied with a hair dye) and they have completely helped me out with a positive attitude and absolutely no rudeness. Maybe everyone is calling the wrong line?

1 review
0 helpful votes

If I could, I would give this place 0 stars. Their customer service is absolutely TERRIBLE and the companies they vouch for on their website are just as terrible. I've purchased 3 loots from them and not one has left me happy. I wish I saved that money and spent it on full priced services. I'm not the type to write reviews but I honestly want to save everyone from wasting their money here.

1 review
2 helpful votes

The businesses this site works with frequently won't honor the discounted prices. Sometimes they don't even acknowledge appointments made at full price through the site. I have had nothing but bad experiences using this site.

1 review
1 helpful vote

WORST SITE, CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND TECHNOLOGY EVER! I have been trying to access my account for 3 days now and have contacted their customer service team. They told me that three shouldn't be any problems now, which was a lie because they never fixed the problem!!!!!! I want a refund but the customer service team wont help. DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM ITS A SCAM.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Steer clear of Lifebooker and go with more reputable experience flash sites. Lifebooker has much to learn from Groupon and Gilt. They need to screen the businesses that they work with.

I bought a coupon for a new business in NYC, Wanna Glow. It was a new business so the yelp reviews were fine.

Lifebooker must have been the first site that they offered their coupons through because the bad reviews rolled in. It was impossible to get an appointment with them. Then they would schedule an appointment after the "loot" expired and tell you that you had to pay $200 in addition to your loot. What a joke.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I did have a positive experience initially. I booked a few haircuts at a discount with an excellent hairstylist. Unfortunately, after a few months, the price of the haircuts went up significantly and I couldn't afford to get cuts from this stylist any more.
Let's move on to my most recent, horrible experience with Lifebooker. I purchased a deal for 2 facial treatments. The company began racking up terrible reviews after offering the deal and it made me hesitant to go there considering they would be stimulating my face with electrical currents. I asked for a refund, or in the least, a credit, because I didn't feel comfortable going there. The company had also marked my voucher as redeemed and I had only realized this after I got a email reminding me to use my voucher. That seemed pretty shady. Lifebooker refused to even give me a credit for the deal which was 85 dollars! This is not just chump change for me. I was very disappointed and told the rep for Lifebooker that I would never use their services again. Research the company very carefully before you buy a deal because you won't see your money again if the deal goes sour.

1 review
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The site processes two promo codes, so when you check out and submit payment you think it's one price. When you receive the confirmation and email, it charges you for the amount of only one promo code working. I call customer service and tell them the issue, and they do NOTHING about it. Like a normal respectable company, they should HONOR what the site does. They have HORRENDOUS customer service and suck.

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You don't have to return it. You just choose not to buy it. They never charge you for loot until you click on "Buy loot".

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