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FamilyTime has a consumer rating of 2.89 stars from 145 reviews indicating that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. FamilyTime also ranks 20th among Parenting sites. The most common issues with FamilyTime are around customer service, which is not as good as expected by some customers.

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What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights

  • I have tried other apps for controlling my kid's screen time and FamilyTime is by far the best.
  • This app is fit for online supervision, location monitoring, and screen time and app handling.

Critical highlights

  • Although this may be a good app, you cant change your mind without cost.
  • Customer support is worst ever with info to pair the devices.
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Top Positive Review

“This app is fantastic.”

Jessica F.

I can see exactly where my kids are, block any apps I don't want them to use (a feature I am in and out of multiple times a day) monitor calls and texts, and tons of other stuff! Plus they have fantastic customer service!! After trying multiple parental control apps I liked this one the most. It is on all my kid's phones. I would highly recommend it!

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Top Critical Review

“Don't subscribe to this app,”

Sheelagh B.

Please don't subscribe to this family time website. It is a scam. Am awaiting a refund since August 2019, they keep promising "you will be refunded within the next 2-5 working days". Don't avail of the free trial because that's how they suck you in. When I looked for their company location address to write to them to get my refund, they eventually told me they were based in Tokyo but then I found out it was China. They are fraudulent.

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1 review
0 helpful votes
May 23rd, 2020
Please don't subscribe to this family time website.
It is a scam. Am awaiting a refund since August 2019, they keep promising "you will be refunded within the next 2-5 working days". Don't avail of the free trial because that's how they suck you in. When I looked for their company location address to write to them to get my refund, they eventually told me they were based in Tokyo but then I found out it was China. They are fraudulent.
1 review
2 helpful votes
January 20th, 2020
Very similar experience to those described below. If the same thing happens to you, keep your correspondence and request a charge back on your credit card. Don't let them steal your money.

The app has never worked despite being installed exactly according to instructions. They stuffed me about for 11 days telling me that someone would respond within 24-48 hours' before finally admitting it was an iOS issue. When I asked for a refund they refused because I'd used a coupon code offered as standard on their site. This is despite never delivering the service. A total scam.
1 review
0 helpful votes
March 26th, 2020
UPDATE: STILL NO REFUND AFTER TWO MONTHS! AVOID THESE SCAMMERS!! I stopped using this app a while back ago as the most of it functionality is now implemented by the free Google FamilyLink, and just found that they renewed my annual subscription and charged another year even without sending a courtesy notification prior to the renewal. Now they are telling me that the refund will take them 15 -- 21 working days to proceed. Be warned.
1 review
0 helpful votes
May 28th, 2020
Unfortunately it does not work "seamlessly" with iOS. Most of the monitoring and filtering are not available on iOS due to (in their words) Apple's privacy issues. This is not mentioned on the web site. After trying to make it work and speaking with tech support, I requested a refund and was told because I had chosen some kind of "discount" rate, I wasn't allowed the free trial so there was no refund (??!). Of course, it was their discount code on their web site with no mention that it was non-refundable. On an iPhone, it basically does location finding (which I couldn't make work either because it kept wanting me to set up more areas) - which can be done with Apple Find My app and Google maps for free, and I could set up screen time (again can be done free through apple Family Time). But monitoring texts, emails, contacts, calls etc. - this can't be done. I don't see how this was rated as high as it says... Avoid this one. Look at Bark instead (friend recommendation).
1 review
1 helpful vote
December 2nd, 2019
Familytime never worked it's a waste of money you will regret buying this app because it's not working. Familytime buyers should beware of this app because it's wont work instead use a better option use Solutionhackedteam phone spy app and have access to your target phone with just the phone number only
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1 review
0 helpful votes
February 26th, 2020
Don't waste your time and money. This app is sucks. The customer service even sucks! I wasn't subscribed for it but was charged for it. I have been asking for refund since Nov 2019!!
1 review
1 helpful vote
January 2nd, 2020
Don't use a discount code! They don't tell you before you subscribe, but if you use a discount code they will not issue a refund regardless of your issues. Their refund policy is completely bogus. I tried multiple times to resolve my issues using their chat and never were they able to fix the problems, my issue was always sent to the support department, who I should hear back from in 24-36 hours (I never did!). I am still waiting on a confirmation that my subscription has been cancelled. Their practice of not only offering discount codes but really pushing them (using pop-up chats from their support team on the website) and then not alerting you that they will not issue a refund and that you are not given any trial period, it's just instantly charged, is completely unethical. DO NOT USE!
1 review
1 helpful vote
November 30th, 2019
Familytime isn't working don't bother to waste your money it's wont work and you won't be refunded instead use Solutionhackedteam Phone Spy App and have access to your target iPhone with just the phone numbers only without you needing the iCloud information
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Tip for consumers: Familytime won’t work

2 reviews
8 helpful votes
January 28th, 2020
Downloaded and paid for the app on my daughters phone. Didn't realize until 2 hours later that some of the features were only available for Android operating systems. Contacted them within 3 hours of purchase asking for a refund. I was refused with a link to their refund policy, which covers just about any situation whereby one would be entitled to a refund:
The child phone does not have Internet access (no money left on the target phone account, temporary service interruption, roaming-related problem, etc.).
The carrier is changed by a child phone which leads to the loss of Internet connectivity and consequently improper functioning of FamilyTime application.
Update of operating system.
child device was reset to original factory settings.
The customer does not follow the installation guidelines of our customer support team.
The customer does not accept technical assistance.
The customer does not have access to the child phone or does not know the password to unlock it.
The child device runs unsupported operating system. The following Operating Systems are NOT supported: Symbian Belle, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry 10 or Bada (FamilyTime supports iOS and Android only).
Personal reasons (I've changed my mind, I've made a purchase by mistake, Software was not used, etc.)
Customers who have opted-in in any kind of promotion/discount offer are not eligible to avail refund.

So is my review and the regret of dealing with this company.
My purchase confirmation Order ID: FAM*******694-73824
1 review
2 helpful votes
March 2nd, 2017
My search has finally got to the right result. FamilyTime is really a nice app that has so many features and the best part is that all these features work actually :P. I tried several other parental apps too, but those were lacking in one way or the other. I really like its screen lock option that can be done in two ways auto and manually. Highly recommended!
1 review
0 helpful votes
April 14th, 2020
They are cheaters, don't even try their app. Go with google's app, which is a FREE app and much more robust. They have charged me £79 for this year, after I asked them to cancel my subscription last year itself. I approached them on the same day and opened a ticket (Jan 4th). They are making so many nonsense excuses for the last 3 months. Note that, they are not reachable on any phone lines. You can only reach their support team on Chat. On chat, they claim that the chat is only for support and instead suggest you send an email to refund-team. The funny part is, one of the support team members will reply back to your email saying the request is in progress. The support team is full lies and very disgusting. My honest suggest is, just AVOIDDDD the app.
1 review
0 helpful votes
February 7th, 2020
I paid for one year of their service in December of 2018. The app didn't work correctly on one of my children's cell phones, so I told them to just cancel the service. I did NOT ask for a refund for that year.

A year later... I was checking my credit card bill for December 2019 and saw that they billed me for another year!!!

I contacted their customer support email that very same day, asking them to cancel my service and give me a refund for this new charge. After all, I hadn't used the service at all during the previous year that I paid for.

It is now February 7th and I've contacted them a dozen times since then, and they still have NOT given me a refund!

They are ROBBING ME.

Every time I contact them, each representative simply replies with a standard BS answer.
1 review
1 helpful vote
November 17th, 2019
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Tip for consumers: Familytime doesn’t work as advertised

1 review
1 helpful vote
July 30th, 2019
I can see exactly where my kids are, block any apps I don't want them to use (a feature I am in and out of multiple times a day) monitor calls and texts, and tons of other stuff! Plus they have fantastic customer service!! After trying multiple parental control apps I liked this one the most. It is on all my kid's phones. I would highly recommend it!
1 review
1 helpful vote
January 3rd, 2020
Do yourselves a favor and DO NOT even download this app let alone PAY for it. It will work so so for a few weeks and then It will LOCK DOWN your phone and your child's phone. You will be forced to factory reset both devices and hope there are no lingering issues. We tried very hard to have this issue resolved but the developer honestly could care less about you once you make a purchase. It was at that time that I insisted my year be canceled and refunded an allocated amount which.... let's be honest.... was never going to happen. What ever I ate the yearly amount but still insisted it be canceled. I have message after message after message and all the screen shots proving this and yet today they charged me for a whole other year!! They do not have anyone available to answer phones so you can talk to an actual person. Literally no one is capable of handling this issue because I keep getting bounced around to this person and that person. Please head this warning and DO NOT allow yourself or your children to get caught up in this mess! It's not worth it. This is a scam!!!!
1 review
0 helpful votes
January 29th, 2020
I had high expectations. This app didn't work from the beginning. I installed on my son's phone but I never saw any of the promises they make on their website. My husband was able to view installed apps intermittently but we were never able to control the apps as promised. From the app on my phone I was never able to see his contacts, messaging, installed apps, location, or anything else. I was able to pause his phone, but then we had to uninstall the app from his phone to get it to un-pause. I requested a refund within days of purchasing the app only to find out that, since I utilized the discount, I wasn't eligible for a refund. AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE.
1 review
1 helpful vote
March 4th, 2019
No refund policy for the free trial. They take your money and refuse to give it back.

I trialled the product and quickly saw that it was a very poor app. I became worried when there was no way to cancel online. Contacting customer service just got the same response as reported in so many other reviews.

Very disappointed that I got sucked into this scam. Please don't make the same mistake.
1 review
0 helpful votes
April 28th, 2019
This App is brilliant. It runs smoothly and provides all the basic security features I need. The premium version gives more in less money as compared to other parental control apps out there. Lessens your worries whenever your kids are out and about. This app has survived one phone upgrade to software releases and countless attempts by my children to bypass the app.
1 review
2 helpful votes
September 17th, 2019
The app did not work at all. Despite many interactions Family Time kept saying to use bug fixes. After 2 days they would not refund my money as they said I got a premium package. Literally threw $40 in the garbage. Awful company. Find another way to protect your kids as I believe this is a scam.
1 review
0 helpful votes
October 12th, 2019
So far so good! This app made my life easier! it automatically access to apps once the set time limit is reached one suggestion I really hope you consider adding to you future updates
1 review
1 helpful vote
October 30th, 2019
This guys are thieves, this app doesn't work as advertised and for me didnt work at all, they use shady ways to get people to give 5 stars reviews for a discount but when the app doesn't work they will tell you its non refundable. After posting a negative review they said to go to the chat for "refund on the spot" but the chat 1st send me to billing later told me due to technical problems it may take few weeks & after insisting said 24hr. 24hrs passed no refund, they say they have billing problems again and now its 48 hrs. Looks like they just keep coming with excuses not to refund. Liars!
1 review
1 helpful vote
November 4th, 2019
The Family Time app is a total scam. I signed up for the free trial. Within the hour I tried to download it and the app wouldn't work. I requested a refund. I was told that they "checked their records" and I had signed up for an upgrade (I had only signed up for the "free trial") and that they would not issue a refund. There is no number to call and you'll only get fake canned responses for your inquiry. After that I checked the reviews more thoroughly and many of the reviewers had the same experience as I did. Buyer Beware!
1 review
1 helpful vote
November 6th, 2019
They charged me after canceling year subscription and has been 3 months without a refund. They hust keep saying 4 to 5 business days. Bs
1 review
0 helpful votes
June 27th, 2019
This app's a joke. It's the kind of app that I would download for free from the App store and then delete it because it didn't have enough interesting features. But guess what? You have to pay to use FamilyTime. Not that I had been looking for some freeware but this certainly doesn't deserve the hundreds of dollars that you pay them. I switched to Xnspy soon after my subscription ended with Family time. I am still learning what my new spyware has to offer but so far, it's good. Lots of features. Low monthly payments. I like it!
1 review
2 helpful votes
August 12th, 2018
Faulty product, when I tried to cancel they beat around the bush for way too long before finally giving me an email address I had to send to for a cancellation. What does it say about a service that allows you to sign up online, but you have to email someone to cancel? Feels like trying to hold me hostage by making it so difficult I just forget or give up. An honest company makes it as easy to stop doing business with them as it is to start.

Q&A (6)


It's even worse than ScreenTime app, I would suggest you to use built in parental controls and avoid using third party apps as these take so much of personal data.

By Jennifer W.
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According to my case, customer is the best so far and had answered my all questions very quickly and the agent was informative.

By Williams B.
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No, they can't on android. And you can prevent your child from deleting the child app on iOS.

By HF C.
See more answers (2)

Most of the features work even device is on airplane mode.

By Williams B.

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