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3 reviews
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I'm sharing my experience of my last purchase on

I bought a product "Flexible Curved Tempered Glass Screen Guard For Motorola Moto G5S #*******774" from ebay on 06-Jun-2018, with PaisaPay ID *******5159.

After receiving the product, I pasted it on the mobile phone screen and found that the width of the tempered glass screen guard is less that it does not cover the entire screen as expected. It appears as screen guard for some other phone having lesser screen size.

Since I already pasted the tempered glass on the phone screen and returning such used product is pointless, I left a neutral feedback regarding my purchase. The seller's(seller wedesi_store) customer care personnel contacted me over phone many times, on 17th June(from this number *******611) asking me to remove my feedback. She promised me to ship the tempered glass screen guard of Moto G5S itself on the same day, without any extra charges. So as per the promise, I replied "Please remove my feedback" to the email from the seller, upon here request, originated from eBay messaging.

There is no update yet regarding the tempered glass screen guard they promised to ship to the same address. Now the seller customer care is not attending my calls, messages etc.

The above content is the email sent to eBay and they never responded yet. When contacted eBay through customer service chat, they said they don't have enough evidence to take any action. Now eBay has become the center of fraud sellers.
3 reviews
1 helpful vote
I never imagined a brand like eBay would be so deceptive. I bought what was advertised as a "SAMSUNG" charger for my 84 year old mother who lives in India. It turned out to be a fake. Basically caused a short circuit and caused the power board to burn down. I contacted the seller who admitted fault, accepted my claim advised me to claim under the Ebay guarantee.

Guess what? Ebay Guarantee was as FAKE as the so called Samsung Charger. They rejected a claim under their Guarantee even though the Seller accepted the claim.

Their customer service is non-existent. Most of their links don't work.

Another thing I noticed was that items kept getting added automatically to my cart! Their customer service was again useless in dealing with the issue - I think the eBay account has no security features and is probably hacked when you're online.
1 review
0 helpful votes
Having shipped a low quality & defective item (Luxury Clear View Mirror Flip Smart case/cover for Samsung Galaxy smartphone), which is not even aligning properly with mobile phone (due to design of case is inaccurate), also leaving scratches over the mobile phone's screen with just 2 day's usage.. very sub-standard material and a bogus QR Code for the mirror properties to work (see thro' display time on mobile screen)... With clearly visible defects in the pictures I sent to the seller (tgk mart) and also to e bay raising a Refund Claim.... No reply from seller.. ebay informs today my Refund Claim is Rejected ..pathetic state of affairs only to hurt customers feelings.
Pathetic.. Sellers can display or describe their product in any untrue manner, customer trusting "ebay Guarantee" pays hard earned money only with trust,.. to be taken for a ride and when raising Refund claim getting a reply from ebay expressing regret, helplessness citing conditions of ebay Guarantee.... but encouraging the already hurt and humiliated customer to shop more from ebay... Would I shop anymore in ebay..? Well, the answer is evident.. Not to get same disgusting treatment from e bay..
Yes, this not only a painful lesson for myself... for others too...
1 review
2 helpful votes
I bought 5 product from and 3 times I realy got orignal or as describe products.
But 2 times I felt that Seller cheated me and ripped me out of my money.
Actually they put pictures of orignal product and what I received is totally different from orignal product, basically fake and cheap replica of product. When I contacted Seller, they start arguing that you want GOLD in the price of SILVER and you have to keep that I will not going to refund, you need to bare the cost of return blah blah blah....
So be carefull while buying online from dont trust every Seller, check their ratings, comments on product they are selling and then decide.
1 review
2 helpful votes
Once the thing is bought are trapped...whatever the case might be they wont refund n make returns. I have recently bought a necklace set from ebay which turned out to be totally different from the pic , and i was shocked to experience poor customer care service as well!!! I dont think it will be a clever decision to buy anything from this will be total waste of money.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Iam perchase Samsung blutooth that's not working properly . I want to return that product EBAY CALL CENTER NOT RESPOND I AM TRAINING MORE THAN 50 TIMES. *******002
1 review
2 helpful votes
I hate was a loyal customer of and I did the biggest blunder of my life by buying on eBay. EBay is not customer is only seller friendly. Customers are being cheated by sellers by sending poor quality things and if we want to return it it is completely impossible. EBay guarantee does not cover quality. The customer is cheated. U raise a claim over this and eBay closes it without resolving it. It has been the most horrible experience of my life. Please my advise is to stop using eBay. It is only making money by allowing sellers to sell cheap,poor quality stuff to customers ..without any concern for the customer. It is bull$#*! nonsense
2 reviews
1 helpful vote
Biggest mistake I did buying stuffs from ebay India . I was totally carried away by their false claims of guarantee eBay that "Replacement and refund for this product is covered through EBAY GUARANTEE" Much more sellers writes in description
This is JBL Flip II Portable Bluetooth Mobile/Tablet Speaker
New Black Edition
Excellent Condition 9/10

The Product Is In Excellent Condition

But when my item reached on 21 Jun 2017 afternoon ... utter disappointed that item did not work at all ... I called seller over the phone describing issue.. Seller said .. " your item is under ebay Grantee please raise your claim "

Even after payment confirmation receipt says " You are in safe hands when you shop on eBay. In case you don't receive your order or if it is delivered in an unsatisfactory condition, you can reach out to us through EBAY GUARANTEE"

But when I described this issue on the every evening to ebay. ..instead of taking my issue they just rejected my claim and wants to wash off their hands and now it is my headache to sort it out this issue at the service center .
Why should I go to service center when the item even not used ?

Why should I go to service center when Item is sent faulty ?

Now is more hard for me to take leave from my office and travel 20 to 30 km and defiantly it is not going to be a one day job.

This is eBay Guarantee claim and once the dealing is done ... they back off ... it is a fraud and robbing people time and money . I would recommend people NEVER EVER consider buying stuffs from ebay India .

Claim ID: 2992890
PaisaPay ID: *******0287
Item number: *******21753

Tip for consumers: Dont carried away with eBay Guarantee false claim that your money is safe .

1 review
1 helpful vote
Their replacement and refund policy is drafted in such a way that you will never be able to get a refund on time. You will run everywhere but you will not find a single resolution. I have not received refund from past 60 days. This is my reference numbers Item number *******59899

SR# *******71130

SR# *******79085

SR# *******60070

SR# *******08594

SR# *******89957

SR# *******52247

SR# *******80107

SR# *******51267

SR# *******60138

SR# *******93700

SR# *******26877

SR# *******39460

SR# *******61309

claim id: 2784626.
3 reviews
13 helpful votes
I never get "sealed packed" product. always doubtful product. reason I never visit this website again.
2 reviews
6 helpful votes
I was disappointed twice, eBay guarantee claim is a high-level cheating, Dealers friendly not customers friendly.
2 reviews
7 helpful votes
I have book a Sony Power Bank before 12days, still waiting for my product. No information right now, when it will be delivered. :(
1 review
4 helpful votes
Like a theif steals money from home, same does Ebay. They are theives. I have ordered 2 mobiles phoes ,kajal....everything is fake on ebay and NO customare care support at all. EBAY SELL ALLL FAKE PRODUCTS
4 reviews
11 helpful votes
2 reviews
5 helpful votes
I have purchased 2 items recently one in march 2016 and other is may 2016. 1st item i have received but not working and i asked for refund but still i am not sure whether i got the refund or not. 2nd item i have not received and refund still waiting. The main problem with ebay is. Their customer care. The portal is not at at all user friendly and you could not contact any customer care via phone. If you get the toll free number also they will never pick. Only you can send mail and which they will reply when they feel. Why to cry just buying a product from ebay where you have 100s of other good online portals available??
2 reviews
3 helpful votes
Pls Pls never buy any thing from ebay...its the hopeless site in terms of everything...had a really bad experience with ebay... i am wasting my time writing this just to save others from harassment which i went through after buying from here....the customer service is worst and the sellers also worst...they send damaged items and customer service will not help you for refunds and replacements
5 reviews
3 helpful votes
had a negative experience buying my laptop. I received it in broken condition and then they didn't respond when it came to resolving the issue with the seller.
5 reviews
2 helpful votes
good service, very nominal price
6 reviews
24 helpful votes
I have been on eBay since 2001, in the beginning it was not too bad and eBay took care of the sellers. Now it seems like they don't care about small sellers, only the big corporations.
Their detailed seller ratings are atrocious. People do not leave correct ratings, if they leave ratings at all. Not very many leave feedbacks anymore.
Now they have automatic returns. The buyer can return the goods and they get automatically refunded for the item plus the shipping cost both ways. Even though they lied about the reason for returning the item (most of the time because they do not bother to read the description) the seller always seems to pay the shipping cost and is out of money.
Now you have the liars and cheats. I had one a couple of weeks back who got a new item and lied that it was not new and wanted to send it back. She was told to send it back within 7 days. She did not send it back and about 2 weeks later I get a claim filed against me. I called eBay to find out what was going on, she never returned the item and should not be refunded. They told me she had called them after about 3 weeks and said she was hospitalized (Sound familiar????? We are sick of those excuses already or someone died in the family, yeh yeh, they think we are imbeciles). But, ebay did not say sorry you were supposed to send it back 3 weeks ago, they opened a case against me, saying if I did not refund her within the next couple of days (now remember she did not send my new expensive item back), they will hold this claim against me................. What the hell?????
Why are they letting her keep the item, refunding her and punishing me??????????????
I cannot tell you how mad I am. I am so ready to leave this damn site already as I am losing more money now than making, and the sellers are being ripped off left right and center and no one is protecting them. I have never been helped by them whenever I had a problem, I was always punished for things I have never done. 100% feedback means nothing now............. they do not care about the seller, only the buyers - lousy money grabbers!!!!!!!
I really HATE this site now, I am going to move to another site, fortunately now they do not have the monopoly anymore.
2 reviews
1 helpful vote
Not going to talk gibberish here and just going straight into the shiznit
1. They have loads of sellers, loads of products. Don't take it as a credit, because most of the products are either china-bought, china-made, cheap quality, no guarantee stuff.

2. Don't be fooled by their'Ebay Guarantee' provision. There is NO guarantee provided whatsoever, if the seller doesn't fulfil the transaction. Even if they say the transaction is protected by ebay'guarantee', there is no surety that you will get a refund. Even if they do'approve' a refund, it either takes a month or two to happen, or doesn't happen at all!

3. The website itself is soooooo confusing and not user-friendly at all. Especially with account settings, how to leave feedback, how to check the status of an order, track shipment, total bakwaas.

4. This is the main point of my review. They keep you waiting, waiting and waiting forever. I have always got my products reach me slightly close to a month. Once the deadline is reached, they mail you asking you'do you want a refund', and thats it, either you get the refund or you don't, which is more likely the scenario. What is the need to keep the customer waiting for sooooo long and finally close the deal without fulfilling the shipment?

My question to ebay is - if a product is not available anymore, why even list it? Here comes in the 'foolish consumer', who agrees to wait, wait and wait, to ultimately be told that the order is cancelled, or the the product wen out of stock, or bla bla bla.

The amount of typos in this one review shows my frustration. And if you don't want to to end like me, please think 100 times before buying on ebay.

The only reason I selected ebay, and their GEB, is because the stuff I was looking for aren't available in India and I had to get it imported, which you can do on the GEB of ebay. The seller's name is 'iccworld', which is the only reseller for all the international products on GEB to India, I hope I'm correct on this, because I could find only them. I have posted a review of iccworld too, hope it gets approved so that people become aware of ICCworld, GEB and Ebay's services in India.

I am for sure going to post a video review on my youtube channel too about this whole experience. I urge everyone to keep Ebay as last resort if you are looking for something, and if at all you find it on ebay, do a research on the specific seller, before handing your money to them. I got my order not fulfilled twice, and for one of them I wasn't provided refund of 3, 400 INR. So be careful.
2 reviews
3 helpful votes
I've bought a 15.6 inch laptop bag but the laptop didn't fit in. When I claimed for refund they said that the bag is 15.6 inch and not for 15.6 inch laptops.
1 review
5 helpful votes
I was scammed a couple of times. Ebay states "your money is protected" with us, but it isn't. One occasion, I purchased an item, which I had to return. Upon receiving the Item I returned, Ebay gave me a refund minus the shipping fees; two weeks later, Ebay again wenti nto my account and took out more money out of what they had refunded, why? I don't know, I put in a claim, but they never answered. On another occasion, I purchased an item which cost me 61.13, I never received the item, I contacted the seller a couple of times, to which the seller kept saying, contact the post office, FedEx and UPS, to see if they had my item(which I did) they all agreed they didn't have my shipping, EBay's customer service decided that I would not get my money back. So where is the consumer protection??? why did I lose my money? Ebay too often takes the seller's side and not the customer. I DECIDED I WOULD NOT USE EBAY EVER AGAIN. I much, much prefer Amazon, Walmart, Overtock, because I never had a problem with them. THANK YOU AMAZON.COM
2 reviews
8 helpful votes
Dear Customers,

What you should know about ebay Guarantee Policy.

1. If and when you raise a claim to exchange or refund, ebay has the right to decide whether to accept the claim or not. This is unlike flipkart, amazon or snapdeal.

2. eBay often decides without contacting the customer, which means you will not even be asked as to what your woe is.

3. eBay can take upto 2 months before they even decide to look into your claim.

4. Finally, 'eBay Guarantee Claim does not entertain quality issues'.

To give examples,
1. I purchased a cover for iphone 6+ but the cover was of very bad quality and i wanted to return it so i raised a claim. eBay did not even talk to me and without any discussion rejected the claim.

Today, i opened up a chat session to enquire and they told me that ebay rejected as per the quality issue. On asking for further explanation, no further reply was given.

2. I purchased a samsung galaxy s6 edge in september. It was heating up so i opened a claim so that it could be replaced. eBay called in mid November asking what the issue was and i told them why were they calling after 2 months. They said since it has been 2 months they cannot replace the phone. So as per their convenience they twisted the rules to automatically cancel the claim.

So before you purchase on ebay, be sure you read this about ebay's guarantee policy. It is very difficult, shallow and very poor. There is a high chance that claim will not be entertained.

Choose flipkart or amazon. Very easy to return products there.

Tip for consumers: Returns are very difficult! Keep that in mind while purchasing

1 review
3 helpful votes
I've purchase product through received in Broken condition. Then I've tried contact seller, receive no response. Then raise claim with broken product images no response for 3 days. Then again ebay ask me for images which I've already uploaded. 4 times I've talked with eBay Support in 10 days and every time I receive response that I get update with 24/48 hours but no updates. Also, eBay claim system is not working properly whatever details I submitted won't display on claim page.

If you are buyer then please think many times before choosing eBay there are many other option available in market.
1 review
2 helpful votes
EBAY.IN is such a hopeless e-commerce company.

Deliver broken products. Shipping is poor quality and super late.

Products are delivered broken / damaged.

Refund takes longer than 3 weeks.

Reverse logistics is limited. Have to incur 50% of product cost towards cost to ship the product back to the seller.

Refund towards shipping costs takes take three / four weeks after refund in almost a month.

Customer / Claims departments are arrogant - paper pushers with no understanding of process, procedures. Zero commitment to customers. Just fake promises / artificial timelines. They are absolutely useless.

Why is EBAY still around I wonder ?!?!?!

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