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1 review
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They delate my account saying multiple account , but I paid 209 AED Also delate n not going to refund my money !!
Please see the attached
I request 100 times that kindly re start my ads as I already paid !!!
Close my accounts parmanently after 7 days !
But they said not possible !
If not possible than refund my money plz ????
Very rude customer care

1 review
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It's sad that most accomodation adverts explicitly state a desired race or nationality. Where is the spirit of tolerance and acceptance that is encouraged by the leadership of this nation. If I am a professional who can afford a house what does the color of my skin or nationality have to do with the decision of weather i should enquire or not.Please this is 2018 and such things should not be encouraged.

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

200 AED for an ad promosing 10000+ visitors and it only got 16 views coz it was posted in ras al khaimah. There's no reasoning with them either as it's strictly non-refundable. Couldn't give a crap about customers and users. And this was after my ad was "automatically" deleted 4 times. Waste of time and money, it doesn't get worse than that.

1 review
2 helpful votes

i am very surprised with this stupid website. they blocked accounts without any far they blocked my 3 accounts even there was only 1 ads was there each time and ad was belong to my old laptop. is there any way to block this website . they are only earing money not custmers.

1 review
3 helpful votes

They are only concerned about collecting money from the users and never ever concerned for the users.

2 reviews
8 helpful votes

the website is not as we always heard about. their system keeps deleting the ads for no reason, even you are not violating any rules.
the problem is when you ask for support, they will be like computers sending you a reply email copy paste like every one without even checking what was the question about or whats the problem you are facing. its like they have ready emails that have the same reply for any reason and automatically blocking your account.
more worse their customer service lies about their action towards your account and your ad.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Dubizzle was pretty good a few years back. Now with their new App ( while pretty) it is functionally frustrating with a very poor search function and user experience interface. Such a shame - I have found better alternatives. Staff do not respond well to constructive feedback and are arrogant and introspective. It is doubtful that actually use their product.

1 review
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they delete you ADs automatically even if you Pay .
they use un smart system i am getting message saying (i am abot moving super fast on site and they block entire site from viewing
they set unrealistic charge for very short period. example they set 15 AED/day for cloth
search cannot find all items per day ' example if you want to see all cars posted today its not possible at all ; you must go per category

they setup unfriendly ; stupid search under property for sale ; it take you alot of time to find what you want .....and the list is going on and on

if there is good smart company copy the way they list only and setup flexible rules every one will leave them buy with respect for all site now in UAE including the one listed above and they fail because they don't setup correct search and listing visitors ending up not finding what they looking for and esc the site .

1 review
1 helpful vote

They are deleting your ad or block your account for any stupid reason even if you post in different categoriey.Now I am using , free and full of features , it's a business directory , classifieds , properties,jobs,motors,coupons ... website

1 review
2 helpful votes

I posted 3 job ad on dubizzle which got deleted. NOWHERE to reach out to them..Have started posting my ads on, it's better at least they respond

1 review
1 helpful vote

Dubizle has deleted my ad, which recently posted, because of an unknown reason and they don't want to refund my money. Their customer service team is difficult to get hold of and non-responsive. Fully agree with the above reviews, Dubizle is providing a horrible customer service.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Horrible, they keep deleting ads. no way to contacts customer service, no number or email, or anything. I will never use them.
They don't tell you why they deleted your ad. (it gets deleted by their computer automatically). You won't have a record for your ad to re-post it or fix it. Time-consuming.
It is a piece of crap! Just use, or locanto

1 review
1 helpful vote

This is based on personal experience which includes me and more dubizzle users to voice our concerns

Before writting here I have contacted them several times with the same issue but no one is bothered to solve these issues we are facing.

1. Customers can not post same Ad again not even the next day.

2. Customers can not refresh their paid ads when they need.

3. Ads which are reposted are simply deleted without a refund.

4.Some times new ads are deleted because their super sensitive filter does not like harmless words such as shift, shifting etc etc

5. Customers have no control over their ads once posted except the edit and delete button. No Ad refresh option is given to customers.

So what are customers supposed to do?

We Keep paying dubizzle aed 100 to feature an Ad after ever 3 days?? (thats aed 1000 a month per Ad!!)

I have spent few thousand dirhams and not benefited simply because as soon as i post an Ad it goes waaaay down within minutes..

What is the solution or options for this?

A. I am willing to pay aed 50 to post my ad again after 24hrs.. so it appears as a New fresh ad the next day and again the day after that.

But this is against their so called policy.. So once posted, the next 30 days we are Not allowed to post the same ads again! (no considerations)

B. They offer a solution which i have tried several times called.. " Featured Ad"

Customers pay 100 (99) dirhams to get our ad featured for just 3 days..
But again within minutes this paid featured Ad goes way down 3, 4 pages away.. so my 100 dirham Featured Ad only works for hardly 10 minutes ( i get calls for only 10 to 15 minutes when i feature my ads) .. after that i burn my money! Forget 3 days, the 100 dirham ad does not benefit even for a few hours!
Total waste of money!

Despite requesting dubizzle to be more practical as many customers are suffering thru these unreasonable policies which non of the other web classifieds have, dubizzle agents have no reply but to argue back..
It sounds very simple from their end replies..its a simple take it or leave it thing..

For sure me and many i know are looking for alternatives so we can completely stop using a non customer friendly website

1 review
2 helpful votes

July:2017: While dubizzle is important tool for Dubai residents, users are forced to use it due to the lack of a real compitator in the market. My review will focus on dubizzle's horrible android app:
Fake transparancy: in dubizzle it's is almost impossible to contact customer support from the app because to do so you have to go to Support then you will be redirected to help and FAQ web page then you will be lost. If dubizzle a responsible corporate they won't do this trick and avoid negative feedback.
Review on googlePlay: fake as well using templates like "hey there contact us in this link"
July's reviews are very negative because the app simply doesn't work. Either "something went wrong" or "please wait".
The app keeps crashing and the design is horrible and keeps changing for worse. It is like they don't care about users.

NOTIFICATIONS: THERE IS A BELL that supposed to be app notifications. It's all internal cheesy irrelevant messages and you can't Mark them all as "read" so you have to click on each one of them so you can get rid of the messages numbers on the app icon.
CHAT: primitive useless chat and messages take long time to deliver.

Battery drain and size: the app is huge 100 mb and android users keep receiving system messages advising them to remove dubizzle app from the phone (dubizzle android app consumes 0.2 % per hour from the phone battery).

It's useless to promote dubizzle app as an alternative to dubizzle website because it is not and it's not working most of time. Dubizzle must not ignore the website and focus on a bad mobile app as they will find themselves looking both website and mobile users".

Later I'll review the iOS app and the website.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Placing my AED 99 featured ads every 3 days is a total waste because after 1 day my ad goes down below 15-20 ads or more and is lost. Requests to allow at least hourly refreshes for paid adverts are ignored. So I find there is no point sticking with them anymore.

Also there are many con people or criminal minds looking at Dubizzle, landing up trying to buy products by cheating people. So if advertisers are not given sufficient benefit and protection for the money they spend this is not a good place.

I am leaving this place very disgruntled after spending about AED 1000 in just advertisements the past month. With no support to improve anything for the advertiser. It looks like a money-making machine for the website owners.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Ads placed by users are randomly or wrongfully removed for unrelated reasons!

And the customer service has the gall to demand proof!

Completely pointless listing service.

Dubizzle used to be good once upon a time. However, after it was bought by OLX... It's just been a money sucking enterprice

1 review
1 helpful vote

Who charges for AD's except dubizzle. 200 aed for an online ad . no wonder they left the uae and enjoying their lives in penthouses in london.
Monoploies are illegal i thought.

1 review
1 helpful vote

If you guys are reading this review, I really want you to know that your repute in the market as a classifieds company for fair users is really going down. Your new policies are horrendous and annoying blocking fair users for no f*****g reasons!
I hope you guys do something about it.

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

This review is for Dubizzle services in the UAE
1. To place a feature Ad for AED 104 for 3 days, first one needs to place a basic ad by spending AED 53.
2. Placing basic ad is currently useless because your new ad disappears into the second page. Nobody sees it because old Featured ads as long as 1 month or more are still sitting on the first page that is already expired. By the end of the first day our new ad moves off to the 3rd or 4th page.
3. They supposedly offer a benefit for the new ad, of 3 refreshes every 3 days but the benefit is useless. It refreshes to come back to the 2nd page after the list of expired featured ads. Nobody sees it anyway. And you cannot get to placing a featured ad without this new ad (that's a total rip off).
4. After you place a new ad with an intention to be able to place a featured ad after 2 days of your new paid ad. The featured ad if it is for 3 days, If your new ad refresh coincides with your featured ad being paid for 3 days. After just 1 day of your featured ad being on the first page first row, it disappears and sits in some page 8 not getting any benefit of your new ad refresh and losing 2 days of your featured ad that cost you AED 33 a day. And nobody in dubizzle bothers to rectify it. If you remain silent you have lost it. Unless you bring the sky down to prove to them this happened. After weeks when they manually give us back the 2 days we lost,(which they later apologise and reverse back) we have lost our customers, valuable time and lost any benefit of placing the new ad. Timing is important for our ads. We place featured ads to get through to our target at a planned time.
4. So Dubizzle making it mandatory to place the new expensive paid ad to allow us to put featured ad is a rip off. That too it has a 1 month validity after which the ads get deleted/ cannot be edited.
5. I am quite sure that folks who take the time to read this are the 10% fair people and not the 90% types who make really dodgy enquiries unfortunately. I have encountered messages and bad experiences from convicts, perverts, got racist comments, people trying to rudely question our offer and the dubizzle's chat system is also very unreliable (they have not thought of helping or doing any favours for the advertiser who pays for these ads) they want to show it only benefits the person who responds to the ads. So the chat is not protecting us advertisers at all because people show up speaking as if in a vegetable market. (I have proof of this and am simply not making this up.) I was just lucky I identified such con people on time. There are 100s of numbers I have also blocked on my whatsapp some of these enquirers terrify and are intimidating. There are too many offenders that we can only block them off because we have our jobs to do and have no time to make complaint after complaint.
6. However, despite these problems I still want to advertise and hope there is some empathy for the good from this site who is really having a good online portal model that nobody in UAE is able to beat yet. I am sure everyone still comes back because there is hope for 10% of good value. While this exists dubizzle has a good opportunity to correct all these flaws. (Right now I am only convinced that I have sharpened my skills to be more perceptive and identify any suspicious behavior from ads through dubizzle. For that I am working around the 90% characters who show up as if they simply want to deceive and snatch maximum chunk of AED by cheating or to take our money by hook or by crook.
7. I hope someone who is able to take action about such atrocities, even inside of dubizzle /investigate pockets of business malpractices - which sometimes look like they simply exist to steal money from good people. They are causing so much of bad press for a beautiful country like the UAE that is such a nice place for so many nationalities. Giving hope to millions.

1 review
2 helpful votes

It's sad that everyday so many people are getting away from Dubizzle, their stupid management destroyed this site, I stooped using Dubizzle, it's not free anymore, it's very simple, people use Dubizzle because it's free, not because they like you, and can't live without you, for example if Facebook starts asking money tomorrow, i'll never log in again, it's that simple..........

1 review
2 helpful votes

I tried to sell a series of furniture and other items through Dubizzle, My account got blocked 3 times in a mater of hours, when contacted , Customer Service (they did replied fairly soon, I should clarify) , I was told the title I used on my ads was automatically raising a flag on their filters, therefore automatically blocking the account:
The reply I received was: Your account and one of your ads have been mistakenly identified by our system as commercial because the title of one of your ad contains word which is similar with those ads that are being posted by commercial spammers.
Three times I tried to modify or remove the manufacturer name from the title, but the account got blocked again and again and again... disappointment and frustration was big (I have lost half my Saturday on this). I do understand now how spammers and fake vendors have appropriated Dubizzle, and how is not useful for legitimate users like me. Thinking about their automatic filters, and on a second look, I fell I have done nothing wrong; if the problem is generated for the name of the manufacturer of the product appearing on the tittle , then the battle for a legitimate seller like me is lost . How could anybody try to sell any product without the name of the brand in the tittle? They must be kidding...Is it that you are require to pay extra money for affair service? If so, they should have been more explicit ( indicate on their your instruction to post ads), and save time for people like me , who only want to sell between individuals with efficiency... May be I shall have used the sell quick, or sell faster option (or whatever is called) they offer (for a fee I assume).

1 review
1 helpful vote

Dubbizle Team is partiality odds for indians and fake people same them

This is a Fake Ads as i expected same as many fake ads her in dubbizle since i called them and as usual they keeps giving promises they will callback after check the key and some other silly excuses they keeps telling,and dubbizle itself fake since thier team accepting like this scammer people.its just a waste of time and money calling and using this kind of websites

One day all this fakes ads and websites will be blocked by the government when they discover their scams

i advised you to Be fair and justice for dealing with your customer and scammers

1 review
2 helpful votes

I had The biggest loss today.
I signed up with and put an add to sell my car and paid 300 dhs for that

I received a msg from dubizzle that I have to verify my credentials in order to keep my account from being hacked.
It appears to me that this msg was the hack itself as I responded to that msg and put my email and password and after that I lost everything ,my email ,my account with dubizzle,my add and ofcourse the money that I paid to post that add.

I believe that such a well know website should be more professional and protecting it's customers.

1 review
2 helpful votes

First I have to pay to get registered, imagine how much they are earning from this apart from the advertisement. Just once I put an ad by providing my services, so many similar ads are still up running for many weeks, but they blocked me from using my account.
I had some stuff to sell and was getting many offers when they blocked me. No warning is given and even I have clarified my case and one of their Customer Service employee responded that your account is authorized (restored) and then the same employee responded that it is blocked. This means they don't analyze the case. Their customer support is more than jerks as they never read the message that the account is authorized by themselves.
Their interactions are not user friendly but user firedly. Such of their behavior will destroy their business but seems management dam care about it. I am moved to OLX as they operate lot better.

8 reviews
17 helpful votes

It's a good website that helps you sell things, buy things, or look for a job. I had so many job interviews through this website and were really in good companies. I tried selling my car there as well, and that made it easier for me. I have also bought some items for my house and were in a good condition considering that it's a second hand things. Only one time, i bought hair coloring chalks from a seller that weren't as expected, they were way too smaller than the picture, and i found them two days later in a shop nearby by half the price :s
However you need to communicate with the buyer before buying the items and if you can arrange a meeting where you can test the product instead of shipping it to you, it would be better.

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