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30 reviews
9601 S Meridian Blvd.
Englewood, CO 80112
Tel: 1-888-434-0112

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2 reviews
12 helpful votes

WARNING - As an X-customer and having dealt with a massive amount of problems, I can provide a lot of information about how bad a company this is. I could list 50 major problems but I will just cover a few so you get the idea. First off, when you talk to them, they use extremely high tactics to sign you up. They do lie. You have to take a 2 year contract. In reality that "goes up slightly" as they say at the end of the first year is actually almost twice. And if you cancel you have to pay the reaming months on the contract AT THE HIGH RATE. They will try to have you sign up for a lot of "free" things that are only free for a short while. And if you want to do more than have a basic cable package with no bells and whistles, you are in for a big time spiel. And if you take some specials, double watch out. You get the pay for view channels for 3 months and if you don't want them you have to cancel. You will be lucky if you don't get charged for an extra two or three months. If you try to cancel them early so you don't forget to cancel, they will not let you do that. It's their POLICY that they can't do that. They offer a 100 dollar certificate if you recommend someone else and they take it. Well that someone else and myself got not 100 dollar whatever's. Want to deal with their customer service. You are better off dealing with that guy you get from overseas that can just barely speak English and knows so little about whatever you are talking about. A lot of people just give up and pay pay pay. They use sub-contractors to install. You will be lucky if you don't get a sub-par installer. And remember they are going to drill holes in your house and get in the basement and attic and such to set it all up. They will use sub par cable which can cause serious problems. They say they have little outage. I am not sure what they mean about little. For months we lost transmission at least ones or twice a week and if listening to certain channels it would cut out for seconds a a time for hours on end. I wish I could go into details about a lot of that, but it would take an encyclopedia to do so. An example. They installed some cable under the house in the crawl space. They broke the plumbing. We were without water for 2 days. We had to argue over not paying for the plumber they sent to fix the problem. And they charged us for the 2 days that we did not have the TV. And it just gets worse. Charges would show up on our bill that we did not make and we had to battle with customer service. And anything you want extra will be expensive. I had 5 extra boxes installed because I wanted to do certain things in the other rooms. They charged a bunch for the boxes. Found out later they would not do what I wanted and they were charging more than was advertised. That was because you were only allowed 3 under the original contract. When you get out of the contract they do not remove any of their equipment outside. That ugly satellite dish is there and you have to pay to have it removed and you better hire someone that knows what they are doing or you will end up with leaks. This is not to say that everyone has a lot of problems with their systems. The less equipment, the less the problems and if you pay 600 a month for the services, they most likely treat you better than those that pay 300 a month (after the first year). MY ADVISE IS THAT IF YOU ARE GOING TO CONSIDER SATELLITE TV (or any such as Direct TV which is just as bad as I tried them too), talk to some people that have had it.

7 reviews
4 helpful votes

I had Comcast for about 4 years, and prayed that I would never go back. Now I am with Dish, some inor issues with teh weather, but nothing major. I am locked in to a 2 year contract so I have not seen any price increases. Customer service has always been good to great - no non-english speaking employees. I hope that once I finish this response my service reverts to that of Comcast.

8 reviews
5 helpful votes

Dish Satellite: They are the worlds worst. I had a problem with my satellite reception (got picture but no sound) on 12/1/17. Tech shows up today (12/2/17) and I go through EVERYTHING with him. Their answer to all problems, when they have no idea what is the problem, is to just change the HOPPER receiver. They have already done this in the past & only have had then for 6 months. And, they dont give you a new one; they give u someone elses refurbished one. Anyway, as soon as tech left, the sound went out on the new Hopper he just put in. I called into Tech Support and talked to a supervisor there (John IGD) on 12/2/17 at 1:22 pm. He was one of the rudest people I have ever met. After only 5 minutes of explaining my problem he told me that their Hoppers are 100 percent reliable and that the problem was obviously with my tv and not them. He told me that I should get a tv repairman to check it out, then, get someone to check out my sound bar then, get an electrician to check out my electrical outlets. I told him that this was unsatisfactory and I knew the problem was with their equipment & asked to speak to his supervisor. He told me that he was the end of the line; there was no one else I could talk to; there was no appeal. He said he was flagging my account so as to not send out any more repairmen to service my Hopper as they have been there before to change out the Hopper & it is not their equipment but, my fault. (Obviously, they have changed out the Hopper before as when a tech cant find the problem their solution is to replace one crappy Hopper box with another one: thats not my fault that they keep switching out Hoppers & just because they have switched out a Hopper in past is no reason to assume that that is my problem and that my tv is broke and not their equipment). Basically, John told me if I didnt like it I could cancel and Pay a $300.00 cancellation fee and go somewhere else; then, he connected me with the cancellation department.
The long and the short of it is that I sat down with the tv and spent about 3 to 4 hours going back and forth , through settings and connecting and reconnecting the remote, the internet connections, switching plugs, changing outlets, disconnecting tv speakers, the sound bar, whatever I could think of. And, I found the problem on my own and fixed it. I was able to narrow down the problem to the fact that the sound only disconnected when I went into Netflix. Quite obviously it was not my tv, my sound bar, nor my electrical outlet. A representative of Dish contacted me as a follow up and realized that the problem was with the software in the Hopper Box and that neither the Hopper box I currently had, nor the one they replaced was the problem but, it was a software glitch and they escalated that problem to a specialized tech unit for research.
That is no way to treat a customer; to tell him hes the problem and go ahead and cancel and pay $300.00. He acted as if WE DONT NEED YOUR BUSINESS AND I DONT CARE WHATEVER YOUR PROBLEM IS.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

I had DISH FOR 10 YEARS. THEY talked me into upgrading to new equipment. Worst experience ever. Every few days it would go out. I would call and argue with 4 people before they would send someone out to fix the problem. It was the dish that was braking down. This went on for a month at 70.00 a month. The last time I called them I told them to cancel me and they said fine but it will cost you 300 dollars and we will send boxes so you can take it down and send it back to us. I told them it hasn't worked right from day one and don't send me a bill. I wont pay it. You didnt give me working equipment and I dont work for you so take the thing down yourself. Never got a bill and they never came and got anything.

4 reviews
1 helpful vote

I keep toying with the notion of dis-including Cable/Dish bulk rentql of content and going with my growing use of Roku, Netflix, Amazon Prime HBOGO, etc. but have been so happy with Dish network that I just have not sharpened my pencil and done the math to see if it is worth it, each month.

They are responsive, easy to deal with and show signs that they may know that the future is in greater flexibility. Still they require a land line to get the "on demand" stuff and the phone line has to be physically hook in to the box.

10 reviews
2 helpful votes

Good satellite service provider. Been using for 10 years

11 reviews
24 helpful votes

I had dish then went to the local cable Co because they have more entertainment channels for less cost, Dish has a lot of sports channels that would be good for some one who loves sports.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

The best satellite service available!!!

4 reviews
11 helpful votes

i have gotten to watch what i want it isnt expensive and i reccomend it to everyone

11 reviews
7 helpful votes

I like Dish. Cost is too much for usage given all the options. Be cool if they could analyze customer usage info AND RECOMMEND PLANS RELEVANT TO THAT. iT WOULD HELP ME AS i HELP THEM. SEEMS TO BE a GOOD SERVICE IDEA FROM MY PERSPECTIVE.

49 reviews
63 helpful votes

First off, their customer service is above and beyond Time Warner! I can watch movies anywhere. Fair prices and football network. They just need to get all the sports.

10 reviews
4 helpful votes

I am so disgusted with dish they required me to download aaps to pay bill online, I have NO NEED of aaps would NEVER use them I have a basic cell phone and never need all the garbage that is on the new phones so Dish tells me if I don't download aap can't pay bill so I just turned it to paying by mail so sick of all the companies and also surveys that since I can't get google chrome on my desktop refuses to let me prove I am human and it is the pits I have to leave home to pay AT&T but so far they have not blocked me using google chrome at library since I switched dish to mail have not the option and nit sure if they would allow anyway so that is my rant about the aap crap sorry but some folks still just have basic needs

7 reviews
10 helpful votes

Quick service for any problems, reasonable prices, and excellent choices. What's not to love?

6 reviews
8 helpful votes

Not really that impressed, but I like that you get satellite radio included. Otherwise, it's just a really expensive way to get your programming, and you have to watch it on someone else's schedule. I don't see the point, once you have a good internet connection, Hulu, Netflix, and HBOGo.

7 reviews
4 helpful votes

Tech support takes for ever, their equipment got better over the years but still needs improvement. They advertise lower prices then anyone else but in reality it's about a third more. I will change to direct TV as soon as the contract is over.

3 reviews
22 helpful votes

Cheaper than far with better packages. But ALWAYS threatening to drop our local channels not cool. Prices are on the rise like everything else.. but cable companies are overly expensive, rural areas can't get over the air tv. I

5 reviews
10 helpful votes

When signing up for Dish I ordered the special, $49.99 for 2 years. They sweeten the deal with 3 months FREE HBO, Showtime, etc....I was sure to cancel the premiums 2 weeks before the final date. So...I got a bill for $95.00...I was shocked. I called CS, and he told me that, yes it had been cancelled by me, but a day before my cycle had ended. He assured me that a credit of approx. $45.00 would be returned to my account, and here is the hitch....not my banking account but Dish billing account! Pissed me off, do not use auto pay, Dish has access to how to use your money. Don't sign up for free anything, Dish will get you one way or the other.

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I like Dish network other than price is going up and I do not have premium channels HBO, movie channels that kind of thing.

I am going to tell you more on why I have Dish network and not Direct you will love this. My mom had Direct TV she never complained about it to them being Direct TV and for sure was not having problems with her Direct TV box perfect example if it is not broke don't touch it.Mom gets called from one of the Direct TV contractor in her area and this jerk says we are going to be in the area and we are going to upgrade your Direct TV box. and they come out exchange her box rewire and antenna their going to do. Reading the paper work it talks about auto-pay and a couple other things I did not like and at that time my mom is 83 years old. I tell the cable guys I need to talk to this guy who talked to my mom. The cable workers get this guy on the phone. I tell this guy my mom and I do not do auto-pay we like controlling interest of or money, Old-School. He tells me we can not get prices that low unless we do that and the more he talks the more I get mad. Told him to stop talking and pull the dam box out and hook it up like it was and hang up. The cable guys are really nice, but bail out of the house knew I was pissed.
the cable guys come into the house and this gal from their office wanted to talk to me and says just let it go and after a couple months tell Direct that we want to be billed monthly on our service. She also said that they would put in an extra Direct TV box but I would have to wait months she would be getting an extra box on the sly and get it for free for doing this. So I said ok.
I decided after all this company was ripping off Direct and I was going to be the one that would not get screwed. Well I did and did not get screwed and had the last laugh after all was finished. The problems I had with Direct TV no kept to the deal set up for my mom all I wanted was to have her keep original monthly service fees as before was not her fault some one was not truthful to her or I and it was a in the 4th month of getting run around, I found Dish network and called Direct TV and told them to get their box out of my mom's house, but cancelled the debit card first so they had no way to collect from my mom's Bank Account I did some reading on what Direct TV had done to another customer by pulling out $3000.00 from his account for early disconnect and all his equipment. I did how ever ended up taking the box to a office near by as a drop off point finding out I did not own my Direct Box any more but rented it fueling more fire. They also said I owed them $350.00 for early disconnection I said good luck with that and hung up.
I got a bill for $350.00 and the battle was on Howard against Direct TV like David and Goliath. I fought Direct TV for 4 months several 2 to 3 page letters then finally an 8 page letter. I received a call from a representative from Direct TV she was nice but not that nice. What I was told they record their sales transactions for prof of purchase of service with Direct TV and told me that if either my mom and or myself was recorded for termination amount I had to pay bill.
2 things wrong with that I told her you can not hold an 83 year old woman accountable who can not remember what she had for breakfast and they never told me they where going to record me plus if they recorded me not telling me they where it would not hold up in court. # weeks later I received a judgement in my favor and a bill for $15.00 which I paid to get them out of our life's. I tell this to Direct TV sales people that interrupt my shopping at Costco.
Take this story as you will, but I Beat Direct TV and that is a fact.

I had to beat up Dish pricing all at once it seem went way up to $90.00. I called Dish Net Work customer service complained about bill and they dropped it another $20.00. So I am done from $90.00 to my new monthly service charge now $70.00 monthly and happy.

35 reviews
27 helpful votes

they have channels and channels of informercials, religious channels, exercise channels too many repeat channels they offer no variety most of the movies there you have to pay to see it is not worth paying for each month we had it - it was terrible and I would never invest in Dish again..

6 reviews
21 helpful votes

I liked the selection of channels on DISH but it seemed as though my rates were creeping up and up until finally we were paying over $130/month. We switched to DirecTV and our rate immediately dropped by $50, even though we were getting almost the same set of channels.

One thing that really bothered me: I had to sign up for two different sports packages in order to get complete Olympics coverage. I don't watch 99% of the channels I was forced to buy, which is a continual irritant. In a non-Olympics year, all I really want to watch is the Universal Sports Network (figure skating and gymnastics) and the horse racing channels (HRTV and TVG), but I still have to sign up for all of those other sports channels that I never watch. And whatever happened to Dr. G? That was one of my favorite shows.

6 reviews
14 helpful votes

I was moving to the Southeast where there are a lot of trees, from the desert Southwest were there aren't many. I had entered into an agreement with Dish that gave me discounted rates on a number of services as long as I continued to be a customer for at least two years. I agreed so when I moved into my new home I contacted Dish only to be told by the technician who after spending a considerable amount of time outside, announced that he would be unable to install the dish because the profusion of trees were preventing him getting a clear signal. So I asked to be let out of the contract since they couldn't provide the service. Do you know they tried to make me adhere to the contract anyway? The person on the other end of the phone was unreasonable and refused to allow me to talk to a higher up. In the end I had to write a scathing letter to their legal department and was contacted a few days later by someone in that department who told me I would not have to continue with a contract with a supplier who couldn't keep their end of the deal...I will never use Dish again, that's for sure....

4 reviews
12 helpful votes

Do not be taken in by the large, red, "Only $29.95/mo!" in their ads. This is only a promotion, and they are sneaky about hiding the truth of the price you WILL be paying once they've locked you into their two-year contract. To add insult to injury, their channel packages are incredibly sparse unless you pay a lot extra for the higher tiers. And way too many are not in HD -- even in 2015! DirecTV charges more for their lowest package, but that lowest package offers more channels, and more in HD, than all but Dish's most expensive packages. There is no comparison, especially if you use a multi-channel DVR (Dish is far more restrictive of what and when you can record, particularly in Prime Time, than DirecTV which is pretty much unrestricted). They cannot compete on quality of service, so they try to compete on price -- which invariably means cutting corners. But they are at least providing price competition in the cable/sat marketplace. That is pretty much their only useful function anymore (unless you have no other option to get TV for some reason).

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

No option to go anywhere else (I live out in the country and Direct TV is is worst). The DVR keeps breaking, the bill keeps increasing.

6 reviews
28 helpful votes

Dish makes a lot of claims on their TV commercials, but many of them are smoke and mirrors. Do not be taken in by the large, red, "Only $29.95/mo!" in their ads. This is only a promotion, and they are sneaky about hiding the truth of the price you WILL be paying once they've locked you into their two-year contract. To add insult to injury, their channel packages are incredibly sparse unless you pay a lot extra for the higher tiers. And way too many are not in HD -- even in 2015! DirecTV charges more for their lowest package, but that lowest package offers more channels, and more in HD, than all but Dish's most expensive packages. There is no comparison, especially if you use a multi-channel DVR (Dish is far more restrictive of what and when you can record, particularly in Prime Time, than DirecTV which is pretty much unrestricted). They cannot compete on quality of service, so they try to compete on price -- which invariably means cutting corners. But they are at least providing price competition in the cable/sat marketplace. That is pretty much their only useful function anymore (unless you have no other option to get TV for some reason).

24 reviews
23 helpful votes

I quit using dish network because their pages is higher then any other dish network.

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