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1 review
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I purchased a gift card at a store near me and mailed it in a card as a gift to my nephew. When I brought it to the post office it was supposed to have a tracking number on it but did not realize they didn't do this. When I called my nephew to follow up if he had received the card and told me he did not, I was very upsetting to me that this it happened as well as that the post office did not put a tracking number on it as well. I called $#*!'s four different times and got the runaround even though I gave them the gift card number that the store uses for logging their gift cards. I was told four different times that they would give it to the gift card member department and it takes 24 to 48 hours and they would contact me back. On the last call I asked to speak to a manager only to be told that I would have to contact the store back which the store told me I had to contact $#*!'s Sporting Goods. I was told by the previous customer people that I spoke with at $#*!'s Sporting Goods that they would be able to issue me a new card if it was not already used. They would be able to look up the card with the numbers I gave them from the store if the card was used or not . I spoke to a manager tonight and was told they could not reissue or lookup a card purchased at another store! I will never purchase or step foot in a $#*!'s store ever again to make a purchase. It should NOT have taken 4 follow up phone calls from me to see what the status was on the card. Customer service gives you the run around and there is a lack of communication within $#*!'s on their policies. Nobody is held accountable for not calling the customer back. Ridiculous and unacceptable to any customer. I will shop elsewhere that knows how to resolve and treat their customer complaints fairly.

49 reviews
106 helpful votes

Do not order anything from here,they will not keep the tracking up on your packages and will treat you bad for asking them to do what is apart of their job.They will also claim the package is delayed,they delayed my package on my very first order with this company.Very bad for business,you dont get repeat business that way.Tracking is very important to busy people.I do not shop anywhere there is poor tracking and delays in delivery.

1 review
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Last week I ordered Sole Treadmill for 999,99 and a week later they have it for 899,99 I hadn't received it as yet and called them to get reimbursed for the difference. They would not honor my request. To all you buyers out there make sure you look for the product else where. And make sure you know all policies on returns and if they drop prices make sure you can get the credit back

1 review
1 helpful vote

Bought a schwinn bike here - great bike and great service - excellent experience in this store - in Jefferson city Missouri !!! Highly recommend going to $#*!s sporting goods !!! Will return for future purchases !!

4 reviews
17 helpful votes

So, I am changing my review because $#*!s more than made up for my bad experience. The item arrived and they've bent over backwards to make up for the mix ups. I'll shop $#*!s again for sure.

My original review:I Ordered twice, both times items did not arrive. I suppose they never shipped. STAY AWAY FROM $#*!S!

1 review
3 helpful votes

Was sent a clearly repackaged item from $#*!s: old glue still on the package, literally covering it. Looking through the plastic container, a clearly broken item in it. Clearly no quality control nor pride in their work at $#*!s. I'd stay away, especially if your item is for a gift at the holidays......chances are the item will be repackage return from another dissatisfied customer.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a treadmill for over $800. Got an email telling me when it would be delivered on that day nothing showed up. I called $#*!'s to find out their shipping company (AIT) had not even picked it up. Over a week later I get a email saying I need to set up a delivery call and AIT tells me they could not set it up as I was out of area or something like that. I called $#*!'s their customer service supervisors were no help sounding like a broken record until I told them to cancel the order. I thought I would just have to wait for my money to be credited back to me when 2 days later I get another email from AIT to set up delivery. Mad now I call $#*!'s customer service again and the order had yet to be cancelled and their manager goes back into being a broken record saying he under stands. Both companies are TOTALLY INCOMPETENT. If I could rate them a 0 i would

1 review
3 helpful votes

After the first trip to buy a fishing pole it all went down hill. The tip eyelet of the pole was broken two weeks later she can't find the pole and may not be able to give me a complete refund. Then she ordered one for me. They send their poles in single layer cardboard. The box comes bent in half, the pole is broken into three pieces and Even the Rod was broken in three pieces!!! I bring that back to get another combo set. All was well for about two weeks, and then the reel flip lever breaks. Now for whatever reason I exchanged that one too. I just pulled the new combo out... to find that the reel is missing a very important knob. I am done. I would advise you do not purchase fishing gear from $#*!s.

10 reviews
9 helpful votes

A bit pricey on the fishing tackle. Also, sales agents not that competent about fishing locally in Orlando.This store is located at 350 Towne Center Cir, Sanford, FL 32771.

1 review
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I bought a pair of nike air max shoes and its just amazing how long lasting they are. Just like like, this site has the best shoes

4 reviews
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Sales people are very helpful. if they do not have the specific item you want in store. They will go online with you to get it. or they will recommend you to another store such as Golf Galaxy. I have bought stuff recently for my son who is a lefty golfer. Not always easiest thing to get. however, when $#*!s did not have the item online or in store. They sent me to Golf Galaxy (which they own) and they priced matched the item to the sale price.

1 review
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Sometimes you dont always have the best experience with a store you would expect. After shopping at a $#*!s store in NC an iteam was on display but not available and it had to be shipped at my expense or picked up at a store an hour away. Speaking with the clerk and then a manager I was told there was nothing they could do. I found this to be an unacceptable answer. I did purchase the iteam because it was for my son and I did not want to disappoint him. When I arrived home I was still not happy so I called corporate custermer sevice and spoke to Michele Willlams and after explaining how I was treated he quickly rectified the problem with a twenty dollar rewards on my score card and a ten dollar credit on my credit card for the iteam purchased.
Sometimes a store dose not always reflect the corporates philosophy.
Thank You $#*!s Sporting Goods corporate office for stepping up giveing me more than a fair solution
Still a loyal customer FIVE STARS

1 review
5 helpful votes

I've had numerous horrible times with $#*!s sporting goods. First was in the store five of the same product was hanging on a peg for 15.99, we get up to the counter to purchase for my son. BAM price rang up at 59.99 so I questioned the price and asked someone to meet me back at the product. A "manager" came back to help me out, but he was one of the worst "managers" I have ever dealt with. Instead of giving to me for the correct price, he said basically it was someone else's mistake and I wouldn't get it for that price. Him nor customer service could help me out with that one! Next my husband purchased a Bauer hockey shield, spending over 60.00 for this shield for good grades in school, he worked for this purchase. Stated in the section where it was purchased on $#*!s online, comes with a helmet bag and a install kit for the new shield to fit the old helmet.... guess what didn't show up!!?? The bag and the install kit!!! I emailed customer service and NOTHING!! Either return to the store to exchanged or get a full refund, well the store itself doesn't carry it at all and I don't want to get rid of the shield I want what was promised to us during this purchase. Or return it back online, we will take 8.00 off your return because of the postage used and then we will send you another one. Thank god my husband can do things on his own, he made the screws needed for the helmet and shield. If the bag is that big of a deal KEEP IT! $#*!s sporting goods will never get my business again! Be very careful when ordering online from them especially. They don't want to make their customers happy so they return for more product.

1 review
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Gave my email address in order to get 10% off on order. Was expecting a promo code to apply to the order I was placing. Customer service stated I needed to wait three days, but that it didn't matter because the items I was purchasing were exempt from the 10%. Sure wish that the website stated all that BEFORE I gave my email address.

3 reviews
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The site under goes updates and when that happens you have to call customer service also what i like is they dont charge your card till item or items ship out down fall of it is if you have multiple items and they ship out its shows a bunch of charges

1 review
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$#*!'s Sporting goods at Delta Park Portland, Oregon is just the happiest. customer service oriented retail I have experienced in a while. Hats off to cashier, Bri and managers Eric and Mike: And especially Eric at Corporate customer service. There was an issue with the tent I ordered: They all helped get that that issue fixed w/out showing frustration of judgment! $#*!'s staff does care about the sports and well being of their customers. They are patient and kind and actually ASK questions in order to super know what the issue is.
Thank you Delta Park $#*!'s Sporting Goods.
Laurie and Christie

11 reviews
13 helpful votes

I would give D*ck's a five star, considering the fantastic experience I've had, but they still need lots of improvement, hence the four star rating.

I ordered a pair of Power Block dumbbells with a promotion for about $280, which was a fantastic deal when there was this other promotion of buy $100 get $25 back (that would be fulfilled by them sending out a code after the qualifying purchase had been made). I didn't received the promotion code, so I contacted customer service and was told because I had used the first promotion for my dumbbells, I wouldn't receive the code for the second one, which was surprising to me because nowhere on the site did it say that. Nevertheless, I later received the code and bought a pair of Nike for only $25. Overall happy experience, since everything I ordered from them was perfect. Regardless, there is room for improvement. Customer service should know more about D*ck's own promotion program. They were very helpful and respectful though. Also my Nike shoes were shipped without their box, which was a bummer since I'd like to keep it to store my shoes. Other than that, great service.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Extremely disappointed in $#*!'s Sporting Goods customer service. Ordered a Sparo Crusher watch (college theme) as a birthday gift for my son, who is away at college. It was ordered on March 28 and due to be delivered to him at school on April 4. I was notified on the DAY OF SCHEDULED DELIVERY that the product was unavailable and would not be shipped. I should have been notified of the product's unavailability when the order was PLACED, so that I could have selected an alternative birthday gift item. $#*!'s offered me a "routine" 300 Scorecard points and a $15 off coupon - what I receive EVERY month in the mail, just for being a $#*!'s customer. We are Iong-time $#*!'s Sporting Goods customers and should have been compensated, above every day coupons, for our dissatisfaction at the poor handling of our order. The customer service representatives and supervisors gave us nothing for our extremely disappointing experience. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE RESOLUTION!

5 reviews
6 helpful votes
• Updated review

Updating to say how happy I am your company has decided to take a first step in gun reform! Thank you for helping to protect our children!! You have my business before others.

“Ok, but....”
• Previous review

The first couple of orders went pretty good. Items arrived on time and in good shape. However, on the last occasion, I was trying to receive a promotional discount before it expired and once at checkout, it wouldn't let me purchase my item! I mean, the click to pay button did nothing! Next, tried it on my computer, and then my son's. While I figured this may have been a fluke, I was on a mission to get this item (with it's discount) before my time was up. So, I initiated a chat, but the person on the other end knew nothing. I was very dissapointed and irritated, naturally. All they could tell me was technical difficulties. However, it would have been nice to at least been given the opportunity to be extended the discount once things were working properly.

1 review
4 helpful votes

as an avid sports family, we shop at $#*!s Sporting Goods frequently- among the sports my family enjoy is Sporting Clays.
however, your company has chosen to stop selling to my young adult athletes the #1 necessary equipment needed for our family sport - shotguns

Who is $#*!s to choose what sports my children choose to compete in and purchase the necessary equipment for.

we have in the past purchased several shotguns and numerous other sports equipment from $#*!s... this ends today im sorry to say

i know we are just one family & this will probally have little effect on a large companys bottom line, however this is really our only recourse for a family that is having a so called sporting goods store dictate what sports are appropriate for young athletes to play

1 review
5 helpful votes

Placed an order online for a softball bat pack and could not price match a competitor.
I still placed the order and used a $10.00 coupon but called customer service before finalizing the order to see if I could have my daughters name placed on it, for a cost of course. Customer service said that when I receive it, to bring it to the store and it could be done at store level. I went to the store after receiving it and was told that they don't do it. I could have either ordered it cheaper with the same result or another competitor was offering to place a name on it , the same price I paid at $#*!s.
False promises to make a sale

4 reviews
8 helpful votes

After buying your Field and stream gun safe and having it delivered to our home, we found out that Extra brackets & shelving are unavailable though your salesman told us we could get them through the manufacturer when we bought the safe. I looked at the reviews (which I should've looked at BEFORE & found out many people were extremely frustrated for the same reason ). I had to go to the hardware store to buy more brackets and pay a Carpenter to make extra shelves. I would never recommend this safe to anyone. There was no customer service phone number and very limited information in the one instructional brochure enclosed in the safe. Anyone can sell. GOOD Customer service defines vendors who will experience long-term success by being honest and knowledgeable about their products and serving customers who have issues. A 357 pound gun safe is it something you can't throw in your car and easily return, so we were stuck with it and the additional cost of time and money to fit it so it could function as we needed. $#*!'s, Field & Stream and Stackon (the manufacturer) were all unresponsive and indifferent to queries about the brackets and the shelves. Buyer beware because when these companies have your money you're on your own if anything is wrong ! Lesson learned!

3 reviews
10 helpful votes

I come here for running gear. It is a bit pricier, but their selection is amazing. I end up coming back with more than I can carry it seems. :) It is my therapy.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I love all of these complaints that mostly seem to be coming from the internet ordering process. It is atrocious. I ordered an item, was told it would be here in 3 day and then 2 days later learned it wasn't even shipped. Tried to cancel my order at this point, for some reason I wasn't able to cancel because they could not tell where in the process my order was. Miraculously I got an e-mail the next day saying my order was unfortunately delayed. Contacted customer service again and was told I still couldn't cancel my order. So basically I will eventually get an order a good week or 2 after I was supposed to get it and customer service was essentially non existent. If this was Amazon, this order would have been cancelled immediately and I would never have been charged, no questions asked. Yet this store must be so desperate for any sale it can get it won't cancel it. This is just one reason of many why this store is going bankrupt and has a steeply declining stock price during great market conditions. I will visit this store once more in my life and that will be to return the product and get my money back once I receive it. Which just leads to one more reason why you are going bankrupt - let's spend the money to ship the product vs cancelling and at least saving money on the shipment. This place has got more holes than swiss cheese and I am sure good ole $#*! has no idea.
Good riddance $#*! you won't be missed.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Want to do a class action against D I c k s for fraudulent practices which have resulted in monetary losses to customers, and/or have them charged with Wirefraud. Spent a great deal of time reviewing complaints to find I am not alone at all as one of their online victims of having had order cancelled and not be refunded the money charged for the order. Be looking for a legal notice coming soon in local papers seeking victims to come forth to participate for compensation for your damages.

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