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34 reviews
Monroe, LA 71203, US
Tel: 1-866-706-8592

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CENTURY LINK WAS THE ONLY "game in town" for awhile. Not anymore. Just calling to ask questions is a horrific experience! Their phone service and tv, internet etc service is AWFUL You find yourself arguing with their belligerent, rude, downright mean, uncooperative staff. I'm not sure who is "training" these people, but whoever it is OR THE. CEO should definitely get out of business!!!

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If you've ever had Centurylink service, you already know how horrible it is, if you are thinking about getting Centurylink, do yourself a favor and avoid Centurylink like the plague.
Every single aspect of Centurylink is the worst it could possibly be; It's like everyone who works there hates their job and wants the company to fail miserably; but they don't want to be fired, so they do the absolute bare minimum; just enough to remain employed, while seething with contemptuous hatred for their employer.
Centurylink once opened an actual brick and mortar store in my town; with real employees, product displays, customer service counter, the works.
I credit myself for its quick demise.
I went into the store to see if they could do anything about my awful service connection. Not one of the employees smiled or said hello or even looked remotely happy about being there. The poor guy who ended up trying to help me he logged onto his computer and tried to use Centurylinks diagnostic services to check my connection. He tried multiple times, every attempt failed, he tried a few different "tricks of the trade" and nothing worked.
The icing on top was when his internet connection, the connection to the store, irreparably crashed.
I was in the Centurylink store, trying to resolve my internet connection problem, and the internet connection to the store completely crashed into ultimate failure.
I mean obliterated itself. The employee called someone to come and fix it, and they told him it would be several days!
The employee shrugged, said he couldn't help me, and then we ALL left. Everyone in the store, customers and employees, turned off the lights, left the store, and locked the door.
The store never reopened. Now the space is occupied by a hypnotherapist.

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Internet service never worked ... Kept slipping installation date. Now cancelling is an issue. They keep charging my credit card. Second month l am disputing.

3 reviews
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Cannot give you the speed they promise. Shame on DirectTv for referring them. Ran speed test and was insane as to what the speed showed. Barely could use my tv much less more than one phone. Killeen, Tx in 2018. Worst service by far.

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Worst customer service ever. It took me a really long time and several attempts to get the service canceled. They will not do this online (but they will hook you up online). It took me 4 calls to finally get it canceled. For each call I had to be transferred several times, and in 3 out of the 4 the final transfer had bad quality and dropped off. The final call I had to beg for them to not transfer me or drop the call to get it done. They finally did it, like they were doing a huge favor for me. I hope this get to someone in , .centurylink

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"Price for Life" is a new plan from for those of us that are tired of contracts and the constant need to renegotiate our bill due to constant rate hikes. The brochure offers High Speed Internet up to 10 Megabytes per second (MBPS) for $45.00 per month for as long as you keep the plan. Since it's a good deal I called to take advantage of it. That's when I find out that their High Speed Internet is really Low Speed Turtle Net ! You don't get the 10 Megabytes advertised! You get 10 Megabits (Mbps) or a blindingly slow speed of 1.25 Megabytes. Surprise Surprise!!!

Stewart C. Hagerman

Member: American Mensa

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Blake H.
3 reviews
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I signed up for internet service on 4/12 and I got a letter in the mail saying that it would be activated on 4/13 after 5PM, that came and went and nothing my modem just blinked red. I called customer service on 4/14 and they knew nothing of this 4/13 activation date then they informed me that my activation date was 4/23! Unacceptable, in my many years of using cable companies my activation dates have never once been any more than 4 days at the most. They couldn't tell me why, I was already starting to get mad but I decided to give them another chance. I spoke with a supervisor and she moved it up to 4/19, okay then. Still no service after that! I called back and they kept saying that it was on and arguing with me about it, theirs a problem my modem is blinking red and theirs still no service and I have the pictures to prove it. And they claimed that a technician came to my house on 4/19 but they were wrong again, nobody showed up and I was at home all day.

Their customer service are rude, liars and doesn't know what's going on. I've never been treated so bad by a company before, they couldn't even turn on the service. I will be actively discouraging everyone from signing up with CenturyLink.

2 reviews
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I called to ask about switching to Spectrum and was disappointed. The CSR interrupted me [Bruce] even after I pointed out that he was doing so. Pressured me to set up service today or the "prices will go up." If this is their "sales" service, I can only imagine how bad their customer problem resolution would be. I am staying with CenturyLink - slower speed, better staff... it makes a difference.

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I used to have service with Time Warner but could not afford it so I contacted Century Link about a bundle they were sending in the mail. They offered me a bundle of Direct Tv and Century Link for $79 a month. I was told after the first billing cycle I would only pay Century Link for both services and would not pay both companies individually. I am now on the 7th month that I have been paying both companies which is also way more than what I said I could afford. I have called multiple times to find out why to only be given the run around! I was told in July that this would be completed by Aug 5th and I would receive a follow up call, it is not Sept 6th and NOTHING AGAIN! I called today only to have Century Link tell me they don't know why it hasn't been linked and got Direct Tv on the phone. Direct TV told me that if I paid the prior balance of $38 it would be linked, so I paid the $38. Direct TV called on 3 way and gets Century Link on the phone and they then say "we are putting in another request it will be another billing cycle". I was promised from the beginning that I would only pay both companies one month! It has taken 6 and now they tell me one more month that I have to pay Direct TV $130 dollars and also my Century Link Bill? That is lying and not fair! Some one needs to make this right! My last call was with Tasha from the Customer Care dept who refused to give me her employee number and also said there was not a manager available to speak with me at the time. Which I guess is why she refused to give me her employee number.

I want my two bills to be combined and I want it resolved ASAP. I do not want to pay Direct TV again what I have been paying them for the last 6 months. When I signed up for Century link in March I was promised it would take one billing cycle. When I signed up for Century link I did it bc they offered a bundle that was cost efficient for me! BC the two bills have not been linked I am paying almost double what I was quoted! want Century Link to do what they were supposed to do 7 months ago and what they have since promised me they would do on numerous occasions.

20 reviews
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I had faced an ridiculously high termination fee after calling Century Link and cancelling my Internet service. I do not know why I was charged for voice or phone service even though I had just used Internet service.

I regret using CenturyLink. Time Warner Cable service is better.

If you want to spend less money and be treated better as a customer, stay away from CenturyLink.

Tip for consumers: Find as much information as you can before joining CenturyLink.

9 reviews
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This is the beginning and I'm asking someone to help me end it. I have moved to a new location in Florida. Before I moved to this location. I had to get the lights turned on and internet and phone service. I thought I was getting a package deal. This lady I spoke to instead, of her giving me the same provider for the service. She broke it up into 2 different companies. One part with Directv and the other part with Comcast. This is the only way she said I could do it.

When the Comcast repairman came out to connect this service. He asked was the television connected and this made me think that he could have done both services for the TV, the internet and telephone. And he could have but, this lady told me something different. She lied and charged my credit card $28.95 and I want it back. She lied to me. In a way she was pissing me off because she kept trying to add all kind of other charges to the account. Well, the reason why I didn't say nothing is because my daughter got with Directv and they gave her another part with AT&T. I thought this was something new that they does. So, I didn't think much about it until, that man came here. I had to end up canceling Comcast and they are the ones that I wanted but, when I tried to cancel Directv the person I spoke with told me I would have to pay $480.00 to cancel it.

Anyway, when we moved in. I had to call them and schedule an appointment. They told me that someone would be out here later in the evening. This is CenturyLink. The same morning me and my husband went up to MacDonald to get some breakfast. When we returned back home there was a cable line lying on the ground and a note at the door telling us to install it ourselves. We had no clue of knowing how to install a internet service. I knew this wasn't right. I called CenturyLink telling them we didn't know how to install the internet and that they left a cable line lying on the ground and this could result in someone getting shocked by this cable lying there. At the bottom of the pole they left a box wide open. They, came out again and picked the cable up off the ground and tied it up on the telegram pole and closing the box at the bottom. Then the squirrels started playing games on the line and made it drop again. I had to called them up again about the line.

Now, the internet and the phone acting up also. I called them again and again about the same problem with the phone and the internet. Every time they send someone out they keep saying they can't find anything wrong and they can hear the phone not sounding right. If they are charging me every time they come out here they are going to have a bigger problem. Because they are not resolving the issue. We hadn't been here a good 2 weeks and here comes a bill for $242.00 from CenturyLink . They knew this was real wrong. We paid the bill. I started questioning neighbors and they even said it was wrong. They never paid that amount of money for the service here.

The bottom line is they ripped us off and they know they did so. I even called them before questioning neighbors and told them that we had only been here for 2 weeks and they already sending us a bill for $242.00. This was absolutely wrong. The lady I spoke to, she said it was a one time thing and gave me the figures of what I am suppose to pay each month. I said it once and I am going to repeat it again. When I receive my next bill and they are charging me for those repairmen coming out here and they are not resolving this issue that I'm having they are going to have a much bigger problem this is why I am contacting you. Because I am tired of calling them and they are not doing anything about this problem. When I called them the last time the way that this man was sounding is that, they may charge me again and he didn't sound to sure. I am still having the same problem with my internet and telephone home service. I don't complaint unless, I have too.

Ok, now I had to cancel Comcast because I tried to have just one provider. I called Directv and tried to cancel their service and just have only one provider to pay each month. The person I spoke with I didn't get his name because my phone was acting up so bad. I was just trying to get the service canceled. He told me I would have to pay $480.00 to cancel the service. Now, I'm stuck again, because of this lady and her lies with duke energy. When I called Comcast back and explained the situation with her. She said I had 30 days to cancel their service. So, this is what I did.

Somehow, my husband didn't realize that Directv had sent a bill so quickly, they did the same thing CenturyLink did, fast. He was looking through the bills and he said to me. I didn't know Directv had sent this bill. By the time he realized it. It was already past due. He called them up and tried to get them to take the payment from his debit card. She said the card was showing an error. This is kind of hard to believe because he used his card every month.

First, some lady told him she couldn't get the card to go through it was showing an error. He called back again and some lady told him that every time he call to speak to a representative he had to pay $5.00 to talk to a representative. This is some terrible stuff that I never heard of now, I am convinced that this is a total ripoff. Donald Trump said he is going to make this world great again and I'm waiting to see how he is going to do it.

People has gotten to possessed over money and one day that's going to cause them a real problem because you didn't come into this world to live forever. You were born to die. And when you die you can't take money with you. Leaving it it for your loved one's is not going to do you a bit of good because you are dead. You can't enjoy it but, your loved one's can. People don't think all they can see is money floating around in their heads.

They don't love one another. They have fell deeply in love with money. Pay attention to what I'm saying. You can see the same thing I see. It's all about money. You can forget about somebody loving you anymore. People will knock you down racing for a dollar and this is going on all over the world. People need to stop and think and stop over reacting. I feel sorry for these nuts. Don't you? Nobody, knows when their day is coming. I'm asking you to help me and to help me and CenturyLink resolve this problem. Open up their eyes so, that they can see again.

Thank you and god bless each and everyone that's able to help me. Everybody in this world need money to live but, using it is one thing and abusing it is another thing. I wish you could see how greedy these people is for money where I live at. Well, some of them doesn't live here this is a smaller town but I'm not dealing with just these people. The main ones that I'm speaking of is up the road somewhere. They are some of the one's that I wrote to you about before. Thank you and I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Just to prove what I'm saying. I just got a letter from CenturyLink telling me that I will soon be getting my first bill and this will be the second bill. I can see that these people is real crooked. I need your support. Thanks again.

4 reviews
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I am not going to tell a long story but keep it short. Century Link advertises their $34.95/month internet, but once you sign for that, they WILL change it for your next bill to something else without your knowledge.
My first bill was $52, my second bill jumped to $63, my third bill a whopping $91....all I ordered was their $34.95 internet package.
I spent literally HOURS on chat fighting with them to explain WHY my bill jumped each month for the same $34.95 internet.
They are evasive and give you the run around, instead of explaining, they say "We can take $10 off a month for 12 months. Is that ok?" WHAT?!
When pressed, they finally admit, they signed me for $56/month instead of the $34.95 promised. That right there nulls and voids any contract, yet they still want a $200 termination fee.
I am sending everything to the BBB for review. Do NOT sign with them. If you have a location where there is another competitor GO WITH THEM!!
I went back to Bright House/Spectrum after having excellent service for TEN years, but fell for the false advertising of Century Link.
I am now back with Bright House/Spectrum and relieved...but there will be a fight for those "termination fees" that I refuse to pay.
Please take this review to heart and don't make the same mistake. I am also Deaf and on fixed income, and they always tell me to "call their retention line" matter how many times I say in chat I am DEAF, they don't care...."get someone to call for you"...WHAT?! If I could afford it, I would sue them for violation of ADA as well as false advertising!
Oh this wound up being long anyway....oh well....Just stay away from them!! If you like to know more, just ask, I will answer anything you would like to know about them.

3 reviews
6 helpful votes

I switched over to CenturyLink in September of 2015 because they were able to offer the speed we needed for video uploads, they had a great price, and their customer service was very good - slow, but good once you got ahold of someone they were very responsive. At the time, I was hesitant to enter into a two year contract, but was assured that the contract and terms would carry over to our new home if we moved. It turns out, that was only partially true.

We recently moved to the Black Hills area of South Dakota from Colorado. Although it is true that CenturyLink has service in our area, it is at a much slower speed. If we want to get the same service we had in Colorado, we would need to get a business account at a substantial increase in price. Because we upload videos and other data-dense items, we really needed the same service, at the same price as we contracted. CenturyLink could no longer provide what we had previously contracted for.

Therefore, we went with another carrier and I cancelled my service. When I did so, there was no mention about an early termination fee. In fact, there was no mention as to the final amount at all.

I then received an email notification that my final bill was more than four times the normal monthly. I called Century Link. It turns out that they were charging me an early termination fee, despite the fact that they could NOT meet the service I contracted for in Colorado now that I lived in South Dakota.

After multiple phone calls and escalation to their customer care (I nearly choked typing that), I was informed that they would not waive the early termination fee, because they had service (albeit woefully inadequate) in my area.

Picture this - you have a 2-yr lease on a Cadillac in Colorado. You move to South Dakota. The dealer tells you that you cannot take your Cadillac with you, but not to worry. They have a vehicle in South Dakota that you can transfer your lease onto - its a Ford Pinto, but hey it is a vehicle and the lease only covers your having a vehicle, not the type of vehicle. The dealer then informs you that if you want the same car you had in Colorado, you have to pay twice as much on the lease.

A tin can and two strings is technically phone service, but I wouldnt consider it equal to an iPhone.

It gets better. I was assured that the auto withdrawal of my monthly payments would cease because my account had been closed. I was further instructed that I would be mailed a final bill and mailing label to return the equipment. I have yet to receive either. Lacking a bill, I sent a $40.11 check to CenturyLink towards what I was told was my final bill. When I balanced my credit card statement, I discovered that they had auto-withdrawn the entire final bill. To add insult to injury, I also received a email that my current bill of $40.11 was available online and that NO ACTION REQUIRED - YOU ARE ON AUTOPAY. It took another half hour on their chat to get this straightened out and the $40.11 refunded.

I will never, ever, use CenturyLink again. I hope it was worth the refusal to waive the early termination fee to CenturyLink to turn a formerly happy client, who previously enthusiastically recommended their services, into a disgruntled ex-client who will now emphatically warn folks away from this company.

2 reviews
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Never had problems with Spectrum like this. Century Link saw I was uploading two large files and admits they throttled me. The first file was 6 gigs and went up fairly quickly.

The second was 12 gigs and 1/4 way in, the speed slowed from 5 mb/sec to .002 mb/sec. I spend 2 hours calling their non-English-speaking outsourced liars and after resetting the account numerous times, and them asking all sorts of security questions to me, it was working.

Then I tried to upload again, and it was blocked.

I called again, got an American, and he was perplexed that I was being blocked. He adamantly said they do NOT throttle.

But when he changed the IP address it started to work again.

I never had this problem with Time Warner/Spectrum. These guys appear to be criminals. I'd avoid them.

2 reviews
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On 7/29/16 I called CenturyLink to cancel my internet service. I was advised that there would be a $200.00 Termination Fee, but that I had a one month refund due for $46.93 and additional credits of $185.10.

The above clearly indicates a credit balance of $32.01.

When I received my bill it indicated I owed CenturyLink a total of $206.00.

I called them on 8/11 to dispute the bill. I was the $206 was correct, that there was a possibility the person I spoke to had made an error but I had no proof so the $206 was valid.

I knew they recorded such calls and insisted they review that original cancellation call and gave them the date and case # (d48652286), asking them to review the call and get back to me. They said it would take a few days and on 8/15/16 I received a call from a Justin, employee #CPWR037. He advised me he, in fact listened to a recording of the call and that while it was true I had been quoted credits of $46.93 and $185.10, that CenturyLink spokesperson had made a mistake for which they would bear no responsibility and I still owed $206.

I asked to speak to his supervisor and was transferred to Leah, employee #CPWR003, and she advised me that the original spokesperson was being re-trained because of an "obvious" error and created no liability on the part of CenturyLink; I still owed $206, which would be turned over to a collection agency in about 60 days. I asked her about recourse options open to me; she advised me she had the final word and I basically had no recourse.

I advised Leah this would be posted publicly and would ultimately go to the Iowa Attorney General's office of Consumer Protection, among other possibilities. Her response was basically that was ok, but I still owed the $206 and it would go to a collection agency.

On 8/22/16, a charge of $206.52 appeared on my credit card statement. I was on autopay and had told the CenturyLink to cancel the autopay and charge the $206 to which she agreed. I called the credit card company and disputed the charge, which was removed as a disputed charge.
Don't believe anything they tell you on the phone, but document everything. I was going to sign up for their Prism service when it became available as well as reinstate my internet, but that isn't going to happen based on this experience.

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Had a Century Link salesperson come to my home to review the present status of my home services. When she told me the price would be the same if not less than Direct TV, I gave her the go ahead.
I pressed her for the status of my account with Direct TV which she informed me that the contract was finished and there would be no early termination fee. Well guess what, she was wrong and it cost me $120. So I guess the moral of this story is not to trust all the info they give you and be sure to check for yourself first. Truly disappointed after being a Century Link customer for 30 years. Guess there just as money hungry as all the rest of the cable networks.

22 reviews
136 helpful votes

I was going to get internet service through CenturyLink.
Got all the equipment, set it up. Doesn't work. When I called, Centurylink's solution was to have me walk all over the house trying different phone jacks to "see which one the signal is coming through".

I asked, "Excuse me, are you telling me if the only phone jack the internet signal is coming through is in the bathroom or the kitchen, you expect me to move my computer there?"

"Yes, sir"

When exactly did the phone company (or cable company for that matter) start deciding which jacks could or could not be used for their services? I remember when if you wanted a phone, you had service turned on and you could plug your phone into any jack in your house (same with cable). Who are these companies to dictate where I put my television, phone, or computer?

Avoid, at all cost.

1 review
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I will never encourage anyone to use Century Link internet. They say they give you a good deals,and service and promise you the world but if you have a Mac or a chrome book to set up your acct you are out of luck. They are only window based only and if you don't set up your acct online you do not get the special deals they offer. I had 2 acct's with this company and was overcharged continually. And when I called to let them know I couldn't set up my acct they told me to get another computer. Ah no!!! fix your program. Then at one of my locations I had speed that was so slow (1.5 Megs) it wouldn't even connect with my iPhone. they charged me $65.00 a month for this service and because I couldn't sign up online and get the special of $14.95 per month I was out of luck again. And don't get me started on their customer service. It is the worse. Last night I was on hold for an hour trying to get someone to get a message that says they were closed and to "CHAT ON LINE TO RESOLVE MY ISSUE". Yea no wont do that either. I can go on about this but I don't have enough characters to keep going. In closing if you have choices in your area for internet use them. You'll be happy you did. Again do not use century link

73 reviews
96 helpful votes

I've neber been satisfied with Centurylink. It's speeds are so slow, a snail passing by in front of me would appear like a formula 1 racing car. As a customer I learned the true meaning of the company name: Centurylink ~ 'cause it takes a CENTURY to LINK!

I was a customer for over 3 years and I still would have stayed with Centurylink even though the service is horrible and the speeds are slow. I stayed because I could lock in the promotional rate ($29.99 instead of $59.99) as long as I renewed the 12-Month contract every time. Yet, it looks like a dumb guy made a mistake during the renewal process as after six month I saw a charge of $59.99. I immediately called customer service and asked why I get charged that amount when it should be $20 less, remember I signed up for 12 months. The agent told me that the employee who did the renewal process mistakenly entered only 6 months of promotional rate for the 12 month contract. So I told him to correct the mistake and charge me the promotional rate for the next six months. End of story. However, the customer service agent told me he can't do that as I "agreed" to the terms back then. I replied that I made it lould and clear that I only renew if I get 12 months of service and the customer service agent told me that I will get a full year of promotional rate. Nonetheless, this idiot on the phone repeated over and over that he couldn't change anything than pay the regular rate for a "service" not even worth single rusty, dirty penny. I got so angry I told him I quit. He warmed me about the $200 early termination fee.

I cancelled my contract with Centurylink early anyways. And yes, Centurylink has sent me a $200 bill plus some other charges for my early termination. Yet, I won't pay anytime soon that bill. I plan to pay that final bill at the speed of Centurylink.

Tip for consumers: Even if you have no other broadband provider than Centurylink think twice before signing up with those suckers.

2 reviews
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CenturyLink lies about their upload and download speeds. The only way you can get what you pay for is call and $#*! daily!!! It is ridiculous, as soon as we have another option. IM DONE!

20 reviews
35 helpful votes

I am not happy with our service from this company. We live out in a rural area, so there are very few options available for internet. Actually, this is the only option we have where we live. And it is terrible. It is overpriced for the crappy service we actually get. The highest plan you can get is 10gb, which is not much at all. It is supposed to be high speed, yet we still have to have a phone line to be able to use it. It frequently is out for no reason, and I have to reboot the box at least once a week, if not more. I feel like I am back to using the old AOL dialup crap, the amount of time I spend waiting for anything to download. Forget about watching tv shows or movies online, you'll be waiting forever for it to even load to the point you can watch it without it buffering multiple times. I really wish there was a better option for internet where I am.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I can't fully explain my whole situation, but I will say this:
It took them two weeks to hook up a phone line I never wanted (but had to get in order to have the bundle).
Three weeks into my service I still didn't have my modem for the internet, even though they most certainly were billing me.
After the first month my bill was over $300 dollars-for someone to come out and check to make sure my phone line worked, internet service I could not use, and the DirecTV people to come cut the existing line on a cable box to wire my place.
When I tried to have my bill explained to me, they claimed they couldn't find me in the system... until I told them that I wasn't going to pay my bill if I wasn't in their system (then they found me just fine :D)
Then when I was disputing the charges with the lady on the phone she told me I was wrong, I signed a contract, and she didn't have to talk to me any longer, and hung up.

I dealt with their crap for three months, until I finally got fed up and canceled. They did actually admit at that time that they didn't get to charge me a cancellation fee.

Then a few weeks ago (2 years after I had stopped service with them and they had been notifying me, saying they owed me some money) I received a letter in the mail from a collection company saying my account was sent to them for a hundred and some odd dollars.
Needless to say I was livid!
Tried to speak with someone, but was:
Transferred to different region head quarters 4 times (once when I really was speaking to the right region)
Transferred/spoke to over 25 people
Was hung up on 3 times
Yelled at twice
Lied to pretty much every time (they still couldn't find anything about me)
Wasted over five hours of my day
And was told that it was because they gave DirecTV the money, and I never paid CenturyLink back for it, because that's how they bundle.

Complete B.S. but I don't want this going on my credit report, so I am stuck paying someone for something they didn't earn.
I wouldn't suggest this company ever!

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

So we set up a date to have our internet installed and that day came and the technician called and said he wouldn't be able to make it so it got pushed back to the next day.... Next day came and no technician so the next day (day3) i call centurylink and they assure me the technician would be there at the end of the day... Never happened needless to say called multiple times they lie and say its already hooked up when its not and they toss you from person to person if you call them waited well over a week to get my internet set up with them mainly because they are the cheapest where i live and theres only 2 options here. Horrible customer service and horrible buisness.

3 reviews
16 helpful votes

I signed up for the DSL service with Century Link in May, 2014 on a 1 year "contract" with a person who knocked on my door in a guarded community, which means he was trespassing. He told me that DSL was much better than the old days which was a lie. I ended up with a 3 mgb service that had little bandwidth. Had several issues with hook up and billing as well. I found it appalling that their employees actually wanted to argue with me, the customer. They never lived up to their end of the "contract" which called for "high speed" internet. I finally canceled the service in March due to aggravation. They sent me my "last bill' which calls for a disconnection fee and an early termination charge. Ridiculous. If I don't pay the bill what are they going to do, cut me off? I should have read the many terrible online reviews and told the salesperson I was having him arrested and charged with trespassing.

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Don't pay your bill. Centurylink has the worst customer service on the planet. The best way to cancel anything with them is to cancel the payment. Don't give them a dime and eventually they will get the message.

By Quinn M.
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Don't bother with either. Centurylink has the worst routers on the planet. Literally designed to fail. No matter what router you get from them, it won't last more than 6 months. If you are stuck with Centurylink and need a good router, go to Best Buy and ask them for a Netgear router. They can help you set it up.

By Quinn M.
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