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They are a identity theft racquet. They purchase their inventory with stolen credit cards and then scam potential customers with bait and switch tactics. 100% that you will be scammed by these fraudsters. Ever seen the movie "Zohan"? Same type of electronic scam store. What a joke.

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I would not recommend buying anything from this site. They use fraudulent business practices, like selling a remanufactured camera as brand new. I had ordered a "new" Nikon L820 and received a plain white box with a broken remanufactured camera. After a hassle I sent the camera back to Best Price Photo on my postage.About 10 days later, I received a replacement.I thought that it was also a remanufactured camera so I called Nikon and they did confirm this. Again,I contacted BPP and I insisted that they take the camera back, and they did,postage paid this time.Thanks to my credit card company I was able to get my money back conditionally almost immediately.and permanently after about 2 months from the initial disputed claim.I could go into greater detail but it would only be a repetition of many things that I have already read by other people who posted on this site that had similar experiences. If I would done my "homework" in researching the merchant, as well as the product I would have saved a lot of headaches. You can learn from my experience: Buyer Beware!

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Bought camera. got the whole upwell. Way overcharged me then sent a refurbished camera in a plain white box. Returned camera with a ridiculous 15% restocking fee on July 25th. Never saw a penny returned. Got the credit card company involved and they couldn't get anything out of them as well and had to swallow over 600 bucks. Just called and apparently their domain name has been sold but the address is still the same on the website! Never ever ever ever but anything from Primotronix or best price photo. You are better off throwing your money in the toilet, at least then you know where it went.

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I placed an order with for the Canon Rebel t31 (body only) three days ago. Today they called to make sure I understood it did not come with a battery or any accessories and to ask if I would like to order them as well. When I told them I understood that but did not want to increase my order, they then told me it was a Japanese model and came with a Japanese manuel. For just $150 more I could upgrade to a USA model. I said I wasnt interested in that and would take the Japanese model. I was then asked, So you speak Japanese? All the symbols on the camera are in Japanese." I cancelled my order. I reviewed the website and there was absolutely no indication that what I ordered was a Japanese model. On a side note, I ordered from them a year ago with no problems. However, after my most recent experience they will never again get my business or recommendations.

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Horrible experience averted thanks to my credit card company. Ordered a Canon T3i in August. After two phone contacts, I was certain Best Price would not provide good merchandise, so contacted my credit card company which credited my account for payment to Best Price Photo and contacted Best Price. After a 60 day waiting period, in which Best Price did not reply to credit card company, credit card company reports the case is closed, Best Price cannot renegotiate the sale. I'm glad for a good credit card company and will now heed a friend's advice to stick with Adorama or B&H!

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I ordered a camera and they took my money. No camera has been delivered.
They do not intend to deliver. The company has apparently folded and the domain name bought by somebody else.
Rotten dirty company.

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THIEVES! After 3 months, they still have my money and I never received anything. Initially got a call to upgrade to a battery that does not even exist, was told every time I called shipping confirmation nubers are coming,,,,,,,,,,,they never came, canceled order thru email,no response, filed complaint to BBB, they told them I woould get a refund...............never got it,,,,,,,,now filing criminal charges, gettting bank involved and anywhere else I can, They should be shut down

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A real scum, I bought a camera from this company because the price was good but you will never get the advertised price. They try to scum you with additional purchases
if they do not success, they will keep your order in process for ever. Do not fool your self by their false advertising

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I have ordered Nikon Coolpix L820 camera online from on September 15, 2013. Normally I am very cautious with my selections and I spent a lot of time choosing this particular camera model. But I failed to check the seller reviews. After all, their price was the lowest by a wide margin. What can possibly be wrong with this company?

The next day I received an email from this company, stating that they tried to reach me on a phone but were unable to do that. They invited me to cal their number with extension 509 to insure your order ships in a timely manner. I called and was offered some free gift in exchange of leaving them a good review ahead of time. I refused and the conversation was over.

The camera was received on September 28 (shipping from Brooklyn, NY to York, PA took only 1 day). I had to drive 25 miles to a FedEx location since the seller requested a signature and nobody was home to sign for it. But that is OK security is a good thing. So I brought the package home and opened it. Inside I have found a white cardboard box with one label, showing the camera model and saying it is a USA Retail kit and Color: Black. Upon inspection I have found that camera strap is missing one of the rectangular plastic retainers and lens cap cord is missing too. Everything else appeared to be in place, but the box content was not organized and was not secured properly as you would expect to see in such products. My conclusion I received a remanufactured or gray market camera, although it was advertised as new. If I wanted a remanufactured camera, I could get it much cheaper from a reputable seller. Quick functionality check showed that camera is operational, but this is not what I wanted to buy. I wanted a new camera made by Nikon with all the accessories coming with it in a factory box.

I made multiple attempts to call the company, but nobody was picking up the phone. So on October 1 I sent them an email, demanding an explanation and the missing parts. I did not get any reply to that email. Only after that I have learned that this company is not a legitimate one and it has numerous complaints from the customers. Its Better Business Bureau rating is D (one of the worst possible). Knowing that ahead of time I would not buy anything from them even for free. I have learned my lesson. Hopefully whoever reads this review will not make the same mistake I did.

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it's the worst!!!!!!!! Horrible customer service and they took 2 weeks to process an order for a camera, plus 10 days for shipping! Try to cancel my order and they charge 10% of the value for cancelling, even tho is their fault... Do I need to say more?

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Placed order at the end of April 2013, cancelled order at the end of May 2013. I was promised a full refund and now it is October 2013 and the refund is still pending.

I get a new story every time I call and today I have been placed on terminal hold each time I have called.

What more can be said???

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Horrible customer service (not reachable). Have not shipped my order after 12 days. No feedback, no email.

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Worst experience ever!!!!!

ordered a camera on a Friday August 16th. They called me on a Monday 19th to confirm tried to up sell. got an email that same day that my order has been processed and that it will be shipped within 48 hours.

Week later no tracking or any other info. Called 8/26 again and said that I should be getting an email that day about tracking info. no email was delivered.

Called again on Tuesday 8/27 they said that 100 emails should have gone through but not all went through it would go out that day now it's been 12 days since I put in the order. He doubled checked and said he saw that it was shipped and it showed that I would get camera on Friday 8/30. Expect email confirming tracking.

Wednesday 8/28 no email yet called again and got the worst customer experience in my life this person told me it will be two more weeks before you get your camera. I said wait a minute I been told twice that it was going to be this week and no later then friday. He said no they told you two more weeks. No they didn't. So now his calling me a lier. we went back and forth then he just hanged up on me in the middle of my sentence. plus every time I called it took over 20 minutes being on hold.... Really wish I didn't buy from this people worst experience of my life buying online....


This is a follow up well that same day 8/28 I send them an email told them how disappointed I was and informed them of everything that happened got a response and told me it takes 10 to 12 days for me to receive package that for sure I would get it no later then September 5th. Ok now they are changing from their original email of 7-9 days to 10-12 days

I waited this long so I figured what's one more week.

Guess what happened September 5th came and went and no camera and because it was a holiday on Monday 9/2 they decided they where going to be closed from Wednesday to Saturday of that week.

It's now September 10 and still no camera or tracking number will have to fight now to get my money back!!!! Original order was placed August 16th now it's September 10th and still nothing from them plus they say you can't get your money back just yet!!!! until you receive camera and send it back!!!! once it's send back they have to get it and they want to charge you restocking charges what!!!! When is that next year!!!!

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Stay away from these people unless you are willing to risk having your money stolen or getting fleeced in some other way. I placed a $1700 order from them one year ago--a camera with extras. They sent me a recalled camera unit, a ten-dollar lens filter kit they claimed was worth $250, and omitted some important items. When I returned the package, they kept telling me my refund was on its way. A couple of months later they claimed they received no return. (I did submit a disputed charge to my bank--that failed, but not due to a lack of merit in my case. It failed because of a perfect storm of bureaucratic errors.) After going through the Better Business Bureau and then the NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs, all I earned for my effort was knowledge of just how rotten this business is. They fabricated "information" left and right about our transaction and subsequent dealings, And they have gotten away with it. I could take them to court, but I live in California and I would have to pay for a roundtrip ticket to New York. This has been a very hard lesson. If my story can save one person from losing money like I did, at least something has been gained through my experience. (Oh, and there's a reason that Best Price Photo's current rating with the Better Business Bureau is a D and that 60 complaints have been filed against them through the BBB in the last year alone.)

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"This web site sucks, and the customer service department people are bad in response.

I ordered a SLR camera and after two weeks when i called customer service the response i got was they cannot see my order in there system and they cannot do any thing. and most important thing is the people in customer service just hung up the call on our face.

This is the worst shopping experience i have ever. don't but any thing fro this site."

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I ordered a camera on July 30, 2013 and it was supposed to be shipped within 48 hours and I was to receive it in 7-9 business days. I got a call back saying they needed to confirm that it was me using the payment method and they talked me into an upgrade on the battery. I was told the battery with it would only last 20 minutes. I agreed and found out after the order that this is a lie the battery that comes packaged with the camera is the battery that suppose to come with the camera and last for 3-4 hours. My husband called them on Sunday August 11, 2013 and was told we would receive the camera by Thursday or Friday of that week and that didn't happen. I gave them more than the quoted shipping time and I emailed them to find out what the problem was and I was told I requested the free shipping and it would take 9-12 business days. After deciding I wasn't going to get my camera I sent them an email on August 19th and requested a cancellation of my order. I got four phone calls from them with the number blocked that I didn't answer. I was sent an email telling me that my order had been shipped and it would be there by August 22nd or 23rd. I replied to the email and told them that if I didn't get a tracking number that day to continue with the cancellation. I received a tracking number within 4 hours and it was on its way. I received the camera on Wednesday August 21, 2013. To my surprise it was the camera I ordered and I was able to register it with the manufacturer and even got the paper work for the extended warranty. I suggest that anyone dealing with this company use a reputable credit card so charges can be reversed and correspond by emails so you have written proof of what you are being told. They can tell you anything over the phone and you have nothing to back it up. I won't need to use this advice myself I learned a lesson and will research a company before I submit an order the next time and will not use this company ever again.

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Ordered a camcorder on July 6th and confirmed my order after a few days by calling them. I have been told my order wil be shipped within 48-72 hours and I should receive my order in 7-9 business days. I called them end of July and they told they were out of stock on the camcorder I have ordered and new batch of goods from the manufacturer just delivered to their warehose. They promiced to ship my order on same day and send me e-mail confirmation. The ydid not ship my order nor send me confirmation as they promiced, I called them next days and I had to cancell my order on August 6th. I have been tol my money will be refunded back to my bank account within the 5 business days. Today is August 14th and I am not received my money back, I am going to call them again.
BTW, the next day I made my order with them my personal data was stolen and fraud credit account opened. Thanks to who does not send orders to the given address but to your credit card registration address.

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I ordered a camera a month ago. Cancelled within hours of being told it only came with a demo battery, being pressured to buy extra batteries, having the card charged more than I agreed to, being treated rudely, not getting an invoice. Just got the refund a few days ago (one month to the day-I had deferred my comments until that process was complete as it involved filing a dispute with my CC company). The first post cancellation contact I had with the company was being called after I posted a negative review on another site.

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1/5 posted Aug-07-2013
"I am on the phone on hold for the fifth time today! No FedEx tracking numer and shipment was to be sent weeks ago. Rude, unhelpful customer service. Never again! I am canceling my order through my credit card company. If you order thru them, expect a delay in shipping until they reach you by phone in an attempt to sell you all sorts of extras before they will send your order. Check out the complaints with the Better Business Bureau before you use them. The WORST ever!"

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Do not buy from this company, bait and switch!

They advertised the lowest price but did not ship. The called me and told me I ordered the wrong SD card and I needed an extra battery for videos the price jumped $140, When I researched the SD card and battery I found they could be purchased for less than $30. If I had gone to best buy I would have saved $50 after sales tax. Even after the bait and switch they took over 5 weeks to deliver This company sucks.

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Dude and dudettes: they rock, they sent my camera and lens bundle to me within 48 hours after placing the order and had everything perfect. could not have asked for better service than i received. they sound like new yorkers but they act like gentlemen, A+++

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Ordered a camera and a week later I got an email saying that I needed to call them to verify some info before the order could be processed further. When I called, they said I could ignore the email, because they weren't showing any problem. Waited another week before calling them wondering why I hadn't received my camera yet. Was told that they "oversold" my camera model and would have to wait for a new shipment that they HOPED would come in the next few weeks. I requested a cancellation and was told that I would receive a cancellation confirmation email, but never did. I called back a few days later to specifically request a cancellation email...and STILL never got one. Don't get suckered in by their lower prices like I did. Just save yourself the headache and buy elsewhere.

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Upsell scam, sell extended life battery and warranty that do not exist. They never invoice, just sell as package deal. It is a scam. Do not buy.

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I placed an order with this company because their prices were the best I found. They called me up a day later to confirm my address and then told me the camera only came with a 30 min battery and wanted to upgrade the battery and charge me an additional $100. I cancelled the order but they charged my credit card anyway. I called them back several times but they were hard to reach and when I did finally get through to them they confirmed the order was cancelled and hung up before I could even tell them to reverse the charge on my credit card. I had to call the credit card company to dispute the charge. Stay away from this company

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I placed an order with them online and the next day I received a call asking to confirm my order because it was over $500. At first I didn't think anything of this, just thought it was an additional fraud protection the credit card had started to require. Then, they started to recommend all of these additional items that I needed in order for my camera (Nikon D5100) to work, including a battery and upgraded memory card that they were going to give me at a discount off the close to $200 price he quoted me. Luckily, I needed to consult my husband before adding so much extra to my order and I said I would call them back shortly. I was informed that I probably had about 20 minutes before they sold out.

In the interim, I checked the price of the memory card ($15 - $30 on amazon) and the battery he said cost $129 ($35 on amazon) so there goes all my savings for going with them. Plus, I was told all cameras come with a battery by several sources and even their website says the camera body only comes with the battery. When I called them back with some additional questions about that the salesman got very rude and short with me and said their special 17 piece kit is made by them and doesn't come with the battery, which means to me they take apart the box from Nikon and take out the battery and then try to sell it to you separately for a hugely inflated price. When I hung up with them after canceling my order I checked this site and promptly called my bank to cancel my card for fear they might charge it. I then called B& H and spoke to a very helpful salesman who I had complete trust in and am placing an order with them, and I'm not spending any more then I would have in the end with them. I feel I dodged a bullet.

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I was a victim of a bait and switch a week ago. I ordered a camera from bestpricephoto .com and did not receive what I originally ordered. I should have known there was something up with my order when a sales representative called to confirm my order. He told me that for anything over 500 they required a confirmation call. Which I thought was awkward? But that was fine with me. However, this is what happened, he said I ordered an extra battery for the camera online and he told me he would upgrade me to the next package with the better long lasting battery that way I wouldn't need another battery. Which I agreed upon because I thought they had a better battery for the camera I wanted. Eventually he sold me a different package with other accessories and neglected to tell me that they already discontinued the brand of camera that I ordered. The camera was for a Sony HX30v. If you look on their website, the camera is still there and available. No sign of whatsoever that the camera (HX30v) is no longer being sold. I didn’t learn that until I called back to them and talked with one of their sales reps. By the time I got the camera it was for an HX200v. A much bulkier and heavier bridge camera, not the point and shoot HX30v. The only two things that it has that is better than the HX30v is the 30x zoom lens and longer battery life. It was not what I wanted but for now I am just keeping it because I don’t want to be without a camera and money from this aweful website retailer. Words of caution do NOT buy something over the internet unless you know the people! That was one tricky sales rep! Avoid bestpricephoto .com, the had some good reviews, but I read somewhere that they were a slum operation that originated out of Oregon. If you look at the address they provide it ends up at some strange location in Brooklyn, New York. You don’t want to be involved in a bait and switch like me.

Why is this company BestPricePhoto still operating when they did the same thing to me 2 years ago they are scam artist and should be closed down.

By Kevin J.
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