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I am out $650! I have been chasing these guys for 2 1/2 months trying to find out when the back ordered parts would be in and then when did come in, I have had three appointments set up where the gas technician did not show up. First one, they had no idea why he didn't come, second was for "religious" reasons, and the third no show was because he "got pulled off the road". I thought to check reviews at this point (my bad) and found all of these reviews on Trustpilot. I contacted @sylviaduckworth (Twitter, Instagram) and am joining the law suit! Please go to her blog page (her name dot com and put appliancerepairman in the search field) to get your money back and get these guys for good! THEY ARE SCAMMERS!
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As with all of the negative reviews I have found online of this company (100%), I have also fallen victim. Now myself and other disgruntled customers are starting a legal course of action to get out money back. We need your help. Contact me at @sylviaduckworth (Twitter and Instagram)
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They like to choose the wrong expensive parts to replace appliances. We found out that our appliances were under warranty. They tried to get us to replace the most expensive part in the dryer. We cancelled their order and they still kept the labour charge as if they installed the new part. Stay away from these guys.
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Appliance Repairman will only steal your money. This company is only a fraudulent operation. They exist to steal your money. They cannot fix anything and will charge you
for as much as you will give them. Please don't call. They have been
doing this for years, previously under the name of appliance repair
guys, and apparently are still getting away with stealing people's money.
Read the reviews below. They stole about $300 from us, and wanted more,
way more, for a "fixing" a problem that wasn't a problem. I am
exploring legal recourse.

Tip for consumers: Don't

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Absolutely worst experience we have ever had. Technician was rude, incompetent and bullying, insisting on getting paid for his service call first in cash. Misdiagnosed the issue without even taking a look at it, other than to say it was going to cost over $320.00 dollars. What a scam. We got it fixed next day for a 15 dollar part; a mere fraction of the cost. I am also going to report this company to the BBB. Unacceptable, unreasonable, and rude conduct and very incompetent NEVER AGAIN!!! We were scammed.

Appliance repairman
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I formally complained with Better Business Bureau and I encourage all these multiple 1 star reviews to do the same. They never solved the problem they charged me over #300.00 to come out and tell me what the issue was I needed a new drum, I waited over a week for the quote on part only to learn they could NOT get the part, the company providing the part WILL NOT supply to them because they are not qualified for their product however they lied to me and said they worked on European appliances and would have no problem. I suspect that's why they never got back to me and after my 4th follow up phone call to them I guess they were desperately trying t to get their hands on a part to make the money off me, however no one will sell to them, even if I purchased the part and had them install the job from parts would not be under warranty as I was told by parts provider that how BAD they are, I also have this in writing from parts provider I can share. So I contacted Appliance repairman with this information and talked to Rabia who claimed to be a supervisor was the rudest arrogant women I have ever encountered, she should be ashamed of how she talked with the public I was trying to explain I would like a credit of $200.00 as the technician could follow through, and I know your company was aware of this fact after what I found out, she just did not care. HARD to believe these people call them self service providers, nothing but FRAUD and LIAR providers, BEWARE do not use this company.
I decided to Google them and WOW I found this, everyone has not good to say how do these people stay in business!! WOW
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A technician came in today to take a look at my washer. It was making a loud noise. I wanted someone to come early morning to get it looked at as it needed to be fixed urgently.

He came in drained the water and asked for $355 saying he fixed the rotation system.

He also said the loud noise is caused by the pump and it maybe damaged but he can;t say as he cant see it. He first said to replace it its $135 and then within minutes said $325. But then again said the loud noise will stop and everything is fixed.

After he left I turned on the machine, no change. Same problem, water didn;t drain and the washer stopped working abruptly, loud noise still there.

I called customer service and spoke to Sonia, who is supposed to be a manager there said they have to wait till end of day for the technicians report. She can;t do anything till then.

At the end of the day, a technician who had no experience of what is going on came and was rambling about something he has no clue about, the manager doesn;t care, and ended up paying $355 for nothing.

This place is a con place!
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Serviceman did minimal analysis of my fridge which was beeping and temperature was not stable. He said he knew the issue and required no parts as he was an expert and had seen this many times. I told him that I did not want to spend alot of money on the fridge due to its age and if required parts, I would not go ahead with the service. He assured me that no parts were required. He filled in the invoice and I signed it. He said he reset the main switch and 30 minutes later said the fridge was fixed. I told him that the fridge was still beeping and he said, no worries, once it is plugged in for 3 hours, it would stop when the temperature rose. He assured again that he was an expert and seen this many times. I confirmed again that no parts were required and I took his word for it and paid and he left. I then looked on the invoice and he had written after I had signed there was an extremely expensive part required. I thought back and realized that he filled that in after I had signed as he said that he forgot to add the first time customer coupon ($15 discount). What made matters worse is that when I called the company to complain that not only was my fridge not fixed, but he did not even communicate that a part was required, they simply said, well you signed the invoice approving the work. There was no effort to assist the situation at all. I left multiple messages for a manager to call me back (as my food was spoiling due to the fridge working even worse after that it had supposedly been serviced) and they did not call me back. I kept calling and just by luck, the manager finally answered and was no help at all.Unfortunately,

I was in a bind and wanted this fixed and did not do the usual research on the company, and if I had I would have found that this company does this all the time.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the heartache and do not use this company if you have appliance issues.
1 review
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What a rip off. He quoted me $320 to just open my dryer and to align it. What the hell ??!!!! That's only labour charge!!! No parts, parts are extra!!! F rip off. Called a friend and said that doesn't make sense to charge $320 for alignment. Just to open it and make it align. 15 min work for $320??!!! Call centres don't give a $#*!. Please do not call this place. Look at all the bad reviews!!
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Buyer beware! After 316$ my dryer is still broken and I had to harass the customer service ladies for a week. I was constantly being told that they would find talk to the technician and get back to me by the next day and no one ever got back to me. I finally asked to speak to the manager before getting a 45$ refund. What a joke, with all the systems the technician checked and billed me for, it should have been practically new by the end of his visit. Anyway, what a grand waste of time and money!
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I would give 0 stars if there is 0. The company is totally dishonet. they would charge you $80 for initial assessment, then another $280 so they can tell you the parts you need for your repair. This typically is done for quote for other trusted service. Then they tell you that you need to spend another $640 something for parts. Who would spend $1000 plus tax for a old microwave?! Their customer service is even worse, I tied lovely Mary who wouldn't give me her last name and claim as manager. don't even waste your time on them. They should be shamed!
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Don't use this company for the repair of your appliance. They came to my house made me sign a work order to service my dishwasher. The technician didn't know what he was doing and pretended to be fixing my appliance. Then told us we needed a part to repair it, which they did not have and had to be ordered. On top of that they did not even know the price of the part and the technician claimed not to have data in his phone to check price. Bottom line, the technician charged us a service call, even though the dishwasher was not fix. What happened to $80 diagnostic which it was told to us on the phone. He also said that it would be a new service charge for returning to install the part. What a rip off!! Someone needs to shut this company down. They have no shame, are rude, laugh on your face and also seem to play stupid.
Don't use this company, you will have spend double the money to fix what they break. My dishwasher was not put back together either.
1 review
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These guys have perfected the CON . Come in , pretend they can repair "I WILL GET THIS WORKING" Opens up the Refrigerator , Shocks himself - Prods around sets the factory settings , Charges me $360.00 . Tells me to wait two hours and plug back in , Drops his Drill , point first into the Hard wood floors . I complained to Head office Ashley , - Please send picture of damage - Lose the Pics - Resend and then 10 days later say they have no report and are not going to offer any Advise, I plug in refrigerator - Still broken.TELL THE WORLD TO BEWARE OF THESE CONMEN!!!
1 review
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It's a scam. The technician makes sure it's not fixed properly so he could return as another sales call and the company charges you for 2 service calls even though its the technician's fault in the first place. When you explain the situation to them about how both calls are related and they shouldn't be charged, the customer service rep threatens you.
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We got a quote of $80.00 plus HST for a service call to look at fixing our microwave .Yoni the technician arrived came in to our kitchen and asked what was wrong with the microwave I told him that it doesn't work. He said he would look at for $280.00 plus any repairs needed. He wanted a $280.00 fee without even diagnosing the problem. We then had a conflict and I asked him to leave. Presented a bill for $90.40. I 'm not paying please leave my home. The invoice said remaining balance $90.40. He handed me the phone and the lady at the call centre said that the bill would go to collections. I paid with debit. I then sent a complaint by e-mail to Appliance Repairman. Got a call at home Feb.2nd from Roxana and I requested my money back to no avail. I then spoke to the Mgr.Sonia who informed me that she felt sorry that I felt scammed and to bad everyone pays. I'm forwarding a complaint to the BBB. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. Garry M. Alliston. Ont.
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Our freezer was not freezing so we called Appliance Repairman. He came on a Wed. and the website stated it would be 80 dollars for the visit and diagnosis. After he "diagnosed" our freezer as needing a new thermostat he made us sign stating it would cost 280 labour to fix. We signed, he "fixed" our freezer, we paid 497.20. He wouldn't allow us to pay by credit card only cash or debit. Now I know why, you can stop credit card payments if you feel the service was unsatisfactory. The repair man left stating that our fridge was working. The next day it was even worse than before. We called back and said the earliest he could come back was the following Monday. By saturday our freezer was becoming warm which was now affecting the coolness of our fridge. We had to put all of our food in a cooler on our deck in the middle of a snow storm to salvage our food and we have 3 kids. We immediattely called customer service and all they told us was the repair man doesn't work on weekends and we will have this conversation after the second visit on Monday. No care at all that my food had to be stored outside. He was to come back on Monday between 4 and 7, he showed up closer to 8. When he did he opened the freezer and I heard him You Tubing how to fix it. He then told me that my compressor was shot and I needed a new one which will cost me a 1000 dollars or more. I asked him why he didn't tell me that 4 days prior and his response was I didn't check. Isn't a repair man supposed to thoroughly check a fridge from top to bottom in order to properly diagnose it? I told him if he had told me the last time that I needed a thermostat AND a new compressor I never would have agreed to any service, gave them the 80 dollars and moved on. Instead they took 500 of my hard earned money and my fridge is left in worse condition than before. If I could give them a Zero rating I would. Never have I come across such hwy robbery. They have scammed so many people, help me to shut down this company so they do not continue to do this to others. They have the worst reviews I have ever seen.

Tip for consumers: Do not go on this site...they will take your money and not fix anything.

1 review
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Whatever you do Do Not I repeat DO NOT call these people I swear they're not repare neither certified people. Just punch of scammers starting with the people who answer the phone n they always send same guy who has no idea what appliances mean. He will come open your appliances, ruin it more and mess it up even more and leave it 100% not working. Just for opening it he will make you sign that you have to pay 380$ not including fixing it or parts ( cus guaranteed he cannot fix it ) he will pretend he's doing something for 10 min. Doesn't even know how to put stuff back the correct way!!! Leaving everything hanging, charges you money for just opening machine. Then he will say if u want me to fix it will cost $$$$. He lied n said he's certified who was complete lie!!! I called the number on my appliance LG real certified tech came fixed everything on the spot and charged fractions of what these people charge n gave me 6 months guarantee warranty from an LG certified real numbers u can find inside ur appliance.
Don't call Appliance repair man worst scammers on the planet never seen someone like them u should report them to the police!!!!!
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Don't call this company!! Wish my husband and I read these reviews, needed our washing machine ASAP. My husband was quoted $80 to come to our door. After waiting hours the guy finally showed up. I then was talked into $280, plus taxes, labour fee. After his review of the machine, told me the part we needed would cost another $500. Basically the price of a new machine. Told him no thanks'. Beware!! Don't call these people.
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I just paid $280 plus tax for no reason. They are fraudulent. I just lost $300 today. I will be calling BBB to try to get my money back. I Wish I read these reviews before agreeing to use them. Awful experience.
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Awful experience- take hundreds of dollars and do not fix the appliance. They will do this over a period of time and 'promise' it will all be good. Hundreds of dollars latter and still not fixed. Customer service are there to collect the money, no intent to help or rectify the poor and substandard service. Repairman who came to my house was not competent. Use a local tradesperson who has pride in their work
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Even one star is a lot for them !
Very bad and rude ! They charged us 320 for not fixing the problem !
they changed what they said and what they did , not responsible at all for their action.
they came to our house , after 6 hours delay , they charged us for fridge, then said problem is not the fridge ! it is dishwasher, we asked him to fix it . he said he doesn't want, as he might to damage the cabinet.
we called them , they hang up on us couple of the time!
we had another company to come and fix the dishwasher , and we paid again . the problem was the fridge . the other company fixed it.
then we called them , they asked for the invoice to refund the money .
after sending invoice and waiting on the phone for hours, they said no we didn't say that , we will not give your money back , you paid it yourself and you made your decision when you paid it.
(they hang up most of the time in the middle of waiting , and then they say you didn't call us at all!)
the woman was too rude and keep changing what we have been told , and at the end ignore them all.
if you call them, record all the talking and all their not educated technician is doing at your home ,as they will ignore them all
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When Tech arrived I went with him downstairs to the laundry room and told him in great detail what the issue was and told him the error codes that I was facing. I then told him that based on the manual the error codes had something to do with a communication error between the main control board and motor control F6 E1. He told me he would perform the diagnostic, and figure out the issue and asked me to leave him alone while doing so.

After being downstairs for five minutes the technician comes back upstairs advises that the problem,word for word, was exactly as stated in the manual and exactly what I told him when he arrived. He then says that he needs to figure out where the actual issue is and he's going to have to open the machine up. He says in order to do so, that companywide, there is a $280.00 charge, and that includes labor and fixing the problem whether it includes wires, sockets etc. I was extremely hesitant stating that if job was more than this I wouldn't pursue as I would buy a new machine, he stated the machine is $1600 and urged me to proceed stating that in his experience he can usually always fix for the $280 cost but if there were extra parts I would have to pay, and told me he isn't a "magician". He stated it was a common problem where they have the parts for, and stated he remains positive, he's an "optimist". He gave me false hopes which is why I signed, he's the "expert" I must also add that my appointment window was 12-3 the technician called me and requested an earlier appointment which I agreed to, and 2 of my children under 5 were present. It was very loud, and near impossible to concentrate. I signed under duress and not with a clear mind.

I ended up signed the document. After spending 15-20 minutes downstairs "figuring" out where the problem actually Was which he should of done for the $80 diagnostic fee, he then comes upstairs and tells me that I have a total of 4 issues. He claims 2 he "fixed" and 2 he cannot and needs 2 additional parts totaling between $600 700, and this is on top of the $280 charge to tell me what the actual problem was. When he presented me the bill, 2 of the 4 issues were listed, and creatively added up to equal $280.00 initial charge. He then adds in comments that 2 additional parts are required.

In my past experience, when I've had appliances needing service I have had the technician spend the time to look at the machine to figure out what the exact problem was, and only after the technician actually took the time to see what the issue is they would advise the exact problem that needed to be fixed and at that point the customer decides whether to proceed with the job or not. An $80 diagnostic fee is to determine the exact issue, and then have the consumer decides whether they want to proceed with a clear understanding of the issue - when a mechanic says there's a diagnostic fee they determine the exact problem and have the customer decide whether to proceed. Should I have been told after inspecting the machine properly that it what this extensive part and that the cost would've been $800 I would never have signed the document at all. I would've paid the $80, and told the technician to leave. I got scammed And because my kids were downstairs and I could barely hear and I was desperate, I made a decision and got scammed!

Furthermore when booking the service call over the phone I directly asked if parts are required what am I obligated to pay when the technician is here - she clearly stated nothing if we want to proceed with the work the $80 diagnostic fee is waived, and regarding parts there would be no charges incurred until after the parts arrive. The technician Mohammed Khan that came said I that I would have to pay for labor cost all up front and 50% of parts.

I did not pay the technician for the appointment. I will be calling Management tomorrow Oct 29, and based on their response go from there. When questioning what exactly he did for the $80 diagnostic charge, he couldn't even give a reasonable answer that is when I understood that I was being scammed. He started becoming rude, and clearly angry, and that is when my husband stepped in, and he then settled down. It was extremely uncomfortable and I had 2 kids who I just put for their nap and I didn't want to scare him. I told him to leave and I would discuss with management. I have never ever done a service or even purchased anything without checking a review first. I am so upset that in this case i didn't. I was desperate. When he left I felt so upset that I googled reviews on this company, and have never seen that over 36 reviews online had the exact same experience as I had. And that doesn't include the up to 80 reviews on the better business bureau all stating the same service issues I encountered.

This company is a complete scam, and I have no idea how they are even legally around. With every review stating the identical problem, and statements, how are they open?? Please shut these con-artist down. Situations like this is why as a women I am so afraid to deal with Trades. I have never in my entire life had this type of direct scam occur when a customer is vulnerable and in need of help.
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Long story short. Charged $1,100.00. never fixed the problem. Put in heater and Thermostat and defrost timer in Fridge. Never worked. Andy charged $75.00 works just fine.
Appliance Repairman are crooks and this company is a scam!! Stay as far away as you can from them.
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I called these rip off artists to fix my fridge. The guy told me it was going to be a big repair job, charged $80 for the visit and then quoted me $320 for the work. He basically defrosted the freezer and left in less than an hour. Total bill was 361...IT IS A RIP OFF,,,DO NOT EVER CALL THIS COMPANY
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6/18/18 are CROOKS!!!

They told us $85 for repair quote for our dryer. A repairman called Igor came and quoted us $305 for repair. He quoted this immediately without opening the unit. I clearly told him that since it is an old washer, that is the maximum I'm willing to pay. I told him that if anything else is needed, I would be happy to pay $85 and purchase another unit. He GUARANTEED us that he had seen this issue before, no parts were needed, and this was the max we would pay.

5 mins later he told me the issue was fixed. The issue according to him was the lint stuck way below. He asked for payment in cash or debit card. I felt suspect, and told him I could only pay by credit card. He said he would call his company to unlock his terminal. He then came a few mins later and said I could pay by credit card, and I paid $344.65 (after taxes).

He told us the dryer was fixed, and we had a 30 day warranty on the repair done. The mistake we made was to take his word and not test the dryer. I tested the dryer almost immediately and when it didn't work, I called the company back. The company said the technician would call me back, and he did call back with an unlisted number. He told me I needed to run a full cycle with wet clothes to test accurately. When that didn't work, and I called the company back, I was told the technician would call me back again. He never did, My wife & I called the company 2-3 times again that day, and were told to wait for the technicians call by the end of day. When Igor the technician didn't call back, we called the company again, and were told that customer service would call us on Monday (the service was done on Saturday).

The crafty technician had written on our invoice that (a) we need to have our ducts cleaned and (b) we will need new heating enclosure with element for $391.70. When he left on Saturday, he told us we didn't need this but he wrote it because we would eventually need it. He said our unit was good for another 10 years (minimum 5 years).

On Monday, when we called the company (they never did), we were told to first get our 2 foot duct from the dryer to the wall professionally cleaned as that was what Igor the technician had written on the invoice. The duct was clean to begin with, but we cleaned it again and we called the company back. Then the company says that that as per the technician's note on the invoice, an additional $391.70 is needed in parts to repair the dryer, and we would need to pre-pay for the parts in order for them to come out.

When asked about the 30 day repair warranty, the company tells us that warranty is for parts and since there were no parts put in, there is no warranty. When asked what if the part in question didn't fix the issue, the company said that in that case, additional parts may be needed and we would need to pay for those parts too if needed.

When you get upset on the phone, they offer you $45 refund if you sign a waiver against them.

Our technician was Igor and the customer service reps we spoke to were Sonia, Angela and Stefanie. We were just cheated, robbed and made fools of by these scammers.

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Stay away from them and contact me if interested in supporting legal action against them. @sylviaduckworth (Twitter and Instagram)

By Sylvia M.
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Stay away from them and contact me if interested in supporting legal action against them. @sylviaduckworth (Twitter and Instagram)

By Sylvia M.
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