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First and foremost this is my experience of Anastasiadate. I expect that a representative from them will have some generic comment but that's to be expected. Experience is experience and the following is my opinion based on my experience with using this website to find a mate.

I didn't expect to fall head over heels with the first lady and I didn't have much expectations either. I'm 45, I don't have time for games and I am pretty naive when it comes to matters of the heart. I take people at face value and trust easily. However, once that trust is broken there is no opening that door again. The following is my account of what I experienced using the site and the people I interacted with.

I was a subscriber of Anastasiadate for about 6 years. I cancelled my subscription in August 2016 after a heartbreaking and expensive exercise with using their 'services'.

I visited Odessa Ukraine in May 2013 with the intention of meeting a lady I was exchanging mails with at the time and chatting to on and off. I didn't have much money and still don't. After I had bought my ticket, got my visa and done all the necessary arrangements she suddenly wasn't available to meet me.

With no one to meet I headed to Odessa anyway since I had a ticket and everything was booked. When I got there I met 6 random ladies. One was a lady called Irina. She was a lot younger than me and I had chatted to her before I left and told her if she was serious then she had to send me a letter, which she did.

Our date was over a cup of coffee with interpreter and I thought she was nice. When I returned home after my short visit she was the only one who kept in contact with me. All the other ladies had exchanged private contact details with me, yet none corresponded with me since.

Over the next few months I chatted to Irina on a regular basis. We got along well on a broad range of subjects and eventually I was able to get her email address, but only after I had to pay for a call to her through the site at a premium. It didn't matter to Anastasiadate that I had already met her in Odessa in person.

However, she still insisted on only chatting through the site. She cited her lack of English skills. I had, by this time bought Russian language courses and was trying to hone my language skill for my next visit which was August 2014. We had discussed her visiting me in my country and although she showed interest, she had no passport and her intentions to get one were based on her lack of finances to do so and lack of time due to work commitments.
By the time I visited her again in August 2014 we were chatting on an almost daily basis, often for at least an hour. She rarely sent an email, except for to ask where I was if I hadn't been on anastasiadate for a day or two. I had rung up quite an account with them by now but I was smitten with Irina.

My time with Irina in August 2014 was limited to a few hours every other day as her work commitments kept her busy. I tried to get her to chat to me off site but she always maintained she didn't know how and wasn't very good with working on the internet. I even set up a vkantakte profile to make it easier for her since she didn't know how to set up a facebook one. Sadly she just never did anything to make keeping in contact with her easier and cheaper for me!

After my 2014 visit we seemed to chat more about serious relationship stuff and I again visited her in May 2015. Not much had changed as far as communication off site. I'd always be referred back to Anastasiadate to keep in contact with her and the daily costs had escalated especially since the South African currency's crash against the USD. It was already expense, now it was downright unafffordable especially since it cost me on average 300 - 600 USD a month on chat alone.

My biggest fear was our age difference. A concern I raised quite a number of times and one she assured me was not a problem. Unfortunately Anastasiadate's chat system is designed in such a way that many words or phrases are censored, so one eventually ends up talking about the weather and daily life because any attempt at trying to converse with her about setting up a facebook, vkantakte, skype account is immediately censored and you end up just giving up trying to get your point across.

After my May 2015 visit I asked her via chat to please start contacting me off site. I reduced my activity on Anastasiadate to once every 2 weeks, but she never tried to contact me via email. In June 2015 she told me that it was best we not communicate because our 'relationship' was not developing. In later chats where I tried to patch up something I had no control over she said I was moody and negative.

I had been nothing but positive in all the time I was communicating with this woman, even when the warning bells were screaming at me that she had too many excuses for not trying to communicate outside Anastasiadate. Subsequent research has revealed that her email she supplied me as been searched online at least 22 other times. So her claim of only communicating with me was false. My email has since tagged her emails I saved to a folder as containing possible malicious content so I can't open any of her photos she did send to me. I have subsequently deleted those mails because they are actually worthless.

After this devastating event I just wanted to delete my profile and forget the whole episode but I had 'bonus credits' built up from years of paying for chat which were unused.
By this time I had also been told by someone who studied medicine in Sumy that most women he knew who were on dating sites got paid a percentage to do so and openly admitted to it. Many had boyfriends or were even married, but had profiles on dating sites.

Given this information I was even more skeptical, but since I had free credits that could be used on camshare I opted to give Anastasiadate another go. My thinking was I'd thrown so much money away I may as well use up the 'free' credits due to me. I must stress that yes, you receive thousands of letters, but only the first is free to read....but not always the case. In the last few months on the site I also noticed that I would get repeat letters as 'free' letters already sent months prior by the same person. This happened more and more frequently. All other letters and replies are charged for and you have no idea if it's a letter or a line or 2. No matter the content, the rate stays the same. Don't even bother opening attached pictures, because they too are charged for and more often than not they are actually photos she already has on her profile. Try tell me that it's not about the money!

One lady in particular sent me over 215 letters. I responded to her after she sent the first few and thus as per site rules was allowed to exchange private details. I spent a few 'free' credits chatting to her to get to know her but although she was 'serious' she didn't want to exchange private details because of a 'bad' experience she had with a man on the site.

Strangely though she still sent me the balance of the 215 letters. I never opened them bar a few here and there. Her profile claimed she was an interpreter but still suggested that we would need an interpreter should I decide to visit her.

In March 2016 Anastasiadate phoned me to ask if I would accept a call from a lady in Kiev. I accepted the call but restricted it to 5 minutes as I didn't know who it was. The conversation made no sense at all, she acted as if we were old friends and didn't leave me with any contact details. I did receive a letter from her which I had to pay for too, but later on chat she didn't seem to know who I was.

One lady's free letter to me was strange because she was upset that I didn't answer her letter and when I checked I did indeed find a letter. Her 'first' letter was not free but only the second which had 2 lines with the question as to why I hadn't responded to her letter.

So I decided to chat to her while I was in Odessa Ukraine, perhaps even arrange a date, but Even though I said to her I was in her city, she didn't seem interested in meeting me. However, every day while I was in Odessa after that chat she would send me chat requests...strange way to behave if you are not interested in meeting!!

During my August 2014 visit to Odessa Ukraine I met 4 women I had occasionally chatted to via Anastasiadate. The first was woman who insisted on meeting me even though there is a 20 year age difference. We went on 2 dates. Between dates her chats were full of 'missing' me and so forth. However, when I was waiting for my flight to Istanbul from Odessa she arrived for the same flight. I was quite happy to see her but when she recognised me she was all embarrassed in front of her friends and later during the flight I was one row behind her and saw her flipping through pictures of a man she was obviously on her way to meet in Turkey. I handed her my email address in the airport, but a month down the line and no response, unsurprisingly.

I also met a lady I started chatting to in September 2015. She wanted me to send her flowers with my mail address with the assurance she would respond. She insisted on this during subsequent chats but later didn't mention it any longer. When I did meet her in Odessa in August 2016, she was distant and hardly attempted conversation which was strange since she insisted on meeting me. I found her vkantakte profile long before I went to Odessa but only contacted her there after I returned home. Also no response, which is also not surprising.

I also met a lady by the name of Anna who was really excited to hear that I was going to be in Odessa in August 2016. Out of all the women I met in Odessa over the years she was the only one who attempted to converse with me even without the help of an interpreter. My accent when I attempted to use my basic Russian skills made her laugh and I thought she was cute. Sadly, even with her having my email address and with me contacting her on vkantakte, she hasn't continued contact with me. She responded once to me on email and once on vkantakte, but other than that, nothing. I am pretty disappointed actually, since she seemed genuine.

My experience isn't over a month or so. It spans years and multiple visits to Odessa Ukraine and meetings with more than one lady from the site. Yes you get thousands of letters and 'attention' from thousands of women. What I came to realise too late is that chat requests from ladies are automated. Although I had learned quickly to close a chat when a woman didn't respond within 30 seconds, I was unaware that even chat requests from the girl I fell in love with were automated.

If you are a VIP member your first letter from a lady is free, the rest not. So you gamble 10 credits on getting a letter or just a line or two. I learned quickly to ignore multiple letters from a lady you haven't responded to.

Due to my visits to Ukraine and my study of the Russian language I realised in the latter part of my subscription experience that very few letters are written by the lady it came from. I received a few letters from one lady from Kharkiv which at face value was quite sweet and sincere, but when I attempted to chat with her in chat I could clearly see that she had not written those letters to me. She had no clue of what I was talking about when I made reference to points in her letters.
Another batch of letters from a lady also from Kharkiv was clearly written by an American based source. The language structure and style was atypical of a Slavic person. She kept changing her profile photos and after a couple of attempts at responding to her chat requests I realised she had multiple chats running.

Which brings me to my main issue with Anastasiadate. There are thousands of free chat systems on the internet from Facebook to vkantakte and Skype. None of which are monitored and most of which have pretty good translation algorithms. Anastasiadate's chat is slow. I learned quickly to close a chat if the girl took more than 30 seconds to respond. When I was regularly chatting with Irina my chats were often filled with empty time. I would have to resend a response multiple times or restructure what I was saying because the system would edit anything it deemed private information no matter what the actual material contained. So if I asked Irina if she had set up her facebook she would just see dots for that entire line. Do that enough times over a course of 2.5 years and you can see where that 'relationship' was heading...

As for Anastasiadate support. Don't waste your time raising your concerns with them. Each correspondence is handled by a different individual and their job is to defend the 'name' of the site, so you can expect a generic response.

If you do use the site to find your 'match' you have about a 1% chance of success in my honest opinion. Anastasiadate may give you the impression that thousands of women are interested in you, but it's all algorithms to give you a 'thrill' of 'dating' a foreign lady.

Anastasiadate charge men only for their services and there in lies the problem of them proving without a doubt that men are not being set up for a scam. Yes there probably are women on the site, just as there are men like me who genuinely are looking for a life mate. Sadly they have little or no chance of finding a decent man because by the time that decent man makes contact with them, both have been burned by scammers and fake people that they don't trust the other person to be real or I have experienced.

I have spent tens of thousands of USD on with zero success and absolutely no proof that the people I interacted with had any intention of anything more than helping me spend my money on a dating site.

Realistically speaking, yes you can have 'fun' having a cyber date with girls on the site and maybe meeting them in reality, but neither you nor Anastasiadate can vouch for them once you log off or set off home on your flight out of the country you went to visit them in.

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WILL NOT DELETE MY ACCOUNT. WHY? I HAVE REQUESTED TWICE. THIRD TIME awaiting reply THE WHOLE ONLINE DATING INDUSTRY IS DIRTY THROUGH SCAMS LIKE THIS - FALSE REPRESENTATION OF MEMBERS AND BLATANTLY IGNORING REQUEST TO DELETE I just get emails to stop letters. They also added me to other linked dating sites without my permission. Also site has scammers. There is no way to delete on the site. BE WARNED.

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If you are young, handsome and rich you may have a chance. If you are middle aged, average looking with an average income there is a good chance you are being scammed.
There is a good test for the scam. Call the lady by phone and ask to exchange emails. A phone call is the cheapest method to contact her. Make certain you get her email first. Tell her you want to meet only on Skype or some other free web site. If she hesitates or tells you she wants to stay with the Anastasia dating site there is a good chance she is making money from you. I had a translator tell me that she quit one of the agencies because the younger women were trying to get gifts from older men. I had a detective tell me it is called the "dirty business" in Ukraine. Be realistic, how many beautiful 20 year old women are calling you?

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I joined the site a little over two years ago. I have enjoyed being on the site very much and even traveled to the Ukraine to meet several of the girls. I have been planning another trip so I think there a many positive things to say about the site and the women.

However, this is my complaint. During the past three months, the site has been hacked and their are men's faces photo shopped on women's bodies. There are not just a few but hundreds of profiles corrupted. I called the site to place a complaint and I am told that this is impossible. I even gave them several example profiles and they insisted that the were real people. These fake profiles will send you mail, message you and make fun of your profile. If the company was committed to do something about this, I would not be concerned. However, they really don't care. Hate to see such a great site go down hill. Save your money until this is fixed.

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Anastasiadate is a total scam. I know all details how they operate..: I get at lot of chat invitations from eager woman, even though my profile is empty, with no informations. Most of their profiles are stolen or bought model photos. Or they pay the women to chat with men, just to steal more money from stupid men. I know this for a fact, because many of the women have told me. I have direct contact with some of the women on VK. Many of the women are already married or have boyfriends or are top models, who would never go on dating sites. This is a total 10 million dollar scam. They do not want the men to get direct contact, their complicated rules are not there to protect anyone, only to steal more money from the men....

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first they charged me $15.99 to join then another $16.99. Then they gave me 58 bonus points which are worthless. Review writte on April 14, 2016. mike +++

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Don't use this web site. It;s just a waste of time

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UPDATE: 3/27/16

Okay. I got some updates as it's pretty funny.

I took one of the pictures from the lady I chatted for a long time and did a Google Image search and found her profile on VK. (Russian social site). I created a profile matching my AnastasiaDate profile and added her as a friend and messaged her. Next day she read my message and replied saying how she's surprised on how I found her here and wanted to know how I did it. She said she prefers chatting half n'half on here and on the dating site. I said to her that I shut down my account on the dating site (not possible anyways) as I'm serious about her and I thought we could continue chatting on VK and finding her already shows how serious I am that I had to go through a lot. Fair enough she accepted it. I wanted to see how far she goes.

Since I used PayPal, it was easy to go on PayPal and revoke the recurring charges that I didn't authorize for $9.99 monthly fee. I went ahead and removed my profile pictures, updated my name to Castro from Havana, Cuba. So now I'm a 91 year old man with three grown children to have their own children. I had 18 credits left and I decided to spend it all but with some style. (I'm not being cheap here after all as I just wanna use my all my credits).

I decided to chat with the same girl I chatted with on VK but with a day gap to get my profile updated in their system. I started getting eMails in relation to Castro and than I knew my profile was updated. I logged online and I saw her. She didn't recognize me but she said she's been waiting for someone like me to come into her life. I'm like.. Really? A 91 year old man with 3 kids to hook up with a 29 year old 'model'? It shows that they're not serious at all. At the end of the day it's just your wallet they're after. I went back to VK today and we chatted for a bit. She 'hinted' that she needs money to hire a tutor and learn some English. I ignored her and said if she really wants to learn, she can go and download some English material off the Internet and learn them. I left and left the conversation as it is. She's not interested or serious. She has her own life in Ukraine and she's not bothered to come and join you.

Next girl: I did the same as above and I got her to get on Skype. She gets so defensive if I tell her that I think 'some' women gets paid to be on that site. I didn't mention her but I said 'some'. She goes off at me saying I think it's her. I asked her why she gets so defensive? And then long story comes in about how some man was suppose to come from the UK to meet her and never did and now she can't trust any men. And only those men who're on this site can be serious! HA! She avoided my question. She than said I was better chatting with her on the site! I told her what's the difference? Her English was good as she was a reporter as she claims. Fast forward today. She said she's going to see her family 3 hours away and spend time with them for the whole weekend and she won't be able to get on Skype. I always wonder if she goes to work as she's always on the site chatting. She said she won't be on Skype as she won't have internet connection since she'll be on the farm!!!. (I'm already Castro here by the way on that site). I logged online today and went to her profile page and I see her as 'Online' with video capability. Yep. Sure. Skype shows she's off. I get a message later on saying that she wants to connect with me. Connect with a 91 year old man with three grown children to have their own children? The same girl tells me on Skype that she prefers someone at my age group and never married and no kids. She even said to me on Skype as to why I think all women here wants to leave their home country? I wasn't surprised after all they get good money from the dating agency to pay their bills and internet connection and so forth.

SCAM! These girls gets paid for you chatting with them. Their interpreter gets paid too. Those guys writing fake reviews get paid too. Not a question about me being a 'cheapskate' or anything. I've joined some free dating site already (two days back) and I'm already chatting with 4 of them on Skype and WhatsApp combined. 2 of them already began using two-way video calls and internet phone calls with me. All free. I've had only one who wanted money for some live webcam shows but I didn't give in. You're gonna get that everywhere.


So I've started not too long ago in search of a woman. Yep, I landed on this site. Wow, nicely photoshopped women here (I've have worked on models before so I know what to look for). This site - AnastasiaDate is definitely a scam. Forget the videos. They're all in for business. I've spoken to one of them and I asked her if she could wave at me or signal a kiss but instead she looked down and typed in some excuse as to why she can't. Really?? So I attached my email address to a picture and sent a attachment to a different girl. I told her that my details are on that picture and let me know. Next thing you know she suddenly had an emergency and had to leave. Never came back. I've had one where she holds up a vibrator and tells me what she's gonna do with it. I said I wasn't interested. Just trying to waste your time with a slow response as well to keep the minutes going. They know when you're looking at their profile and they'll prowl at you.

Finally, look at all of the latest reviews that are rated 5 stars. Notice the date stamp on it. How come all these guys decided to write reviews the same time or one day apart. That shows that they have either hired someone to write fake reviews or they're writing themselves. I'm a business owner and I see this happen at Yelp too talking to others at a conference.

Save your money and do what other say - travel there. I've been to Europe and the women are intrigued to hear that you're not from there and naturally strike up a conversation. I'm keeping in touch with 2 already. If you go through AnastasiaDate, the translator will rip you off on expensive hiked up restaurants, hotels, and taxis just to take a share of your money. Do an AirBnb and stay with beautiful women for a start and save there.

Alright, remember guys, we're looking out for each other here so there is no gain from me telling you this.

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I just want to say that after being a member for +10 years on and off, yes I even know their services better than their own employees who cant even agree if it is a dating agency or a social network. I simply cannot recommend anastasiadate to anyone, but rather warn everybody to stay away, save your money and run.
Unserious, unprofessional and a money machine with the only purpose of making you spend money, where it now a days are like winning in the lottery if a girl actual show up on a date.!

All in all i cannot recommend anastasiadate and my very best advice to you is to stay far away.

I started using anastasiadate the very first time in 2006.
Since then i meet +15 girls i think, who all have the same in common that they where the worldst most beautifull girls with good educations.
On all of my dates it have been impossible to be together with a girl alone, yes not even possible to go for a walk together or go to the cinema together without the translator having to be there even though the girl spoke english.
I wasent even able to be alone with my "fiance" that by the way just abused me for money.
And now that i look back on my dates then i admit i have been stupid to accept that the translator always had to be there and i always had to pay money to spend time with a girl.

Actual i wrote this review several years ago and it have been read more than 300.000 times i think... but i like to update my review since I used anastasiadate a few days ago when i was in ukraine again after not using anastasiadate for years.
I did before my trip get to know two girls, a laywer and a girl who study administration.
Both said to me before i travel and before i buy my trip that they would be happy to meet me on a date and one even said she would like to be my tour guide and so on. Since i had confirmation someone would meet me when i travel, then i bought the ticket and went to kiev for 14 days so i had plenty of time to date and get to know the girls. by the way i only look for 1 girl, but as you all know that two people do not always fall in love and also sometimes people do not show up so i thought 2 girls then my chance is higher to meet someone and fall in love.
Anyway i called the girls using anastasias terrible telephone service where there alwasy are noice on the line, and one girl i only speak to for 1 minute els she was disonnected or i was disconnected. So i asked translator to give them my information after the telehpone call.
Anyway when i arrive in kiev i did not hear anything for 5 days, so i wrote to anastasiadate and asked them to send my information to the girls agency.. Then i got 1 sms from each girl the day after that said they where working and busy bla. bla. since it was monday. During the rest of my stay i hear nothing, even though both girls knew i was in kiev, nobody took initative to anything.
The long story short... I think it is a total lack of respect to treat a person with so little respect when a person travel example 2000-5000km to come meet and then people cannot walk out the door to meet the person, and not caring just a little bit, or being excited to go on a date. !
I wrote to support that I found this very wrong, and suggested they send the girls a bill to cover my travel expenses of about 780usd for hotel, plane, transport ect. to teach them a lesson, and also i would like to have my money refunded for the telephone call and e-mails to my VISA and not to my anastasia account.
To be honest i did not read the support reply yet, or the two letters from one of the girls that was send 2 days before i go home, and while i was in the airport.
They could just have sms me or used viber/watsapp they had the information.
But my story is actual NOT a single time this happen to me.
Actual my last 3-4 trips to ukraine the last 3 years it happen rather often that girls do not show up on a date.. here we are talking 3-4 different dating websites and there is always the excact same patern no matter what website you use.

The girls love to "chat, chat and chat ", they are okay with letters. They all like to corrospond with you, and they all like to go on a date with you before you arrive.
BUT about 5-1 day before you arrive, some will cancel, get sick, break their leg, have to go on business trip.. And though who do not say anything, will often not show up on a date or be impossible to contact one you are in ukraine.
It dosent matter it is Anastasiadate or any other ukraine dating website, its the same story and experience.
Overprised and almost everything cost money with tons of fake chat popup and fake introduction letters, and atempts to make you click on something that cost money all the time.

TIP..: Try to search on google using these ukraine words.
( ukraine marriage model kiev )
and you will find local dating marriage agencys that are looking for young, models to work in the marriage website.. they can even work from home and get paid xxx
per month.. well let me put it this way, you feel lucky.. ?
Truth is for many especiall young students they get paid a little money for lending their photos to their local agencys, and then they get paid money for that.. Some get paid pr. letter, and pr chat minute.. especially chat pay more than letters.
And going on dates, well they just have to show up now and then spend a few houres and then its back to normal where some girls do not even write their own letters but just get a review of the corrospondance before going on a date by their translator/agency. I know this since i know people who worked in such agencys, both translators and girls told me how it work. There are also many vidoes on youtube where you can see this for your self by the way.
But try and search on google for this "
шлюб модель kiev робота

Then you get a result like this, with a long list of jobs and payment for the above job

Some jobs are ordinary model jobs, but some jobs you can easy see the marriage angency look for girls.
It is commonly known in ukraine that girls work in marriage agencys, you see ads in newspapers and so on or people standing near discos or outside universitys to offer such jobs to girls.
TIP..: if you copy paste the above link into google translate and press translate to english then the webpage is automatic translated into english and you can read it.

Sometimes i even have corrosponded with example 4 girls on two different websites, and if i invite 4 girls on a date during a 14 day period, maybe 1 show up and are intersted, even though our corrospondance have been amazing.
If the girl show up, you will NEVER be able to be alone with her, for a walk or going to the ciname ect.
And you will pretty much always get a "backup" telephone number and not her real number or e-mail.. Its like everything always have to go though her local dating website so someone can earn money!.
It is also quite common if someone actual ( rare ) speak to you outside of the website, that they loose your information so you have to buy it again to earn money. ( some website it cost 100usd to get a girls address ).
Actual i recommend before you travel to ukraine, to try and send some "cheap" flowers to the address the girl give you.. Almost always you will hear the flower delivery contact you saying that they cannot find the address, or even they dont know anyone on that address with that name.
I say this so you can make the dating website contact the girl and update her info.
( dont go to the address you are given as a turist, it is difficult to find and you dont want to go these places in a forign city where you cannot talk to anyone or maybe have difficulty getting a taxi... I do by the way recommend to use UBER in ukraine it is the most easy to use as a turist ).

To return to anastasiadates anti scam protection is a joke, often the agency do not take reports or warnings serious. Actual the agency is not even close to being a premium website and havent been a good place since roughtly 2008-2010 or have any real serious anti scam protection...
Back in the day anastasiadate was fantastic.. There where 0 chat popups just letters.
You could just ravel to ukraine and invite a girl on a date with 3 days warning and the girls where happy to show up. ( to earn money i guess )
You could go on dating partys in odessa ( i was there 1 time ) but i suspect they pay the girls to show up, and at the end of the party there even was a money competition where girls who stay until the end could win money.
( i told anastasiadate about this and since then there have been 0 partys ).
but it was a nice event with like 300girls and 20 men i guess.. I spoke for 5-7 houres with allot of girls and got telephone numbers and profile id's and i was on 3 dates with 3 girls.. after returning home i corrosponded with them but after some time i found out they where not the girl i was looking for.
But a nice positive impression from the date, i talk and meet other girls than the "top model" girls and notised allot of the more ordinary girls more who did not have super photos.. That was for me the most positive about the party.

Regarding antiscam and corrospondance, Yes the girls cannot ask you for money and they will check such minor things.. But they NEVER do any background checks on people on social networks to check if girls are in relationships or their letters actual fit their life style.
Many girls are two different people and living a double life. On anastasiadate they are the perfect girl and wife, on their social network profile they are very different and have other oppinions than in their letters. This should make you wonder !
I have even been corrosponding with a girl who where dating a ukraine man for 1 year and became engaged and even married... I did my self have to provide their vacation photos and photos of her ring and priovide all evidense to have her removed, ect.
however it is only the only time during 10 years I ever got a refund for anything, however I was not allowed to withdraw but only spend the money on the website. ;-(

I have also many times found members on or other websites where I could see they where in a relationship but single on even when asked.
Anastasiadate did not care at all and girls never got removed.
A model looking girls is BIG BUSINESS, and some get so much mail that they earn like 50.000usd a month just becourse she is on the website.
Again i wonder how a girl can reply the hundreds yes maybe even thousands of letters she get every day from men from all over the world.!
Some top model girls are on more than +50 websites.. lets imagine she get 10 letters on every website and reply all of the letters..... how is that possible ?

You also need to know that it is rare any girl want to talk to you outside of the website, so if you think you send a girl like 10 letters on the dating site, and then find her social network profile on example facebook and want to say hello, then she will NEVER talk to you on the social network. Even after 50 letters she is not intersted in you. !
I think you should wonder how serious she really is if she will not want to be friends with you or talk to you outside of the website.

You also need to be aware that Anastasiadate is like a Casino... House takes all.
Meaning that if you put money in your account, then they will NEVER allow you to withdraw them to your bank account again. Once there is money in the account you have to spend them.. And after 1 year if you did not use your money then they will expire..
You really want to be a member somewhere like that, then you are crazy.. Nobody put money in a bank if they cannot get their money out again.!!!!
By the way you pay in USD but you will find out your money goes to the tax heaven of syprus and you pay in euro without even being told about it.
I can see this on my bank statement when i buy credits for a larger amount.

Els I been scammed several times but no help by the agency at all, and i even hear storys from a girl that she was with an american man who wanted to have anal sex with her.. She did not want this so she was beaten and put naked outside the door in the hotel and the staff of hotel had to help her..
Anastasiadate did nothing, and as far as the story goes the man could just stay on the website and meet other girls.
in 2015 it have become very difficult to meet anyone from the website, they always lie and the girls are never able to preplan anything or let you know when you can come and visit her on a date or two. I typical just tell the girls that I will come in 1-2 month from now and then I invite 3-4 girls on a date and then I maybe meet 0-1 from anastasiadate, and meet a girl or two from however I do also not recommend using dream-marriage / dream-singels there are tons of bad girls there and they charge 30-40usd pr translator hour!!!!!!!... the conversation just keep going on and on and on. You will also never be able to be alone with a girl, the translator will always be there, even if you are a realationship. The girl also pretty much never want to corrospond or stay in contact outside of the agency... in general the agency have allot of trouble and many girls get paid under the table by their local agencys.. The girls often are just here to earn a little money and especially have an interest in chatting and will ask you to chat..Also now a days you get 30-40 fake letters every day, some girls send you a new letter every day ( introduction letters ) and you get 360 chat requests pr hour... they are also fake. Actual it work in such a way that when a girl is online then a computer script automatic select the girl and give her a premade chat text. Then a random amount of chat request/popup are send to all men online making it look like the girl want to chat with you. The same goes with the 30-40 introduction letters you get everyday.
Actual sometimes you will see the same chat request message written by more than one girl. You can even see chat request when you are not logged in sometimes dooh.
Actual you cant even see when someone you corrospond with actual choose to chat with you on her own, the girl so to speak just down in the flood of spam chat request. All in all I meet more than 15 girls and been engaged with a scammer 1 time... I dated girls who where engaged, and I cant even count how many girls who have been unserious and not really wanted to meet me but just wanted to talk for "fun"/ money. Some even been on the site for years without meeting any men and agency never remove them. In general stay away you are wasting your time/life and money.. Agency have become a money machin and especially since 2008 it have been going down the drain every year, and now a days they even force you to pay a membership fee to use overprised services such as chat, yes you cant even refill your account anymore without being forced to pay the membership fee for pretty much nothing...... all in all terrible stay away, times are hard in ukraine/russia to many girls who just date you for money and never have real intentions... go somewhere els. Oh i forgot to say the agency send the money you pay them into a tax heaven in sypress. Your bonus points you earn cant be used for anything.. I had 1400 i think .. If you wonder if the girls are real then yes... But they are mostly not serious at all, but just there to earn money under the table.. It is one big lie and chances you fall madly in love are virtual non excisting and the girls will properbly never marry and move to your country. Last year roughly 6000 men visited odessa and only 4-6 got married... you feel lucky ? one last think the VIP badge is worthless, no special service or respect for loyal memebers.... all in all stay away save your money... it is almost one big scam...

My best advice go to a dating party instead.. You will instand know if you like someone and then you can exchange contact information.
Best time to meet someone are after writing letters for 3 month, after that letters will just be what did you do today jada jada.. Dating is about people, not to read about them... ;-)

I wrote more than 850 letters to girls, and got 99% response to all letters send. I think this is extremly unrealistic, and people should wonder why pretty much everybody I ever spoke to ALWAYS reply my letter. I am no super model and 37 years old.
I once made a little science experience on a Danish website with much fewer members than anastasiadate. I lend a photo of a pretty girl i knew and made a dating profile. In 24 houres I got more than 100letters everyday and after 1 week i delete the profile.
Well what I want to say is, on anastasiadate there are millions of men and especially the most beautifull girls get allot more than 100 letters every day.. I think you should wonder how she are able to talk to so many people... Many girls corrospond with more than 20-30 men and they still can cope with remembering things ect.... Personaly I cannot write with more than 5 girls at the same time and send them 1-2 letters every week whitout my brain breaking down... You should wonder who write the girls letters
Oh an try to notise why a girl can sit online all night, even though she have to work and study ect ect... aint that strange?

Ps. Are the girls real.. Yes and they almost always look like on their photos..

pps. I will be happy to give interviews to large newspapers/radio/tv about the "sick" dating industry.

PPS.. I think the dating websites should be investigated by the police in an joint efford.. They are on purpose cheting people from all over the world.

Tip for consumers: After being 10 years on the website on and off and being extremly experience and knowing the industry.. Then I would recommend you to stay away save your money.

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AnastasiaDate runs at least ten other websites as well. I signed up for free on and now after ten days, they have also signed me up on AfricaBeauties, AsianBeuties and the list goes on.

And they don't answer any of their emails.

1 review
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I've never written a review before but feel obligated to post this. Even the guys writing 5 star reviews are Fake. The girls have no interest in meeting anyone. The girls get paid to keep you online and chat with you. It was funny When I closed my account to see all the same girls on line from 6 months ago still there. Goto Russiancupid if you want real girls for next to no cost. I had great luck there but was also on LatinCupid and found a amazing woman in S America.
On Antasia the girls want to keep u online and run up your tab. Cupid the girls want you off lthe website so you don't message other woman.
Do not pay attention to the 5 star posts. Has to be employees of the site.

1 review
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A woman on Anastasia "wrote" to me.

I found her on another website and thanked her for her recent letter via Anastasia.

She informed me that she hadnt been on that site for 3+ months and that there was NO way that she could have written to me, and that she was in a relationship now and so was not interested in me....I will leave the rest to you imagination ;)

This is NOT the first time that this has happened...


"We are conducting a review audit in our attempt to try to help our customers out. As such we are contacting clients that may have been dissatisfied with the service or experience they have had on our site. Your review has been identified as one we would like to address. As such we first need to verify the authenticity of the poster. As such you are requested to update your review and indicate your Member ID Number.
Our Customer Service Department staff will be in contact with you to see what we may be able to do to help. Obviously we are doing this in an amicable way in hopes of changing your opinion of the service or experienced you have had so as it is not so negative.
We take your feedback seriously and also take our reputation seriously and hope you will reply within the next 72 hours.
Customers that have not updated their reviews with the necessary Member ID Number required will have their reviews deleted in cooperation with SiteJabber as a precaution to prevent fake or false reviews from being made from scrupulous internet users that are not even our clients - this will not be tolerated.
If you are unaware of your Member ID Number you can contact our CSD team to assist you anytime.
Thank you for your time and for this opportunity to assist you.
Gregory Vasquez
CSD Director "

So If I dont comply with my member ID they will have this posting REMOVED from Site Jabber?!! Are we living in a SOVIET state?

Guess what my response was? ;)

I trust that Site Jabber are an independent body free from the Soviet system!!


Why are you trying to threaten me?

Do you own Site Jabber?

I dont have to give you my member ID number. Who are you some sort of Military Police? Sorry but that doesnt work in MY country.....

"Gregory D. wrote: -------------------------
Your review will be marked for can post your review again once you have your member ID number. Again, you can contact the CSD team for assistance in this regard."

Ben P. wrote: -------------------------
Hi Gregory,

Thanks for contacting me, but I stand by my comments.I don't need to be identified on your site

The women who I have found on your site, I contacted independently.

They have informed me, on a NUMBER of occasions, that :-
1) That did not contact me
2) That they had not been on your site for " a number of months..."

I was also in contact with one of your translators via a different web site who also advised me that your site was a scam, that she and other translators had to reply to men who contacted women(WITHOUT the women's knowledge) who didn't speak English. The translators had to "make up" letters to get men to write to them so they had ot buy expensive credits...and that some of the translators didnt get paid even thought assurances had been made!!

Maybe your company should be a bit more open/honest and ethical? After all you are playing with the emotions of lonely people!!



I havent been on for a while.

Suddenly I started to get many messages.

I asked Customer Services if my account was "live" and was advised that it was NOT.

I enquired how women could contact me if they couldnt see my profile and I was fobbed off with " they may have saved it"..



Tip for consumers: Dont waste your money or time its FAKE

2 reviews
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I've been there several times, met them, understood the pattern ... Speak some Russian, have friends in Odessa.
You need to know that even here are people, paid by Anastasia to try to fool you once more.
In short. Girls are paid - to come to the agency with their profiles and to speak to you. These girls usually dont work, they live from your money. Usually these girls dont speak English at all. So, most of the talks are made by the people who speak English. Yes, you are right, in many cases you speak with males. And then earninings are splitted between girls and people who "do the talking for them". It is not difficult to calculate. Nowadays in UA 200 USD dollars is rather good monthly income. Probably you experienced the constant wish from these girls - they always want something from you. To buy something for them, to help them out, or to help their relatives out. In short. One "pimp" has 5 - 10 girls. He/she is their translator, speaker, teacher, ... If each girl have 5 good sponsors (lets say 300 USD monthly). Now calculate. 10 girls, 5 sponsors, 300 $/m = 15.000 $/m. Quite a sum, isnt it? You need to add your visits there. Good food, trips, designer clothes, ... Good life, for UA circumstances even perfect.
So, here is my suggestion. When you will chat with them, ask them for their profile on VK (Russian facebook). If they will say that they dont have the profile there, you will know that the profile on Anastasia is fraud (each girl/woman has profile on VK). (Open your profile there, it works also in English). If they will not want to give the address, easily go there and check it. For example. Yuliya, Kiev, 25 years. Take your time and check it.
Anstasiadate is 100% fraud. I have spent two years and a lot of money. It is all confirmed. Also a lot of people told me a lot of inside stories (i could write here about it one month). My advice - check it and go away from it. It is proven. There is better chance that you will die in plane crash, travelling to UA than actually find your love there.

8 reviews
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Just compare this utopia to the real world, and be thinking with your right head. Then you will see that you will be cheated by those ladys if you start talking to them. The do not excist like that, they have got a different life and most probably another ID:

2 reviews
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Been member in this site long time.

Anastasiadate is the worst scam on the face of Internet.

All girls or most getting paid talking to Western men for letters and chat.

And most girls have boyfriends or is married or in love seen on social media, by others who reported it.

All services in this scam site that Western men pay for goes to girls saleries and to the scam site Anastasiadate.

Stay away save your money and heart, nothing real and serious will never come from this scam site.

Anastasiadate is much worse then the other date scam sites out there, also watch out for all their sister sites same type of date website scam with scam pro date girls earning money, its only a job for them to scam you...

2 reviews
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heard a lot of bad things from locals and taxi drivers how their family members are on th site and making a living out of it by creating profile and working on a hourly basis day and night
read a lot of negative reviews but it still looked appealing because of my blinded heart looking for i am writing what others have wrote before to stay away from THIS HUGE NETWORK
people need jobs and money to pay for their lifestyle and i am still shocked to realise how ruthless they can be to wrongly seduce you to fall for their sweet words
just think carefully before you enter such places...just google ...i hope you dont do what mistakes i did
i kept warning some while some other men were there with me after i realised what it was...they didn't believe me then but they probably would have found out by now

please share your bad experiences to avoid other naive individuals trying to fix their lovelife in a hurry one way or the other..the end result is serious negative balance in your heart too

3 reviews
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For those of who wonder whether this organisation is only after your hard-earned cash. Here is some eye opening published content that has been placed on Russian Ukrainian social media by their agency representatives and translated here via google, the content explains the recruitment 'terms' for ladies on

Anastasia job a marriage agency Kharkiv
If you have time to sit in contact, you can combine business with pleasure! ;)
+ Professional photo session;
+ For communication you get paid!
Work is communicating online (strictly no sex)
You can work at home and in the office
Schedule a free, monthly income from $ 300 up to $ 1000
We are working legally and honestly for over 7 years in Ukraine
Read more about all of these opportunities, you can find contact our administrator

Our advantages
1. Free schedule
Your schedule depends on you and your desires. It remains plenty of time for study and personal life.

2. Decent payment
Can you live alone and do not dependfrom parents. You will spend money on
what you want. Simple operation and at the same high salary - what could be better?

3. Virtual communication
You can build your virtual peace. You have a lot of friends around the world.

4. Career from scratch
Good start an adult independent living.
In order to be successful you do not need special skills and higher education. Express themselves and become the best.

Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine

and here is another translation.

Russian Brides offers mutually beneficial cooperation
girls from Lugansk and Donetsk, as well as other regions.

We offer a nice extra and / or basic earnings!
The essence of the work lies in companionship with foreigners.

Unlike competing agencies that collaborate with several dating sites,
our partner sites only one - (AnastasiaDate).

Naturally, the first and the main functions of this website is to find a husband.
This makes sense on the basis of the name "marriage agency."

But, generally, we are looking only women.
The rest come for:
- Enhance knowledge of the English language,
- Make friends from other countries,
- Participation in beauty contests and promotions
- Free professional photo shoots
- And, of course, good to make extra money!

In order to develop our agency we involve girls over 18 years and offer quite good bonuses.
During active communication on the site you get 0.12 cents per 1 minute communication with the chamber,and 0.06 cents for 1 minute of communication without a camera.

What does the camera?
A man will see you in a small window (approximately 4 to 5 cm)
as proof that there really is you. The man can not hear you.
You can communicate simultaneously with several men at the same time,
for each dialogue you are gaining bonuses separately.

The schedule is flexible, ie, You decide when and how long to stay or leave the chat.
For the Lugansk office and / or home is also optional. The office is open 20 hours a day, 6 days a week,
Do you have are always welcome! Do not forget that income depends on the time you spend chatting for communication. The more time - the more money.
For Donetsk we offer is that the only option home use site, but it is temporary,
In the near future we will also be in Donetsk office.

A professional photo shoot and we do make you free.
Completely free, with no payment then subtract.
In the finished video output 10-25 photos. Photos can be picked up only after one month of operation, at the meeting with the first payment of bonuses.

Our agency is the lead partner sites in Lugansk, Ukraine and the second,
so we activists - all of our girls have the opportunity to participate in contests and share of the site.
It should also be noted that all the girls of our agencies receive loyalty card "Anastasia".

With the news site can be found here:
On the map of loyalty and promotions / discounts across Ukraine:

In short, anyone who has paid by card or paypal online to chat or use video socially from 2012 onwards will have lost an awful lot of money, full stop. It is entirely your choice whether to continue supporting an organization like this for purely entertainment value or dumping them completely.

Billy C.
1 review
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The girls are real yes and you can make arrangements to meet .I been to the Ukraine more than once .I used the site yes the girls are real but they don't right the letters its done by tranlaters who work there I did meet with lady's and the take a picture with you and you pay for the translators time don't pay in cash pay the site .But the catch is the girl don't want to meet you.She is pissed she had to.She hates you .Some can act nice .Before you go they act like they are into you and so in love . Than you get there and they are not the slightest bit interested . It's so obvious they school them on your letters prior to the date.The girls are thair inventory they are told not to get involved with you .The translators is thair to make sure of that and the scam goes on. I even seen one no sooner than are dated ended no sooner do I see her walking down the street had in hand with her real boyfriend. I also got more than friendly with a couple local hookers who filled me in and showed me there profiles on the site .Basically MOBs are hookers with a opption to buy so you'd be far better off just trolling Kiev for hookers because they are the same thing .

1 review
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First off save your money, this company is run by crooks. The women you are talking to are not what you see in the profiles and this is what happened to me as follows. I purchased credits and was chatting with one woman for awhile there are ways to give email addresses while in chat. We talked outside of the site and she was not the same woman on the profile she apologized to me and told me all about the scam what actually happens to us poor suckers. The profiles that you see are paid models that sold the rights to their photos they are not the women who you are actually talking to. The ones who you are talking to are paid to talk she informed me how they get paid, the more minutes she can get a man to chat the more money she would make. So you're talking to a nice. Beautiful girl think again it could be a man you are talking to, yes she informed me that they hire men to pretend to be women so a lot of you are talking to some guy. This is the best part on how they keep they're employees in line they confiscate passports, drivers licenses so they can't leave they're stuck there like slaves. Think about it it's Russia those clowns can do anything they want there. Anyway it is a total scam save your money and probably some of these woman's lives don't do it......

1 review
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guys use your Brains and don fall for this scam

1 review
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I am now more than a year active on that site and spend i think more than 4000 euro's on it. Earlier i reported here my experiences. Appart from trustworthyness the price of their services is outrages and though they keep saying it is because of their premium services, it stays outrages and not defendable. Plain chatting for instance for 20 minutes cost 10 euro's. And i can tell you that 20 minutes is nothing, it flies. And than you have to take into account that often the respons time is very high because of the connection and because of the fact that the lady has to translate first. Often minutes go by just to try to explain what you mean to say. And often the respons is short, just single words.
Nothing justifies the costs. It is just criminal practice. The conversation is also censored. Every "suspect" word is erasen by dots. Also mailadresses or other contactinformation you try to share. It really is. When you want to exchange your adress you have to send the girl a gift, ofcourse bought from the site and ofcourse also at outrages prices. I have done with four of the girls in the year i am active. And believe me it is dissapointing because all of them barely communicate by it because they all just want to be chatting at the site.

The last gift i sent months ago, to a girl i also knew for months, Svetlana (ID: 1738509) . And this because she specifically asked for it. The perfume i send cost about 300 euro and with it you get a picture of her while it is delivered. Now i can tell you she looked quite different without the makeup, etc. But ok. After that i just got a mail with 3 lines of thanks. After that i never got any mailmessage anymore. And this despite i kept chatting with her and she everytime promised me to write. I did ask this just to get trust in her and the possibility to exchange photo's etc. Now she liked me very much she told, calling me darling, did not want to lose me, etc. Every time she had excuses. First was that she had a busy job and had no time and did not could read and write English. Why she than wanted to exchange mailadresses i asked. She had forgotten that she told. After a months still no letter. She promised again and again to try but she had problem in the family. Than she had problems at work. And some weeks ago she told me she could not because her old mailadress was blocked so she had not my mailadress anymore. I asked the site to send it again to her and they did. But still she by now did not write. Because she could not write in English she now said. Told her earlier she could have done in Russian. But by now i broke the contact and told her she was the most unreliable girl on the site. You have to know that in her profile tekst she states she is very reliable.

This experience is more or less examplary for the girls i have met on the site. I have no direct evidence of them getting paid, but there are lots of indirect evidence.

I have engaged a detective bureau AllRussians to just investigate in databases one girl with whome i have many contacts and chatted extensively. They can also do extensive investigation but that costs a lot of money and i only got a basic check in which they look in government databases and check for social profiles. The girl in question seems to be the one that is on the profilefoto's and her profile is like she tells they are. Only she has lied about the nationality of her son in law (she tells he is English while he is from Dagestan) and i do not know why she would do it. After a year of chatting she still refuses to tell me her own maiden name and adress and so on. Why this is she can not give me a plausible reason. Ofcourse i have them already from the detective agency, but it is all about the principle. Though i do want to meet her in real and this is what she also stresses evertime.

I have more and more of such examples and it can not be the case that accidentaly i have just met such woman. They are examplary for the whole lot i think. Complaining at the site has absolutly no effect. Everytime they have disclaimers and refuse to take responsibility. It would be logic and correct if man and woman where equal parties and the site was just a platform for meeting. But it is not and they exploit the girls because that is their business model to make money out of contacts.

It is for a deetective bureau dificult to investigate if money is paid, because they can not tell me that they can investigate this. But look what the bureau AllRussians told me in their first message to me about anastasiadate, without me asking for it.:

Our service is completely discreet and confidential.
The investigated person is never contacted.

PS. I don't recommend to use the site Anastasiadate. They are too expensive and unreliable.

Best regards,
Michael Muinov


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I have already reviewed the scams on Amolatina.
Anastasiadate [and several offshoots such as Afriadate and Arabiandate] all operate on the same principle and under the same management. They exist only to fleece innocents.
I have wasted a considerable amount of money but more seriously false hopes and precious time pursuing various profiles. in one case I exchanged 45 letters and became suspicious when I found the same profile on a Facebook related site by using image matching software where the same woman claimed to be 26 instead of 41! in her letters she claimed to want a meeting and i managed to convey my address to her to get off the website yet no letter came. So i stopped responding to her flow of letter as each letter and its reply cost about $15. Finally today i opened the latest letter and responded on chat [NB you are never sure that you are chatting expensively to anything more than a company 'operator' and not with the woman in the profile] only suddenly to be told 'things have changed'. Yeah! syre within a day of her sending her 52nd letter. I attache her photos

I have tested a number of profiles. They encourage you to write and spend money but more dangerously they encourage you to chat and the clock ticks fast. $100 bucks goes nowhere. After a bit you can tell that the person responding on chat is not the same person as before. Equally can the girls be on line almost 18 hrs a day?

So in short all these sites are scams. yes, there may be the odd genuine profile, particularly those less endowed with curvaceous figures and stunning looks,

The reviews giving ***** are very transparent. they are all 'plugs' placed by the company.

Tip for consumers: AVOID!

2 reviews
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I got back on this site January 2016 there was an immediate billing issues they furnished me a copy of my history . I protested a large charge to no avail . Them I noticed I had no money on my debit card . On one day alone they said I spent an additional 450.00 (Aprox.)&
They will never have a copy of my debit card again .one other thing many of these girls are just there to make money beware I said beware .
Glover Destin Florida

1 review
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This site is a complete fraud. The girls are paid by the local agencies and just chat and write letters for money. I found out via social media that the girl I was writing to was married. Anastasia refused to refund my money saying that "social media was not evidence" I hired a PI to get evidence of marriage, Anastasia replied "PI reports are not evidence". I obtained a copy of her internal passport and sent it to Anastasia, Anastasia replied by deleting my account, confiscating my remaining credits and ignoring me. This is a criminal organisation pretending to be a dating site

4 reviews
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can't seem to get off this site, I hate it

Customer Questions & Answers

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Sean, I'm very sad to hear that you have been yet another scam victim of AnastasiaDate. They definitely have interesting people on there... but this is what you need to know: 1. You are NOT talking to the girl in the picture. You are talking to a translator (probably a guy) who is talking on behalf of the girl. 2. The translators are being paid to keep you online - on their site - and give you as little information as possible to allow you to get off the site. After a month, if you are still using the site, you are the victim. Read the reviews that are all 1-star of this service, and remember that the 5-star reviews here are almost all paid reviewers for AnastasiaDate.

By John N.
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As far as I am aware this is a site with women's profiles aimed at attracting men only. From experience I can tell you that most of the profiles either are not who they are posing to be [e.g. are using model's photos etc] or have not the slightest intention of a hook up. That is to say they will keep you endlessly writing revenue earning messages but if you try to arrange a meeting they will disappear. This is also the case with the sister site Amolatina and LatamDate. Be warned and be prepared to totally waste your money.

By Patrick M.
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total scam dont be fooled keep your money in your pocket

By Glover B.
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The girls don't write to men, agencies do, pretending to be the girls, with the girls having nothing to do with the letters at all.

By Andy G.
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Spot on, ADate is a con. I wrote to girls over a period of months sorry to say, and sadly the alarm bells never rang when certain girls would be there 24/7 - couldn't answer questions about their professions or explain why they weren't at work, had short term memory loss (couldn't remember anything about me) and whoever I was speaking too had never seen a letter. It is simply organised crime.

By Andy G.
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Hello but I am going to repeat the response what Stephen said earlier but I am going to be fair with the statistics: I would say 99.9% of the women on anastasiadate either get paid by an agency to chat with men or they are scammers out to make money and not looking for a real relationship. Any positive reviews for this site are almost certainly generated by the lowlife people who are behind this dodgy dating site. I dated a lady from this scam site for TWO years. Her name is Daria (Member ID:1701750). She lied and told me that she was registered only with Anastasia Scam but later I found out that she was registered with other agencies. She told me that I was the one for her but I also found out that was her story to the other men she was scamming also from the other agencies. If we all stand united and refrain from using this scam site, Anastasia Scam will be out of business and you all will be a lot richer and happier ...

By Rod A.
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I don't have the statistics, but I am out of there! I saw real and sincere woman through the cameras, and also met some of them there. They are real (don't think all of them obviously). But I am out. It is very difficult to establish communication with them specially when most of them don't even try to learn English!!

By Alexandre S.
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If you still do not believe Julian that this site is a scam this is her profile on VK: Register on this site, send her a massage and you will see whether she would like to keep in touch with you. I bet she wouldn’t.

By Paul F.
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Knil, Good that you are thinking of marriage. Speaking from my own experience with Anastasia Scam, the ladies I met lived in a fantasy world. As long as you shower them with the good stuff, they will play along. But when the music stops, these same ladies will abandon ship. Marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman for better and for worse. The Anastasia Scam ladies forgot the covenant part and the for worse part. So, if I were you, I will NOT even consider Anastasia Date scam. You want a real relationship built on honesty and love. Anastasia Date scam is NOT based on honesty and principle. I say these things to you because I went over there and spent time with the ladies and I observe. You observe and you need to read and interpret body language. A scammer can hide their true intentions but their subconscious actions reveal the true picture! Anways, I wish you all success with your future and your love life. Life is too short to spend it on the wrong person and for the wrong reasons. Regards,

By Rod A.
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Brian...if you haven't yet figured out that all this dating site crap is a scam, then you are a fool. My friend has pissed away over $35,000 and still hasn't met Viktoria. Get out of there and quit pissing away your money. I mean REALLY? Go to church, take classes at a local community college, volunteer, and you will meet the right one who has the same values that you do.

By Mary J.
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