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Of the women on this site, what percent are really looking for a man versus what percent really just want a green card to enter the US?

asked by Leslie L. on 3/6/16

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Hello but I am going to repeat the response what Stephen said earlier but I am going to be fair with the statistics:

I would say 99.9% of the women on anastasiadate either get paid by an agency to chat with men or they are scammers out to make money and not looking for a real relationship. Any positive reviews for this site are almost certainly generated by the lowlife people who are behind this dodgy dating site.

I dated a lady from this scam site for TWO years. Her name is Daria (Member ID:1701750). She lied and told me that she was registered only with Anastasia Scam but later I found out that she was registered with other agencies.

She told me that I was the one for her but I also found out that was her story to the other men she was scamming also from the other agencies. If we all stand united and refrain from using this scam site, Anastasia Scam will be out of business and you all will be a lot richer and happier ...
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The real question is: what are your chances of success on and similar sites. Answer: Very low chance of success. Everybody treats these sites as if they were ordering a pizza. Unless you have met the woman in person it is a waste of time to write letters and call. There, I said it! JUST GO THERE. Find a reason to spend time there. You can find work, go to school, join a charity group or just rent an apartment for a few months. Whatever the reason, just spend some time there. You will be amazed at how many women you will meet by doing normal activities. It may take a little bit of time, but the word will get out that you are looking and opportunities will start happening in a natural way. Women will pick up on the vibration. What I am advising sounds like too much work for most men but it really works. Stop throwing your money and more importantly your time trying to order pizza. You can always get your money back but you can never get back lost time. Just get on a plane and spend some time there and you will see that my advise was correct.
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Hi Leslie L.
Thanks a really good question. I know a case where a younger guy than myself married a Russian woman from one of the sites. After one year she dumped him and now he has to support her for the next 10 years. Green card as you say. Not sure how it is in the US but in Canada we protect those types of women. This where taking your time to seriously vet the woman cones in. You cannot rush it. If she is willing to wait a couple of years and you lay it out to her in the start? Then that has a better chance. Your gut instinct really cones into play. I have had over 10,000 emails sent to me on another site and about 5,000 on Anastasia Date. I'm guessing that about a third are not serious about the relationship ship aspect. Another third are scamming you and that leaves about a third who "maybe" are serious. One thing I look at is the age difference. We have moral standards and yes European standards are different. But we love here. A 19 year wife fir a 56 year old man is wrong no matter what! For me that eliminates almost half the women trying to get my attention.
Not sure if I stated this before in my previous post but my company cleaning women who is either polish or Romanian - can't remember right now, she told me hands down; do not trust Russian women but a Ukrainian wife you will not go wrong with. Also, she said she does not matter as much as we place on it. I was also told that because of circumstances there, women are seriously looking to leave and get married. However, Odessa is now the dating capital of the world for mail order brides. You have to stop and think seriously about that. It's a business.
Hope this helps.
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Hello Leslie. To be really honest it is impossible to say, but I can say based on my 10 year on/off expereince with girls from anastasiadate that many are mostly there to get exposed and notised since they can get model jobs this way. Some also get paid under the table to be on the website but this is very hard to prove since it happen in the local agencys, while anastasiadate so to speak primary are the front page who "buy" the girls profiles and share the profit pr. letter /chat ect. with the local agency.
But in general in ukraine there are many more girls than there are men, so yes they do hope to meet someone, but keep in mind people rarely fall in love with the person they want it mostly just happen. A relationship and marriage is a long process for serious people, and there is a high risk people never get that far due to the distance ect. Anyway that was a side step. Another thing that many ukraine people in general want is a job since many are unemployed and especially jobs outside of ukraine is good, since they pay allot more than ukraine salerys... A new doctor in ukraine earn less than 200usd pr month... So the girls are motivated to earn extra in any way possible. You will often see that when a girl finish her eudcation and find a job then she instant leave the dating agency.
Be aware that a ukraine high education is not = a high education in the us. for example a doctor cant just work as a doctor but properbly have to talk half of the education again and pass some tests.. THis will be extremly difficult.
About green card, well I dont really know how many who just "use" men to get a greencard. It is no easy task moving to a new country and share life with someone, so to be honest I do not think it is that many.
However what I belive people should care more about is if the girl will leave the man once she can stay in the country and get a divorse and marry maybe a younger guy ect.. Well a kind of a way to get a new life by selling her self... Actual many ukraine girls, and also many on anastasiadate actual work as escort girls so "using" a man to get a new life is properbly better than working as an escort, and often you can find them in fancy clubs hoping to pickup some rich guy who want to pay for a night.
Many models in ukraine work as escort girls, it is big business that pay much more than a real job.
Always notise on a girls photos how she dress and if she have the latest mobile phone, think about how she maybe can afford such a telephone if she is a "poor" student. Not all girls have rich parents and often they travel from smaller citys to kiev ect. to study and live together with a room mate to afford a place to stay.

Well my answer was not 100% of what you ask, but I hope you get a little idea. Sincerely Peder.
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Bryan, that is a very good question and there is no firm answer. Like all these sites part of this group the vast majority of the girls either do not exist at all in reality or are working for the agency. I spent a lot of time with endless correspondence [= lots of $] and there is always a reluctance as you grow close to give a real contact address. In the end I decided only to try the more mature women of around 40 but got nowhere. it was clearly a scam and there were clues in the responses which flashed warning lights. There are also many stories of men eventually going for a meeting say in Odessa, entertaining the girls, buying presents and then being dumped. money is behind much of this. my advice is stay clear.
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That's laughable!!! Green card or coming to the US??? Neither, They are WORKING GIRLS!!!

See the "CHECK OUT THE 150 MILLION DOLLAR SCAM!!!" for all the proof you need to know that the letters you are receiving are from FemBots! Read the name they are addressing. All you have to do is change your name in the Account Tab and Poof, your inbox letters change their salutation!
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What a terrible answer!! Don't give legal advice if you are not a lawyer! You can't make legal status in the US contingent on a prenup!

To the original poster: Very few are interested in you or a green card. It is a scam. They are only interested in taking your money!
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I would say most are there to scam and keep you hooked up to and just keep paying for more credits with this agency. I think very few have any desire for a relationship or marriage outside of Ukraine, Russia etc.

The reason for this statement? since last year I have taken my photographs off one profile and other than my name everything, including photographs off another. Yet I still get 8-14 contacts a day - sometimes more, and many from girls 1/3 my age.

Why two profiles? Because I was quite serious about a woman on this site 18 months ago and visited her twice, with many messages before and during my visits. She seemed very keen for us to start a relationship, but despite my paying for English lessons, she would very rarely attend for them saying she was so busy with work. but she was always available on Anastasiadate whenever I logged on to communicate with her. Also she said she could not pick up my mobile calls even though I was using a local SIM and her translator could pick up my calls just fine (she was supposed to be able to speak English at advanced level too, but that's another story).
So I opened a new profile and sure enough she was quick to send me messages with offers of undying love...

That was the last time I tried with this dating site. I had a similar experience back in 2013 and thought I was being more cautious this time...

There are better agencies out there - elenasmodels being one of them. But to be honest, with long distance romances many are doomed to failure.
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They don't even what a green card to the US they are there just as part of the scam to get you to keep spending money .
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I'm not looking for a women the age of my granddaughter. and they won't let me unsubscribe. This site basically sucks.
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Every dating site charges money Anastasia date is also one google dating sites in general. A few women want to leave the ukraine some are just on to play games some are real i have already met someone and were together in the states and its a visa issue not green card there is about a 50percent chance. Of getting a visa i was lucky the lady i met was a lawyer and it was tough for a while but worked out.and not everyone is out for material goods so do a lot of research on any site
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If you are concerned, ask her to agree to pre-nup.
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Hi guys, i think there are newbies and old timers with experience on these sites. The attraction is the beauty of the women. While the US has some beautiful women they do not pay attention to their appearance the way foreign women do and they do not get fat. I hate fat. Anyway there is a new law or agreement between certain countries that makes this if you have money a great game. One of those beauties can be your for 90 days and no visa is required as long as she is not a T-ist. This no vise agreement is an open or Obama door to enter and stay with you and then leave. So if you have the cash and the place you have three months of "getting to know you" then you will have the answer to your question and by the way they cannot change their status under the no visa rule so players you got the ball
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