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Do 1 the women have to pay an thing to be on site and send letter to men

asked by Leigh M. on 10/30/15

14 Answers
The girls don't write to men, agencies do, pretending to be the girls, with the girls having nothing to do with the letters at all.
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They have not got even one penny from me so far and they will never get any money from me either. Come on guys, don't be stupid, you will not find a serious relationship on this web site. The site is designed to only take your money and nothing else. You could easily spend thousands of dollars on this site. You are better off spending the money on living there for a while. I know it does not sound realistic for many men but if you are living there, you will meet quality women in a natural way. I think it is a great that so many men are interested in having a Ukrainian woman. I just think that using these web sites or even writing letters is a waste of time and money. You can get the woman of your dreams but you have to spend time living there. It really is that simple. There are no shortcuts.
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Wake up guys. The site is set up to make money out of lonely, dumb and lost sheep.
Get on your journey and fix yourselves up. When you do this there'll be a 'real' woman near you who'll want to be with you.
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First of all, the ladies pay nothing to be on site nor do they pay to send letters. Yes, they get paid to be on the site. They split the money with what is known as the "agency". They may get a dime on the dollar. Plus what many do not realize, the wages are not good in Ukraine. On the average, those with a college degree make around $100 usd a week. Wont be surprised if this site gets run out of the US as did Russsian Brides.com did. And yes, the same people own both sites. Log in and look at the similar layout on both.
Best to stay away. Also, if you do get taken, report them to numerous scammer sites on the internet. The US Embassy does check these sites when ever any female requests a visa of any sorts. Most do not realize that little fact.
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In case the women/girls who write letters/chatting, the pay NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING at all. Please please please save your pocket& avoid this legal thief
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For to ladies it's free and they get paid to chat. Ask yourself why all the prettiest ones are online for so long when according to their profiles most have a university degree and a great job. The amount of ladies that are managers or teachers is proportionally quite high. I guess there are only professionals in those countries and no blue collar workers.
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No, they get paid for chatting with men
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It seems to me that all girls on site, Asian Melodies, are paid. Was very entertaining though!
worth the small expense, just don't take it seriously, don't get your heart broke, she is as likely a guy as a girl. And she wants you to spend money on the site, why? Because she or he likely makes their living talking to men, etc. A good test;
try to get a girl off the site, can't be done with a company girl.
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They do not and if you ever visit Kyiv there are flyers posted everywhere to recruit women to their sites - if a woman looks and sounds too good then its not real. Chat is a scam and so are the gifts. My female friend I met on russian lovematch is real and so is the one I met on Anastasia but there are many scammers on the sites- some very bad agencies that treat the women badly. Go to Ukraine ,your experience will be good and hire an interpreter.
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There is a "Career" section on the site. The girls are paid to chat Daniel D is right. But don't be fooled....these girls are not real...it is done by an agency. The photos are either unbelievably photoshopped or outright stollen from models. You would not recognize any of them if you saw them on the street.
The site does host an excursion to the Ukraine and has a party filled with high school kids who are lured there as the equivalent of "movie extras"...they get paid to chat with the men who are there. If the man wishes to have dinner with the girl, she insists on him taking her to a very expensive restaurant. The agency then takes a percentage of the tab, which is usually more than double what a local would get. The girl is also paid for her time.
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Sorry, I do not know what the Girls earn, but I do know that the Ladies that send out Daily / Hourly Chat requests are making a living from these Dating sites. Women pay Nothing to be on the web site. I heard one young lady when I was in Ukraine (2013) say that she answered an AD, reported for an interview, and was told that she would have her photographs taken by a professional photographer. She was told that she would be paid for Chats by the minute, and for Letters that men sent to her.
The young woman thought she was signing up to become a member ( to find a Husband ), but quickly realized that she was just being hired to just Distract male members.

Young ladies will tell you that these Dating sites are just a Job for them. $100 USD ( = 2200 UAH) In Ukraine is a lot of money, some Familes live off $2400 UAH PER MONTH.

It is cheaper to visit Ukraine than it is to keep charging your credit card to be able to Chat, read and write Letters, and request personal phone calls.

It seems that most mid to late 20's Ladies do not speak much English, but many Do understand English. Hire a Trustworthy Interpreter / Guide, and these interpreters can arrange several first meetings and Dates for you ( in real life, not through a Dozen fruitless Letters).

Avoid the expensive Tours, $6000.00 is not really worth 10/10 days and nights, especially when you can rent an entire apartment for less than half of what you are charged for a small Hotel room. Just Remember that your Dollar is worth about 20-22 UAH IN THEIR country, and a 450 UAH / night Hotel or apartment is actually only about $22.50 USD.

Travel like a Tourist, and you will spend a Ton of Money.
Hire a translator at $15-20.00/ hour, and you will save Hundreds of USD. Ukraine is really no Different from other East or West Euro countries. Prague is also about $20:1.00 in the currency exchange.

If you are not a Traveler, it might be Best if you just stay home, but if you are Travel Savy, then explore Eastern Europe...
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What I know is that they get a 10%, of course the girls don't pay but they get money when you read their letters, open the extra photos and chat online, ph. calls and with video is more expensive for you.
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sorry, I don't know. I suspect that all the emails they send are sent automatically from their main office computer.
One of the girls said to me "I love your picture" I do not even have a picture on this sites profile
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