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9 reviews
The Website was easy to use but I only read the Testimonials after I had ordered. All very worrying.

25 reviews
Time is a bit long, but good quality


12 reviews
I ordered a charger for my Macbook from, thinking it was sold from them directly (maybe it's my fault for...

13 reviews
They make counterfeit knives of poplar designs out of cheap materials then charge ludicrous prices for them... let...

13 reviews
They are really a company called Toptaay in Limassole Cyprus, 20, Gialtas PC3 100 Steer clear of them, I have...


13 reviews
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY! I ordered a charger from them. After waiting almost 2 weeks and still no...

14 reviews
Further to my post about it being three weeks and no sign of item, I went on to PayPal. Discovered they had not taken...

14 reviews
Last week (15th of Jan 2016) I received my battery. First ordered in Sept 2015. As it seems they deliver, but...

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“Rip-off scam, and”
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