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The free online file converter function is just great and covers most type of files.
So far the only one that converts PDF files to Word format without messing up too much.

I have also worked with the paid API version, and all I can say is that it worked flawlessly and the support was in the top.

Chris W. – Zamzar Rep

Thanks so much for the great comments! We're really glad you like our service!


Another site that poses as a cybersecurity expert. But all it contain is fake reviews to gain affiliate payback. Not a trusted resource!


Great site for testing if a file or URL is safe.
Scans the file using 43 different antivirus and malware engines and gives you a scan result from each engine.


I read some of the articles posted and found them extremely informative, I specially enjoyed the article "Can you trust Trustpilot? 9 million reviews studied".
Well worth the reading if you haven't already read it.


You can find a lot of good offers/products on EBay, but also a LOT of FAKE stuff so beware! EBay doesn't seem to care as several of the vendors of fake products, like "1TB-2TB USB-Sticks" are listed as verified/top vendors.
So just like Trustpilot, money have now taken the highest priority. :(


But there seems to be a lot of fake reviews here too. And the support doesn't seem to care much for cleaning it up.:(
(Tried reporting some obvious fake ratings. And just as on Trustpilot, I never got any reply)


Positive reviews of products, payed for by the companies that sells the products.
Not to be trusted.


Great tool for testing if a file is trustworthy or not. You can upload file from either computer or using a web URL.

The file is then tested using multiple (currently 49) malware and virus scanners and the result of each scan engine is listed in the output.


I used to believe that Virus-Bulletin was a reliable and trustworthy source of information, but now I'm no longer sure.
As Virus-Bulletin have PARTNERED up with "TotalAV" for the annual "Virus Bulletin International Conference (VB2019)".

"TotalAV" is a front for Protected.net Group Ldt., one of biggest scammer companies in the cyber-security industry and a well known producer of malware. Marketing their products using false advertising, fake reviews, fake comparison tests and other shady methods.

And suddenly "TotalAV" is now a trusted company/program with a 100% detection score in the VB100 test (made by Virus-Bulletin). Coincidence?


The company Protected.net Group Ltd. aka. Network Protect Ltd.aka. TotalAV.com aka. ScanGuard.com aka. PCProtect.com aka. UltraVPN.com aka. SafeVPN.com aka. PrivacyWeb.com is behind some of the WORST cybersecurity SCAM products available.

The company use false advertising, fake reviews and fake tests to boost the ratings of their products.

All products uses 3-party services (Scan engine from Avira, VPN from Windscribe, Adblocking from AdGuard etc.) and is nothing more than a fancy and expensive GUI.

UltraVPN, SafeVPN and PrivacyWeb is totally identical and so is TotalAV, ScanGuard and PCProtect. Only thing changed is the product/company name.


The site has a mix of fake and real reviews. The ones with a top rating uses affiliate links so the site owner gets 70 euros for each gullible person he can trick into buying the product.

A good example is the review of TotalAV, here the site/author gives it a 7/10 and links to the product using an affiliate link.

The funny thing is that he ALSO reviewed the TotalAV clones ScanGuard and PCProtect. (EXACTLY the SAME program but sold under different company name/brand)

Here the SAME reviewer gave it a 0.9/10 score and said: "PCProtect is one of the worst security products that money can buy. It uses unethical marketing strategies."
But on this review there's no affiliate links.

Definitely not a reliable source if you are looking for Antivirus, VPN or other cybersecurity related products.

• Updated review

The scammer company (https://www.protected.net/) behind TotalAV and it's clones have repeated the stunt with 3 identical VPN clients. And just like with TotalAV: 3 different brands/names.

UltraVpn - https://www.ultravpn.com/
SafeVPN - https://www.safevpn.com/
PrivacyWeb - https://www.privacyweb.com/

A review of SafeVPN - https://www.techradar.com/reviews/safevpn

An interesting fact is that in order to apply for TotalAV's affiliate program, you MUST promote the programs using NEGATIVE search terms. This means that the affiliate MUST get his search result to come up on Google or Bing when a person searches for negative information. If it comes up using positive search terms, the affiliate gets nothing.

"Great program"
• Previous review

This got to be a great program and a good company since they have more than 10.000 happy customer reviews on Trustpilot.


All the fake "happy customer" reviews is provided/endorsed by Trustpilot.

This software is useless. Several functions just doesn't work and it fails to detect viruses that is detectable by free virus scanners like AVG and Avast.

Features like VPN had to be bought at additional cost, despite them saying all is included.

The company (who is not US bases as they claim, but based in the UK) also sell 2 other (identical) virus scanners "PCProtect" and "ScanGuard", but as different companies.

This is quite odd, if as their (fake) tests/reviews says: TotalAV is the #1 virusscanner

Stay away from any of the 3 "virusscanners" offered by these scammers.

Tip for consumers:

Products used:


Fake reviews of antivirus scanners. No surprise #1 is TotalAV as they pay 70 euros for each person you can trick into buying the product.

Don't trust anything on this site.


Looks like you can't trust "Mamma"
Just found one of my reviews there, posted by someone NOT me with a date ONE MONTH BEFORE I posted the review on SiteJabber! https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/totalav.com#4

Looks like Mamma copy reviews from other sites and re-post them on their own site.


Trustpilot uses false positive reviews to boost the ratings of shady companies.
(They even use false reviews to boost their OWN ratings.)

On Trustpilot you can find 1000+ shady/scammer companies with 10000+ positive 5-star reviews. All they have to do is subscribe to Trustpilot's paid business services.

And their "support" is nonexistent. It's just a "copy/paste slave" that posts the same reply over and over again. See image.

Contacting their "Compliance Team" doesn't help either. They just close complaints with a "Solved" mark. No feedback or actions.

Unfortunately Google have teamed up with Trustpilot. So now sites listed in the Google search results will display the Trustpilot star rating, leading people to believe a product or site is good and trustworthy. But instead they end up buying inferior products from shady vendors.

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