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I hate companies who offer a free trial then charge your card at 3.30 am a day and a half early before your trial finishes. $88 for a year of this below-average photo editing program - I don't think so!


I have sent boxes and boxes of clothing in like new or new with tags condition - where did they all go? Disappeared into thin air, being picked at amongst their staff - an absolute scam and I will never send them any clothing again. It's nothing short of theft. For all the boxes I sent in, my reward was a choice of $19.25 in store credit, which this amount NEVER changed despite the further sales of the few clothes they did put up and that sold. Where were these funds going and why are you even bothering to tell me when none of what I have ever sent you guys is going to benefit me. I am sending in clothing for two reasons it seems - to add to their personal closets and to make them money.

What is really criminal is their BS excuses about over filling boxes and the $10 fine you get for this, plus the $10 fine for items they "reject" and then the $10 shipping charge. So you are already owing them $30 every time you send them a box? OMG never again! Go ahead, steal my clothing, rip me and other sellers off and make a bunch of money from scamming sellers. Sooner or later you guys are going to have a class action lawsuit on your hands that will take it all back and then some. You think I don't know what I put in my boxes that I sent to you and the value and the expensive stuff that disappeared. I am on to your game and I am sure other people will realize this too. DONATE your clothing if you don't like to list your own items on line. Get a tax write off. It will go to a good cause. I recently spent my entire $19.25 in store credit, if I had taken it in cash then I would still be owing money to these fools. I better at least receive two decent items for all the crap you have gotten from me. Absolute crooks!

Tip for consumers:
Don't ever send your items to this website to sell. They will steal them and rip you off! GUARANTEED.


You will waste $8.99 on the information you can find anywhere on the internet for free and they promise to provide things they don't deliver. Customer service will either ignore you or be extremely rude. It's another one of those sleazy information sites that sucker you into entering your credit card information. BUYER BEWARE!

Tip for consumers:
You will receive low-quality generic information that you can find by googling your VIN number. If you are looking for information of real value then don't waste your money here.


They sent me crappy colored contact lenses that looked nothing like the pictures on their website. I was not happy, and I emailed them asking to return the four brand new unopened boxes I did not want. They promise on their website you can return unused boxes. Well, that is a complete lie. Not only will they not even give you an address to return them to, they will try to shut you up by offering you another pair for free and not refunding you as if that is a good deal. If I didn't like the first two, why am I going to pay for six pairs that I don't want and get a free pair that I most likely will not like either based upon the quality of the ones that I have received. One color didn't even show up on my eye and the other one looked scary. Bad customer service. Trust the one star reviews, they are there for a reason!

Tip for consumers:
They do not look like the pictures on the website and you won't get any money back from these people unless you do a chargeback which is a hassle.

Products used:
Ocean Green and Topaz colored lenses.

Verified site experience

I hate these scamming people. They keep calling and calling trying to hook me up to credit repair companies even after I spoke to one of these crappy companies which are also scammers. They did nothing and I ending up charging back my payment after they started helping themselves to my account. RENT TO OWN. ORG STOP CALLING ME - I AM ON THE DO NOT CALL LIST, CHECK THE REGISTRY BEFORE YOUR PEOPLE CALL! I WILL SUE! I HAVE TOLD YOU TO LOSE MY NUMBER YET I GET CALLS TWICE A DAY. Never deal with this company and never give them your phone number. There is NO RENT TO OWN properties going on through them, that is for sure!


I liked it, just a little high tech for my skills! Takes some playing around with and knowledge of sound mixing. I wish I Ihad had more time to spend learning it.


I used it a lot when I had an android. It was great for writing texts on my laptop rather than typing them on my phone. The only problem was it had an occasional glitch. Aside from that awesome and highly recommended!


Coupon Cabin is an absolute scam. I was locked out of my account right before my check was due to be sent because I had moved. After sending in my photo ID, my bank statement, my utility bill they still told me I wasn't me and that I didn't live in the United States. BS! They are absolute crooks and don't want to pay.
* I have never seen such an obvious scam scheme and if all their huge clients like Walmart, eBay, Motel 6, etc... are aware of this. I would have used another coupon site had I known the truth about these people. And not deal with the annoying pop-ups. Too many people are having the same issue happen. How long do they think they can get away with it?

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