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RentToOwn.org has a consumer rating of 1.18 stars from 84 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about RentToOwn.org most frequently mention credit repair, real estate and phone number problems. RentToOwn.org ranks 449th among Real Estate Other sites.

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  • The benefit to using a credit card is you have recourse in cases of fraud...
  • As soon as I submitted my phone number, I recieved a call from a lady.
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Top Positive Review

“Thank you again SITEJABBER!”

Roe C.

I was so close to purchasing the list for "rent to own" n then I remembered how sitejabber helped me in the past on other potential scam websites. Wow - Thank God I looked it up. Because of all ur reviews I blocked Rent to Own sites. Again Thank You Sitejabber for saving me from another scam. Thank you... Thank you... Thank You!

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Top Critical Review

“They've moved on to scamming bank accounts.”

Vilena L.

These losers have progressed from being a real estate scam to scamming peoples debit cards directly. I've never made a purchase with them before in my life and suddenly I was hit with a $50 charge because they didn't think I'd notice.

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1 review
10 helpful votes
January 13th, 2021

These losers have progressed from being a real estate scam to scamming peoples debit cards directly. I've never made a purchase with them before in my life and suddenly I was hit with a $50 charge because they didn't think I'd notice.

Tip for consumers:
They are scammers!!

Products used:
I’ve never shopped with them before.

1 review
30 helpful votes
June 1st, 2020

I didn't even finish signing up and I already knew this was a scam. As soon as I submitted my phone number, I recieved a call from a lady. She tells me to hurry up and finish filling out the rest of my info so they can send me the listings, but before I could even respond to her, she hung up. I did not finish filling out the rest of my info but I started getting all kinds of real estate marketing spam through text messages. Stay clear from these marketing spammers.

1 review
23 helpful votes
November 5th, 2012

This is an amendment to my original complaint. I received a call from RENTTOOWN.ORG because they saw my review and they wanted to reach out to me to determine what happened. I called their customer service number and spoke to Bree. She was very kind and helpful.

In her message to me, she indicated that she had tried calling the number I listed, *******067, and it worked fine. I tried this morning and it worked fine. She also indicated that she was easily able to find the link for "contact us" when she examined the website. I checked again and did not have the same luck. I saw the "feedback" link for emailing feedback or cancelling subscriptions but there were no telephone numbers to be found. Bree also gave me a second valid number to customer service which is *******889.

Regardless, they are issuing me a full refund since I cancelled immediately after joining. My cancellation was due to the fact that there were not any listings in the areas I was looking to live in.

If you join this site, look for the areas that you want to live in. If they have good listings (larger cities), take advantage of what this site offers. If they do not have anything available, cancel immediately and save your cancellation email.

I officially retract my earlier complaint.
(earlier complaint)

This scam site deserves a - 5 star rating. I joined and cancelled within days of joining and they still charged my card the recurring fees. I called the telephone number on my bank statement, *******067, and got a message saying that this mailbox is not set up. I went back to the website to click on the "contact us" link only to discover that this link does not exist on their site. I did not discover this issue until a Saturday afternoon and when I called my bank, they refunded the charges but said that I needed to close my current debit card and get a new one. I now must wait 5 - 7 business days before I get my new card. It is clear that RENTTOOWN.ORG only wants your money and NOTHING else. AVOID THIS SCAMMER.

1 review
22 helpful votes
May 30th, 2020

This is clearly a site not to help anyone get in a home the pretend to care with a quick call and tell u to sign up to a credit fix company, then they send you all these affiliates to where they get paid overtime you sign up to one of the so call available houses website which will always lead to a 7 day free trial and then a monthly fee.
There is never anyone you can talk with and dont depend on anyone to call and truly help,

1 review
2 helpful votes
December 1st, 2020

I was about to purchase a single family home from this website but after i heard about parrot scam website I look up the website reviews and there are a lot of bad reviews luckily i didn't give any information.

1 review
11 helpful votes
November 25th, 2020

I came across the site and started to browse houses in my area, one of them I recognized instantly from the photo, it was one my wife and I were interested in 7 months ago but sold before we could look at it. The ad stated it was a multi-family 4-5 bedroom with 3 baths, it isn't, its a single family, 4 bedroom, bath and a half, and not for sale. The current owner is in the process of restoring the house and carriage house in the back.

1 review
10 helpful votes
June 30th, 2020

Do not waste your money they are out there to just take it and leave you alone there's no help there full of s*** this is a complete scam.

1 review
12 helpful votes
November 20th, 2020

I have been connected with this company for a month, they said in order to find a house I had to be connected to Lexington law for credit repair in which this company took money from my account. I have yet to have any services provided and have tried to contact this rent to own company in which have had no success. I now believe that this is a scam.

1 review
14 helpful votes
August 26th, 2020

They sold my number I get 50+ calls, texts and emails from different numbers every single d**** day! I hope they get nasty karma for the bulls*it they've caused. Waking me up at 6 am until 11pm. Absolutely do not contact them whatsoever.

1 review
29 helpful votes
January 19th, 2016

While some of the information was moderately helpful, I could have spent the same amount on an hour w/my lawyer. These types of site are sometimes referred to as "boiler room operations". Fancy looking website financed by the monies they pimp out of the consumers. Like the Wizard of Oz it's all smoke and mirrors and very little substance. There are dozens of other websites, including government consumer protection sites, that would have the same for free. My advice; 1)Take due diligence before investing any money in this website. 2)Nothing is for free, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. S. Macest

1 review
20 helpful votes
May 22nd, 2020

I sign up for rent to own. The listings I got were for North Carolina. I live in South Carolina and I could not change the city so 2 days later I canceled the account. Then 3 weeks later they charged my account. I called after four attempts to reach them someone finally answered the phone. They are only going to give me 25 dollars back in four days. If I want the full amount then my request for my money it will be sent to legal. So basically I wasted my money and time on a site that will take your money and not have the correct information nor access to what you're looking for. Rent to own is a scam!

0 reviews
0 helpful votes
May 3rd, 2021

Even if they don't help you they will charge you $49.99 so you have to beg barrow or steal to make up for it. So who ever gets it towards your down payment I rebuke you. All in all this was a bad experience.

1 review
19 helpful votes
June 10th, 2020

I've had a few inquiries about my home listed on this site! It is NOT FOR RENT nor for sale! Idk how to report these people!

2 reviews
4 helpful votes
October 29th, 2020

They have my homes listed as rentals. My homes are listed without my permission, and my homes ARE NOT RENTALS

2 reviews
21 helpful votes
August 30th, 2015

What about the reviews that RTO is a scam & you can't cancel out?

1 review
8 helpful votes
June 20th, 2020

I had a 49.00 payment paid out to them and no one ever helped me, the homes i found i contacted them myself and when i told the rep to cancel my account because of the money stolen from my account, he tried to offer me a cheaper option, why. So u can take a $100 next time.

2 reviews
37 helpful votes
August 18th, 2018

I was so close to purchasing the list for "rent to own" n then I remembered how sitejabber helped me in the past on other potential scam websites. Wow - Thank God I looked it up. Because of all ur reviews I blocked Rent to Own sites. Again Thank You Sitejabber for saving me from another scam. Thank you... Thank you... Thank You!

1 review
3 helpful votes
March 6th, 2021

I was in search of legitimate real estate at discounted prices. This website does not disclose complete information about it's listings until you sign up for a membership. The membership is around 45.00/month, however, the site offers a 7 day trial for $1.00. After paying $1.00 for a 7 day trial membership, I noticed that the website listed prices that were just too good to be true. I became weary and stumbled across many bad reviews. I cancelled my credit card immediately. The reviews state that even when you cancel your membership, they will continue to charge your bank account. To be on the safe side, I recommend that anyone who has provided their information reports their card as stolen immediately, in order to prevent these people from stealing your hard earned money. Shame on these people and I hope the site is shut down immediately.

1 review
11 helpful votes
August 15th, 2020

My fiancé and I went through rent to own homes, they charged me 49 dollars out of my account after canceling my membership before the 7 days it gives you. They would not give me a refund. They are trying to charge me AGAIN this month AFTER canceling my membership on August 10th. DO NOT GO THROUGH THIS, THEY WILL WASTE YOUR TIME AND KEEP CHARGING YOU. $#*!ING RIDICULOUS, IM PISSED!

1 review
2 helpful votes
March 6th, 2021

This "company" does everything BUT help you with Rent to Own Homes! DO NOT CALL THEM, GIVE THEM ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION! I told them I was not interested in their services (whatever those may really be)::::
1. Harassment
2. Deceitful practice
3. Being very rude
4. Offer you absolutely 0 help
5. The list is endless!
The first girl called me 24/7 and talked over anything I said. I blocked her so many times I've lost count. She continues to call from different numbers.
She must have found a different job as now I'm receiving calls from a male. Same circumstances.
This company is seriously operating under the radar. Try and find a corporate phone number and it's impossible. I'm going to start recording their calls and I'll be sure to let them know they're being recorded. So that I can turn them in to the Federal Trade Commission. I'm almost positive we what they are doing is breaking a few laws!
If you haven't already, then STOP! Don't get taken by them "RENT TO OWN NOW" to they are crooked and the way they operate will drive you crazy.
Sincerely, SY

Tip for consumers:

Products used:

1 review
11 helpful votes
May 28th, 2020

BEWARE of rent to own. Org I contacted them and then they contacted me two different times to try to move forward on renting to own a home wanted to get information if you have good credit don't waste your time because they literally will not talk to you so you have to have bad credit in order for rent to own to talk with you due to they want to sign you up with a credit repair program that will cost you. This information is not disclosed on their website that if you have good credit they cannot work with you companies like this are very misleading especially for first-time home buyers that are so excited and waited most of their lives to buy a new home it's really sad that companies like this can take advantage of those kind of people shame on you guys.

1 review
18 helpful votes
September 21st, 2020

I found this site because I was at a friend's house she had just leased to own and we are looking to move into the country, but lost our jobs to COVID19 so a traditional mortgage is two years away again! I tried the free trial, but my bank, thankfully, denied the transaction! I've had two calls so far in a 30 minute period. I tooK the first call and the lady asked me about my credit and if I wanted credit repair... she said that I had to go through "credit counseling" to see how they can help. I told her that I'm well aware how credit repair works and that my credit report is 100% accurate (I have 2 collections from 6 years ago that will go away in 6 months) and that by law, there is nothing any credit repair company that can do. I finally had to hang up on her because she was telling me to waste my time and possibly money on something I knew could not do anything for me legally. Do not use this site! Find Lis Pendis for preforeclosures From online court records and write to the owners yourself.

1 review
6 helpful votes
February 7th, 2020


1 review
5 helpful votes
September 21st, 2020

I was browsing for new homes and places to rent (obviously) and ultimately decided not to go forward with this site. However, I keep on getting calls from random numbers all across the country.

They go like this: I answer the call, there is a long pause, then a presumably female person on the other end says "Hi... (my name)? This is_____ from RentToOwn, how are you today?" And I hang up. The kicker? If I call the number back, there is no ringing-nothing. It IMMEDIATELY says the exact same thing, just: "Hi... (my name)? This is_____ from RentToOwn, how are you today?"

It's the creepiest thing, and I keep blocking the numbers left and right, but they are always different. I can't get into my account to cancel it, and even if I could I doubt it would make a difference since they've probably sold my number hundreds of times already.

I don't know what to do, but I am warning you now. DO NOT SIGN UP OR EVEN CLICK ON THEIR WEBSITE. They WILL mess with you and it's disgusting.

1 review
0 helpful votes
April 23rd, 2021

Everyone that works there are great I've been Customer for years great people love watching lives my fav

Q&A (15)


The entire process seems like a scam. I read this: https://digs.co/rent-to-own/

By Damen S.
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Company is a complete scam. Cancel your credit card and cut your losses

By Tom T.

You'll have to block there numbers. They will not accommodate you. They are scammers

By Tom T.

Don't know of a website for rent to own that isn't a scam. I would suggest going through a realtor. They can often help. This particular website continues to charge $70-$80 month without authorization or any type of service. The only way to stop is tell your bank to stop payment, or close your card account and get another. We contacted owner of this site and he was not cooperative. We were willing to pay for service if there was such a thing.

By Tamara M.

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