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I agree, Pandora is an awesome website for introducing you to new music. Even when I get tired of a station because it keeps playing the same songs over and over, I love that you can add variety by adding another artist and it completely mixes up the selection.

I read about this fun little challenge to try with a friend or that special someone where you create a station that is comprised of your favorite band with their favorite band thrown in the mix. So when you are chilling in on a Saturday night, you can jam to the perfect blend of Frank Sinatra and Snoop Dogg. =)


My little sister got me hooked on this site. Charlie McDowell is an absolute riot that writes letters to the very loud, very superficial and very oblivious girls that live above him. His witty responses retort the enlightened musings of the two and are short and sweet and down-right funny.

For those that like sites like or, *******@charliemcdowell to your Twitter feed or bookmark his blog, you'll be chuckling when you do.


This site is amazing for global artisans and for one of a kind, high quality gifts. I would recommend this for those looking to help remote communities and cultures of the world while finding that perfect niche gift for the world traveler, vagabond, backpack-toting free spirit or bohemian who just so happens to have a birthday next week.

Every product is handcrafted by a community from across the world and a portion of the profits generated is given back to the community to maintain their culture and identity or to support the betterment of their society. The scarves, candle holders, and jewelry are stunning and of the best quality. Each piece tells a story that gives it an identity and personality like the culture it was made by.

For example, for my best friend's Christmas gift and to help her with a deployed relative, I gave her a picture frame crafted by a community in Guatemala where there was a cultural tradition called the "Worried People" (or something of a similar thread). You would whisper your worries to the small doll figures that dotted the frame and place it on your windowsill. The dolls would carry your whispers away by the following morning.

For the perfectly thoughtful gift or piece for your home, is a must visit.

So you're tired of the same old same old Friday night TGI Friday's rendezvous to catch up with your girlfriends and you see this new restaurant that opened up a couple of months ago on the main strip. You want to give it a try, but remembering the last horrible restaurant you went to when your adventurous streak lit up, you can't help but hesitate.

However, is a great way to get a gauge of not only the type of food but also the success of the restaurant in terms of their food quality, service and other features. Each eatery is measured based on reviewers input and the site even links you to the merchant's page and menu when it is available. even allows you to review chain franchises, taking the guesswork out of the food quality on your favorite dishes.


As a first-time renter, you never really think about the factors involved in your first apartment. Is the management helpful? Is the building safe? How old is the complex? How is the parking situation? How prompt is maintenance in fixing that leak in the ceiling? Does your room become a pulsating drum every night because the guy above you is blaring is Killswitch Engage album? takes all of these things in to account based on residence reviews. Renters submit their reviews based on a multitude of factors that provide you with a percentage of approval and a ranking of the building for each of several factors. I found this to be a great gauge and preliminary starting point in the apartment hunt. My best recommendation is to seriously consider complexes with ratings of 75% or better with at least 20 reviews.

The safety ratings are based primarily on the number of registered sex offenders in the area (a helpful and unbiased tool based on external source information) and they provide you with a tentative figure for rent that I've found to be within one hundred or so of the amount stated on other sites like They even provide you with a map of other rated apartment complexes that you can view; this is actually the best way to browse the site.

Definitely worth a gander if you're in the market for a change of scenery!


Like every other daughter on the planet, when it comes to birthdays and holidays my dad takes the cake for being the hardest man alive to shop for. I'm not one of those people that likes to get people what's on their list; half the fun of a gift is the hunt. Except, of course, when the hunt becomes a wild goose chase for the perfect fit.

The buck stops with Talk about an awesome concept! A website that reviews and advertises products specifically for men in every facet of manly living. The vendors are high quality, the gifts are classy with some bacon-flavored humor thrown in the mix. They really advocate everything from cars to whiskey stones. I ended up buying my dad this great beer glass set (he microbrews, this was perfect!) and directly routed me to the vendors website to the product I was looking for. There was no hopeless searching, uncrate integrated seamlessly with the vendor's purchase process. My glass set arrive unscathed, perfectly packaged and in plenty of time.

So the next time you're stuck on what to get the men in your life, check out and rejoice at the end of aimless, unproductive trips to the mall.


What an awesome way to stay on top of your current events! The sidebar menu is broken down by continent and each headline provides you with a great summary lead. Great good old-fashioned journalism structured in the best way to get the juicy first and the nit-gritty second.


Mashable is on top of the most innovative strategies in social media, marketing, information technology and web development. This site has really helped me wrap my head around what works and what doesn't in our internet age while keeping me abreast of the latest breaking news. The How To's provide reliable, recent examples that really illustrate their point from everything from social media strategy to guerrilla marketing. There is such a wealth of information here to enjoy and sort through.

I found that the best way to get the most from Mashable is to download their iPhone App or follow their feed on Pulse. You get the lead of the story and can sort through the large volume of articles quickly. It also provides you with the most recent sampling from each section.


I always use to peruse and dream about all of the one-of-a-kind dresses I would buy when finally I broke down and signed up for an account (which was free) so I could really start to get involved in the community. (Side Note: you'll definitely want to check out the blog if you visit the site. They've got a lot of great info and unique stories)

One of my favorite features is the restock notification. When there's that one piece to your ensemble that would be perfect and lo-and-behold its out of stock, modcloth gives you the option to sign up for a restock notification and they sent you an email when the dress is back in your size!

That's how I ended up buying my first dress. It was this red lace ensemble that (thank God) modcloth let me know ran small to size. Honestly if I hadn't known that, the dress would have been more appropriate for a street corner than for the wedding I had the following weekend. I bought a size up and placed my order and the dress arrived within the week! It fit perfectly and even came with an additional accessory as a gift for my first purchase with them.

Love this site and look forward to buying from them again!

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