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I am almost done with a degree that I'll be taking online in order to work around my full-time work schedule. I am married to a beautiful woman. I like to read, write on my book as a hobby, I sing, I workout, and go on dates with my wife.

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I am licensed in residential pest control and I have worked in the industry for a few years. I am also an avid e-mail hoax buster. My family has gotten to the point that they don't even send me those stupid chain emails because I am always replying with the link that shows them for a fraud. I also love to post the scams on the FBI internet scam web site.


Music, books, writing, martial arts, video games.

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I can say that I have purchased from Amazon with no problems and I have personally witnessed their operations from the inside. I did some seasonal work through a staffing agency for them and they are adamant about taking care of their customers.


According to my research, they have nothing but bad reviews from people who have tried them out. Only the people who are part of the organization have great things to say about it. But they had to pay $99 to sign on so they have a biased if not an invested interest.

So how about it, is anyone making regular money from the company? You want to post a link to a scanned copy of your pay stubs? (black out your security information of course) Anything without hard copies should be ignored.


Worst staffing agency that I have ever worked for. They have no integrity. You are told to work safely but the required rate per hour requires you to move so fast over 20 to 26 miles of walking per day that it is only a matter of time before you injure yourself and get fired. Your two legal 15 minute breaks are also factored into your rate per hour that counts against you. ILLEGAL!

I caught a cold twice in a month because the conditions are so unsanitary there it is ridiculous. But if you get so sick that you can't work it still counts as an attendance infraction ILLEGAL! So everyone comes to work sick, spreading their diseases on packages getting shipped and to other workers.

Finally, hard work, having a good work ethic, or trying to be helpful only count against you because you are only as good as your last numbers. Only work this job if you want to get used up and spit out. Because if you don't end up in the Emergency Room from a work related injury, you will end up in treatment from arthritis from ridiculous speeds that you have to walk in order to keep from getting walked to the door!


Never sign up for them. They automatically drafted my account 2 days earlier than the contract stipulated and when they over-drafted me, they drafted 2 more times! I tried to get the manager at 67th Avenue and Peoria in Glendale to reimburse me. But he said that he couldn't. So I told him to cancel the account and give me a cancellation receipt. Two months later they attempted two more drafts at the full price and wouldn't reimburse me even though I had already cancelled and I even had a receipt. Terrible Customer Service.


Horrible school, horrible customer service. I started one class and I tried to withdraw from the class because I had just started a new job and I was living in a hotel room for two weeks. In that time I fell behind. When I approached my instructor, she gave me pointers on how to try for a D. When the class was over I was told that if I had sought help to leave the class sooner they could have helped me. Because I didn't pass the class financial aid didn't cover it and I couldn't continue the class until I paid the $1700 for one class. They are over priced for such horrible customer service. They wont help in any way and they will mess up your credit. They also have no fear of the Better Business Bereau. Save yourself the effort and just register for online classes with a community college or your local state college.


Never use them! It's true, it's a rip-off! I had a $1000 overage that I had to get back from my previous school and I was supposed to pay it back to my lender. But, I asked a financial adviser who I should pay the overage to and she said pay it to Kaplan. Then I got harassing calls for 3 months straight from Kaplan's collections department trying to collect that money! By the time they sorted out that they had made a mistake I was already late for my 2nd semester of which they froze my login in order to stay ahead of my classes and I not only had to withdraw but it cost me in shipping to send my books back. At every turn they were unhelpful, they have horrible customer service.


It was a college that I attended. Parents don't register your students at this college. They harass their students to sway their political votes for the Republican Conservatives. Dr David Savage an English professor specifically ordered my class in 2008 to write a paper on who should be president: Obama or McCain. He violated their right to privacy. When I didn't choose McCain he marked my paper up with so many colors of ink and personally rebuked me harshly. I went from getting A papers to F, D-, and a C-. When I spoke to his department head, it was ignored.

Professors were openly promoting McCain over the microphone at school assemblies. I am an independent and I don't care what side gets it as long as my issues are covered. That school left such a bad taste in my mouth in their harassment of students and their political views.

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