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493 reviews
1011 W. Fifth Street, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78703, USA
Tel: 1261440000
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1 review
0 helpful votes

I am in the process of fighting a charge back - I am unable to get the docs I need from VRBO. I think I finally have what I need - a screen shot of the cancellation policy with the box checked for the cancellation guest in question. Then YOUR merchant service provider, the ONE and ONLY ONE you offer to people like me to pay your fees, sends me this:

Send the rental agreement to the guest to sign and return and have the guest initial any important clause in the agreement such as your cancellation policy or policies around pets or smoking. This can and should also be done at check in. Currently, VISA does not accept E-signature in regards to proper disclosure, they only support click to accept. Part of the reasoning is that with current technology, VISA is unable to determine when the signature was provided or if it was copied and pasted.

REALLY? Visa doesn't accept checked boxes...or are you protecting me? I am sure others do not know this.

VRBO is one of many vacation rental sites now - please do not auto renew my membership. Very shady relationship you have with the CC Processing 3rd party.

Ask carla about VRBO
1 review
0 helpful votes

I paid them 350 $ for my own private listing page for a year. so I get done setting it up and when it publishes , low and behold , on my page that I paid for there are " sponsored links " for competing properties. that's completely unacceptable and (surprise ) they won't do anything about it.

Ask steven about VRBO
1 review
1 helpful vote

It is pretty unbelievable that after witnessing AirBnB's successful business model and user-friendly website that VRBO would continue to operate as horribly as it does. The website is SO poorly designed and confusing. The app never works properly. But the best of all, they take a HUGE cut in the reservations AND will restrict your listing out of the blue! If you are not doing the amount of business they approve of, they will just drop you. How does that make any sense?? Oh, it's because they want you to PAY $900 for a yearly subscription! IDIOTS! You want me to sell more but pay to sell more??? What planet? Who operates this POS site? This is the second time I've been restricted and I swear I will NEVER advertise my properties again! Air BnB is the REAL DEAL!!!!

Ask Angela about VRBO
1 review
0 helpful votes

Normally I don't get a snippy customer service rep but I have twice with this team. To their credit they are Americans and not Phillipinos or Indians (non-native speakers) but they copped an attitude when I suggested their site had a glitch (two, actually). To fix the glitch the tech marked a Traveler Inquiry as Spam which is incorrect. The VRBO site actually showed this Traveler had "1of2 Payments Outstanding" when she never booked in the first place. In fact, my page STILL lists this Traveler as owing. Furthermore, I rec'd a reply from a customer rep a week after my initial contact and it had nothing to do with my inquiry, so I responded back five days ago and have yet to hear back. These guys don't have their act together (yet they're charging a total of 16.6% of my booking, all fees included.) Not getting my monies worth. Wish they had competition!

Ask Non about VRBO
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

We listed our home in February 2016, and less than two weeks after, VRBO began sneaking a "service fee" in to our guests. We have a large home, and for some guests this fee was $499.00--can you imagine paying nearly $500.00 for NO SERVICE--and this was in our opinion a violation of our contract.

Several months ago, a guest tried to extort me, by implying a negative review would be forthcoming if they did not get a refund (approximately $5000). These were horrific guests, who were drunk and disorderly, and had the police called on them by three sets of neighbors. When I received the correspondence saying they were not the "kind of person to leave a negative review but expected a refund", I contacted VRBO in writing and told them a guest was trying to extort me, Customer Service wrote back that I should "call the police" if I felt threatened and that I could write a response to the negative review. Fast forward several weeks, the nasty and full of lies review is posted. I have upcoming guests contacting me to ask what the condition of the property is, and a month-long booking canceled as a result. I wrote a response saying this review is "malicious and untrue" and VRBO will not post my reply, saying it it is "unprofessional" to write that her review is not true. I was told by a supervisor at VRBO Customer Service that merely implying extortion is OK--that guests must directly write, "Refund my money or I will write a negative review"--as if most people clearly advertise they are breaking the law! I think a first year law student knows extortion, either explicit or implied, is illegal. I will be moving our properties over to AirBnB and other sites as soon as our contract is up next year.

Ask Janet about VRBO
1 review
8 helpful votes

Been using VRBO for years.
Now you're charging a 9% fee for guests who book through you on top of owner paid fees?
Asinine. And what's worse is the fact that you Deliberately hide that fee until after reservation has been booked /confirmed.
I will NEVER use Home away, nor VRBO again. I hope to see a class action lawsuit soon. User beware

Ask Carrie about VRBO
1 review
6 helpful votes

I reserved a property, the site took my credit card information and the dates for the reservation on a property. I booked my flight, then VRBO said "sorry" the owner did not respond. The owner DID respond . VRBO cancelled my reservation. The owner said it was available.
This site is terrible. The "service fee" is money that goes directly to VRBO.

Ask Kathy about VRBO
1 review
5 helpful votes

My husband rented a place in VA that turned out to have mold. We were unaware and became VERY ILL and had to cut our stay short. The owners of the home have refused to contact us back, so we contacted VRBO about the property. They told us they will not contact the owners nor help us to do so. They also refused to post our review of the home on their site as it was negative. So future renters won't have any information on the mold, and the owners will not be required to disclose it. Disgusting all around. The pictures we took would justify our review.

Tip for consumers: Stay away! Use AIRBNB!!

Ask Casey about VRBO
1 review
6 helpful votes

It is very unfortunate that this website monopolizes the vacation rental market for owners to advertise their properties. We have been owners on the site for many years and have continued to experience deceitful practices by them year after year, along with no resolution to any of our concerns. They do not take responsibility and will not resolve any anything for you. Time and time again we have had horrible customer service experiences with them. Now they are deceiving their owners to sign up for online bookings. While they advertise it as helpful in the booking process to the property owner, it actually tacks on a HUGE booking fee to potential renters that utilize the service. It does not look good to those that come to your site, interested in booking your property, to have such a big bogus fee tacked onto their vacation. Once you sign up for this, you cannot go back...they refuse to let you....head warning to those of you who have not signed up for this...don't do it! Even though I didn't like it at first, Airbnb looks better and better and actually provides more inquiries to us now than VRBO and it's affiliated sites. Wish there were more sites to advertise on that provide similar exposure though..they are at the top of all search engines and that really sucks!

Ask Margaret about VRBO
1 review
7 helpful votes

VRBO has now started charging a HUGE service fee!!! I went to reserve the same place I reserved I had previously reserved a few months ago and this time VRBO had tacked on a $192 service fee! Seriously.... the details were for 24/7 service. You have got to be kidding me...the manager at the place we rented was the one who provided that!! I will seriously consider looking thru someone else to reserve my reservations!!!! $192 is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask Rhonda about VRBO
1 review
6 helpful votes

Beware, beware...there is hidden service fee that VRBO scams guests/renters with. This fee is added by VRBO and is not the the property owners fee.

Ask John about VRBO
1 review
2 helpful votes

I rented my condo in Fort Lauderdale for February and march last year. I required renters premium insurance $198.00 paid by tenant. My new vinyl couch was ruined and i filed a claim. The tenant denied doing anything including cleaning the couch. My claim was denied because they denied doing any damage. This insurance is a scam i need a new couch there is no appeal no discussion no payment. What bull.

Ask Charles about VRBO
2 reviews
30 helpful votes

They are changing everything. Not only do I pay my $400 fee but now they are trying to get 4 times more income by charging my renters 6-8% or more. Total screw. We are looking at other options and getting out of this.

Ask Brian about VRBO
1 review
2 helpful votes

I signed a contract for three nights, with a two-night minimum clearly stated on the contract. I was charged for four nights! I have learned a valuable lesson. Do NOT rent this property until you have the rate-per-night disclosed to you in writing! This situation could have easily been avoided, had the owner been transparent.

Ask Tonya about VRBO
6 reviews
7 helpful votes

I will admit that yes I've had 2 or 3 great experiences on VRBO and met great property owners but this is due to detailed research prior to booking. However on the flipside I've had one apartment double booked and was notified by the owner 1 week before. They eventually found us another apartment but not suitable for a vacation rental. Got no compensation from VRBO.

FRAUDULENT LISTINGS!! - I've seen two such listings (in the same country and about a year apart). The latest was an apartment that is actually currently for sale (know this because I recently viewed it on the realtor's website). They've used the exact same photos and made up a convincing little story on the listing. It actually had one review which was similarly convincing however the photo used was from a real estate agent in the same country. This person I've met during property viewings and know for a fact they live in the country, however the listing portrayed them as visiting for the first time.
I've tried to contact VRBO re this listing and the other but there's no direct link to report these type of listings and they most they do is say fraudulent listings are covered by your booking.
So in the matter of interest, you show up to your vacation rental with your family and having paid a good few thousand dollars. Get out of the taxi and go to where you're "supposed" to be staying and the unit doesn't exist, is really not for rent or a property for sale. How does this VRBO guarantee help you at the last minute??
Great if you can get a property with over 10+ reviews but if not don't risk it !!

Ask Tom about VRBO
1 review
9 helpful votes

Badly trained rude CSR - VRBO/Homeaway customer service is one of the worst i have encountered. I just had a CSR hang up on me 2 minutes into a call because I disagreed with his assertion that their fees were better that AirBnB.I had been on hold and transferred around for 35 minutes before I finally go this imbecile.
Process - Another time, I had them send me a threatening email to refund charges that had already been refunded to a guest because they did not take 10 seconds to check.
They recently changed their subscription and fees which caused a lot of confusion but do not seem to have staffed up to cover the questions.
VRBO is not open about the fees they charge homeowners. Besides a subscription, they also charge 3% for the payment system. Compared to other listing sites which only charges 3% total. I actually get more bookings on those sites for more per booking

Tip for consumers: There are better options on the market for listing your home such as AirBnb, TripAdvisor etc. The

Ask K about VRBO
1 review
10 helpful votes

I have been a VRBO owner for 3 years and they are the worst company I have ever done business with!! Since their new service fee was implemented my listings are starting to drop to the bottom of the search, regardless of what filters or sort criteria are used. I hate this company!!!

Ask Keith about VRBO
1 review
9 helpful votes

Home Away charges large fees to renters, they charge large credit card processing fees to homeowners then refuse to transfer rental income to the homeowners. Their "Compliance Specialists" repeatedly hang up on homeowners, do not return phone calls, nor respond to emails or mailed letters! We are taking our homes to AirBnB....

Ask Lynda about VRBO
2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Owner only refunded half of our deposit since there were regurgitated food marks on the toilet and the surrounding area from when my son became sick. We cleaned it up the best that we could with the products available. Owner did not follow the SC law that says you have to give an itemized list of expenses if you with hold any of the deposit, and return the balance with interest. Owner never responding to any of my emails, nor postal mail. VRBO would not help since they do not get involved in deposit disputes once the stay has already take place.

Ask Dawn about VRBO
3 reviews
6 helpful votes

I own 2 vacation rentals in Hawaii and I have been using for 8 years. In the beginning, I could tell that the website was improving over time. Now I feel like they are about to go out of business. I hope they don't but it would be good if they could improve their customer service.
I also don't like how other people can write untrue reviews on my site and vrbo still will leave them up. It does protect the renter but it is unfair to the owner that false information about the property is up on the site. It is false advertising.
Airbnb has taken most of my business recently.

Ask Jonny about VRBO
1 review
13 helpful votes

We were early adopters of VRBO as guests, using it often to find lodging for our family of 6. Then when we ended up having rental property of our own, it was our first selection to list on. The recent excessive rate hikes are forcing us to leave. We will no longer list either of our properties on this site, nor will I rent any from that site. They are greedy! The business model worked with owner's paying a fee to list. Now they want to bring in a business model like AirBnB AND charge customers 6%! Not right! No added features or benefits. Guests want us to pay it or "split" it, so I can either raise my fees or eat the added cost. Not happening. We are already in the red with our properties, we can bleed anymore! I will happily pay AirBnB 3% and the guest pays 3% because that is ALL that I am paying, I am not paying an additional $400 to list just 1 property with them! I hope there is a massive revolt and they either revise their policies back to normal or go bankrupt!

Ask Charlene about VRBO
1 review
2 helpful votes

This is the second time now that we have rented a house in Florida and our security deposit of $500 not being returned to us. We have not done any damage in either of our very short stays. This is a scam. Stay away!

Ask Jon about VRBO
1 review
10 helpful votes

For those of you who are frustrated with your vacation rental experience on other sites, we've created a new site called Our site is pro-owner and pro-traveler. It's free to list your home, and free to book. We don't take a cut of the transaction. We offer an optional membership for owners who want featured placement.

The site is in an early stage, and we are working to build more traffic. Take the time to add your home. It's free!

Ask Vacation about VRBO
1 review
10 helpful votes

We advertise our duplex 2 different ways on vrbo and it has been a decent experience in the past. Suddenly, I noticed that they are raising my yearly rental fee above others because I will not use their online booking services and they have lowered my ranking so much that I only had 2 renters last year from my booking. Clearly this is not working for me. I only wish that my listing had not auto renewed recently.
I am looking for a new site that has integrity- let vrbo continue to represent only the people who falsely advertise and the ones who are fine with their huge fee that they are adding to our rentals.I have been loyal to them for a long time. enough is enough.

Ask Mary about VRBO
1 review
11 helpful votes

I had heard that a group of companies were bought by Expedia, including VRBO, not long ago. I had often used VRBO for my travels, never again. Not only do they charge the property owner renting their units, now they add a substantial service charge to the renter, total GREED. Also read that the CEO of Expedia, based in Seattle, made $94 million in the past year, how nice for that jerk.

Ask Mike about VRBO

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A: No they cannot. I asked to have a review removed that was simply full of lies and even notified VRBO in advance that a guest was trying to extort me to refund her money based on a completely untrue review, in which she referred to my Property Manager, a beautiful young woman in her 20s, as a "creepy woman". VRBO allowed this to be posted, but when I tried to respond saying the review was malicious and untrue, VRBO replied they would not post my review unless I "polished it". Apparently, it is OK for a guest to refer to someone as "creepy" and VRBO will publish. To say a review is untrue, is "unprofessional" and "lacks polish". VRBO will not take this review down, even though it is completely out of whack with our other reviews and it was the product of a failed extortion attempt by a guest.
5 days ago
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