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TaskRabbit reviews

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80 reviews
Categories: Jobs, Service Marketplace
425 Second Street, 5th Floor
San Francisco, California, USA
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80 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I am disabled so when I first discovered TR, I was thrilled. I booked them several times to pick up groceries or run small errands. I have a smoker in my home so often I'll have them pick up cigarettes for them. Today I scheduled a tasker to pick up some grocieries and threw a pack of cigarettes on the list. As I had been advised by their customer service department in the past, I told the tasker he could check with customer service to verify my identity and age as they notated my account, The tasker said it was no problem, he would be leaving shortly to go get my groceries. We had a few chats in between and about the time I was expecting him to show up, TR sent me a message they I had cancelled. WTF? I called and was told that they couldn't deliver cigarettes so they cancelled the whole task. No phone call, just an email, after they cancelled, with a lame explaination. I had already waited an hour and a half and now they wanted me to reschedule to reorder the groceries and wait another hour or so. For $40 an hour, you'd think that would buy the client the courtesy of a little common sense and a quick phone call to at least give the option of fulfilling the rest of the task. Their timiliness, customer service and always increasing and very high hourly rates have finally become too much. As a customer who used to love the service, I can say they have deteriorated to the point I will no longer be using them. I am researching alternative services in San Jose, Ca, but I may just have to do without the extra little help.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I thought the idea of TaskRabbit was to make your life easier - subcontract out the tasks you don't want to do. But what happens instead is that you replace the task you didn't want to do with a HUGE HASSLE in dealing with TaskRabbit, and sometimes you end up doing the task you didn't want to do because you run out of time to find a TaskRabbit.
I used TaskRabbit on-and-off for a few years. In the early years, I loved them. Then they changed the process (and changed it again) and it has never even approached "okay" since then. All the "taskers" I've used have been between "adequate" and "great" (although I've heard horror stories), but I've also had multiple tasks canceled because the assigned tasker didn't want to do it, and sometimes I spent more time on TaskRabbit trying to get someone to clean my house than if I would've just cleaned the house myself!
The platform is horrible: taskers hate it, clients hate it... I have no idea for whose convenience any of this is designed.
Their customer service is unimpressive. After reading other reviews, I feel lucky that they even responded to complaints. I had one rep who was, um, not very bright, as she thought a $10 credit that was issued months *before* the task I was complaining about, was actually the $15 credit I had been promised. Yes, they have credited me multiple times for tasks that were overcharged, or just such an omnishambles that they felt they had to make it up to me. Again, judging from the other reviews, I'm the lucky one, in that I even got a credit for my fiascos. Still, I've decided that it's not worth the hassle of dealing with TaskRabbit - I'd rather just do my task myself, or take my chances with Craigslist.

1 review
5 helpful votes

A tasker came to my home. He could not do any of the work. I was still charged. When I called task rabbit to request a refund, they said they would look into it and never did. They simply give you the run around and keep your money for an unfulfilled job. It's dishonest.

1 review
8 helpful votes

i'm out of work and i fill out the application and at the end i find that they want me to pay them 20 dollars application fee? I"M OUT OF WORK !! i don't have an extra 20 bucks to give to you so you can rip me off by taking 1/3 of everything i earn. if you thought the company store was gone, it has made a comeback. what a racket! you are supposed to pay ME not the other way around! understand?

1 review
7 helpful votes

I had recently moved, and was using task rabbit quite frequently for handy man work around the house. I was extremely disappointed to find out that most "taskers" were not experienced, and often dishonest about their capabilities. However, I was most disappointed with task rabbits overall lack of accountability when things went wrong. I had hired someone to install tracking for a sliding closet door. The person who accepted this task ended up unnecessarily ripping my newly installed carpeting. He assured me that Task Rabbit's insurance would cover the repair of my carpet. At first, task rabbit support was responsive and guaranteed that they would make this right. After sending them the quote to have my carpet repaired, they became impossible to get a hold of. Even telling me that they "don't have a phone number" and all support communication is done "strictly through email". That not only extremely inconvenient, but also hard for me to believe. After this negative experience and their lack of accountability, I will never use this service again.

1 review
2 helpful votes

While some rabbits did OK jobs, I had several rabbits who arrived late to tasks which they signed up for and caused extreme inconveniences. Another rabbit was worse - basically leaves a task open for weeks and months and did not even respond to emails or inquiries until I contacted the taskrabbit customer service asking for refund. Task ended up not completed according to the request but I was still charged with the expense. It should be highlighted as huge warnings prior to any usage that the company does not offer any type or sense of liability or responsibility over the actual completion and/or quality of the completion of the tasks (making the system prone to rabbits taking advantage of this to get away with doing sloppy job). Also, the company does not allow tasker to write reviews on the rabbit who did poor jobs, they would simply remove the customer displaying any dissatisfaction with the service to avoid issuing refund or getting negative reviews.

1 review
5 helpful votes

We hired a plumber to fix a minor issue in our bathroom. Did all our due diligence by hiring someone with positive reviews and who was licensed.

We came home to find that this plumber had left the shower running ALL DAY LONG, causing massive flooding and thousands of dollars of damages in our home completely ruining our downstairs living room ceiling. We of course contacted Task Rabbit who claims to have insurance against these types of issues that were caused by their Taskers. After over a MONTH of waiting and emails, they claimed that it "does not qualify" under their insurance policy.

Let me make this very clear - Task Rabbit's "guarantee" or "insurance" is completely fraudulent. They WILL NOT protect you in the event that someone destroys your property. How on earth does hiring a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL ON TASK RABBIT, to do a simply bathroom plumbing job, who then proceeds to be insanely incompetent and cause THOUSANDS in damage to your home not qualify under their insurance? So what is covered, Task Rabbit?

Avoid this service at all costs. Their customer service reps may talk like they empathize, but the actual people in charge of making sure your home is kept safe and people are held accountable for damages simply don't give a flying f*!@.

Insanely disappointing.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I booked a tasker to assemble my flat pack yesterday. After 3.5 hours I was told that the cupboard was damaged and that he wouldn't be able to complete the task. My walls were damaged in two spots in the process. We both had to call a U.S. number who said they would be in touch and call us back. They didn't. I spent money on 4 calls to the U.S. Each time I had to explain the situation over again.
In the evening I exchanged 5 emails with a rep at Taskrabbit UK, who kept asking me for the same information, information that was documented on my chat with the tasker and including pictures. They kept sending me the same email over and over again, hardly changing it and told me that they weren't responsible for paying me back for the damage.
That's I would need to be insured. Why the help would I need to be insured for a flatpack??? I communicated that to the rep who still hasn't been in touch. I've sent 4 follow up emails. My cupboards were worth 3250 but that was apparently too much money for them to reimburse me for. I tried the emergency number this morning but the only options available are to leave a voicemail or send emails. Neither of which have got me anywhere. The service I've received has been nothing short of disgusting. Even after the tasker officially took responsibility of everything, they still won't respond and reimburse/ resolve the situation.

1 review
5 helpful votes

If you are a Tasker and have a sick kid, and have to cancel early more than a once or twice of times, a nameless person in Policies dep will politely fire you by email and you have no recourse. Even if you've done stellar work consistently, tough beans. Do No let TR be your only gig, bc though they have some pros, they have little understanding when it comes to such things. As they say, such conduct degrades the TR platform" and with their magic anonymous email wand the flow of jobs vanishes w no warning.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I registered to start working for this web. They mention nothing about fees. I wasted an hour completing their questions. I am in need of a dollar to eat. At the end, they asked me for my credit card info to charge me $5 wil be refunded in a month. Why don't just deduct $5 from my first salary. Why don't they tell about the fee from the biginng before wasting my time. knew about them from Laura Shin who writes for Forbs online. I am very angry from this Laura Shin because she advertises for abuser without talking aout ther trick. But these people don't care about someone who has $5 because they make money about increasing their reader of us the poor people.

1 review
3 helpful votes

They lost my items and I was overcharged for the task. It has been 3 months since I let them now and they are thieves who is not replying back to me and returning my money back. Worst company ever do not work with them I recommend they create a department and call it customer support.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Joke service. Unreliable nonsense. Had a tasker reschedule twice, keep ,e waiting all day then cancel at the last minute as the parking arrangements were not to his liking. Tried to feed back but the website is a joke too.

1 review
6 helpful votes

As a tasker, who was 'employed' for a month, my experience was pretty neutral. I did a few tasks and they were fine. However, the company builds up this image of it being a new and exciting way to connect people and the mantra of 'neighbour help neighbour' idea is a load of rubbish. The company take a cut of 30% on your 'first task' with a client. Then say its only 15% for that same client on repeat tasks. However, most people using this service don't have multiple tasks needing done repeatedly. They use it, unfortunately, to find someone cheap and quick to do their task, even if that is building shelves, cleaning the house or knocking down walls and building a new window. The expectations are so high most of the time, and too many people use it to find handymen and builders (as that is what task rabbit is used most for) to pay them the very minimum. My partner is an elite tasker, which happens after you do a lot of tasks over the course of a month for example. He has made task rabbit a LOT of money. Thousands of pounds. He works full time and averages about 3 or 4 tasks a day. Every new client he books in doesn't realise they are paying 30% more to the company. My partner has not been paid about £5,000 for all his work over three months. He has attempted to contact task rabbit and is met with automated voice calls and emails sent to him three days later. He has time and time again tried to make contact with this business and their attitude seems to be that his lack of pay is 'not an emergency'. Do not use task rabbit. Instead it is better to find someone privately and pay the money directly to them. That way you know the money isn't going to a company, much like Uber, who pay the CEO's and managers big money and screw the people doing the hard work. AVOID.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Athough TaskRabbit may be the idea go to solution for people on the go, they are lacking plain ole professionalism. Professional etiquette is of great importance not only today, but everyday. As a customer service applicant for TaskRabbit, I was put through a grueling interview process, I was asked to pick three possible time slots for each one of the 5 interviews I had. Not to mention that on my final interview I was asked to meet the interviewer in a lobby of a local hotel where he had to look for a "quiet" spot to conduct the interview and when it was all over, I had to pay parking. Here's a clue, when you are a company who is making millions, you should conduct yourselves as such. Your applicants are obviously looking for a job, considering there is no guarantee who you will select, let's make sure that are spared any expense. Paying for parking is only worth it if you know you are going to start work within the week. I have had the privilege of working jobs that require security clearance and have never been through such a exhausting process. I would advise that you narrow your interview process down to reasonable. The interview process was not only physically draining, it was emotionally draining as well. When you are in the hiring stages, your applicants hope to become employees. I think it is ok to stop your interview process before it gets to the level of obsessive. As an entry level employee two maybe three interviews are more than enough. Anymore after that should remain reserved for applicants seeking positions as executives. Last but not least, it was evident by the interviewers statements that I was not the one. As I previously mentioned the interviewing process was extreme, in that case once your selection has been made, extend a note of why this particular candidate was not chosen. A substantial amount of time was given to the TaskRabbit team over the course of two weeks, I don't think understanding what eliminated a top candidate is too much to ask. With that being said, when a up and coming business handles their internal affairs this way, it makes you wonder what makes best suited to serve the world externally.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Tasker had me answer millions of questions about my simple job of moving two paintings: dimensions, whether they would fit in an SUV, would I be there at the pick up sight, and on and on. At the end of about 45 minutes, he said he wasn't sure he would have either an SUV or a sedan to do the task.
I was infuriated. Why go through an interrogation for nothing?

1 review
2 helpful votes

I assumed (incorrectly) that when you schedule/hire someone from Task Rabbit to perform a job that they would actually show up. Got a text saying they were too busy on another task and had to cancel. And that they would not charge me. How nice of them to not charge me for a service they did not even provide.

4 reviews
19 helpful votes

Multiple times I tried to schedule a tasker... not one was available.The only person who said he was available (Gilbert M.) canceled last minute. Don't bother.

1 review
8 helpful votes

We had a very bad experience with Tasker Santos C. We had to pick up three pieces of office furniture and move it to our house. Santos agreed to do this job and we scheduled at a time convenient for him. On the day of pick up, he was supposed to arrive at 10 am at the pick up location. When we didn't see him at 10:05, we called him. He apologized at that point that he was going to be half hr late. This was already unprofessional as we had to apologize to the folks at the pick up location who had to leave for another errand. We continue waiting until 10:50 and give Santos a call again, at this point he let's us know he cannot make it as his truck broke down! This was extremely frustrating as we planned this task 2 weeks ago! It was irresponsible of Santos and I will not recommend him to anyone. Task rabbit should hold responsibilities on ensuring tasters don't cancel task at last minute! Also please note, you cannot write a review on the Tasker once the task is cancelled!

1 review
9 helpful votes

I scheduled someone to install a ceiling fan. $39 an hour, they rescheduled then cancelled 8 hours before. I went to repost and that $39 increased to $50, same person. I was given an option to have them find someone for first $30 an hour and then $60. I am waiting to see if they hit me for the minimum 1 hour since you are required to cancel 24 hours in advance. The tasker told me I had to cancel so I attached the emails. Ripoff!!!!!!! Contacting them is next to impossible you get shifted to their FAQ's and after a lot of digging you finally find a way to email them.

1 review
40 helpful votes

I applied to be a tasker on 1/5/16, the company stated that it only hires a small amount of the thousands of applications that they receive. So I waited & waited after several months I found a job and forgot about task rabbit. Oh but low and behold I see a charge to my bank account from the company.
I called the only number available for customer service and it turns out to be the emergency number. I stay on the line and tell the associate my issue. They quickly dismiss me and say that an email will be sent and my issue is not an emergency. I would love for that to happen to them and have someone tell them that same exact thing "I understand that we took money out of your account without permission but we don't consider it an emergency just wait for the email"

Then the company emails me and says it is for the background check I honestly do not remember agreeing to pay for my background check. I told them I am no longer interested in the job and to refund my money they wrote no can do because I am already registered
Okay so I said fine I might ad well attend orientation and take a job so that I may get my money back. But nooooo, the app that the have for IPhone is not trusted so unless you over ride the system and allow it to be accepted you can't use the app. I'm sorry that is a big red flag. If you are a reputable company why would your app not be trusted. So I will have to take a lost on my money & I have deactivated my account so I will not ever be dealing with this company again

1 review
26 helpful votes

Would not recommend TaskRabbit. I hired a couple people from there. Biggest problem is that the people who did the work enter and were paid for their hours without my approval. There is no mechanism for the person hiring to approve hours. Free for all on my credit card.

1 review
23 helpful votes

I read about Task Rabbit in an LA Times article and logged in and referred them to a friend. I have used a handyman--and loved him so much he's been back three times. He is exceptional, very skilled and conscientious. And I used someone else to pack up my mom's place after she died. He was also good--had initiative and was responsive and flexible. My friend used someone to clean up her closet and was pleased. So I would recommend you to others, based on my positive experiences. TB

1 review
2 helpful votes

It appears they fulfill a required service need, providing work for people who need the job.

4 reviews
52 helpful votes

I used Task Rabbit 3 different times when I was living in Los Angeles 2014-2015. Twice I used them for handyman projects and once to help me pack up for a move in July '15. I never had a problem with the 3 workers used. I wish they had Task Rabbit in Ft Lauderdale.

1 review
15 helpful votes

I hired a task worker to assemble a bed. I gave details on the size and structure (queen solid wood bed) the task worker accepted. He was courteous and polite however he requested I help him a few times. I could not with a 18 month old running around, besides if I could do it myself I would have. To top off the stress the headboard fell hard on the bed frame and it broke the headboard in 2 pieces. In summary the task worker went to the hardware store bought a few screws and hooks and pretty much screwed the damaged wood back together. Of course I allowed him to because I needed some where to sleep however I reported the incident and expected a resolution compensating for the damaged item . Taskrabbit only offered reimbursement on the services charged. I am currently now questioning what exactly was the resolution to my damaged item. I do not recommend them for any job and believe their policy & procedure in regards to damaged items is false advertisement.

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