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Categories: Flower Delivery, Gifts
Sunnyvale, CA 94085-5405
Tel: 2016060910263

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1 review
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PickupFlowers is an Indian company and they feel nothing about lying and deceiving customer and florists who they work with. They ignore if they don't want to answer or just keep making excuses. They play by their own rules which are really nonsense!

1 review
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Chat transcript

Name: Randall
E-mail: Xxxxxxxxxx
Is it about an order already placed? Yes
Question: I want to know when delivery of the gift basket will happen. It was scheduled for today and it has not been delivered yet

Karl Thomas Wed, 04/19/17 09:59:18 am Australia

Welcome back! Do you have any questions?

Randall 10:00:44 am

Hi I need to know when my delivery will be completed please? I had no response from the previous support agent on this matter
It was supposed to be yesterday 10:01:03 am

Karl Thomas 10:01:36 am

order number

Randall 10:02:06 am


Karl Thomas 10:07:50 am

We need some time

Randall 10:08:20 am

You commited to delivery on the 18th
That is not good enough

Karl Thomas 10:08:45 am

The supplier is not responding

Randall 10:09:17 am

It is 2 am in the morning in Ukraine

Karl Thomas 10:09:45 am

Yes , that is the reason the supplier is not responding we need sometime

Randall 10:10:17 am

And when I asked yesterday to confirm I got absolutely no response

Karl Thomas 10:10:26 am

we are really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you

Randall 10:10:31 am

I would like a refund please

Karl Thomas 10:10:37 am

I will make sure that i email you the status of the order
if itrs not delivered on 18 we will refund the money
please send a email with your order number to cancel the order and refund the money 10:11:03 am

Randall 10:11:40 am

it is the 19th already
It had to be there for the 18th 10:12:32 am

Karl Thomas 10:12:36 am

Surte please send a email .

Randall 10:13:10 am


Karl Thomas 10:15:19 am

we are really sorry for the inconvenience caused to you

Randall 10:16:29 am

Look, when will you know? I have a sad child who was expecting this to be there and you guys have not really been very supportive
I asked yesterday if there were any issues and I got the response that I will get a delivery receipt 10:17:13 am
Just give me a date and time that you can commit todo that I can tell this girl when her present will be there
I am still waiting on a delivery receipt for the previous one I ordered through you so I'm not really very happy right now 10:19:09 am

Karl Thomas 10:20:56 am

We did not deliver the prodct to provide you that ]

Randall 10:21:43 am

Yes I am aware of that

Karl Thomas 10:25:07 am

How can we provide delivery recieot

Randall 10:27:35 am

I have placed 2 orders one a week ago and one a few days ago. Your own support people advised that I would get a delivery advice on delivery and now you are saying that you don't provide that.
I placed an order and specified the date. You accepted that and took the money. But have failed to provide a service or at the very least an actual update on any issues that arose 10:28:50 am
If you cannot provide what your website claims then don't make the claim 10:29:23 am
I paid the money, I expect the service and support that actually does what they say they will do 10:30:02 am
I have 2 current orders in your system I want go know that I am getting what I paid for and if not then I would like a refund and I will go somewhere else. If you could not deliver when you agreed to then you should have advised of that 10:32:05 am
I want this sorted. As it is costing me time and money and promises that I made which is unacceptable, and if you cannot help then put me in contact with somebody who will please 10:33:16 am

Karl Thomas 10:34:22 am

Sir we need time for it please bear with us .
we will update the status of the order .

Randall 10:35:38 am

Dude the first order is over a week now? And still no update on delivery, and now your saying that you need time, are you kidding me
What exactly was I paying for if not to be delivered on time 10:36:45 am
Look I'm not pissed at you but the previous agent read a message I sent for an update and didn't respond at all 10:37:46 am

1 review
0 helpful votes

I ordered flowers to be delivered to my mother-in-law. They never arrived. After a great deal of time on line and on the phone with representatives from pickup flowers they sent an email saying the full amount would be refunded. IT NEVER WAS. I had to spend time again with my CC company disputing the charge. All in all, a big mess. BE WARNED

1 review
0 helpful votes

Had 4 orders 'approved' and my card debited. 3 of the orders were cancelled without notifying me(I could have made a different plan) and the.other was NOT DELIVERED. No EXPLANATION OR APOLOGIES. . Still waiting for a refund.Will not use this company again. My 91 year.old mother did not receive her gift. Shameful!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Delivery for a funeral was first delayed for a day - no problem. However, a full 7 days later I got an e-mail stating that the arrangement was out of stock but that they could deliver it soon. Really?!?! this was for a funeral my friend from the states was at in AUS - timing was very important and these guys failed miserably! in addition, they never returned my calls to speak with a manager - brutal customer service! I'd give them '0' stars if I could!!! DON'T USE THESE GUYS!!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Promised to deliver. NOTHING has been done
I will not be so mad IF they contacted me and mentioned that it cannot be done, but no news at all.
I emailed the live chat and they did not even care about it.
NO customer service, NO flowers, NO apologies..
I would have given it a 0 or negative rating anytime.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Its a nightmare.
I thought it will be delivered on the same day (as stated in the website). NOTHING has been done
I will not be so mad IF they contacted me and mentioned that it cannot be done, but no news at all.
I emailed the live chat and they did not even care about it.
NO customer service, NO flowers, NO apologies..
I would have given it a 0 rating anytime.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I pay for a Splendid Arrangment of Flowers. The delivery day was Friday 24/Feb/2017 and the order was delivered on 2/March/2017. On the other hand, I paid for an arrangment of flower with some types of flowers like roses and with a vase. My friend recieved different kind of flowers (cheper flowers) in paper, not in a vase. I want to complain because I paid for something that my friend didn´t recieve and send it it to late. This company stole my money. Don´t buy anything.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Dont take my word for it, heres their BBB rating. F rating with BBB. Scam company, won't deliver your flowers on time and will hassle you about your refund, hoping you will just forget about it.

1 review
1 helpful vote

They charged my credit card, but never delivered the flowers OR issued a refund. They claim that the flowers were "lost in transit" on their end. I've emailed them four times for a refund, but I am getting an automated response by an agent named Keith. Absolutely terrible company. I wish I saw this website earlier...

1 review
3 helpful votes

Order 3 Bouquets 2 weeks ago online, Oder was accepted and money taken from my Debit Card.. Received an email asking for ALL my Bank and Card details, I refused, then they cancelled my Order, They wont answer my email or Live Chat and do not answer their Telephone.
I have reported them to my Trading Standards Office and reported them to my Bank.

1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered choclates for Valentine's day. Not only did they ruin the surprise by calling the person a day before Valentine's about it they also NEVER DELIVERED on the 14th!! They said they would on the 16th cause they were out of stock of the item I chose weeks ago!!!... If was never delivered on the 16th either. THEY NEVER PICK UP THEIR PHONES EITHER!! Icing on the cake.. When they did deliver on the 22nd.. It was the wrong damn item! DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. I don't believe how they still exist with a business ethic like this.

1 review
4 helpful votes

This company and Its Agents are a JOKE! Not recommended!!!They will screw up your order, NOT JUST ONCE, BUT TWICE! Then they don't back up their Satisfaction Guarantee they advertise on the website. Ive been fighting them almost a month now and all they do is play dumb! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM

1 review
4 helpful votes

I believe Pickupflowers is being managed by devils!!! How could they ruin planned surprises?! It's not really the money!!! It's the moment, the happiness from our loved ones that they have robbed from us! Get a decent job, you devils!!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm from the US and I sent flowers to te Philippines. I got my package ahead of time. I thought I got scammed because I saw all the bad reviews, but my package came. Also when my girlfriend got the flowers it was better than I thought it would be. The flowers were fragrant also the plush bear and the card too, and the arrangement was beautiful. The customer service tho is quite a head scratcher, first I asked how to check the status of my order, then she just said "order number" then I sent it then she told me that my package will be delivered on the 24th sorry for the inconvenience... so I thought that I got scammed but I WAS NOT. Then after that I asked her how to open my account because I want to look at my order but it won't go through so I kept changing my password and it still won't go through that's why I asked the rep and I waited for like 30mins and she didn't replied. So to finalize I got the package ahead of time, Product is better than I expected but it had some little damages on the flower, and Customer service not so helpful.

1 review
0 helpful votes

My husband uses pickup flowers to send me surprises. Its been great to deal with pickup flowers, delivery is on time and flowers are great. But this recent valentines day (feb 14,2017) they only delivered one item out of three (even we received confirmation that they already delivered all three) . We contacted the customer service , and they promised to deliver the items feb 20 and will refund us partially. We waited until feb 20 but no items were delivered.

For flower bouquets they can deliver it on time , but they failed for the other items.

1 review
5 helpful votes

This site is a scam. Like all the other reviews, I ordered flowers and had payment taken immediately. Nothing was then delivered.

Should you use this site and now release your mistake, contact your bank and ask for a chargeback for the amount which you purchased. You can do this within 30 days of your order and will receive your money bank. Their site will also be fined for your transaction and if this occurs too often with their customer they will no longer be allow accept payments.

1 review
4 helpful votes

I have orderd the red roses for valentine day with a teddy, they have failed to deliver on time, while I keep calling and emailing them, Finlay they delivered 2 days after the valentine day, n Instead of red roses they have sent yellow bunch which I won't even take it for free. I would never recommend this website, as it's really scam.

1 review
4 helpful votes

A friend of mine sent me a text asking if "they were to my liking" and I respond - what?

They sent out a confirmation email saying they had delivered - but they did not - spend your money somewhere else - this is total bogus - the phone number they have is never answered!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I order from this company flowers and one day after my payment they send me email that they did not receive payment and i am high score risk. They ask me personal Id and photo of my credit card both sides. They are big scam. See other customer review

1 review
3 helpful votes

Don't buy here! They'll take your money

1 review
3 helpful votes

Ordered flowers on the 11th for Valentine's Day. Order was accepted on website. On the 13th I received an email saying that they need an extra 10 USD. Turns out flowers have still yet been delivered. Nor do I ever think they will be. I have tried calling about 20 times, and the live chat is useless. It's a totally bogus website. I cannot believe they were so high ranked in Google page search results.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Hi there
I ordered on gift online on Feb 13th and was supposed to be delivered on 02/16/2017 in India.
However the delivery was never made and neither I was informed regarding this.
I came to know only when I contacted the recipient and he said he never received ithow embarrassing is that.
I called and tried to contact your USA office at 415-315-9697 and spoke to James Lad and Issac Lord.
I am sorry to say but I am so unsatisfied with the way they dealt this matter.
When I wished to speak to a manager or a supervisor, I was informed that there is nobody available.
I was told I can call back for the third time in morning(according to Indian time) coz the call center is in India.
Is this a way to run a business?
I was never informed that my gift is not gonna be available.
so when I contacted them again the next day which is today Feb 17, 2017, the floor manager refused to cooperate with me . when I asked for refund he told me I have to wait 10 days for it. asked owner or CEO of company name, he refused.

so guys I u want your order to be delivered then please don't fall in there trap

1 review
3 helpful votes

Sir why u play peple hope??! I send a gift for my wife she live in usa and i am from pakistan i pay u but u email me that we return ur money we have enable to send ur gift but u not retun my money i call u serivel time u dont ans me plz retun my money back

1 review
3 helpful votes

I bought for my wife on Feb 3 but until now Feb 16 nothing was delivered.. how was this scammers not yet reported? This site should be taken down.

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