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Net-A-Porter reviews

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86 reviews
100 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011, GBR
Tel: +1 877 678 9627
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86 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Without any warning sales tax is being collected. You won't notice until you get to the pay for order page. I will also be looking elsewhere to purchase, one that does not charge sales tax and there are still plenty of retailers who don't do this and who offer free shipping as well. So long NAP.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I was prepared to purchase a more than $3,500 order from net-a-porter for my potential wedding dress. I was told that I needed to provide a credit card transaction number in order to process my order. I received poor customer service when I called to question why I needed to provide a transaction code from my credit card company. The customer service representative did not offer any alternative to verify my payment despite my CC already being charged. I had to call net-a-porter back and conference call in a CC representative for them to explain they did not provide a transaction code. Only then was I told that net-a-porter could deposit a less than $1 amount in my CC account as an alternative. It took several days for that deposit to appear. I had to call the company back again -- at this point I had called the company three times in order for them to charge me. The order was finally confirmed -- but THEN I was emailed a generic email saying that there had been an error and the order was no longer available in my size. This was not an error - they had clearly SOLD the dress that I had purchased. Hands down the WORST customer service I've ever experienced from an online company.

1 review
1 helpful vote

They just started charging tax to Ca on 2017. I didnt know it till i placed my order. the things i used to like r free shipping and tax free. now I dont need to buy it there. I can always shop at BG .tax free and free shipping. its not a good deal any more.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I like the web, very easy to browse and return no hassle. But in 2017, they started charging TAX to US STATES other than NY State. First they jack up the price for some items. For example Prada shoes on nordstrom, same style $750. NAP charges $765 and then TAX. If the TAX not included like prior to 2017. OK, they want to charge that $5 as shipping the shoes. Still OK, even though it's a little CHEATING! So, therefore, I'd rather shop nordstrom online. Charge TAX but better customer service policy. Good by NAP.....farewell in 2017. I have a new fav web based in UK, matches fashion..........great price and so many items, 3 days arrival. Love love.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I am long-term customer and this site is very good! It always come to me in two or three days and all products are very good quality and yeah. but about shoes, for example nike or adidas, i ordered adidas superstar and nike (i don't know full name) ad i think that they are fake, because nike shoes symbol came off in the first day i wore it and adidas superstar shoes was really hard to get on my leg and they really made me fell hurt, my leg was with blood ... but if they are fake - it's okay, because they're very good condition shoes and that'sonly one time i've been dissappointed. you can buy from there products, don't worry, it will be perfect!

4 reviews
8 helpful votes

I ordered a dress from the web. Very nice quality with nice bag for my dress. Delivery is fast as I expected. I am happy with the service.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Worst customer service ever. I ordered a 1k handbag for next day delivery. I heard nothing from net a porter and had to call them on the due date for delivery. I was told after three calls that they could not deliver to my address in Ireland. This surprises me as many other online retailers have been able to deliver to my address in the past. I was told the package would be delivered within two days. Then I received an email asking me to call my bank for a code. This was the night before delivery was due. I was so annoyed that I cancelled the order and I will NEVER buy anything from net a porter. I will instead spend my cash with their competitors. I received a cancellation email and no apology. You would think that they would want to keep customers happy, perhaps offer a 10% discount as an apology. Bad business sense.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I've been a long time Net-A-Porter customer. I loved their pictures and full description that included all measurements and weight for some items (bags, jewellery).
Recently I've tried to shop there again and so that now they have two type of the pictures - traditional high quality Net-A-Porter and others that look like something they had three to four years ago.
Items description is not as full as it used to be (I've returned 4 items in a row! That never happened to me before)
I've also noticed that prices for some items are changing from time to time.
Net-A-Porter becoming Yoxx. They are bringing some low end brands (Sam Edelman, Madewell, etc). It's no longer a luxury experience. I rather shop at Farfetch and Stylebop

1 review
1 helpful vote

Ordered goods 09DEC (2 blouses)
First time user, was so excited.
Was emailed to advise I needed to call bank to obtain Authorisation code, was odd but duly did this and emailed company back. Yo which they responded this would be passed on to finance and items to be posted. Paid extra to have items delivered on chosen day when I would be home. Christmas Party awaited the next day. So waited most of the day and no delivery. I checked order online and it said Not Dispatched.I started to panic! Called New-a-Porter hoping it was all a big mistake. No. They said they had debited a £1 from my account and needed me to check.Hello ????? None had called/emailed to advise there was further security measures in place being a new customer????? I am fuming!!! The customer serb vice is zero. No explanation as to the non delivery of my items. They are com pellets terrible and can offer no apology for the non deliverance of my two blouses. DO NOT USE NET-A-PORTER!!!! Completely pointless exercise and wasted my whole day waiting for items that were never going to arrive... I paid £995 plus £8 extra postage....from a very upset first time customer, Clara Maguire

1 review
3 helpful votes

I was a long time customer and bought many things from them. I had bought a shirt and a pair of shoes and decided to return the shoes and got an RMA number and after I had done it online decided to return the shirt as well. I called and got an RMA number and put both items in the same box. They received the box that had both items, and returned the shoes but said they never received the shirt. I tried to deal with them for a month about this and the CUSTOMER SERVICE was the worst. So I called my CC company and told them and they credited me for the return. Now Net a porter said they don't want me as a customer unless i pay for the shirt that I returned. I said NO thank you I don't want to be a customer of your site any longer.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I placed an order at over £500 for one item and paid the extra for next day delivery. I took the day off work as it had to be signed for. I thought I'd check the next morning for any tracking or delivery info only to see on my account that the item would be dispatched within 24hrs- was anyone going to tell me this if I hadn't checked? I rang Net-a-Porter immediately to ask what's going on and spoke to a girl who sounded like she couldn't care less. She informed me that there was a 'pull' up the front of it and couldn't be sent out due to quality control and would have to cancel my order. I asked if anyone was going to let me know if I hadn't checked my account but of course shed just found out her self. Now, which is it? Is it quality control or is a suitable one being dispatched within 24hrs? She didn't even offer the other one but insisted she had to cancel. I suspect lies, lies and more lies. They then had the cheek to ask by email if I was pleased with my purchase! Never again.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Caught this site falsely claiming that a Prada sweater they were selling was made in Italy only to discover that it was made in Indonesia! This site is very shady! Beware.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

They think because they are a designer retailer they can get away with terrible company policies, i.e. Price adjustments. Net a porter needs to realize even went belly up and was bought out for a much lesser price tag than originally anticipated. I think Net a porter has headed in that direction. They have terrible company policies and awful customer service reps.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have been a customer of Net-a-porter for years. Most recently, I ordered the same shirt in two different sizes because I wasn't sure which one would fit me properly. Once I determined the size that needed to be returned, I called them and got an RMA number. I got the return back to them after the designated 28 days -- and to my surprise, they mailed the shirt back to me stating that I had waited too long and the 28 days had passed. I was so surprised at this lack of customer service from a high-end luxury retailer. Not sure I will ever order from them again.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I am always impressed by how fast they are at filling orders and how fast they credit
returns. No company I've dealt with online is as dependable as they are. Anything I see
on other sites I check first to see if I can get it from them because it such a pleasure doing
business with them

2 reviews
6 helpful votes

I am a loyal customer of net a porter. I have bought a lot from them I am an EIP customer which it is said to be a special one for them. Is it? I wonder. As for months, after being sold to that investment fund it seems that it is harder and harder to get the refunds for a return.
Usually on all other online stores: my Theresa. Matches, I receive all the confirmation in max 3 days and the money back in 5 days maximum , at net a porter in 2-3 weeks after I write and write lots of emails, send pictures with the return, etc. and if I am lucky I get the money back in one month. A strategy to use the Clients' money in my opinion, until that so much waited refund confirmation is coming.
Anyhow, I do not want to be exhaustive, it is obvious that it is not the place to put your money in. Go and shop somewhere else. After downing do much in there, I would expect much different services.

53 reviews
410 helpful votes

They are just too expensive. I just feel sad for myself that I don't fit in the category of people who can afford their products

1 review
4 helpful votes

I've shopped this site for years and always had great experiences. This was my first time buying anything on sale at this site, but I had no idea that my order would be shafted to the absolute bottom of their priority list because the items I purchased were on sale (but still totaled more than some of the items that I have purchased from them for full price).

I have ordered multiple things also on sale online from other luxury retailers in the last two weeks and have received each item promptly, but net-a-porter has yet to even dispatch my order, 3 days and counting since I ordered it. An inquiry to customer service resulted in a rude email explaining to me that my SALE ITEMS would be sent to me when they were good and ready to send me my SALE ITEMS and that they were experiencing a high volume of orders and, basically, had other priorities. Well then, back to Saks for me.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

a very trustworthy website. ordered few times and always getting my shipment earlier than expected!

1 review
2 helpful votes

I bought a pair of sneakers with same day delivery on Saturday, as it was already 6pm, sneakers should arrived on Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Is Monday and I don't have my sneakers. I spent about 3 hours with them on the phone. They assured me I was going to get them. And nothing. Just countless emails and a waist of time.
Terrible customer service. Unreliable. Will not be buying from them anymore.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Paid Net-A-Porter $150 for a supposed Roles Royce of hair brushes..the Mason Pearson from England.Supposed to be of such high quality you'll list it in your will. I've had it 14 months with gentle use on short hair and the bristles have started to fall out by the dozens! I believe it must be held together under the rubber base with Elmer's glue. What a fraudulent, overpriced product! It may have been good once; Just crap now.
And Net-A-Porter sells the full line...still! Of course there's no way to file any warranty with them. They are no Eddie Bauer! I guess if you can afford "luxury" you can afford being ripped off! Well I'm not a 1%er and I was not looking for luxury. I was looking for a quality product that would last. Stupid me. Will not use the site again because of return/warranty policy.

Tip for consumers: Beware the return/warranty policy.

1 review
2 helpful votes

try working with the unprofessional so called customer service managers - rude - with not much experience - the customer service managers have less then 2 years of experience and believe me it show.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I've been a customer for over 8 years.
But recently the customer service is really a joke.
I ordered a Chloe top.
I received it with a stain and a small thread sticking out.
I contacted customer service and they asked me to Sen a picture of the defects, I kindly asked why when the item was unused with tags still attached.
They told me that there was only to document the damaged item so there will be no problems when I returned it.
Well to make a long story short I received a email saying that they wanted to send the blouse back to me as it had a stain and a thread.
I made 5 calls and sent over 7 emails and still no luck.
Finally after 4 weeks they refunded me a store credit and I did not have the energi to talk with them anymore.
Now I need to order one more time,
But after that I never will shop anything again, there are many more websites that is a million times better

1 review
3 helpful votes

I've been a customer of Netaporter for many years. And i've always been a fan of not just how they bring together all those amazing brands, but also of their impeccable customer service. I've been even making reference of their customer service, when dealing with other online shopping sites, saying that they should try to be as Netaporter, because they were the best.
Well, apparently they aren't anymore. A few days back, i returned an item to them. But for the first time, i regretted and contacted them as soon as possible asking if they could reserve it for me as i knew it was the last one they had. I was hoping to buy it again. A customer consultant called Ama, contacted me and assured me that there would be no problems and that the item would be sent back to me as soon as it would be processed and that it wouldn't be sold to anyone else. As, i've always encountered an amazing service with Netaporter, i trusted her word. But the same day, i received an email saying that Netaporter had already refunded my money back. So, i emailed her asking, if i needed to make the payment again, as the money was refunded. She said not to worry and that the parcel would be back to me. All i had to do was to wait for an email with the tracking number. I thought they would cancel the refund process. And started to wait. But no email or tracking number arrived. So, i started emailing her. No replies. I called her. Still no replies. Not only her, no one from the customer service replied to me for 72 hours! (while they always assure you that they would reply in 24 hours) Well, after 72 hours, i received an email saying that the item, she promised to send back to me, was already sold!
I am so disappointed, because, if she had the courage to tell me that she messed things up, i could have bought this item again. She made me loose it because i waited for an email with the tracking number, as she said that it would be what they would send me next.
The worst part is that i won't be able to trust them anymore. Because apparently they became ordinary as any other online site. With Netaporter, i always had this feeling that, everything would be fine. But unfortunately they lost their trustworthy, professional position in my eyes. It's a pity. And Ama, she is the worst, the most unprofessional consultant i've ever seen in my life. She actually ignored my calls and emails like a little girl does to a friend. Well, i wasn't her friend, i was her customer and she didn't show me the respect which i believe i deserved, as any customer does.
Thank you.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought a pair of Tory's sandal n Michael kors handbag, absolutely love them great packaging, will order more my favourite site so far.

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