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45 reviews
50 California St Fl 3
San Francisco, CA 94111-4632
Tel: (415) 200-4200
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45 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Very poor site. Surveys cut you off after spending 20 minutes saying they are full. You watch movies for 20 minutes and get 2 points, big whoop. -- Not worth the time!!!!!

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I cannot figure out their "video rewards". I keep clicking on the different videos and it keeps returning me to the same annoying ad video that just keeps going in circles.

4 reviews
3 helpful votes

The site is just mediocre. I hate that they give you so few points when you make a purchase and the surveys they have are horribly long...way too long so I don't bother.

It's too bad as this site used to be really great!

1 review
2 helpful votes

If you joined MyPoints, here's some survey's that give you the run around and don't give you points:

- Survey Savvy

I've literally spent about half an hour going in circles with these survey company's and didn't get any points. I either didn't quality or were lead to a dead page.

I wish MyPoints would go back to what it started with because that's what made it popular. I really miss clicking emails for points.

7 reviews
8 helpful votes

This is one of my top sites I have received many payouts from this place. It is quick and fun to have points coming to you. You can get points by doing surveys and if you don't qualify you still get 5 points with max being 5 surveys even after that you can do more surveys you just don't get the 5 points for not qualifying. You also get points by watching videos, opening up email, shopping, etc.

1 review
2 helpful votes

i've been dealing with my points for over 5 years now and it's fine to get 5 free points just to open an email and go to the site, however, when it comes to making purchases, that's a whole different story. EVERYTIME, i've made purchases through my points directly i NEVER get my points and have to contact them and most of the time, i still don't get them. i guess that's why i've made so few purchases through them because THEY DON'T credit your account and most of the time the pts. aren't even shown as pending pts. they make money but we don't most of the time because they're dishonest! rest you be assured, NOT ANOTHER DARN PURCHASE WILL I MAKE THROUGH MY POINTS! and when you call customer service they say sorry nobody's available now. you leave your contact info and NOBODY has the decency to address your issue and contact you back. BAD BUSINESS ALL AROUND THE CLOCK!

Tip for consumers: just take the free points, DON'T BUY NOTHING through my points buy it on your own without going through the email my pts. sends you because 9 times out of 10 you won't have ANY PTS. added to your account anyway. WASTE OF TIME

1 review
2 helpful votes

But when we're selling our info to their partners, I would like a cut as big as before they sold out to Swagbucks!!!! I've tried SB, and there is a reason I abandoned them in favor of using only Mypoints. Before the sell-out, the Search and Earn garnered me at least 200 points a I'm lucky to get 9 a week. The rewards for redemption went up, and the points available to earn plummeted. Emails used to be a few a day with some of them 10 points (the Best Buy weekly ad!), now one or two a day for 5. Surveys are capped...yes, there are more, but you can only do a set small number a day before you don't earn points and the surveys disappear. Overall, this is just another SB failure, they took a great company I loved shopping and searching through for the past 11 years, and made it a time-consuming, low-rewards mess.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Member for 16 years and now mypoints won't allow me to redeem thousands of mypoints earned. They won't even give a explanation of why they refuse to allow me to redeem the points. As of October 2016, this site is a total scam.If you have accumulated any points, try to redeem as soon as possible.

2 reviews
11 helpful votes

Been a member for at least 12 years. At first it was great. Then slowly it got to where it was harder & harder to earn points, took up wayyyyyy too much time, they added too many new regulations, and basically made it too time consuming. I will say I've never had a problem getting my gift cards promptly. But the surveys were one of the few ways I could earn points, then that changed. I NEVER qualify for them anymore, and after spending over 40 minutes every time answering inane, stupid questions that have been asked over & over in nearly every survey, I'd suddenly not qualify. Sometimes I would get 5 points for it but that's hardly worth the time spent. The Ipsos interactive surveys are the worst, and I won't even do them because you don't even get the five points for trying.
Recently it seems swagbucks & mypoints have merged. No notice to the members that I know of. All I know is that since they revamped the website, offers that don't expire for 7 days come up as expired & I get nothing for clicking on them. I can't watch videos because of my crappy internet service so I don't get those points (which also seem hardly worth the time it takes), the website often won't open an offer because the browser will say the site or the connection is insecure, which is never a good thing. When I've needed to contact customer service I was lucky enough to get good service once. After that it was mostly canned responses or promises to do something and not following through on the issue. So, I recently cashed in my points, and am going to delete my account and look for a better program. Mypoints has become a huge waste of time, it takes four times longer to try & accumulate points, if your points aren't credited, too bad, because they won't do anything about it.

I don't recommend MyPoints unless you like being ignored, having your time wasted, waiting 18-24 months to accumulate enough points for a gift card with more than ten bucks on it, and going to a website that has become dysfunctional.

2 reviews
17 helpful votes

This was once one of the best "points for clicks" sites out there, despite its total absence of customer service. Contact with MyPoints only consists of standard replies which are clearly computer generated, as they're never quite on topic. But, hey, it's free and you could rack up a lot of points, so a few glitches or whatever were acceptable.

The site has changed quite a bit, though, over the years. Points are scarcer and mistakes are frequent. About the third time you've done twenty minutes of a survey and don't even get the participation points, you'll be over it. Not to mention promised points that don't get added and a survey site that will glitch so badly as to get kicked off the browser.

I'm not dropping this site, as I'm willing to settle for less than half the rewards I used to get, and I'm patient. I'd not recommend you bother with this one if you're just starting, however. Many other sites are much better.

1 review
9 helpful votes

As Heather R. wrote:'For each survey I attempt to take I never qualify. So I spend 20 minutes of my time filling out a survey I don't qualify for only to get 5 points. When I go to click on a survey I want to take, it will give how long the survey will take (usually 20 minutes) and how many points I get (usually 100 points). This issue is, I take 20 minutes to fill out a survey, find out I'm not even qualified and only get 5 points. I've still spent 20 minutes or my time, whether or not I qualify I should get the 100 points. So really, I spend 20 minutes to see if I qualify, then 20 more completing the survey. In total that's 40 minutes.'

She is 100% correct. I stopped doing their surveys at least 1 yr ago A HUGE waste of my time. Never made it through one survey=- a real SCAM. Try to get customer service. They never answer emails. I wasn't credited for many pts I should have been & I've been trying to get these pts for over 2 months now. No success. I'm now using other sites that are far more customer friendly. STAY AWAY FROM MY PTS!!!

1 review
10 helpful votes

This used to be a great company with real rewards, and they responded to contacts as well. In the last couple of years, they have started placing all sorts of limitations, and today I wanted to go in to check my account, but apparently it doesn't exist anymore. So I wanted to contact them, but you can only use the contact email if you are a member, which apparently I am not anymore. It's a total scam.

1 review
8 helpful votes

For each survey I attempt to take I never qualify. So I spend 20 minutes of my time filling out a survey I don't qualify for only to get 5 points. When I go to click on a survey I want to take, it will give how long the survey will take (usually 20 minutes) and how many points I get (usually 100 points). This issue is, I take 20 minutes to fill out a survey, find out I'm not even qualified and only get 5 points. I've still spent 20 minutes or my time, whether or not I qualify I should get the 100 points. So really, I spend 20 minutes to see if I qualify, then 20 more completing the survey. In total that's 40 minutes.

1 review
6 helpful votes

This company use to be good. Lately they seem to have people running the show that has no idea on building a company. They will treat you with disrespect and call you names. Can you believe that a company can do this and stay in business? I'm sure the company will not be around much longer. Don't use this company!!!

1 review
11 helpful votes

Seniors, did you ever try to get Survey Points and find you don't meet the criteria or just plain get bumped off the site due to a technical error. Could it be they are discriminating to older adults, or this a valid action. Makes you wonder!

1 review
8 helpful votes

I had been a member for many years, but over the last year the deductions, for no reason (no returns), not getting credited for purchases, even after submitting the for for missing points - yesterday was the last straw - they deducted 798 points for a Best Buy purchase that I never even made. I closed my account. I am finished with it. I feel they get the credit for the purchases, they just don't want to pay out anything - Goodbye!

2 reviews
12 helpful votes

have built points with MyPoints for years and now want to use my points. I log on and the web site recognizes me and says I have X points and then when I try to redeem my points they kick my to a loop that says they don't know who I am and I have to verify my ID when I verify they don't recognize me. OK these things happen. Starting months ago I use their service contact and email them. NO response repeatedly. Today completely fed up I decide to call their service people. Big surprise no phone number!!! These people hide their phone number like a cobra hides it's kill!!!!! So I have a problem and I need to communicate with a human. Simple fact with MyPoints that will be impossible. Avoid this company like the plague, find another shopping portal there are many good ones such as the ones attached to American Airlines and American express.
Tom Sedar
Very Very mad customer of my

2 reviews
20 helpful votes

Whatever you do, do not file a complaint to customer service. I did a simple missing points one, and pointed out I was not credited with a survey I did. If anything, you would think MyPoints would want to know the survey company was screwing them out of money since they are paid themselves for our completions. Instead I was told I would be recieving fewer surveys as a result of saying something. It was a warning to not complain again. Then they started changing how points are awarded for videos. You used to get one point for evey video, they had a caption that said "Enjoy Unlimited Videos!" Without warning they capped it at 75, said nothing to customers of course. When we started asking were our points were, they said too many "bad apples" cheating. How do you cheat? You gave free unlimited videos? They are not on endless loops, you have to click each one and watch the entirety! Their facebook page will reveal a customer service that is rude and condenscending to customers as well. The longer I am on the site, the less I enjoy it and the more I go to Swagbucks.

1 review
12 helpful votes

anyone else being scammed by not receiving credit for watching videos or buying gift certificates from My Points, or not being allowed to redeem points?

Now you get credit for only about 20 percent of the videos you watch each day. That's why they started the practice of not crediting your account after you watch one until the following day, so you don't know you're not getting credit for most of them.

12 reviews
21 helpful votes

I've held off on writing a review because I wanted to be fair and give it a bit more time. I've been at it for 4 months now (more time now and the site's getting worse) and have to admit that this is one frustrating site.
Whenever I attempt to answer a survey, more often than not I am disqualified. I keep getting the same qualifying questions and keep getting rejected. Good thing I have a pretty good self esteem...:)
I sometimes spend 10-15 min. answering questions only to find out I'm not qualified. That happens ALOT.
The videos are sometimes fun/interesting to watch, however. Hey, you get a point for each one you view....UPDATE: That's not true anymore....You now have to watch multiple videos from 6 to 12 for a measly 2-6pts. To add insult to injury,sometimes one of the videos has been removed and you can get no credit for that set so you've just found another way of wasting your time.
In general....I'm getting sick of this site.
Their customer service is pretty bad,too.
You may ask "why do I stay?" Well, I am just shy of the required points for a gift card and I can't wait to disentangle myself from this horrible site once and for all.
I would highly recommend you stay away.

Tip for consumers: You better be patient and have lots of time on your hands.

1 review
5 helpful votes

I have been with MyPoints for almost 15 years and until now I really liked them. I ordered a gift card last year and didn't receive it. E-mailed member services and they gave me my points back. So I ordered another one and got that one. This year I ordered one and again didn't get it. Strange I know especially since they all were coming to the same address. Told member services and the agent pretty much said too bad for you! And her response button was on loop saying over and over that I must have a problem getting my mail. Been in my house for 5 yrs and had no problems with my gift card before. So now I'm not to sure about MyPoints.

1 review
4 helpful votes

Unlimited videos...Great. Suddenly sonetime today they put at Stop to this. NOW you MUST INSTALL FLASH or You cant watch videos!!!!! If u have a MOBILE PH you WONT BE ALLOWED to watch vids!!! Every other earning place you can.
Oh when they had buy a product and fax copy of purchase...that craps gone now to! Now u gotta take a photo (no problem), except now u gotta upload, connect ti comp and do 20 others steps, then wait forever & hope u get credit.
Way too much hassle. No fun anymore at all

1 review
10 helpful votes

How can you get this company to answer their phones or return your calls? They stated my dob is incorrect I scan and forward my driver licenses over a month ago, my account still locked and I can't get no response via email nor phone calls.

6 reviews
89 helpful votes

MyPoints is one of those sites that started off great years ago, then lost its way and is useless for a member. I became a member of MyPoints via my sister (yes 9 years ago) and when MyPoints first started it was great. Points for purchases, reading emails, surveys, etc.

However, as the years went by The Bad and Ugly came

Points for purchases are not added or such a hassle with faxing/emailing I never bought anything through them again.

Points for purchases are BETTER at OTHER websites.

Emails dropped from 10 to 5 points (less than a penny). Use to be a couple everyday, now only a few a week.

Surveys offered are better attempted/taken at another website.

Rewards went up to almost double

Various Gift Cards Available minimum is $10 and need about 1650-1750 points depending on which is selected.

MyPoints recently added unlimited videos via pc/tablet, limited to 10 via mobile device. However, they are having a hard time crediting and keeping up with that.

MyPoints started Swappable an app to buy a "discounted" gift card and receive points for doing so. EPIC FAIL buy a $50 card get $1 "cash back" and then pay $1 shipping and handling lol where is the "discount"?? I can get a real discount at Monster, Cardpool or Gyft

Customer Service? There isn't any.

The Good:

Redeeming for an EGift Card is super quick (like instant)

Bottom Line: I am not bashing MyPoints, just keeping it real, NOT WORTH IT

Here are 2 screenshots of emails I received from MyPoints (2014 and 2015), Last year, in their defense after posted about "less than a penny for 8 years" I received some points which equated to about $5.

9 years and finally done. I've only stayed because of my GSN account. MyPoints gets a kickback and I get points while playing at GSN. I hope to transfer my account. If not, I will have to give that up too.

Update 11/27: I cannot switch my GSN. I have to make ANOTHER account @GSN, yes its "against their rules" However, if I no long have any ties to a company that company should not reap a forever benefit, especially MyPoints :)

Other Reviews: There is NO ONE who will speak to you via telephone. Terrible English comprehension in email (or they just play stupid? idk smh)

I predict MyPoints will be a ghost on the web in about 2 years ( I will be back to update :)

Update 2/13/16: MyPoints video watching has been reduced to 10 per day from their "unlimited viewing". This site is on life support and I still cannot wait until they fully shut down.

Tip for consumers: Don't make purchases thru MyPoints Don't bother with their 5 cent Surveys

1 review
9 helpful votes

Like so many others, I have been a long time member and enjoyed the benefits, but they've changed it a lot making it more difficult now to earn points. I've noticed several big merchants no longer partnership with them. What's really gotten bad is their customer service; it literally sucks. Trying to verify missing points via their procedure is a real nightmare, and don't even try to contact customer service because they'll just direct you back to the confusing process in submitting a claim. I lost out on several Kohl's purchases even though Kohl's confirmed my purchases. Irene L. was the rep I spoke with at MyPoints and she was the most unprofessional person I've ever dealt with. She was great at excuses and passing the buck, but when I asked to speak with a manager or another management person over her, she said 'I am the manager.' No offer to speak with anyone over her, or an email to contact them. Rather frustrating. I'd recommend any one considering a points reward program to look at www.; they even allow points to build up towards college for any of your children or grandchildren. I'm not using MyPoints any more; like so many other great services they reel you in at first and then take away in the end.

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