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Review of LoseTheBackPain

LoseTheBackPain reviews

89 reviews
12600 Hill Country Blvd, Suite R-275
Austin, TX 78738
Tel: (800) 216-4908

89 Reviews From Our Community

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2 reviews
3 helpful votes

My elderly mother was targeted by these people. Despite instructing them to send no more information, and conduct no further deductions from her credit card, they continued to take a monthly amount. The only way we were able to stop this was to have her bank completely block her card, and reissue a new one.
Shame on them! But thanks to her bank for being so helpful in this matter.

1 review
4 helpful votes


1 review
5 helpful votes

I ordered a FREE bottle of Super Joint Support that did cost me shipping to Canada so it was nowhere near free. I then cancelled the auto ship (by telephone) or whatever name they have for that within the time limit and expected not to hear from them again. Low and behold do I receive a huge bottle of the Super Joint Support in the mail. They charged my credit card and with the exchange rate it was a pretty penny. I immediately called and the customer service representative was in complete denial that I ever called and cancelled the auto ship to prevent from further orders to be shipped out to me and my credit card to be billed. Because I was so insistent that I did, she instructed me to mail the bottle back in the unopened packaging so that I could receive a full refund. I mailed the package back at my expense in the beginning of June. It is now the beginning of December, 7 months later and I still have not received this refund! The Healthy BAck Institute STOLE from me!!!

1 review
8 helpful votes

I ordered ONLY the Calcium Lie book. Not another so so bottle of probiotics. Being charged 44.95. The girl-Blanca i spoke with of course knew nothing about nothing.Now I have to trudge to the Post Office,spend money to return it and hope and pray they take it off my card. BAD business practice. Cathy

1 review
2 helpful votes

This is a follow up to my original review. I finally got to speak to a customer service representative who was able to verify that the product was not available for shipment when I ordered it. No one had checked the warehouse for availability. There was no future product availability information from the warehouse. The customer service representative agreed to refund my money. It has been credited to my account. I liked the product as it was advertised. However, if the product is indeed no longer available, the advertising and option to buy should be discontinued.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I keep on getting emails for "Rub-on Relief. When I get to the end of the long boring publicity, it tells me the product is not available in South Africa.

1 review
6 helpful votes

I made an order with this company (Order Number 1858721) on 10 September 2016. Now more than a month later, I have written to them requesting to cancel the order and refund me in full. They have ALREADY taken a second payment recently, which I am claiming back too.
They told me yesterday that they are unable to cancel the order without me sending them the goods back (the goods that I never received!). Is this the CRAZIEST SCAM EVER??? DO NOT go anywhere near them, they are THIEVES!!!
I'm in disbelief.

Tip for consumers: I NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING AND THEY STILL KEEP CHARGING ME !!! Unbelievable. STAY AWAY from this company!!!

1 review
7 helpful votes

I believe I heard of these products from The Truth About Cancer. I ordered a bottle of their Super Joint. Before I could check out they made many more offers. I agreed to buy a tube of Rub-on Relief and to pay $9.95 for a trial of Heal-n-Sooth. By the time I checked out I was annoyed by all the additional offers but was hopeful the products would work. I received the Super Joint and the oinment, but not the Heal-n-Soothe. They started sending emails constantly and one asked if I liked the H-n-S. I responded that I had not received it. I got no response and emailed again. No response. So I forgot about it. Then about three weeks later I received the Heal-n- Soothe and thought they had finally sent it. Wrong! I now realize I was on their subscription plan. Obviously they count on you not reading all the fine print about their trial after you have given their them your billing information. Before I realized this I had received another bottle. I called their office and explained the above details. I was told I had received the trial bottle and that they never received an email from me. If I wanted to return the other two bottles, I had to return them at my expense and then they would start the return process. "They" showed that I received the trial bottle, so basically tough luck. Their "Iron Clad 90 day return policy" is a joke and their customer service people are very practiced in telling you how everything you report is your fault, because the details are on their website. Even though they don't disclose their subscription policy until after they have your billing info. They do not demonstrate ANY interest in making their customers happy. I will be very surprised if I get a refund without a huge battle. I would strongly advise against using this company. I will admit the rub-on-relief is effective and I will find another alternative to avoid dealing with this company. They absolutely spam you with marketing emails. JH

1 review
13 helpful votes

On 9/13/2016. I have a debit to my checking account for $19.95. I received a Newsletter and never responded in 2014. I reviewed my e-mails and never responded to them. Please remove me from your mailing list and if I receive another debit to my account from you, I will contact a lawyer. Thank you for taking care of this for me.

1 review
19 helpful votes

I sent this comment to Hay House Radio because I thought it would perhaps be most effective.
"I wanted to let you know of an online scam that I and many others have become victims of that are connected to The Truth About Cancer series. I received an email from this series touting his friend's program about curing back pain with a link embedded to "LosetheBackPain" and subsequently purchased a free book, pain relief cream and supplement. I was charged for these PLUS $39.00 additional charge for an online version of the program which I did not purchase nor receive. I cannot resolve this issue with this website to get a refund so I am having to dispute this charge and report it to the Attorney General as fraud. I am one of many and I thought you would like to know."

I have cancelled my credit card because after several attempts at getting the company to refund the $39.00 charge for the online version of the program (which I did not want or receive access to), they have refused to work with me. DO NOT BUY INTO THIS!!! IT IS NOT WORTH IT AND THEY ARE STEALING YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 review
14 helpful votes

This is a very large scam.. They get your credit card info and auto bill and ship even when you have cancelled. They claim they did not receive the e mail or telephone call. Jesse is never ther to talk to. I am calling an attorney to get my refund and hopefully be reported as a. ,Big

SCAM. M. LkDO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY EVER.They will charge your account monthly even though you have cancelled

3 reviews
10 helpful votes

I live in Aussie and had sciatic pain so was ready to try anything. I found their site while looking online for help. I purchased 3 bottles of heal & soothe plus a bottle of the joint food. With the exchange rate plus postage this is a very expensive product. It took nearly 3 weeks to arrive and by that time I was starting to get better anyway. I did feel good while using the pills but won't order more as their billing people make so many mistakes.
I did read all the fine print so as soon as the pills arrived I e mailed and asked for the auto order to stop.1 month after first order they charge my credit card $39 US again !? that indicated to me that they had charged me for their air head news letter which did not arrive. It is full of trippy hippie feral dreadlocked drum beating rubbish. Not worth anything. I e mailed and complained and hoped to be refunded. Their accounts people did not seem to understand my complaint. No refund. 1 month later I received that air head newsletter but was not charged ( not so far )
The exercises are good and helped my back pain. I think heal & soothe works for me and the joint food was OK. They are just sooo expensive and can't be trusted not to rip you off, which is a shame as I would use their products again if in extreme pain.

Tip for consumers: Buyer beware of air head staff.

1 review
19 helpful votes

I actually like Jesse Canone. He's written an informative book and has some helpful methods of helping relieve back pain. I chose to try one of his products - a pill that corrects all the pain in your body somehow. It worked a little. Then I noticed I was signed up, through my bank account, to be billed $79 every month for a continuing supply of the pills. My husband and I are retired and cannot afford that kind of debt. I never agreed to a continuing supply. I called their number and they transferred me to (1-800-390-6035) where I told the person to cancel the order and refund me. She said, "Do you want to cancel all of these other charges, too?" I asked how many there were. She said "nine." Gratefully, she did cancel the others and I got my refund for the one they took from my account. My son told me that there is a note at the bottom of every form you fill out, in very tiny type, authorizing the company to continue to send and charge for the orders, monthly. What small type? I didn't see it. Now I look for it! It's there, under the box where you've signed up. It authorizes further charges. Don't get taken! Be careful what you order and read EVERY WORD on the form. I think most people don't even see it. You have to scroll up at the end of the order form and look for it. Not easy to see.... Good luck!

1 review
16 helpful votes

They sucker you into ordering the free sample, leading you to believe you have 14 days to cancel. If you read the small print, as I found out the hard way, it is 14 days from the original order date, not the date you receive it. They took a week to ship, so I literally had 5 days to cancel. When I finally cancelled, I had already forked over $50 for an additional bottle. And believe me, the product is nothing but a grain particle. There has to be a way to get these scammers. I will contact the BBB.

1 review
10 helpful votes

Back in 2012, for seemingly no reason, I was suddenly
gripped by unbearable pain in my hip. It felt like a tiger had clamped
his jaws down on my hip and wouldn't let go. I never felt anything
like this pain. I immediately thought about hip replacements, acute
arthritis, herniated discs, and who knows what else. (The timing was
such that I had recently read about new procedures in hip joint
resurfacing rather than joint replacements, so naturally my needing a
prosthetic hip came to mind.) (In retrospect, I think my "sudden"
onset of pain was related to opening the pool by myself a few days
prior to the onset.)

Well, the incredible pain in my hip gradually subsided over a couple
days, and I developed numb/painful/tingling toes--all five sometimes.
Pain would shoot up and down my leg, into my hip and toes and calf. I
started living on Tylenol and Aleve, I resorted to a narcotic once to
get to sleep. The way the symptoms progressed, I at least knew I was
dealing with pressure on my sciatic nerve, something I experienced a
mild form of over ten years earlier from faulty sitting habits. But the
hip pain and numbness were new and unsettling.

After one or two months of analgesics, with continuous medication
being necessary during the second month, and the symptoms settling
into a steady state, I decided that I would need to go for a diagnosis
and then seek out treatment.

But first I checked out the internet: I found, ordered the video and workbook, diagnosed my pelvic/muscle problems and started doing the stretches for my problem. I got instant relief (especially with the cross-legged sciatic stretch) but relief was brief. So I repeated as needed until the pain stayed away. It took a few days. Eventually, I needed to do them less and less frequently.

Now, years later, I do my two-minute stretching routine three times per week to keep pain away and more often after VERY long walks or whenever I feel the wrong muscles tightening to the near point of causing sciatica-related pain. was my salvation. Strong words, I know, but that's what it is to someone as active as I am. .

2 reviews
25 helpful votes

I ordered the free back pain book and just paid for delivery. The site said I was not entering into a contract with them. Well the buggers started sending me $#*! I didn't order that was of no use to me and kept charging my credit card $30 per month. I complained and they said I had accepted their info and that they would cancel my sub but would not refund me the $60 they stole. I then receive another pack and get charged another $30. This book has now cost me $115 and it was free???? They now tell me they did refund $30 and that they sent an invoice but no they didnt. This is a nasty money making scam. Please be warned and stay away from them. I now have to cancel my card with the bank so they don't steal anymore of my hard earned money. Some people have no consciounce.

Tip for consumers: Don't go there people. Buy a better book.

1 review
12 helpful votes

I just wanted to say Heal-n-Soothe is working great for my wife and myself.My wife has Arthritis, OsteoArthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis,and so far Heal-n-Soothe is working great.I have Arthritis and Sciatica and it is working for me.Sometimes you have to give things a chance to work and time is the word.You can't expect pills to work overnight sometimes you have to give it time to work.And if you have been on other medications for a long time,you just don't stop like the other lady said.And I am not a relative of Jesse.A lot of you just like to complain,but I know you have to be careful online in what you buy,and I do agree that this product is a little pricy but that's the price you pay for relief I guess.

1 review
13 helpful votes

Just ordered the book and paid for only afterwards decided to google this Jesse Canonne and get to all this bad reviews.
Is there ANY advice anyone can give to help STOP expenses to occur by them having my credit card details?????? PLEASE advise

1 review
16 helpful votes

After ordering the free supplements to trial them, but paying a small amount to cover postage, I am being charged monthly $70au for a product that I have cancelled. This is just a scam set up by Jesse Canone from Lose the Back Pain to keep taking monthly payments on a permanent basis even if it is cancelled. The supplements make me throw up so I certainly do not want them. Jesse, if you want to show your honesty, please refund me my $70 and cancell future orders. My name was Patricia Lilly, but since remarried, so now my surname is Waine. My new email address is

1 review
12 helpful votes


1 review
15 helpful votes

Just for future help, I bought the exact same model of the decompression system elsewhere for about 100 dollars less. a lot of their products are available elsewhere for usually less money.

1 review
18 helpful votes

07/06/15 Lured by their "Free" book offer, I ordered a book and also some pills and creams. I agreed to their newsletter, assuming it would be like the excellent free updates from, and I quickly got into the habit of deleting it as it was mainly promotional. Eventually I unsubscribed from this apparently free 'newsletter'. Meanwhile, without authorisation or notification Jesse Cannone debited my a/c by total of $79.80 between August and November. I have sent more than 20 e-mails asking for a refund and for them to clarify their policies. No satisfaction. Don't touch this this team of scammers with a bargepole. Nicola, UK

1 review
30 helpful votes

I, like dozens of other people who are reporting here, got scammed by this company. I decided to try the free trial offer (just paid shipping & handling fee of 5 dollars) of the Super Joint Support supplements. Soon after, I received another bottle of these capsules in the mail and was charged almost 50 dollars on my credit card. I called the company and they told me this was non-refundable, even if I returned the product!! I thought I was smarter than that, but I guess I didn't read the 5 pages of small print when I signed up for the "free" trial offer. Lesson learned. But the fact that this company will not accept a return of the product, unopened, for a refund, is a tip off to the very obvious truth that this borders on mail fraud, or at the very least, a very unethical operation.

1 review
8 helpful votes

I wasn't overwhelmed with heal and soothe, however I have had great success with rub on relief. I previously used 10 % ibuprofen gel following multiple knee surgery. Rub on relief is possible better. You do need to apply a generous enough amount. I recently grabbed a once in a lifetime deal just to find the customs bill directed my way. This made the deal not so good and in fact more run of the mill.

1 review
13 helpful votes

There were no answers to any of my emails regarding unauthorised billings.
I have written to them last month but have received no reply. In the meantime I was thinking that it was sorted out.
Just now I receive another invoice from them
I have no recollection ordering a repeat. So far they have deducted about $54 from me and now have to cancel my credit card in order to stop this illegal billing.

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Susan P.
1 week, 2 days ago
Eva K. [LoseTheBackPain Rep]
A: Hi Susan,

Please call our Customer Service (800)216-4908 or email us:

We do have some items that ship separately due to size.

Please call or email us so we know what items you are interested in.

4 days, 16 hours ago
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Raghavan R.
on 12/29/16
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