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61 reviews
San Francisco, California, USA
Tel: 1645605963857
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61 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Instacart managers discriminate. I experienced intolerable harassment and stalking at work. Setups were at the stores where I shopped and also at the addresses where I delivered groceries. Instacart managers brought their own customers to stores and did setups. They cursed and called me names in stores where I shopped. Also, after the delivery of groceries they followed me in their cars to intimidate me. This company need to be sued and be closed since it violates shoppers' rights.

Ask Galina about Instacart
1 review
2 helpful votes

I mean... I don't know where to start. Terrible customer service. They lost my delivery and wanted ME to get online and re-order it, delivery fee included. Oh but wait they were going to give me a $5 discount. I'm sorry, I just paid $60 and you want me to RE-ORDER this because the delivery driver never showed?????? How insane is that?

Ask Clinton about Instacart
1 review
0 helpful votes

I really depend on grocery delivery services, as I live in an area without a convenient grocery store. I use Peapod (not same-day, and for some reason, has very little fresh meat or seafood), Amazon Prime Now (shops at only one grocery store in my city, and the software is very inflexible), and Instacart. I use Instacart the most, even though, in many ways, it's the worst of the three services. I like that I have my pick of six or so stores, but the accuracy of the shoppers is VERY poor. One problem is that, unlike Peapod, they have a poor catalog system (plus, the catalogs of the stores that you can choose from vary in completeness and accuracy). If you click on "baby back ribs," as I did recently, with a photo of a slab of ribs, you may or may not get what is pictured (one time, I got a small slab of plastic-packed ribs, another time I got short ribs of beef!). In the case of Peapod, what you see is what you get. I'm sure the software is correlated to a bar code, which then appears on the item on the shelf. With Instacart, the photo bears no relation to anything (I just saw a listing for ground beef that had a photo of a jug of orange juice!), so interpreting the request for an item is up to the shoppers, who are no doubt very rushed, and often don't know anything about food (one young man didn't know there was a difference between an"eating" and a "juice" orange).

The good thing is that customer service is very responsive, and when the shopper messes up, they'll rush a replacement within an hour, and give even you a credit off your next delivery (though you usually have to ask for that).

Ask Meredith about Instacart
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

I tried this once and it wasn't a great experience, but it was a new service and I love the convenience of it, so I thought I'd try again. Here's the issue - the Instacart website/app does not have real-time information on what's in stock in their stores. Unlike Peapod, RocheBros, and other grocery store driven apps. So you're shopping, creating your basket and place your order, expecting it's a done deal and you'll go back to work and have your groceries delivered later that day when you're done working. Well, what happens? You get 3450301 text messages letting you know almost everything is out of stock and they offer replacements. Sometimes good replacements, sometimes awful. You can keep trying new substitutions, if you have time to constantly log in and update/verify. In the end, you get about 30% of what you actually ordered. I don't know if it's the shopper's lack of interest in looking through the stores' products, or if the stores really are out of all the things Instacart lists on the website. Either way - I have to spend time and more money to go to a regular grocery store to fill in the gaps of what's missing. It is not a time saver and you're spending money for delivery fees, service charges and tip, so it ends up costing WAY too much for very poor service overall. I tried twice at home (once at the office) and I'm officially done. I liked the idea of having a variety of stores to choose from, but this just doesn't work. I'm going to stick with Peapod.

Tip for consumers: If you don't care about what groceries you get, then this is for you. If you have time to respond to rapid-fire text messages with product changes - you'll love it. Otherwise, skip it.

Ask Jill about Instacart
1 review
2 helpful votes

Don't order eggs. Evidently the shoppers don't checked for cracked eggs. Ad says prices are same as store prices. Not true. When I asked why I'm being charged more than what the receipt shows, they admitted there is a markup on store prices. Instead of offering me a refund for items I did not receive but was charged for, they gave me a credit for future purchases which does me no good because I don't plan on using this service again.

Ask Tony about Instacart
1 review
3 helpful votes

Showed up 3 hours after the "latest" window waking up my kids. I got no updates about status. When I called customer service they offered me a credit for a future order. Really disappointed because I liked the idea of this service.

Ask erin about Instacart
1 review
0 helpful votes

I'm visiting my out of town boyfriend and I don't have a car. I needed to do some grocery shopping because our diets are different. I decided to Google grocery delivery and found this. They honored my coupon, I got the $10 off and free delivery, Maria substituted two out of stock items very appropriately and I was given the choice to approve, choose another item or cancel. Delivery was scheduled for 10 - 11 a.m., and she was at my doorstep at 10:25. She was very friendly.
The only thing I wish I'd done was notice which stores offered the in-store price; the store I chose had quite a mark up. I know for next time, though, and depending on delivery cost would definitely use again in my home town of Atlanta. Hopefully the service will be as good there.

Tip for consumers: Check store prices. Some stores raise their prices when using this service

Ask Valerie about Instacart
1 review
4 helpful votes

We decided to try out instacart to prepare for a busy week. Almost half of our Central Market order was incorrect. After talking with Elizabeth, Aaron, and David in customer service for over 30 minutes, they refused to issue me a full refund, even after admitting they provide a full delivery service and "dropped the ball" on my order. I will not be using this service in the future.

Ask Alex about Instacart
1 review
5 helpful votes

How this company can rip off customers while screwing the people that do the work is beyond me. No security, no safety, no employees. Save your money and stay safe, these people are bad news.

Ask Mark about Instacart
1 review
6 helpful votes

Total scam! I never even double checked my receipts on about 12 of my orders and the one I actually did I noticed I was overcharged $12 on a $35 bill! Customer service told me there was nothing they could do, I am so disgusted. DO NOT USE!!! Buyer BEWARE!!

Ask Aimee about Instacart
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have now used three times, twice from fairway and once from Costco. Each time has been awesome so I was so surprised to read the reviews. Great communication during shopping and good selection of replacement items, very pleased.

Ask Nikki about Instacart
1 review
3 helpful votes

They hire they don't have any job for you and I work one day and I only ask for sun and Monday that was a task for them so I send them a Tex to see why I chose those they and they had no opens so the send me back a Tex I was no longer needed wow just like that they very unreliable so good luck I see all their bad reports I wonder why no organization that why

Ask Marlene about Instacart
1 review
9 helpful votes

I had surgery. Used Instacart once to deliver groceries. There were errors made on the delivery, but worse than that, I found a $149 charge pending on my credit card. It had nothing to do with the groceries - I had already been charged for those earlier. When I finally reached them they said it was a "Membership" charge!! I NEVER agreed to any membership and it was not mentioned on their website. They eventually removed the charge. Please don't use Instacart unless you are desperate. Peapod worked very well for me. :-)

Ask Ronnie about Instacart
1 review
9 helpful votes

Sometimes after waiting for deliveries they just don't show and by the time I figure out they aren't coming the store is closed.. good idea but VERY poor execution

Ask ElI about Instacart
1 review
9 helpful votes

I ordered $110 worth of goods from the grocery store. Their shopper was too lazy to look for the goods ( I later had to go to the store and found them myself). They ended up charging me over $17 in fees for $15 in product. Their solution was that they would waive $6 of the fee the next time I ordered. This whole business and everybody there is lazy and shady!!!!!

Ask Tom about Instacart
1 review
10 helpful votes

Beware of instacart's deceptive marketing tactics. They lure you in with a free first delivery. After placing my order, I saw that they charged $11.99 for delivery. When I called their customer service, after a long hold, the "happiness" team member finally agreed to remove the charge, like he was doing me a favor. Also, they would not honor a $10 coupon for my first time order, saying there were restrictions that were not listed in any of their marketing emails, or during checkout. Why would the shopping cart allow me to use the coupon code and not honor it after I place my order, and after my card has already been charged? Shady practices. Stay away from instacart, or be prepared for a losing fight with their "happiness" team.

Ask Annalise about Instacart
1 review
8 helpful votes

I went on line to order from Instacart for the first time. The food was from Costco.
They put a big surcharge on top of the price.

1.The site said my order would be delivered with 2 hours, but when I checked out, it said it could only be delivered the next day between 1 and 3.

2. I stayed home to receive the order, but at 1:15 I got an email saying my order would be now be delivered between 3:15 - 3:45

3. After emailing them that this was a bad experience for a first time order, I got another email saying it would be delivered by 3 plus a 5.00 credit on my next order and free delivery next time.

4. At 4:00 when I had STILL not recieved my groceries, I got a 10.00 credit on my next order.

5. I then got an email saying my order had been delivered.

6. It had NOT been delivered.
Then I called. I waited 20 minutes to finally speak to two people on the "happiness team".

7. My order arrived at 4:30.
All of the food was hot - including 4 flank steaks which I would not risk eating.
It was close to 100 degrees outside and they had been in it for several hours - AND although Instacart says they will be kept cold, they were not.

8. I finally got a supervisor (Crystal) who agreed to credit me the amount for the meat on this order. $140.19.

9. Afterwards I looked at my bill again, and realized that they had OVERCHARGED me 96.42 - the bill said I had 14.32 lbs., when I only ordered - and recieved 5.5 lbs!

Next time I will go directly to Costco. It would have taken me less than half the time, all the aggravation - and cost much less.

Ask Laura about Instacart
1 review
6 helpful votes

Horrible Instacart service .. I order 12lb puppy food through INSTACART PETCO and instead they delivered 4lb and still managed to charge me $38.99.. I'm on phone with Customer Service for almost 45mins and they still had the audacity to charge me for what's been delivered and reimburse me the rest..
Buying in bulk is a lot cheaper but hey Instacart you are a bully for charging me more for 4lb and refusing to take the order back and reimburse what you decided is fair.. Hey Instacart, I am guessing you were that bully in school who stole Lunch money from other Kids.. Go to hell.. I would give 0ratimg or minus 1000 but I didn't have an option

Ask Priya about Instacart
1 review
7 helpful votes

There were problems with my recent order all throughout. The shopper kept getting things I hadn't ordered, which I declined. Ok fine. Things happen. However, I ordered, and paid for several organic produce items, but when I unpacked my order, after the delivery/shopper left in a hurry, I found non- organic vegetables had been delivered. I tried getting through to management about the issue, but haven't received a text regarding it, much less phone call. This company charges more than the store for items to begin with, but to pay for items you didn't receive is really the last straw.

Ask Margaret about Instacart
1 review
5 helpful votes

It's a great concept and access to Whole Foods is a plus. (BTW, Whole Foods is an investor in Instacart.) However:
Shoppers don't have sufficient knowledge of food products
Produce arrives bruised
Inventory is poorly managed; half the items aren't available, nor are the alternative choices you make
Shoppers scold customers for not writing copious notes
Personal shoppers are timed and therefore make mistakes and have attitude problems
You think you're tipping the personal shopper but s/he gets only 20% of the tip
The up charge on products is ridiculous
Personal shoppers select product with fast approaching sell by date
I suspect personal shoppers are told to supply your alternative choices when that item is more expensive than your first choice

Instacart has a long way to go in order to satisfy its customers. In a pinch? Maybe. Regularly? Absolutely not!

Use Fresh Direct. Great customer service and good produce choices. Deli cheese and salumi are sliced thin or thick and meat/poultry can be vacuumed packed for you at no charge.

Ask Joanna about Instacart
1 review
6 helpful votes

Very disappointing - they would not honor a promo code because my new roommate had used the code 6 months ago at a different address. They also messed up my order & I ended up having to run to the store anyway. I tried speaking to customer service and just gave me the run around. Would not recommend.

Ask Madelyn about Instacart
1 review
6 helpful votes

I've used instacart twice and both times my order has been wrong. I'm not sure how this business even operates under such poor and helpless employees. After they offered me a 5 dollar coupon I explained how insulting it was that they thought 5 dollars would compensate me for having to spend my entire night waiting around for my driver to return with my correct order. Never use this service they should be out of business shortly anyway.

Ask Christian about Instacart
1 review
5 helpful votes

Was with my friend Memorial Day Monday. We were without a car so my buddy called to place a food order around 12 noon for an early evening delivery. They missed the 6 o'clock delivery, called to say they'd be there around 8p. They then missed the 8 o'clock delivery and called yet again to say they'd be there between 10 and 11. They again missed the delivery time and called again to say they'd be there between 11 and 12. You can guess what happened then. The delivery never arrived, and no call offering up any wxplanation nor to apologize to my friend. Unbelievable and inexcusable! Having never tried them myself I sure as heck will think long and hard before I ever call them. I'd rather go to Ralph's or Wholefoods myself that way I know the food will arrive. Truly pathetic!

Ask Derik about Instacart
1 review
6 helpful votes

Several of my deliveries have had missing/wrong items. I get that this happens...but it is a lot. Today was the last straw. I ordered 23 items, and received about 15 of them. I asked for the remaining items to be delivered (or as they say..."redelivered" LMAO). They screwed that up too, missing 5 items. They then said that they couldn't deliver to me within the next 2 hours...when would I like a "RE"delivery? I told them to chuck it, and reimburse me for the items I had now been waiting 4 hours for. Their remedy? Free delivery on my next order! WooHoo! Obviously there will be no next order.

Ask Suzanne about Instacart
1 review
3 helpful votes

Seeing these reviews and the lack of info on their site before I registered, I hesitated to use Instacart, but my back was acting up and I didn't want to haul groceries from Whole Foods.
I used Instacart through the Whole Foods site and it worked well. I went to the Whole Foods site and clicked on delivery. I registered there and was able to find what I needed. This included packages of different pieces of chicken, and I was able to enter notes describing what I needed.
I received a text saying that my order had been adjusted (uh oh!) and the shopper would call me. He did and he was smart and articulate. No trouble understanding my order. He said they didn't have one of my items. It wasn't urgent, so I told him to forget it. He verified the size and cuts of the packages of chicken - he had gotten it right! I was happy and impressed.
Later I received a text saying my order would be delivered about 7:15. The driver actually came earlier. Even better!
I had been a little concerned about the raw chicken, but they had it in the fridge until delivery. Awesome!
This was the first time I ever had groceries delivered, and it was excellent. :)

Tip for consumers: The reviews here are not great, but I had a good experience going through the store's web site. That might be a better way to use Instacart.

Ask Julia about Instacart

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