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55 reviews
Categories: Go Karts, Outdoors, Shopping
6610 Goodyear Road
Benicia, CA 94510, USa
Tel: 1-925-691-0330

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Bought a new Adult Voodoo race cart, received it with damage to the steering wheel from metal to metal rubbing during shipping. The seat felt was also damaged from the bumper bracket rubbing on the seat. Went online and made a claim and this is the response as follows from Joe, Qoute " hello Brent my name is Joe and I will be your advisor for this request. The rolling cart stand is leaving our house today and you will be supplied with a tracking number. (That was a lie I never received any tracking number.) The damage does not affect the performance of the machine. You can paint with primary so we're over the steering wheel scratches. The seat has minuscule chip out of it, All the voodoo seats are in the same condition from the factory. (That's a bunch of malarkey) Here's the real kicker listen to this. "I would recommend purchasing an aftermarket seat that would come fresh in a box and you can order the correct size as you wish" .Are you kidding me why would I buy another new seat when I just purchased one on a new kart. Thank you for choosing Go Karts USA Joe. Now I don't know about you but when you purchase something in new condition you expected to be shipped that way, and when there is damage you expect the company to do right and replace the parts they have done nothing. save your money and go somewhere else this company is a fart in a frying pan the customer service sucks the concept of business sucks and they don't value their customers or they would do what's right and replace the parts and a new condition.
So I see Jordan T. Is the person responding to a lot of these comments, majority of his replies are nothing but excuses so Jordon I invite you to do the right thing and I will delete this review and are business relationship continue or it can be the opposite and I will end this relationship. The ball is in your court now.

Ask Brent about GoKartsUSA
1 review
0 helpful votes

i like how the go karts are low prices like 900 500 700 not like other sites are to high.they should make them lower but this i give thumbs up!!!

Ask Malakai about GoKartsUSA
1 review
0 helpful votes

Hi GoKartsUsa
My order #20164827 have 8 days "Ready to Ship" in your web page.

I read the comments and I am susprised.
I want to be contact me by email.

Ask Wilson about GoKartsUSA
1 review
0 helpful votes

If you return something to these people don't expect a refund. They will tell you that what you returned has been used, they charge you restocking fees and this is how they screw you out of your refund money!! Knowing very well the parts that I returned were in the same condition as I received them. The parts were NEVER used, and this is how they get you! I will never buy from this company again.

Ask Peggy about GoKartsUSA
1 review
0 helpful votes

I bought a Kandi 150cc dune buggy and I rode it maybe 5 times. Now I need a new carberetur and so many other parts. I keep calling and getting the automated machine but the machine says their hours are 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday pacific standard time. It's 3:00 in central time and all I get is that their office is closed. Wow I really wouldn't go through these people again..

Ask Michelle about GoKartsUSA
1 review
3 helpful votes

All I have to say is buyer beware. Before making a purchase, just try to contact customer service. If you have success reaching someone in one phone call and in less than 10 minutes, you are fortunate. I ended up waiting to speak to a human being for 53 minutes. Just saying.

Ask Travis about GoKartsUSA
1 review
1 helpful vote

Took off work early yesterday 12/9/15. I called them multiple times about buying my son a side by side at their store, to make sure they had what I wanted and was told they had other 150 side by sides, priced at about 4800.00. Drove nearly 100 miles one way to purchase one or the other, since they were the lowest price and the only place around that we thought we could purchase and bring home. After walking into the "tiny" showroom which was nothing like what you see on their website, was completely shocking. They had 1 side by side and a few cheap go-karts and little mini bikes. When we asked if they had any others to look at, they stated "oh we can't show you the warehouse", we are not allowed to take customers back their". We were then told we could not purchase the Hisun Strike 250 that they had because they said they were not licensed to sell these ????? Absolutely shocked with my 13 year old son standing there, that was so excited after the long journey, in traffic. As being a business owner myself for 20 years, I am shocked that they are still in business especially after reading all the negative reviews. The big question is, why did they lie knowing we were driving down there.

Ask David about GoKartsUSA
1 review
6 helpful votes

I received a very damaged machine. It took a mechanic to discover all the problems this new moped had. Over 20 problems! There was no ignition key, the trunk was not made for this mode, kick starter broken, lights not working. It is impossible to meet the requirements of their return policy. There was no way to get replacement parts because they discontinued selling this model.

I suspect that the company takes returned and damaged merchandise and sells it again, getting the customer to activate the warranty. Delays in communication, original manufacturer no longer available, "losing" previous communications, asking for the VIN and product number and date of sale over and over again.

I was ripped off for over $800. and the moped is still practically useless.

Ask Tracy about GoKartsUSA
1 review
5 helpful votes

Like the title says, hopefully you are reading the mounds of horrible reviews BEFORE ordering from this company.
When I ordered, the site said the bike was in stock. I placed the order and the status stuck at "ready for shipment" for a week. Then after I sent an email asking for a status update the status magically changed to "shipped". Well then, 2 WEEKS after it "shipped" and after repeated tries to contact someone there I finally got someone to reply (probably because I threatened to cancel the order and report to BBB) and low and behold the send me a tracking # and sure enough it shipped that day, 2 weeks after they said it shipped.
You can't call anyone because the line is always busy, they won't reply to their help ticket system. And they just downright lie.
There are plenty of other places to order from, stay away from this one!
I'm sure someone from this so called company will reply with some BS excuse and probably throw in some more lies as well.


Ask Troy about GoKartsUSA
1 review
1 helpful vote

IF YOU WANT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PRODUCT ON TIME LOOK ELSE WHERE U WILL NOT RECEIVE EITHER HERE .....placed a order for a Lazer 5 moped on 2/19/15 and they canceled my order I call to find out why no one knows any thing then I reorder the same thing I get a confirmation sayin my order is ready for shipping on 3/2/15 today is 3/5/15 and my order still has not been sent I called once again to see what the hold up is they say they put my order on hold without notifying me I ask for compensation for all the mishaps and they cancel my whole order I ask why are the canceling my order their response was because I told them to and now they want to hold my money for 10 to 15 days so I can't order from another company

Ask James about GoKartsUSA
1 review
2 helpful votes

Stay far away from this business! I placed two orders with them a few days apart. First a "tire/wheel" order and then a "brake assembly/drum" order. The brake assy./drums arrived and they sent a brake band, and not the brake assembly I ordered. The drums were correct. I called customer service and their phones were down. When I finally got in touch with customer service, all she could say was "I'm sorry" over and over again. The tires and wheels were never shipped... so they finally did (after two weeks in limbo). The woman in CS told me that they would ship the correct parts, and that I needed to photograph them to prove that I was sent the wrong parts... as if they wouldn't figure that out when they received the wrong parts back in the mail!

After days and days of dealing with misinformation and a supervisor who was never able to speak to me, they told me, knowing full well that I was on a tight deadline due to their error... that I would have to pay to ship their errors back to them. I HAVE TO PAY FOR THE SHIPPING TO SEND A PRODUCT BACK THAT WAS THEIR ERROR!??!?!?!?!?! I have to do it because as they told me, "Our shipping policy is clearly stated on our website." It may be, but for $8 in shipping, they have alienated a customer and made me angry enough to post on every forum and review site to make sure nobody gets taken advantage of like I was.

Ask Aaron about GoKartsUSA
1 review
2 helpful votes

If you're looking for a seller who stands behind their products and provides customer service and support, Forget GOKARTSUSA. I would like to say their customer service is terrible, but there IS NONE. Their shipping stinks. I purchased a TrailMaster 400. The shipper left it at their dock after it arrived at our destination city for 2 weeks and didn't notify anyone. I had a missing part. I notified Gokartsusa assuming they would replace it. It never happened. Now I have an electrical problem. They claim that they will respond to your request within 2-3 hours. That is a LIE. They will not respond - EVER. I am thinking there is only a skeleton staff at this company. They take orders and have your purchase shipped from a different company. I think their whole staff is an order taker. My advice: AVOID THIS COMPANY.

Ask Richard about GoKartsUSA
1 review
4 helpful votes

I ordered a buggy that was missing parts and notified the company. They told me I was lying and refused to resolve the issue. I then talked to a person from GoKarts that helped me order what I needed (I had to break down and pay for what I needed). The parts took roughly 3 months to come in and were wrong. I called back, got an RMA number and sent them back using registered mail. GoKarts received my parts and signed for them but refused to credit my back and still to this day will not. After sending the Better Business Bureau the signature, tacking info and delivery date the BBB told GoKarts they were wrong and to pay me back. They still refused to and now I am in the middle of suing them. Out $600 in parts and legal fees. I finally called the OEM, paid less that half GoKarts price and had my parts in roughly a week.

Ask Chester about GoKartsUSA
1 review
10 helpful votes

Does anyone know who owns this business? Does anyone know the dealer license number for I asked them to send me the MSO so I can register this bike back in October, it's now January. They never sent me the missing parts I asked for because they were missing. Yes, the bike came missing parts!!! We filled out the warranty form and included our photos. The parts cost me around $30 from another dealer. My son loves the bike...we just need to register it. So, $#*!ing send me the god damn MSO so I can register this bike you $#*! show of a circus tent $#*!ing joke of a business.

Ask Jack about GoKartsUSA
1 review
8 helpful votes

bought a cart from them with driveway and liftgate delivery to be here by christmas, got a call from ups trucking and was told the cart was to big to deliver, when i called gokarts said to bad pick it up your self, i explained it said driveway delivery by christmas is what i paid for on my recpt, was told if i picked it up i would have for christmas, i called my credit card co and they refunded my entire purchase price, i have never done a review before, this place is bad news stay away, DO NOT USE CHECK ONLY CREDIT CARDS

Ask chuck about GoKartsUSA
1 review
8 helpful votes

they said my 3k gokart would be here by christmas on phone, on dec.4 it is dec.24 and it hasnt shipped now my son will have nothing for christmas thanks for nothing gokartsusa
i am not shopping here again after what they did to my son. DON'T BUY FROM THEM!!!!

Tip for consumers: dont buy form them

Ask Tommy about GoKartsUSA
1 review
6 helpful votes

I wish I had checked this site before I ordered. Christmas gift (helmet) ordered 7 business days before Christmas (Dec. 16). Website said 4 day delivery. (I was notified on the same day I ordered that the helmet was ready to ship.) Today (Dec. 23), after calling 3 times, I was given a tracking number which indicates that it didn't ship until yesterday and that it won't be delivered until Dec. 30. 10 year-old grandson's Christmas gift. Manager said there was nothing he could do. REALLY ??? No offer to overnight ship another one, No offer to refund FULL amount. Asked him to figure the cancelation fee - $65 on a $100 helmet. And, while writing this review, I just received the email notice that it had been shipped. REALLY ???

Ask Hunt about GoKartsUSA
1 review
2 helpful votes

I purchased a sports kart 196cc, I assembled kart that was pretty easy . I added oil and gas then started the motor break in , with starting it and letting it run till engine was warm then turning it off . I did this for about 2 hours . Then I took it for a test ride around property. Kart ran great had to dial in tie rods, but all around it drives good for what it is . I would recommend if you have it to wear an mx neck brace , with mx helmet and elbow pads , and chest Procter just to be on safe side. I had no problems with ordering or shipping . Its going to be an awesome Christmas gift . Thanks gokartusa ..........

Ask boe about GoKartsUSA
1 review
6 helpful votes

These guys cannot be trusted. If anything goes wrong with your order, good luck. Getting it in writing does not work.Their customer service is terrible. After a mess up on shipping I was told the only way I could get my buggy was if I paid for the shipping from the depot to my address and submitted the invoice for payment. (Despite the shipping agreement to deliver it to my door the trucking company didn't have a lift gate truck big enough). I paid for a local contractor to haul it from the depot and submitted the invoice. After several calls I was told and received an email that it would be paid in 3-5 days. After six months of calling and emails, most of which were never even replied to, I was finally told that they made a mistake and the best they can do is 100 dollars in store credit.
If I make a mistake and commit in writing to pay somebody. I pay it. That is just basic ethics.
Don't trust their customer service people, don't trust it if you get it in writing...

Ask Terry about GoKartsUSA
1 review
1 helpful vote

i bought a roketa gk-06 off go karts usa and it worked fine i ran it for abought 1 month before the gearbox broke on my behalf i revved up the engine and poped it into drive acedently so i called to see if i could get a replacement part to was about $600 and i was willing to pay for it but then they told me they would cover it in my Warranty and even pay for 1 day overnight shipping when the part got here i realized it was the wrong part then i looked at the email i sent them and i sent them the picture of the wrong part so i called back and told them it was my fault and sent them a picture of the right part they did the same thing and shipped it to my overnight and told me i could keep both so i wouldn't have to pay to ship it back overall i was very happy with this website

Ask joe about GoKartsUSA
1 review
4 helpful votes

These people should not be allow to be in business. Their technical service is worthless. After explaining to them in technical detail why a product is faulty their answer is: " The main problem is that those items that you purchased are non-returnable items because they were ordered directly from the manufacturer. With all that being said I'm sorry for the inconvenience but there is nothing we can do at this time."

These people do not stand behind their products.

Ask George about GoKartsUSA
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have purchased 2 go karts from these guys this summer. First one already burns oil and has lost power after only 10 hours of use. The second one arrived with a major oil leak. It has only been test driven, what a piece of junk. Both karts total about 3k, you would think this company would stand behind what they sell. I am considering legal action.

Ask Bruce about GoKartsUSA
1 review
6 helpful votes


Update 01.24.2014

Noticed Mike was responding now instead of Alex.

Stating that your company strives for something it does not do consistently or with much success is a sales-man pitch and DAMAGE CONTROL. See your CS agent Jessica's remedy that never happened; which BTW took over 2 weeks to get as a response from my initial 'trouble ticket' filing and phone call.

Don't tell these good people things that never happen. Your company fails far more than it succeeds in customer service period. What do you have to say about that?

Wow- this SiteJabber and the BBB ratings are the 2nd and 3rd listing for Google hits searching 'GoKarts USA' Good work fellow reviewers. Let the truth be told.

Pick the Go Kart up already...


to me, helpdesk, helpdesk2
I have forward pictures over to my manufacturer. I am waiting on a response from them and my customer service manager.

Two things we will do.

1. Schedule a pick up and ship you out a new buggy.
2. Send you out parts for free under warranty.

I will keep you updated.

If you have any questions, concerns or request please contact me at (925)691-0330.

Thank You
GoKarts USA

Update 01.07.2014

Oh I forgot- since they troll this site- GoKart USA, you have 1 more month to pick up your Kart or it will be deemed abandoned and unlawfully stored on private property! :) I will be disposing of it soon!

This is their email contact info:
Jessica <>

This is the link to the BBB rating:

As mentioned- my Kart arrived damaged. It was Tara that told me to not refuse shipment- that they would work with me to resolve. It took 2 weeks for Jessica to become involved and showed some compassion- I have to assume she works there against her will, how that sweet girl could be with this company is beyond me. Jessica, I aint mad at ya :)

I disputed the item with PayPal; PayPal has a merchant agreement with them; basically they did not respond so PayPal sided with me as buyer and PER their policy- reversed all charges. Jessica was extremely helpful before all this, but it became clear she had no power to do anything on her own and would eventually break her word. Never mind I have voice and email confirmations of everything that transpired!

Jessica through her management had agreed to a return and offered to have it picked up. They wouldn't ship out another for fear I would make a similar complaint- wait... did they just say they didn't trust the shipping to send out a product not damaged again, LOL- yes they did.

Since I received my money back and I told them that their product needed to be picked up after waiting for a shipper call, it was clear what they had in mind all along. They were going to honor the return but collect against my monies the restock and possibly all ship fees as a means to recoup. Well, since PayPal took the money back, they found themselves with no leverage. Hence, no pick freight and no more answering calls/emails. They sent my account to collections. Wait- how am I in collections? I PAID- Gokart USA didnt follow their own merchant agreement with PayPal, and PayPal on their behalf, not mine, returned the money. So... collections on a bill of sale that had term for payment that wasnt honored. Good luck with that in collections- you bet I will fight. I should also add the US distributor/Manufacturer of TrailMaster BV power sports, are just as shady and to blame. I kept them in the loop and they remain silent and chose to partner with these crooks. I hope it bites you in the arse.

Update 11.13.2013. Its been 4 days since delivery and still no phone call and I have reached out as much as I would care too; product remains crated and untouched. I have had no choice but to file a claim with PayPal- never send this company cash/check... you will need/want the buyer protection of a CC. Also found out- the shipper can only insure damages for restoring and repair, not total loss or replacement. There is no way I am keeping a product that was supposed to be new and then having to find/hunt an outlet to refurbish it back to almost new. Just ridiculous!

As of now your product is unlawfully stored at my premises, storage fees will commence next week. If not picked up in 90 days, it will be deemed abandoned.

Original Msg 11.11.2013

I ordered my cart with a CDI- CDI was out of stock and so they returned the $ amount... however- its still listed as it stock, its still listed in stock with combination HO coils... so your statement of inventory diligence is a BOLD lie!

How did your company handle the out of stock part? You shipped the high $$$ item and left the CDI out- didn't call, never notified, didn't ask for substituents... never mind that I comparison shopped the high to others with the CDI factored in- very lame. Just gave my money back with no input/interaction from me at all. I guess I should be glad I just got the money back... your company communication is horrible. The cart- it arrived crushed in some areas- filled out customer support ticket, got the email- I promptly called- guess what, first thing agent did was recognize my voice and immediately said a manager would call me back- its day 2- no call. Tell me- why didn't your agent take my information down like she should have? You think $2300 is worth sitting out there unusable while my kids cry daddy why cant we open it??!!

Order Number: 20137013
Order Date: 10/31/2013 2:37 PM
Part Number: N-MP-01061-1
Rush Processing: No Thanks
Factory Warranty: 24 MO -FREE
High Performance CDI: Add Performance CDI
1st Color Choice: Yellow
2nd Color Choice: Black
Battery Tender Charger: ADD Free Battery Tender
150 XRX 1 $2,493.00 $2,493.00
Subtotal: $2,493.00
Discounts: -$49.86
Shipping: $0.00
Tax: $0.00
Order Total: $2,443.14

Ask Jessy about GoKartsUSA
1 review
6 helpful votes

Stay away from this company. Their return policy states that you can't return parts. They realistically have no returns at all. Delivery time of parts was terribly slow and customer service was awful.

Find a different source - use them at your own risk.

Ask Jeff about GoKartsUSA
1 review
5 helpful votes

If I could give them zero stars, I would. I have placed three orders with them over the past year in order to complete a Taco Frijole minibike, for which they are the exclusive distributor. Every order received was incorrect, incomplete, or both. On one order, after receiving the incorrect part and waiting two weeks for the correct item after RMA, I received the exact same incorrect part. In addition, their customer support could not be more rude or inconvenienced to do their job and service the customer whose money they have taken.

Update 5/18/16 -- Just two curious observations here. The "Jordan T." making responses here replied to my post without any possibility of knowing who I am, further bolstering the fact that these people are unscrupulous liars. The other point is that of their 5 star ratings on this site, one is actually GoKartsUSA voting on themselves (shouldn't be allowed) and another is a completely dissatisfied reviewer that appears to have made a rating error. Their rating is actually even lower than the 11% approval indicated as of this date.

Ask G about GoKartsUSA

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