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995 reviews
2 Park Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10016, USA
Tel: (877) 280-0545

995 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I am another victim of the tmobile tuesday rip off.

They are lousy! Lock you out! I spent real money in addition to the gift card my family was given.

I guess they limit 1 per order so they can make more money off of people and their insane shipping rate of $7.95 for a pair of socks.

I used gift cards and also paid some with my credit card.... they charged my card yet did not send me any emails! I have contacted my bank, credit card company and Better Business Bureau regarding their awful handling of this. I am lucky to have a good credit card company that sided with me and is looking into this matter.

Ask Jay about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've been a member of Gilt for years, and despite numerous unpleasant experiences with the return policy, exorbitantly long shipping times, and customer service, I gave the site another try and purchased a jumpsuit.

Nearly 3 weeks after I click "Buy" on the site, I finally received a shipping notification, my romper was on it's way. I received a FedEx notification that the romper would be delivered while I was at work. When I returned home, there was no package at my door. The FedEx shipping status said that the package was being returned to sender due to an incorrect shipping address. I checked my order on Gilt, I had entered the same shipping address I always used and it was in fact correct.

I reached out to customer service, they told me that they could not re-route the item back to me. Additionally, they could not guarantee that I could secure the item at this point. I would have to wait for the item to be returned, reposted on the site, and then I would need to re-purchase it to then wait another 3 weeks for it to be delivered.

In a day where Amazon can deliver purchases to you in an hour, I do not understand how companies like Gilt survive. I will never purchase from Gilt again. Let this be the straw that broke the camel's back.

Tip for consumers: Only purchase items from this site if you are extremely patient and can handle supremely inefficient processes.

Ask Maria about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

I used some credits I got from a promotion and they cancel my order and closed my account for no reason! Now all my credits are gone and no explanation from them. What kind of business is it?!? I'm vwry frustrated with them.

Ask Molly about Gilt
1 review
1 helpful vote

Everything is super expensive for no reason. Website wants you to put in credit card info and more just to put in promo codes.

Needs your email before even being able to put a item in the cart.

terrible website.

Ask bob about Gilt
1 review
1 helpful vote

a promotion was sent to me via email but it came in a day late and then the terms of when it could be used and when it expired were not clearly displayed so I ordered the items listed thinking I would get an extra 30% off but I was a day late and the promotion had expired. It was supposed to run from 8/1-8/3 and I received the email on 8/2 and then tried to use the coupon on 8/4. Customer service originally tried to offer me a 15% discount on my NEXT purchase but I felt that I should have gotten it on this one and not be made to spend more money to get the savings that should have been applied to this order. After following up and excellating this to a manager it was finally resolved. Considering the savings was only $13.20 I felt that it should have been able to be resolved on the first contact.

Ask Laura about Gilt
1 review
2 helpful votes


Where do I start! This website is a total scam. They took one picture of the watch and said that it was a man's watch. The picture wasn't even taken from their website they probably got it off of Google images. I finally received the watch that by the way,  took FOREVER! And noticed that the band was defective. I tried it on anyway and it didn't fit my wrist! When I called to complain they said "well, it's a unisex watch, it's for men and women".
The customer service was terrible. I was treated very disrespectfully. I wanted to return the watch and they wouldn't take it back. I even had to go as far as to complain with the BBB (better business bureau). So now I'm stuck with a $3,200.00 watch that has a broken wrist band and doesn't even fit me!!

Ask Gio about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

I several items from Gilt July 8, a month later only one of 17 items arrived, and it arrived broken. The packing slip shows there should have been several items in the box, but that was not the case. All the other items are still show 'in transit' . This is so frustrating as many of these items were summer gifts for friends.

Ask Wendy about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

Be wary of buying fine jewelry on Gilt. First, the jewelry is heavily marked up (upto 3x) then discounted to make it appear as a good deal. Second, the jewelry does not arrive with brand's own packaging.I can back this with my experience with the Amrapali brand jewelry bought on Gilt.
I bought a pair of Amrapali earrings on Gilt, which was not just significantly marked up but arrived without standard Amrapali packaging (red box or drawstring pouch), or instructions for care or any certificate of authenticity (you would get that if you purchase diamonds on Amrapali's own website). I received a pair of diamond earrings in bubble wrap packed in Gilt shipping box. Having purchased Amrapali jewelry over the years both in-store and online from their website, I know the difference.

I also compared some identical jewelry pieces available on both Amrapali website and the Gilt site. After the supposed discount, Gilt was selling most jewelry for a couple of hundred dollars over what the brand itself charges. The Gilt discount is just a sham for those too lazy to do the comparison. I would not recommend buying fine jewelry at Gilt.

Ask P about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

I received the wrong color scarf and I wrote an email explaining how I had received the incorrect item. Since the color I had originally ordered was no longer available, I was offered two options. I could either return the scarf for a full refund or be issued a partial refund. I opted for the partial refund and kept the scarf. My issue was very easily resolved.

Ask Laura about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

You've earned enough Insider Points to receive a $15 off discount on any item. Yay! You're a good customer. You put an item in your cart, price it out with the different shipping options and the $15 off, see it doesn't really add up to a good deal after all and don't complete the order. Done, right? Your $15 credit wasn't used, right? Not exactly. You REDEEMED it, even though you didn't purchase anything, and you now have 2 weeks to buy something and use it or it's gone.

Customer service is not there to help you resolve this, they are there to enforce it. It doesn't matter that you didn't buy anything, or that you didn't intend to redeem the credit and put yourself on a 2 week deadline to use it. You REDEEMED it, and now you're stuck with it. Sorry! :)

This is Gilt's attitude toward their customers. Sell deals that aren't really deals. Enforce restrictive return policies. Ship obviously damaged merchandise (a coffee table book arrived with a giant gouge in the spine). Trick your customer into redeeming a discount that will now expire if they don't immediately use it. Basically, in every way, try to outsmart the customer.

Notice how Gilt only responds to the 5-star reviews here? They are not interested in what DOESN'T work for their customers, which you will quickly discover the minute you have a problem with your order.

Ask Brittany about Gilt
1 review
3 helpful votes

Shipment was sent to the wrong address. Called customer service twice, they said nothing can be done. And they emphasized that I should have noticed that on my order confirmation. Well, I did remember I corrected address when I placed order, but for some reason it was still the old address on the order. I had to call Fedex and Fedex said they haven't received the shipment yet, that I should called the sender. I called the customer service again, still said nothing can be done, I should wait until Fedex received the package and call USPS.

This is terrible! I had great experience with In my case, the shipment was sent to the wrong address. One shipment was already delivered. I didn't even call, thinking I will probably lose the money anyway. I just emailed them and didn't expect anything. They immediately put a stop shipment on the one that is in transit. For the one that was delivered, I called the doorman and they said they didn't see the package. And I don't know what happened later. But when I contacted, they refunded me full amount right away, no questions asked.

I will never order from again.

Ask chloe about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

Louise gave excellent customer service, ensuring a prompt and satisfactory solution to my problem. Great work, Louse - thank you!

Ask Nancy about Gilt
1 review
1 helpful vote

I had ordered several items. Most were Gilt brands, which Gilt describes as "exclusively on Gilt. It was created in collaboration with our preferred brand partners to bring you great style at an accessible price point."

Even though I hadn't ordered clothing from Gilt before, I associated them with high quality at great prices. So I was shocked when I received the items and saw how cheaply made they were.

Some Gilt items were not returnable, others were not. Gilt clearly states when items are not returnable by stating this on the item's description page. I'm always very, very cautious about ordering non-returnable items, particularly when it comes to clothing, because of the risk that the items don't fit.

I was on the fence about 2 items, but bought them because I knew were returnable. However, one didn't fit and the other was super cheaply made, and when I went online to begin a return, there was a message next to each of those items on my order form that said "This item has been further reduced from its original Gilt price. It is final sale and non-returnable." I wish I had taken a screenshot of the item's description page, because I these items were changed to "non-returnable" status *after* I had purchased them.

ALSO, note that there's a $9.50 restocking fee. It's listed on their website, but you have to hunt for that info. I didn't see it mentioned on the order form *prior* to my ordering, which I think is a bit deceptive. It was my responsibility to double-check that prior to ordering, but I don't know of any other large merchant that charges a restocking fee nowadays -- in fact, quite a few large companies offer **free shipping on returns**, particularly if you make a sizeable purchase.

I must say that I had a great customer experience, though. When I explained my situation via an online chat with a customer service rep, he did allow me to return the items at a Saks Off 5th store for credit to be used at Saks Off 5th. Not what I was hoping for, but I thought that was fair.

Bottom line, I'm going to limit my Gilt purchases to items of brand names that I'm familiar with and are of a quality level that I trust.

Ask Irene about Gilt
1 review
1 helpful vote

Horrible customer service. Promo code for 30% didn't work. Was on hold for 45 minutes and then told sorry. How about 15% off instead. So disappointed. ...never again

Ask Denard about Gilt
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

This site sends emails of online searches that I've done, and offer me in email forum the related clothes, etc, that I like

Ask T about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

Gilt was easy, fast and very professional. I received exactly what I ordered! My nixon watch is awesome. Also, by far, the cheapest price online. Totally satisfied!!

Tip for consumers: Wait for 20% off codes and get even better discounts!! I did!!

Ask Ken about Gilt
1 review
1 helpful vote

The only expiration date was for the purchased item. There however was no expiration date on the credit that was being promoted (e.g. spend $95 and get $95 worth of Warby Parker plus $25 credit on Gilt). So I went ahead and spent the Warby Parker amount within the explicit timeframe and saved the Gilt credit for a time I actually wanted something from Gilt. Any good company, like LLBean, JetBlue, or SouthWest don't have credit expiration dates, and if they did would be transparent and explicit about them. Customer service was unhelpful and said the credit expired shortly after the Warby Parker amount expired. I had hopes for Gilt and am surely disappointed. You can count on me going to Groupon, Nordstrom Racks, and TJMaxx for discounted quality products and services in the future and leaving Gilt in the dust.

Ask A about Gilt
1 review
1 helpful vote

I shop at the flash sale site about once a week though I look at it daily. The few times I've had return/concern issues they've been wonderfully helpful. They have great service, good product and an addictive site.

Ask Cime about Gilt
1 review
6 helpful votes

I thought Gilt was a reputable business. It was a huge disappointment when I bought an Omega Speedmaster that arrived with bogus paperwork. I took it to a reputable Omega dealer and to my surprise, they pointed out that the paperwork said that it was an Omega Seamaster...completely different watch. They also said that I paid $500.00 too much for the watch. Gilt is either running a very shady business or a very sloppy one. My advice is to stay away from this company when purchasing luxury goods. When I called to report the problem, they were not very responsive.

Ask cristina about Gilt
1 review
1 helpful vote

The rep was quick to reply and offered two solutions I found acceptable. I ended up accepting a partial refund. That refund's already been processed.

Ask Hannah about Gilt
5 reviews
28 helpful votes

They still don't give you great service on returns. It always costs unless you want a credit with them =$10.00! I do like their products and shop there all the time. Good deal on shipping if you plan to buy more than once in 30 days-otherwise you can pay $10.00 for one little item. Still worth looking at as there quality is fantastic.

Ask ferris about Gilt
1 review
7 helpful votes

One year ago I purchased a Vintage Rolex watch at Gilt. The piece with a certificate of authenticity, condition report and appraised value. Recently I tried to sell the watch at Christies. They found that the face has been repainted instead of replaced and for that the watch it wasn't in original condition. I complaint to Gilt and they asked me this in writing. I took the watch to Rolex USA and they found that the case was rusted, the face was repainted and that the needles are not original. To replace all that and restore the watch to the original state, it would cost $3,400. I paid $ 2,500 but it was appraised (according to Gilt) $6,000.
According to Rolex, that watch should have never been sold as authentic since the repairs were not done by Rolex. That automatically invalids the licensing of the pieces. I sent all that info to Gilt and their answer was, it has been a year, we cannot do anything.

Please never ever buy a vintage watch from Gilt. They don't know what they sell, the certificates they sent do not reflect the condition of the piece and the appraisal is a joke.

Ask Leonardo about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

After initially providing some pushback, Gilt took care of it and refunded the amount. Excellent service.

Ask Cyrus about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

Such a quick response as well as resolution to the issue. Very good experience.

Ask Christina about Gilt
1 review
2 helpful votes

Shopping on used to be a wonderful experience, both in terms of pricing and customer service. However, over the last one year, its has become from bad to worse. I experienced this atleast twice where they refused to resolve the complaint inspite of admitting their fault as per their 'policy' or 'techinical reasons':
1. I had an international shipment and they charged me in local currency instead of USD although i selected USD as the payment currency in the order screen. This would not be an issue, if they hadnt charged me 8% EXTRA without any reason any REFUSED to refund as the order had been 'placed'.
2. Recently, i placed another international shipping order for 7 items. Because of custom rules, one item could not be shipped internationally (which was NOT menioned jn item description). Weirdly enough, Gilt cancelled the ENTIRE order without ever asking me for a US addres which i could have easily provided, or cancel the ONE item which could not be shipped internationally. Worse, when i wanted to place the order again without the restricted item, 3 of my 7 purchases were UNAVAILABLE ...!!

Ofcourse, their customer service was totally u helpful which resulted me in writing this review.

Ask Sami about Gilt
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A: Hi Madelyn,

I hope that you are keeping well.I

Once an order ship's from our warehouse an email will be sent to advise you.

To view the progress of any orders pending, please visit the "Orders" page in the "Account" section on

I hope I was of help today! Have a nice weekend.

Chat soon,
Maureen -GiltService
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