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984 reviews
2 Park Avenue, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10016, USA
Tel: (877) 280-0545

984 Reviews From Our Community

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I can't say anything about the customer service because I never felt the need to reach them. (in 192 reviews)


The one bad thing about this site is the return policy. (in 39 reviews)


I have never had a problem with a return, but then, I don't have a problem with receiving store credit from this site. (in 28 reviews)

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Louise gave excellent customer service, ensuring a prompt and satisfactory solution to my problem. Great work, Louse - thank you!

Ask Nancy about Gilt
1 review
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I had ordered several items. Most were Gilt brands, which Gilt describes as "exclusively on Gilt. It was created in collaboration with our preferred brand partners to bring you great style at an accessible price point."

Even though I hadn't ordered clothing from Gilt before, I associated them with high quality at great prices. So I was shocked when I received the items and saw how cheaply made they were.

Some Gilt items were not returnable, others were not. Gilt clearly states when items are not returnable by stating this on the item's description page. I'm always very, very cautious about ordering non-returnable items, particularly when it comes to clothing, because of the risk that the items don't fit.

I was on the fence about 2 items, but bought them because I knew were returnable. However, one didn't fit and the other was super cheaply made, and when I went online to begin a return, there was a message next to each of those items on my order form that said "This item has been further reduced from its original Gilt price. It is final sale and non-returnable." I wish I had taken a screenshot of the item's description page, because I these items were changed to "non-returnable" status *after* I had purchased them.

ALSO, note that there's a $9.50 restocking fee. It's listed on their website, but you have to hunt for that info. I didn't see it mentioned on the order form *prior* to my ordering, which I think is a bit deceptive. It was my responsibility to double-check that prior to ordering, but I don't know of any other large merchant that charges a restocking fee nowadays -- in fact, quite a few large companies offer **free shipping on returns**, particularly if you make a sizeable purchase.

I must say that I had a great customer experience, though. When I explained my situation via an online chat with a customer service rep, he did allow me to return the items at a Saks Off 5th store for credit to be used at Saks Off 5th. Not what I was hoping for, but I thought that was fair.

Bottom line, I'm going to limit my Gilt purchases to items of brand names that I'm familiar with and are of a quality level that I trust.

Ask Irene about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

Horrible customer service. Promo code for 30% didn't work. Was on hold for 45 minutes and then told sorry. How about 15% off instead. So disappointed. ...never again

Ask Denard about Gilt
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

This site sends emails of online searches that I've done, and offer me in email forum the related clothes, etc, that I like

Ask T about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

Gilt was easy, fast and very professional. I received exactly what I ordered! My nixon watch is awesome. Also, by far, the cheapest price online. Totally satisfied!!

Tip for consumers: Wait for 20% off codes and get even better discounts!! I did!!

Ask Ken about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

The only expiration date was for the purchased item. There however was no expiration date on the credit that was being promoted (e.g. spend $95 and get $95 worth of Warby Parker plus $25 credit on Gilt). So I went ahead and spent the Warby Parker amount within the explicit timeframe and saved the Gilt credit for a time I actually wanted something from Gilt. Any good company, like LLBean, JetBlue, or SouthWest don't have credit expiration dates, and if they did would be transparent and explicit about them. Customer service was unhelpful and said the credit expired shortly after the Warby Parker amount expired. I had hopes for Gilt and am surely disappointed. You can count on me going to Groupon, Nordstrom Racks, and TJMaxx for discounted quality products and services in the future and leaving Gilt in the dust.

Ask A about Gilt
1 review
1 helpful vote

I shop at the flash sale site about once a week though I look at it daily. The few times I've had return/concern issues they've been wonderfully helpful. They have great service, good product and an addictive site.

Ask Cime about Gilt
1 review
2 helpful votes

I thought Gilt was a reputable business. It was a huge disappointment when I bought an Omega Speedmaster that arrived with bogus paperwork. I took it to a reputable Omega dealer and to my surprise, they pointed out that the paperwork said that it was an Omega Seamaster...completely different watch. They also said that I paid $500.00 too much for the watch. Gilt is either running a very shady business or a very sloppy one. My advice is to stay away from this company when purchasing luxury goods. When I called to report the problem, they were not very responsive.

Ask cristina about Gilt
1 review
1 helpful vote

The rep was quick to reply and offered two solutions I found acceptable. I ended up accepting a partial refund. That refund's already been processed.

Ask Hannah about Gilt
5 reviews
26 helpful votes

They still don't give you great service on returns. It always costs unless you want a credit with them =$10.00! I do like their products and shop there all the time. Good deal on shipping if you plan to buy more than once in 30 days-otherwise you can pay $10.00 for one little item. Still worth looking at as there quality is fantastic.

Ask ferris about Gilt
1 review
5 helpful votes

One year ago I purchased a Vintage Rolex watch at Gilt. The piece with a certificate of authenticity, condition report and appraised value. Recently I tried to sell the watch at Christies. They found that the face has been repainted instead of replaced and for that the watch it wasn't in original condition. I complaint to Gilt and they asked me this in writing. I took the watch to Rolex USA and they found that the case was rusted, the face was repainted and that the needles are not original. To replace all that and restore the watch to the original state, it would cost $3,400. I paid $ 2,500 but it was appraised (according to Gilt) $6,000.
According to Rolex, that watch should have never been sold as authentic since the repairs were not done by Rolex. That automatically invalids the licensing of the pieces. I sent all that info to Gilt and their answer was, it has been a year, we cannot do anything.

Please never ever buy a vintage watch from Gilt. They don't know what they sell, the certificates they sent do not reflect the condition of the piece and the appraisal is a joke.

Ask Leonardo about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

After initially providing some pushback, Gilt took care of it and refunded the amount. Excellent service.

Ask Cyrus about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

Such a quick response as well as resolution to the issue. Very good experience.

Ask Christina about Gilt
1 review
2 helpful votes

Shopping on used to be a wonderful experience, both in terms of pricing and customer service. However, over the last one year, its has become from bad to worse. I experienced this atleast twice where they refused to resolve the complaint inspite of admitting their fault as per their 'policy' or 'techinical reasons':
1. I had an international shipment and they charged me in local currency instead of USD although i selected USD as the payment currency in the order screen. This would not be an issue, if they hadnt charged me 8% EXTRA without any reason any REFUSED to refund as the order had been 'placed'.
2. Recently, i placed another international shipping order for 7 items. Because of custom rules, one item could not be shipped internationally (which was NOT menioned jn item description). Weirdly enough, Gilt cancelled the ENTIRE order without ever asking me for a US addres which i could have easily provided, or cancel the ONE item which could not be shipped internationally. Worse, when i wanted to place the order again without the restricted item, 3 of my 7 purchases were UNAVAILABLE ...!!

Ofcourse, their customer service was totally u helpful which resulted me in writing this review.

Ask Sami about Gilt
1 review
1 helpful vote

What happened to Gilt's customer service? Wish I'd read some of the recent reviews before purchasing a vintage Chanel handbag. The item was listed as non-refundable but I received something that was misrepresented on their website. Critical details about the handbag's strap were omitted and the description provided was misleading to say the least. A Chanel store rep confirmed that the chain was not common and should not be described as a "classic Chanel chain shoulder strap". The unusual nature of the strap was not detailed anywhere and it was not obvious in the pictures.

I attempted to resolve this both over the phone and over email. Every interaction was punctuated by a common attitude: they simply DID NOT CARE. In addition to completely ignoring the details of my complaint (it's like they never actually read the emails), there was a plain lack of interest in accountability - an absolute refusal to acknowledge that they do make mistakes every once in a while and when they do, the ethical thing to do would be to try and rectify it somehow. They couldn't even explain why they couldn't/wouldn't take the item back and simply parroted the fact that it was listed as non-refundable. The manager I spoke with was a one-line automaton, "sorry you feel that way" or absolute silence to my questions. They didn't even offer store credit. This attitude is incomprehensible and disappointing doesn't even begin to cover it.

I have become weary of Gilt's credibility and their borderline unethical attitude. I will take my luxury goods shopping elsewhere until they figure out what kind of merchant they'd like to be.

Ask M about Gilt
1 review
9 helpful votes

I just bought a Rolex off of Gilt, and wow am I fumed. Waited about 2 weeks for the item, which isn't that bad considering it said it would take about a month to ship. Anywho, before purchasing the item (since it's NON-REFUNDABLE/RETURNABLE), I called in and spoke to a SUPERVISOR named Laura regarding the authenticity and ORIGINAL paperwork for the Rolex and Laura "reassured" me by stating that it does come with ORIGINAL ROLEX paperwork, like all vintage Rolex's do, and they guaranteed the authenticity of the item. Seeing that they had a lot of good reviews, I decided to make the purchase. When the item itself got sent home to me, I was obviously ecstatic.. Opened it and took a look at the watch.. The packaging was absurd! I mean, it just looked cheap! The watch itself was not wrapped and it wasn't even working. I took a look at the "original paperwork" and if obviously ISN'T the ORIGINAL ROLEX PAPERWORK. I was lied to! I called in once again regarding this issue and the supervisor, Andrea, was SO RUDE to me. I told her the dilemma (the way the item was packaged, what was promised/reassured, and what was received). She stated that she would look for the original phone call to see if I even called in regarding the item, and would call me back within the hour. I waited a whole day! She then called me back that night, and said she could not locate the original call, and that I made the mistake and just wanted a refund on the item. Andrea said that whoever I spoke to regarding the authenticity and original paperwork did not exist! So Andrea basically said I was a liar!! I spent $7000 on a Rolex, why would I lie? They did send me an authenticity approval from a "gemologist lab", but when I brought the watch and the paperwork into an authorized dealer that same day I received it, they told me that yes, the watch itself is authentic and original, but I would need to do maintenance on the watch itself to get it working again. They also stated that the paper of authenticity was pointless because it did not state much of anything about the watch because the retail price was obviously off. It was priced for way more then it is even worth, and they also stated that without the original box and paperwork this watch would only worth approximately $3000. Gilt, you need to provide better customer service since you have just LOST a loyal customer. I would rather do business with haute look then you. Gilt overprices everything, and they obviously care about their profits versus their customers. Potential customers and buyers beware. Gilt is an overpriced scam.

Ask Julie about Gilt
1 review
6 helpful votes


Ask Julie about Gilt
7 reviews
6 helpful votes

Find the best deals on here!

Ask hetal about Gilt
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered two decorative pillows in early April. Still waiting for them, and the expected arrival is one month after the order date. There are no real tracking numbers once the order is supposedly shipped. They provide a tracking number and say it is a USPS shipment, but the number provided is actually a number from the undisclosed third party supplier. So there is no way to track when a package delivery may come.
They make the prices look good, but in actuality, if you do some research the pricing is the same on most items that you can find elsewhere as a normal daily price, such as Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond.
Almost everything is a final sale item, so buyer be ware. I told them I no longer needed the pillows I ordered and they basically said too bad, they already shipped and someday within the next two weeks you will have them. They said a two week delivery window estimate is the best they can do.

Ask Kay about Gilt
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered 4 outdoor chaise lounges and was given a date range during which time they would be delivered. I called and requested delivery information towards the end of that period (over 2 weeks) and there were tracking numbers with no activity. I attempted to find out the reason for the delay and I was told that it would take 2-5 days to get an answer from the manufacturer. They sell products from companies they do not even have the ability to pick up the phone and call apparently. I requested a cancellation plus refund and I was told that also would take 3-5 days. There is a hold on my credit card even though they haven't shipped the items. Totally deceptive and pointless. I could have ordered the same chaise lounges or similar and they would have arrived by now but after dealing with the customer service realized it would be too much difficulty trying to get truthful, accurate answers in any reasonable amount of time.

Ask Jennifer about Gilt
1 review
1 helpful vote

I ordered 3pair jeans on March 25. Months later and 2 phone calls to them they ship one pair. They tell me the rest are out of stock. So the prices are low but that doesn't mean you will ever get what you order. It's not a reliable website. They don't stock anything just pass orders along to others. Maybe you get what you order maybe you don't.

Ask Dave about Gilt
1 review
5 helpful votes

I purchased a Rebecca Minkoff wallet for $45. On Gilt it said was originally $85, but when I got the wallet, the actual RM wallet tag said $39. Now, it's not a huge price difference, and I don't mind paying $45, but what I DO mind is the dishonest claim that the wallet originally cost $85. People shop at Gilt thinking they are getting a deal, but in reality Gilt often claims that the original prices of items are much higher than they actually are--just to make people think they're getting a deal. In reality, Gilt marks many items higher than they were originally priced. It's pretty shady. And given how high their shipping costs are, it makes more sense to shop at sales at places like or, where you get the best prices and free shipping.

Ask Monica about Gilt
1 review
0 helpful votes

can not believe that they actually send things "snail mail" Parcel Post..."are checking into other shipping options" as per a very nice "pop up chat rep". Seriously, what year is this and they still can't figure out good business and open shipping accounts with other vendors other than "snail mail" sure to check your tracking and then add 5 days. So disappointed that I unsubscribed and emptied my cart. Go elsewhere.

Ask Kathleen about Gilt
1 review
2 helpful votes

We received three baby outfits which did not fit, and were wrong season, and could not return them because we were not the buyer/account holder. Order totaled well over $100 which are worthless to us.

Ask Suzanne about Gilt
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've ordered a lot of clothes and though I didn't like everything I received, Gilt has stayed true to its word and honored their return policy. They kindly waived the restocking fee for my entire return of 7 items because one of the items I returned was not the same item I ordered. They know if they are at fault, they should not charge a return fee. They even refunded the shipping for my initial order (the rest of my orders had free shipping since they give you a 30 day free shipping trial.)

The refund did take a few weeks to arrive, and I actually had to email customer service about the delay. They promptly got back to me and issued the refund right away, which was impressive.

I would definitely buy more from this company in the future if they consistently offer free shipping and if they did not charge a restocking fee. The restocking fee is a bummer because sometimes clothes fits very awkwardly and it's impossible to tell until you try it on. For now I will stick with Bloomingdales since they do free shipping and returns.

Ask David about Gilt
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A: Hi Madelyn,

I hope that you are keeping well.I

Once an order ship's from our warehouse an email will be sent to advise you.

To view the progress of any orders pending, please visit the "Orders" page in the "Account" section on

I hope I was of help today! Have a nice weekend.

Chat soon,
Maureen -GiltService
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