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Fiverr reviews

444 reviews
12 HaOmanim St.
Tel Aviv, Gush Dan 6789731, Israel
Tel: 972-3-6317882

444 Reviews From Our Community

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2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Love the site and the concept but don't go here expecting professional work, although much of what's offered is a good deal at $5. I would give it 5 stars except Fiverr customer service is horrible

Ask Ryan about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

Honestly this is the absolute worst service I've ever ever used.

Absolute amateurs and support offers token solutions!

I would have preferred to have spent my $100 bucks on a few drinks than on this sham of a company.

I came up with the design my self and I couldn't even get my seller to align letters in a straight line...

Logo was disproportionate to text .. my 8 yr old could do better!!!

Wasn't expecting miracles but when your logo is just an "L with a full stop after it@ you gotta ask yourselves wtf are these people doing.

Couldn't even get my guy to long up the full stop with my L...

As for colours I had to keep reminding I'm of my colours...

Useless useless useless - he asked for a second chance I'm still waiting...

Off to my designers

Not bothering to try and get my money back but hopefully it will prevent some other s much from wasting theirs!!

Ask Lorena about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

Most sellers will simply cancel an order just before it is due to avoid completing order and receiving negative feedback as the system prevents buyers from reporting orders that are incomplete or denied at last minute. Quality is hit or miss, but usually requires heavy polishing to be presentable. Funds from cancelled orders are held and no refundable. Furthermore funds can not be applied to another order unless the order is an identical amount making order processing or replacement a nightmare.

Ask jay about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

I rather go find professionals to do all my work. 90% people work here are amateurs .
That's fine just don't pretend to be pros.
It degrades Fiverr Company name. Just because we pay less doesn't mean quality should be less and if it should be , your company should warn most people work here is not professionals.
I asked one writer to write me a press release and he mentioned popular rollingstone magazine. I guess no one know what rollingstone is that you have to add popular adjective there.
And most people can't be focus on your need for longer time.

Ask Mihannah about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've used Fiverr to create some promotional videos, backlinks, voice over work among other things (you can view some of the work on my instagram and FB ( pages. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchases because I understand that you get what you pay for. However, some of my orders are more than $5, but I read the seller's reviews and make sure I give future buyers an accurate and honest review (although the sellers do beg for a 5 star review).

Ask KR about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

To correct an error in Account Set Up, the answer is to delete account and create new one with new email address.

Ask Veronica about Fiverr
2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Terrible customer service. Denied me access and said some of my pay pal purchases are in dispute. I checked with pay pal and not true. They wanted me to re purchase so my account could be re opened. I am not paying double. This who thing was so confusing and you can't even talk to a real person. It is buy email only and takes over a day to get an answer to 1 question. Do not do business with this site. Im very disappointed.

Ask Lori about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've used fiverr many times now for graphic design and most of the time the work is late and the designs look rushed. Most gigs I see are in the $20-$40 range now, too. The current gig I'm fighting with I paid an extra $5 ($35 total) for a simple revision (darker shading in the background) and 3 days later the seller has not responded to me. I'm about to contact customer service. Don't ever use fiverr if you need something on a deadline. Even if you pay for faster service.

Ask John about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

This site is a complete waste of time! I wasted 3 weeks and went through three designers only to keep finding out that they were taking images from and passing them off as their "custom" work. They literally sent the exact image from shutterstock!! and yes, I bought the premium package!

Ask Sara about Fiverr
4 reviews
14 helpful votes

There are lots of services being offered on Fiverr. Some of them are so bizarre and unothordox that you will doubt them. I have used Fiverr several times, and I have only been disappointed twice. Many people claim to have their orders cancelled at the last minute (among other numerous complaints), but I'm not sure Fiverr itself is to blame.

Ask Derrick about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

I paid and never got my order delivered. I wrote to them but just got an automatic reply. Since it appears as delivered I can't get my money back

Ask Andrea about Fiverr
3 reviews
0 helpful votes
10/9/16 - Seller's review of Fiverr 5/5 Very Good!

We're new to using Fiverr but like it alot , it's very affordable ... the negative reviews against Fiverr are all from buyers who deal with a few of the bad apples on Fiverr...only buy gigs from Fiverr sellers with a decent feedback level and you shouldn't have any problems.

Tip for consumers: only buy fiverr gigs from sellers with decent feedback levels...

Ask Jean about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

I believe this is the difference between those who have lost their money and the experience I'm having. I was directed to this person through contacts on from whom she also works. From the start we agree there would be no $5.00 teaser rates. Her rate ranges from 25 -30 a chapter depending on length. I'm constant contact with her concerning the changes she feels need to be made. It's slow work, but my fledgling book is turning into a novel I'm going to be proud of. Her handle is pamelaanderson6 and she's book editor.

Ask Robin about Fiverr
1 review
2 helpful votes

I am writing this review in order to add additional info to a previous review I wrote. My first review is still extremely accurate to how my experience with this website went, but I need to add two more elements to how fiverr will screw you over.

Problem one: fiverr has no customer service. No number is provided. The only contact info is an email. On top of this the only response you will receive is automated and sketchy. I put in two separate complaints using their customer service email and received two identical responses from different customer service reps. Fiverr has gone as far as making up fake names for fake reps that send you automated email responses days after putting in requests. This leads me to conclude that there are no service reps that actually exist. If you ever have customer service problems on fiverr you will never get them resolved.

Problem two: fiverr has very sketchy terms in their customer agreement. If you attempt to retreive funds from fiverr that are stuck in your "shopping balance" (refer to my previous review) fiverr you can put in a dispute with pay pal or your credit card service. Fiverr will send you another automated alert from a fake rep saying that this violates your terms of agreement and to promptly retract your dispute. So fiverr has found a very crafty way of keeping disatisfied customers money with the tactic. You can choose to keep your dispute active, but know this bit of sneaky information ----> If you do retract your dispute with pay pal you can not re open it. Do not retract your dispute in fear of breaking your agreement. Your best chance of retrieving your money is by letting this dispute continue. Hopefully your money is returned because fiverr must deliver the product that you payed for in order to keep the funds.

Please refer to my previous review for further information. I am writing these reviews because I don't want other people to fall into their traps.

Ask dan about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

Never before have I had such a terrible experience with a site. In 7 orders I have managed to have only one delivered without being cancelled by the seller at the last minute.

There is some form of scam happening here, but I am not clear on what it is just yet. Is it run by Fiverr themselves in order to hold money in an account because as a buyer you cannot get you rmoney back that is already spent and in this way Fiverr is hoping that people will walk away from their $5 or more... I can only assume that is what Fiverr is doing and apparently making a fortune from it.

Or can someone else tell me what the true scam here is and the interest for sellers to take orders and cancel them at the last minute? - I can only see that Fiverr is doing this to line their pockets.

Ask Alex about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

A big cheater of all time! Allows Fake People to Sell Anything and making the buyers ruined. Even if the Buyer is Cheated Fiverr is Assured of getting its Payment without anyone figuring over it. I left $15 with them to let them Buy Some flowers to Put on their Grave.

Tip for consumers: As a Tip Fiverr Allows to make many fake profiles without any control. So make use of it. Play along with the cheaters if you really have time and Extra Bucks to Waste on a Zombie Platform like this.

Ask Karan about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

I hope these people go out of business. I can't believe anyone would consistently giving these buffoons any money. They have the most contemptuous customer service ever. I almost feel this company is outright evil

Not only that but the top sellers get high ratings by simply giving back to your account your money but you still can't get a refund from fiverr. This means the high ratings are completely insincere and you have to find out the hard way with a huge headache. Horrible horrible company. Avoid at all costs

Ask Karen about Fiverr
1 review
6 helpful votes

As others have stated, this site is set up in such a way where:

1. The majority of vendors are awful, offshore individuals
2. Feedback cannot be left for failed projects, meaning that you only see positive reviews and no critical feedback of vendors
3. As soon as you pay a vendor, even if the project fails and you get your money back, your funds are 'stuck' in Fiverr with no option per their TOS to pull your money back out.

This isn't right. This site and it's business model is crooked as Ron Jeremy's you-know-what.

To get your money back:
1. Create a new account under a different email address
2. Have your first account hre your second account for exactly the amount of money in your account
3. Play along, wait a few days, deliver some dummy files & deem the project a success
4. Pay your second account
5. Link PayPal to second account
6. Withdraw your money

Fiverr will take about 20% from the payment amount, but consider this what it cost you to learn that this site is a SCAM. Crooked thieves.

Ask Bob about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

While I like the fact that people can get low budget professional services, I think $5 is an insulting amount to pay someone in today's marketplace.

At that rate, if the project takes 2 hours you are paying the person $2.5 an hour. That's slave wages. The site takes 20% of earnings, so a seller is really earning just $4, or $2 an hour.

I believe that, even if it takes an hour or less, it takes advantage of hardworking people.

I believe people working on the site should get at least $10. Five dollars is an insult.

Ask Shirley about Fiverr
7 reviews
4 helpful votes

Tried fiverr, got scammed, no refund = paypal dispute, I won, but fiverr disabled my account which actually did me a favor. Site is complete joke, they will not respond for support and did not even respond to paypal dispute! Easy win to paypal dispute with since their support is non-existent.

If you get scammed, I recommend paypal dispute, you will win, and they will lose then delete your account, which is what you want.

Ask James about Fiverr
6 reviews
3 helpful votes

i am using fiverr long as one year
no good earning only $30- $50 per month earn
my work quality is very good this is very slow and lazy market place

Ask naveen about Fiverr
1 review
8 helpful votes

Fiverr is good only for loosing time and money, it's a place for scammers. DON'T USE IT! No refund policy, even if you don't obtain what you have bought, they won't give you the money back!

Ask G about Fiverr
5 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have used fiverr as a buyer. many great sellers, of course just like anywhere there are a few scammers but do your due diligence and you will save being taken for a ride.
It worked for me. I would have ordered more than 20 gig and bad experience with 2 or 3. No money lost, only cancelled or the seller was removed. Break up your large order in small pieces and pay small amounts to save money getting stuck in fiverr account

Ask Sal about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

Took my money without my permission! Customer service does not allow you to contact them until you provide them with your information (email etc.) probably so they can sell it to others!


Ask Adam about Fiverr
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Where do I start? They doubled their processing fee which is extremely high for the amount per gig. They send out specials and then revoke the credit without telling you why and don't refund it back. Be careful of the email promotions they try to suck your money out and don't live up to their agreement. With the new changes, when you review your orders (I order covers) they put the water mark over it and I can barely see the cover well which is extremely important to my business. Also when you order two gigs I have to close out the gig in order to get my cover which closes the entire order!!!! I paid for two gigs and they close out everything if I agree to download my first order!! Terrible! Terrible changes to this site! Beware!

Ask Michelle about Fiverr
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on 9/5/16
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on 8/29/16
A: Well, as many as the other reviewers, I have not had a good experience with Fiverr neither. I created an account and a gig as a seller a week ago, and my username and gig have not showed up in their search engine yet; it's like I am invisible, even though I am "online". I contacted their customer service several times to resolve this issue, they replied to first wait 24hrs and marked that problem as "resolved". Well it was not resolved, so I messaged them again until they decided to create a "technical ticket" that would "take some time" to be resolved, how odd! Still not resolved and no follow up from customer service. So, one of my friends, who just started to be a buyer on Fiverr, tried to purchase from my gig that I emailed him directly (as I cannot be found on search engine): well, the purchase was blocked and could not be processed. So, my friend contacted customer service who gave him a generic billing answer not resolving the issue. This website is a waste of time, and might be a scam from what I have read so far in all the 424 reviews! I will cancel my account and focus on something more serious.
on 9/13/16
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