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Review of Fiverr

Fiverr reviews

428 reviews
12 HaOmanim St.
Tel Aviv, Gush Dan 6789731, Israel
Tel: 972-3-6317882

428 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

I hope these people go out of business. I can't believe anyone would consistently giving these buffoons any money. They have the most contemptuous customer service ever. I almost feel this company is outright evil

Not only that but the top sellers get high ratings by simply giving back to your account your money but you still can't get a refund from fiverr. This means the high ratings are completely insincere and you have to find out the hard way with a huge headache. Horrible horrible company. Avoid at all costs

Ask Karen about Fiverr
1 review
3 helpful votes

As others have stated, this site is set up in such a way where:

1. The majority of vendors are awful, offshore individuals
2. Feedback cannot be left for failed projects, meaning that you only see positive reviews and no critical feedback of vendors
3. As soon as you pay a vendor, even if the project fails and you get your money back, your funds are 'stuck' in Fiverr with no option per their TOS to pull your money back out.

This isn't right. This site and it's business model is crooked as Ron Jeremy's you-know-what.

To get your money back:
1. Create a new account under a different email address
2. Have your first account hre your second account for exactly the amount of money in your account
3. Play along, wait a few days, deliver some dummy files & deem the project a success
4. Pay your second account
5. Link PayPal to second account
6. Withdraw your money

Fiverr will take about 20% from the payment amount, but consider this what it cost you to learn that this site is a SCAM. Crooked thieves.

Ask Bob about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have been a seller on Fiverr for years. You have buyers who see the $5 base price. The people who need detailed and elaborate work often expect it for $5. The platform is set up where Fiverr takes a percentage of everything the seller makes, including TIPS!

I've done exhaustive, dedicated work that met the buyer requirements, only to have them complain and get their money back. Then the buyer has your hard work AND their money back!!!

Seller beware - there are lots of people out there looking for something for nothing, and Fiverr let's them get away with it.

Ask Shirley about Fiverr
4 reviews
4 helpful votes

Tried fiverr, got scammed, no refund = paypal dispute, I won, but fiverr disabled my account which actually did me a favor. Site is complete joke, they will not respond for support and did not even respond to paypal dispute! Easy win to paypal dispute with since their support is non-existent.

If you get scammed, I recommend paypal dispute, you will win, and they will lose then delete your account, which is what you want.

Ask James about Fiverr
6 reviews
2 helpful votes

i am using fiverr long as one year
no good earning only $30- $50 per month earn
my work quality is very good this is very slow and lazy market place

Ask naveen about Fiverr
1 review
4 helpful votes

Fiverr is good only for loosing time and money, it's a place for scammers. DON'T USE IT! No refund policy, even if you don't obtain what you have bought, they won't give you the money back!

Ask G about Fiverr
5 reviews
0 helpful votes

I have used fiverr as a buyer. many great sellers, of course just like anywhere there are a few scammers but do your due diligence and you will save being taken for a ride.
It worked for me. I would have ordered more than 20 gig and bad experience with 2 or 3. No money lost, only cancelled or the seller was removed. Break up your large order in small pieces and pay small amounts to save money getting stuck in fiverr account

Ask Sal about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

Took my money without my permission! Customer service does not allow you to contact them until you provide them with your information (email etc.) probably so they can sell it to others!


Ask Adam about Fiverr
3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Where do I start? They doubled their processing fee which is extremely high for the amount per gig. They send out specials and then revoke the credit without telling you why and don't refund it back. Be careful of the email promotions they try to suck your money out and don't live up to their agreement. With the new changes, when you review your orders (I order covers) they put the water mark over it and I can barely see the cover well which is extremely important to my business. Also when you order two gigs I have to close out the gig in order to get my cover which closes the entire order!!!! I paid for two gigs and they close out everything if I agree to download my first order!! Terrible! Terrible changes to this site! Beware!

Ask Michelle about Fiverr
5 reviews
1 helpful vote

I use a lot of freelancers for building backlinks, but sometimes the quality is extremely low. Beneficial, but just be careful.

Ask Robert about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

You go to their website and make you undergo just 3 SIMPLE STEPS and that is where it all begins getting scammed or WASTING your $5 for something you thought was so simple and would give you the results you wanted. Yet because they we're so promising that you didn't blink an eye and registered quickly since it's only $5 you need to put in and never realized what you were getting into. Imagine how many people registers their $5 to them and don't get what they knew they were supposed to have. And not everyone will give a review on their experience because it may only be $5. But some people who actually experience all their scam scheme will provide their experience on Fiverr.

They say they have a lot of gigs, "I will create, I will record, I will design, whatever they can do to scam you." They claim to boost your traffic for you to get more sales. Well, honestly you aren't because the only sale happening is for Fiverr which is your $5. And although they act like they do value your business while dealing with the other side, they just act and will eventually refuse your idea and once you make that refund. It doesn't go back to you but instead goes to Fiverr.

Don't trust the 5 star reviews that you see as well as the good commentaries because in order for them to scam more people, they have to get fake people, fake high rate reviews and fake accounts to convince real people to burn their money for their own benefit.

Also under comments you'll only see the option for "Was this helpful?" - YES is the only option for you to click which obviously is BS because what they tell is completely different from what you expect them to do.

Honestly, there isn't much to say about them because all they do is convince you to register to their 3 easy steps for you to get scammed and will make it hard for you to even make a refund even if you get to talk to CSR who is also aware of what Fiverr does and will just let you down and avoid you as much as they can.

If you are looking into real opportunity to make online business and drive real traffic the honest and legit way, give yourself a chance to check out: where you are able to get an overview of the online business. THEY will not get money from you, and what they do is TEACH you how to START an online business, TEACH you how to drive REAL TRAFFIC without paying anything, TEACH you ways to have your website be more informational = more sales than look more promotional = less sales, plus you get the opportunity to get in touch with the community including the 2 co-founders of the company who are online everyday to support anyone needing help. Here you get to do a business of your OWN interest and promote what YOU want! Enjoy 7 days trial without having to enter your credit card info and let me know what you think. Because there is nothing as LEGIT you doing your own online business.

Ask Bibo about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

Strongly advise you to stay away from Fiverr it is a complete scam. I ordered a logo design and stationaries for 80$ and 3 days after I received a 3D mockup my order was marked "complete"??! So you have 3 days to reply or they just consider its all good??? and this falls under their "constitution" written somewhere in the terms of services that nobody reads nowadays! So after the order is marked complete you can't do anything!!!
I have received no material I can use and the customer service does not guide or help in anything.
You have no possibilities to talk to the seller.
This is not a legal practice and I recommend you to use another website.

Ask henriette about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

would be funny !!!!! but they have $5 of my money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask steve about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

The customer service reps at Fiverr are simply the worst. I am specifically speaking of the women based on the female icons they are allowed to represent themselves with. They rigidly handle matters and us very little common sense if any. You have to explain the simplest of issues to them in many different ways and still they may only realize only a small part of the matter. Resulting in getting absolutely nowhere. I have been a seller on Fiverr for two years and it has not gotten any better. Well it did for a short moment and went backwards.

Furthermore the more Fiverr upgrades their system the worst it is getting. My account is constantly effected by their upgrades resulting in the inability to get my clients their files that have been paid for and if a buyer cancels a sell or the sell is cancelled the buyer is penalized. I was penalized in several ways one specifically not be able to contact inquiries in my inbox because to keep a sell from being cancelled I provided a client with my email and a Dropbox link. None of this was taken into consideration as Fiverr's system was not operating properly. Fiverr never takes responsibility for any of their wrong doing or technical issues and rarely fixes the matter. I do know this is prohibited via their TOS however considering their system was functioning improperly I would have thought they would have taken it under advisement at least. So no matter what losing the sell or saving the sell I am penalized.

Fiverr is a great system for novice and professional sellers alike. You just have to weed out a lot of the matter to get to the professionals. There are many scammers who are buyers and sellers on Fiverr and you constantly have to find ways to protect your own work because Fiverr will not back you as a seller. There are those who come to Fiverr expecting to pay $5 for work that is worth hundreds and Fiverr will not back you as a seller when they buyer gets upset about it. They will tell you that you need to be better at your customer service. Ha! Isnt that ironic.

Ask Angela about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was a member of Fiverr as a seller but had a gig that never sold. Then, I decided to get serious about Fiverr and found a way to start with smaller cheaper gigs and work my way up. I now get $100+ for most of my gigs, I have 121 5* reviews, I'm a 2nd level seller, and I've made almost $7,000 in 11 months. This helps supplement my full-time local business with business that I get from all over the world.

Yes, sometimes customer service isn't exceptional. There's an occasional scammy buyer or some seller throws an offer at me without so much as a "hello" -- but that's the fault of people, not the platform. I don't have a monthly fee to Fiverr, I don't have to pay to pass tests to qualify for gigs, they don't charge me their fee when I land a client on Fiverr. I get great reviews and many repeat customers because I over-deliver.

Tip for consumers: I treat my Fiverr clients exactly like I treat my local clients. If you want to get ahead on Fiverr as a freelancer, you should, too.

If you're a buyer -- find the gem sellers and stick close to them.

Ask Criss about Fiverr
1 review
3 helpful votes

Some of the Fiverr sellers are just scammers, they charge for some work and they don´t deliver, and after 2 or 3 weeks they just cancel with no reason. Customer service just allows you to receive the money and don´t even allow you to put a review on the sellers, they protect the sellers even though many of them are just scammers, they don´t really care about customers, they don´t solve anything for you.

5USD for some work? forget it, they just want you to get in there, and after you ask them they charge you 5 o 6 times more for the work, o even more, the 5USD is just a way to call your attention.

Ask Alejo about Fiverr
1 review
3 helpful votes

The site search is not accurate and doesn't capture the tags of all the gigs, and they preach about this proudly proving that they are boosting the sellers who they want (their friends) who mostly don't have high quality products to offer especially in the promotion field. And what's proving clearly this too is that they feature their friends sellers gigs, and giving false unprofessional excuses to the real top sellers just for closing their accounts. Fiverr will fail...

Ask Hre about Fiverr
1 review
3 helpful votes

Fiverr is a scam freelancing site. Your work will be a charity here. Dont waste your time, money and effort on this website.

Ask Tridib about Fiverr
61 reviews
145 helpful votes

Got a really nice logo design from Fiverr for only $5

Ask ClarkKent about Fiverr
1 review
8 helpful votes

I have been trying to get a personal logo made (I work as an independent contractor, gig to gig, so a website and brand are important) and three times the graphic artist i hooked up with on fiverr have either waited two days (wasting my time) before they refused the design idea, or else totally disregarded my requests! Then Fiverr, instead of just returning the customer's money, adds it to a balance that can obviously only be used on Fiverr... They have no customer service phone number, so i had to send a message and wait. Two hours and forty five minutes later, they had marked my complaint ticket 'resolved' and refunded only a third of my money..... So i have gone back to complain again, but the hassle is so ridiculous - I'll never buy anything on Fiverr again, and i hope you don't either.

Ask Nick about Fiverr
3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Hello in this offer I propose you to design for you 3D logo for your business. You can send me your describtion about the desired logo design and your preferences about. All of your requirements will be satisfied and guaranteed on 100%.
What you receive:
- 1000x1000px JPG
- 1000x1000px PNG with transparent background
- Up to 5 modifications
- Delivery within 3 days
- 100% Guaranteed Service
- Money Back
- Special Requirements

What I need:
Your preferences in text file with desired colours and preferred images that be included in logo design if you have any. I can create and include everything that you want so do not hesitate to order this service.

Tip for consumers:

Ask Ivaylo about Fiverr
1 review
5 helpful votes

I signed up for a gig to create a responsive website. I paid over $300 dollars and am still not getting anything wanted out of it. It has been 3 months now. If you let the seller mark the order as completed and let 30 days go by you can't get your money back and the seller can basically take as long as they want and ignore all your requests. The seller reviews don't mean anything as if you wait a short period of time once the gig is marked as completed you can not rate the seller. So if you are waiting for modifications you may not be able to review seller after the final project is completed. The sellers know this.

Ask Shawn about Fiverr
1 review
2 helpful votes

I have used fiverr before and it was ok but not great. This last time was the worst experience ever. A provider named csssandra promised to deliver a single page website design in 4 days. 3 weeks later after demanding more money it is still not done. They keep arguing over what is done and some places on the page still has latin words on it and says literally "your name here". The customer service is terrible and refuses to refund my money. I started with one person and they were terrible and I got a refund and I was not allowed to get my money back and had to hire someone else that cost more and that is how I ended up in the circumstance I am in right now. Just an absolutely awful experience and I would not recommend them for anything, ever.

Ask dave about Fiverr
1 review
7 helpful votes

I recently wrote a book that needed a cover and someone recommended Fiverr. I was told it was hit and miss, so I tried several designers just to see what they came up with. I figured at five bucks a pop it was worth a shot. They were all pretty terrible. It was worth a try, but I had just about decided to spend more money and use 99 Designs when I got the last cover I had requested. It was perfect and I was elated to save the $299 that 99 Designs would have cost! Then the nightmare began. Because I did love it, I purchased extra services - then the designer went MIA. After two weeks of frustration (during which I missed a deadline), I contacted customer service and at the same time sent the e-cover (which was complete) to a different designer to covert into a full print cover (he did and it was usable). Well, apparently since I purchased extra services from the original designer, my "completed" order (with the ebook) was no longer considered complete and according to customer service, I didn't own rights to the design, but if I hadn't ordered the extra services, I would have! Go figure. So not only was I now out $60 for the extras I purchased from the original designer plus the extra fee I paid the new guy to convert something apparently I don't own, but I was now also out over two weeks of time, energy, frustration and lost the design I wanted. (not to mention another $25 fishing for ideas).

As of this writing I have not received a penny back from Fiverr although they acknowledge the designer did not follow through and I'm supposed to get "something" back at some point. Although their customer service team is responsive their hands are tied. There is absolutely NO protection for their customers, and NO communication of several "glitches" in their system that can negatively impact you. I was not even able to leave a negative review for the designer since you are only able to leave reviews once the order is complete (Wondered where all those five star reviews come from? That is why!)

My advice is that if you are just fishing for ideas and have no timelines or deadlines, for five bucks--go for it. But if you need services for something that actually matters, stay FAR FAR FAR away. Fork up the cash and use a professional service from the beginning, it will actually save you both time and money in the long run.

Ask Cindy about Fiverr
1 review
2 helpful votes

As a service provider I take pride in completing my contracts on time. In fact, I normally give more than the clients expected. The last gig, the Fiverr server sent continues emails on one gig. The client made an error and duplicated the gig request. I completed the gig within hours. 13 emails went back and forth between the client and myself and the client was happy with the results. Two days later, Fiverr sends and email and reports me as late. I contacted Fiverr, showed them the email trail and screenshots. They understood it was a duplicate order Fiverr response: so sad. Dont worry its showing only for late for 60 days?? I said what? I was not late! I provided the service. They said nothing can be done. They are stuck and inflexible. The service is good if you have no issues. Otherwise, be prepared for uncaring and poor service. Looks like when you have millions of users, you can shelf the logic and service for your clients.

Ask Daniel about Fiverr
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A: Well, as many as the other reviewers, I have not had a good experience with Fiverr neither. I created an account and a gig as a seller a week ago, and my username and gig have not showed up in their search engine yet; it's like I am invisible, even though I am "online". I contacted their customer service several times to resolve this issue, they replied to first wait 24hrs and marked that problem as "resolved". Well it was not resolved, so I messaged them again until they decided to create a "technical ticket" that would "take some time" to be resolved, how odd! Still not resolved and no follow up from customer service. So, one of my friends, who just started to be a buyer on Fiverr, tried to purchase from my gig that I emailed him directly (as I cannot be found on search engine): well, the purchase was blocked and could not be processed. So, my friend contacted customer service who gave him a generic billing answer not resolving the issue. This website is a waste of time, and might be a scam from what I have read so far in all the 424 reviews! I will cancel my account and focus on something more serious.
2 weeks ago
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