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I had one question for customer service which was answered sufficiently within 72 hours, Good enough for me. (in 55 reviews)


I read a lot of poor reviews sighting customer support communication as a problem. (in 27 reviews)


My work is impeccable and I work with my customers until they are completely happy or I will refund their money. (in 143 reviews)

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1 review
1 helpful vote

Hi, I bought a gig on fiverr to design a logo after going through the pain to find the right designer. After a bit of a hoo,ha, he got it right. I decided to let this guy design the next logo and ordered a more expensive gig with source files. This is where the wheels fell off. This guy dragged his feet and suddenly he couldn't design anything. It went past the deadline and I gave him an extension because he needed more time and he will get penalized if the order is not marked as complete. BIG MISTAKE. He is gone with the money and I have no design. Lost time and money. There was a big customer on my side that I lost because I couldn't present my goods.
Never give extensions when the gig is not completed on time. Fiverr's response is to talk to the designer. That didn't help at all because he already had the money and no pressure on him.

Ask Riion about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

I had many friends recommend Fiverr so I checked it out. Looked like fun! Choosing a graphic designer to do a 5"x7" double sided postcard for me was exciting. I chose a guy who I felt had all the fun and creative graphic postcards and got started on my first $5 purchase.

The first communications were so weak and confusing that I was getting scared. I wanted to cancel right then and there. What happened is that I sent in the requirements with my photos and threw in some notes and all I got back was "helo. hi" There was no response to anything in my first email and it felt weird.

The first draft was a post card design that I could have done myself on vista print. All my specifications were ignored. So, I marked up the postcard with notes, sent it back, and sent an email that I was disappointed that this did not look like any of his gigs posted. I gave specific examples of the postcards that I liked. His response was a sad emoticon.

I got the second draft and only some changes were done and those changes were again the same simple plain stuff as the first and not very noticeable. I could have done those changes myself.

I sent a message to the seller and told him that I was really unsatisfied and to keep the $5. I gave him a horrible review.

Now, as I am writing this, I have received 8 well written and clear emails from him (more are coming as I just wrote that last sentence). He's said that he was shocked and upset that this was not to my satisfaction. What could he do to fix it. Now that the bad review went through for him, he is begging for me to remove it because it's lowering his rating and he can't accept other posted jobs and will fix anything that I need. I would like to add that the email response is so much quicker now. The prior two answers he gave me took 24hrs each time.

I came across this site because I was so mad and frustrated about what I got and googled complaints. I realize now that I should have been more savvy on what I was purchasing and who I was purchasing it from.

Ask Fruit about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

I entered fiver looking for some graphic designers with the skills to create original graphics based on our ideas. Despite the detailed explanations, the delivered work was based on stock photos, standard letters and banners that can be found even in MS Office PowerPoint. Zero creativity. A large number of the people announcing there seem to be non English speaking people therefore explanations area wasted. They reimbursed my money but made me waste time. Complain about being paid too little for the work but they are the ones that fix the price. I even sent the material in advance to the order to have them ( the creative designers) quote but they answered: order first. Quite frankly, not a good place to find good people. The worst part: we pay our creative people very well, even commissions over every item sold. This people announcing in fiverr didn't even asked or quoted. It is so weird. Not recommended.

Ask Manny about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

I have ordered many gigs all turned fraudulent,, I recently ordered web traffic to my website and only after a few days the links to the traffic reports came up as fraud. enough is enough with fiverr, they have to be shut down............

Ask Candace about Fiverr
1 review
2 helpful votes

I was on Fiverr to get my website updated. They guy had dozens of 5-star reviews. We agreed $100 for the service, and it turned out he didn't have a clue about web design. His work was unprofessional and he could barely speak English, even though it says "Fluent" on his page. After I tried to cancel the job, I had a week of problems. In the end, Fiverr took $10 of my money as a transaction fee, and now they won't refund the other $90. I need to spend it on the site! Don't waste your money.

Ask Patrick about Fiverr
2 reviews
2 helpful votes

Always my first choice. Amazing experience

Ask mary about Fiverr
1 review
4 helpful votes

I know people who have had really great experiences on Fiverr but mine was mediocre at best.
I will not name the Fiverr I worked with as this person truly wanted to get better BUT some of the tactics used were less than professional.

Here are some tips to watch out for...

- Make sure you know exactly what you need AND the technical language to get what you need. Most gigs will have extra cost add-ons but are vague in what they entail.
- The videos posted on a Fiverr gig sites as examples of their work are not necessarily done by that person. Make sure you ask if the sample video is theirs.
- The star rating system can be flawed. My Fiverr asked that I rate them before the project was done... they did this by closing out the project and starting a new one when I asked for fixes. This was very unprofessional and I refused to rate them until I had the finished project in hand. I think it's a way to get around the company restrictions and to get more ratings since you'll be asked again on the second project once it's finished.
- I was also pressured to give 5 stars. Once I rated (at 3 stars) I was emailed multiple times to "please change my rating". This is understandable since a bad rating can really hurt their chances of landing a gig... but I'm making you aware that it can happen.
- I was not satisfied with the end product and decided not to use it. You can get a refund if you are not satisfied but because our working relationship was positive I did not want to do this and chalked it up to the price of doing business... tax write off.
- Prices can change once you agree to your gig. I work in the same industry that I was asking the Fiverr to do work for. My instructions were clear and specific. When questions were asked if they could create an asset that was most important to my project, the Fiverr confirmed that they could do it. Two days into the project, I was told they couldn't do what I had asked for unless I paid over $100 extra... which I now know couldn't be achieved even if I'd paid... which I didn't. What I did do was downsize my request and ask for less than what I thought I had originally paid for.
- On a positive note - The Fiverr I worked with was probably green. They communicated with me extremely well and wanted to make sure I was happy. I provided most of the assets they needed so it was an easier gig than most I would think. I was very easy going with them the entire gig letting them take as much time as needed. They claimed they worked through the night and that they bought new equipment for what I was asking for. I don't know if either of these statements were true but I'll lean towards the positive.

Ask Dee about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

The best diaper ever seen! Disposable оr cloth diapers? This diaper producer met my longing for a better one considering the fact that Ive been using several diapers before but they didnt fulfil my satisfaction. These diapers аrе undeniably mоrе convenient,and affordable. I bought the cloth diapers and lessen me the cost of buying of new ones. They are also eco-friendly disposable diapers, whiсh аrе biodegradable and/or nоt bleached with chlorine. I recommend this for all mothers around.
I discovered that these cloth diapers arе muсh lеѕѕ expensive thаn disposables that I previously bought, and also еѕресiаllу if уоu wash thеm yourself. Aftеr paying thе initial cost, Ive been able to save hundreds оf dollars bу reusing cloth diapers аgаin аnd again. If уоu wash thеm yourself, уоu might еvеn bе аblе tо uѕе thеm fоr mоrе thаn оnе baby.

Ask Catherine about Fiverr
1 review
4 helpful votes

Fivver is one of those site where you have to take small steps in using a seller. After using fivver a few times, I relized that $ 5.00 gigs was the bare minimum service for most sellers . The more you want done the more it's going to cost. Yes, there are some sammer on there, but you have to order with caution. When working eith a fivver seller, know what you want. Be able to communicate that in great detail with seller. If you don't give detail of your project the seller want know what your project needs are. Communication is the #1 key factor in using fivver. When a seller doesn't deliver on time or communicate with you, cancel the order and try someone else. It's nothing lost, because fivver will refund your account. You then take your refund and try another seller.
Over the past couple of years since I've been using the service, I have had some good 5 star service and serveal canceled orders. But overall, I have found fivver to be a great business tool for those who work on a small to no budget. With anything shop with caution. Some of the thing I've had done:
1. Business phone line greetings
2. Facebook advertisement
3. Flyers
4. Logos
5. Fundraiser Donation letter
6. Product mockup
7. Product package design
And more

Ask Woman about Fiverr
1 review
5 helpful votes

Fiverr is actually not a bad website. I, personally, am a seller on the site in the writing department. I have also purchased from other sellers for certain services. When I first joined, I was flat-broke and living on my own after just turning eighteen. My main skill was my writing and Fiverr was one of the only sites that let me join easily and start selling. It took a few days, but someone purchased my gig twice and left two five-star reviews. From there, more work and good reviews (and more work) started pouring in. Fiverr really saved my life quite a few times and there was a point during which I relied on it as my sole income. Yes, there are some fradulent sellers (and buyers), but it is not everyone. Most major platforms like this suffer from that, even sites like Ebay and Amazon. To avoid being scammed, it is easiest to contact a seller first and go with your gut on it. Don't fall for anything suspicious. Check out their reviews, ratings, and profile details. It is really helpful. There are always legitimate sellers out there who depend on the business that Fiverr brings in.

Ask DeJanee about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

I was about to make a purchase with this guys who promised to put our website on first page of google in seven days, <a href="">Travel Ventours</a> is our website, but they replied totally different, It was my first time to message them and they replied with a total different website and is apologizing for the delay and will redo some of the links.

That made me decide to do further research first before moving forward, tahnks to website like sitejabber, it help me decide not to push thru with the purchase.

I am also in process of hiring a video explainer, I am wondering if I would experience the same thing, but I have a friend who already purchased a video explainer and it looks pretty good.

Ask Ven about Fiverr
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

you give me real Review with google+ thank you.

Ask maichel about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

I selected a web designer after interviewing four different designers and reviewing their portfolios. The designer then installed a template, updated a bit of text, and set the order to complete (so she could get paid), arguing that Fiverr penalizes any designers who deliver late. I tolerated this, being a "nice guy", but complained to her in the exchanges. She then refused to make any updates, and things lingered way past Fiverr's period for complaints. Again, my mistake for not protesting immediately.

At the end Fiverr refuses to reject the order, based only on the time passed. I have no finished product, my money is gone, and I have to start over. With a different site, obviously. Buyer beware.

Ask K about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

I tried ordering a logo for $5.00. I placed the order, then it asked me to create an account. During that process, it froze up. My credit card was charged through PayPal for $5.50 (why is there a $.50 fee if they keep $1.00 of each order??), but no way to get back in to the order. I was able to get signed in sometimes, but no orders pending. I wrote emails for help, and they told me they needed my transaction number. I didn't have one, because they didn't show my order anywhere. Back and forth emails asking me to sign in, me telling them there was no order, finally they told me to contact PayPal for a transaction number. Got that, they emailed me again to sign in and complete my order. I tried in IE and got locked up when I entered my username and password. (It just kept loading and loading and loading.) So I went into Chrome, got into signon screen, but the field for User name would not open up so I could type in it.

They said they will refund my charge if I can't get in...I'm waiting to see if that happens. It's been almost two weeks! So I never even got my order completely placed, but I've spent hours trying to get in and finish my request. So who knows how it would have worked out, since it's impossible to log in.

Ask Kristen about Fiverr
1 review
2 helpful votes


Ask ANGRY about Fiverr
1 review
3 helpful votes

Don't use this site.
I have been scammed on FIVERR by an artist.
I asked for fifteen illustrations. We corresponded regularly. The last week I got all these very lame but very creative excuses which made me suspicious.
On the last day she sent one painting used on her website as an advertisement.
Nothing to do with my order. That was it!
The customer service is terrible . I filled in and tried to send their form ten times without success.
I raised a disputed with PayPal. They responded then but can't get money back.
They don't appear to DO anything about scammers. They are just not interested.
They are not interested in the people using their site either.

Ask Judi about Fiverr
1 review
2 helpful votes

I read your reviews here and was not sure whether to use fiverr or not, then I thought only $5 and so many options, lets try.

I got website ($15) landing page ($5) Backlinks ($5) and I am on page 1 of google with fully functional website for my keywords. For $25 no one is going to get this. Love you guys.

Highly recommended

Ask Karan about Fiverr
1 review
3 helpful votes


Sir i am using fiver to taking my business related services to the seller since long, i created account in many years ago when fiver website start but unfortunately that time i am not much aware of there usage and that website was very kinda.

Now from 2014 i used fiver too much for my business perspectives and business related activities now in 29th May 2016 my account has been disabled by fiver and told me that i am selling the services infect i am not selling any services not a single penny i am the buyer there and invest many on the website.

now i have 30$ in my account balance and my credit card is stored in the system, after all they block my account and after that they did more then 3000$ transactions in my credit card after i see the statement now i contact support they are not responding, our company legal department also queried on that but they are not responding.

do help me i also filed a legal defamation suite but first take a quick action and solve this problem.

They are the group of scam peoples and nothing else.

Ask Jay about Fiverr
1 review
4 helpful votes

I could not login onto the site as the green login button is not working. Emailed customer service and they are telling me that I have a duplicate account that locked me out. This is outrageous. How can i possibly have 2 accounts. Instead of fixing the issue, they cancelled my orders. Avoid this site as the customer service is horrible and they should really find a better website designer.

Ask nina about Fiverr
4 reviews
7 helpful votes

I paid for 2 blog posts and only received one blog post. C'mon, it's simple math- 1 + 1 = 2 When I requested a revision, Uniquefav (the seller) stated that they delivered my order. They also claimed to have perfect grammar and spelling skills. However, the blog post did not make any sense as there were multiple errors. I assumed there was a mix-up and the seller would revise. Instead, the seller claimed they delivered my whole order. I gave the seller a chance to redeem themselves and I was polite about the situation even though I felt scammed. Keep in mind, Fiverr does not reimburse payment, they give credit only.

Ask MC about Fiverr
1 review
3 helpful votes

I ordered a logo paid $60 and was sent back some clip art so there would not cancel order nor did I ever receive a logo that was usable. The seller also became angry and insulting to me when I made suggestions or ask her to revise the logo. Customer service was prompt But ultimately not helpful . One purchase never again.

Ask Cindy about Fiverr
1 review
2 helpful votes

1 negative review can lead you to do not sell your services, this is simply wrong .

Ask jsrockx about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

Given that my seller's offer says $5.00 to do an SEO and then quotes way over that amount isn't that false and misleading information and if so shouldn't Fiverr be partially responsible for this kind of false advertising.

Secondly it's interesting that I proposed hiring the seller on his knowledge of Weebly and consequently there was a need for him to having the login email address to my account to do the work and I was advised that sending an email contravenes Fiverr's terms of service.

I'm still awaiting a response from Fiverr's support desk as to how to overcome this.

Ask Stanley about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

Had few jobs done, some delivered total rubbish, which I asked to be reviewed and amended.
Others delivery very good quality jobs.
The more expensive are not always the best ones.
So I never choose them and always start with small tasks.

Ask claudio about Fiverr
1 review
4 helpful votes

does one like me.
never sold anything,
and never buy anything!
It is pure scam, support is not.
He warned you for no reason, and totally ignored
other illegal request. you're always IN the wrong.
I have several screenshots which I publish like for press
will, I did not support such fraudulent activities!
We are seriously offended by buyers.
support it is no matter,
We are troating with buyers, support does not care! IGNORE US!
support cautioned us that even if we do not
stop with report by scammers that we ourselves will be dispelled.

old what are interpersonal rules?
such a page is forbidden!!!!!!!!!


Ask Mike about Fiverr
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