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Review of Fiverr

Fiverr reviews

463 reviews
12 HaOmanim St.
Tel Aviv, Gush Dan 6789731, Israel
Tel: 972-3-6317882

463 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
0 helpful votes

Did not get final product, harassment from seller to give her 5 stars Fatine graphics, didn't understand English, the woman used online translator, I gave up on that gig loosing the money to a fake. You get better options doing it yourself. Read all reviews specially the bad ones and the not so bad. Just writing "awesome jobs" means is a friend of the seller.

Ask Kiki about Fiverr
3 reviews
5 helpful votes

They removed my gig without any comments, just because I wrote in my description that I have good reputation on other freelance service. It wasn't even a URL, just a name of that service. And they write it's not possible to recover my descriptions and FAQ. I spent 3 hours creating that gig and Fiver simply stole my time. It was so user-friendly! I'm speechless.

Ask Vitaliy about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

I've tried fiverr a few times. Each and every time I received utter garbage. Do not trust their profile or bio summaries. I've hired straight up ivy league school grads (that's what they say anyway) with hundreds of reviews who charge top dollar who spat out material that my 14 year old nephew could write better. They don't refund you either. And a warning to all...many will hack your Fiverr account for your information. One of Fiverr's power sellers (hundreds of positive reviews) did it to me to extort a positive review for shoddy work. It was obvious he had done it before. Don't trust the positive reviews that the sellers have.

Ask Al about Fiverr
2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I pre-paid for a job. Waited 20 hours to have the "seller" refuse the job, saying he was away from his computer. Rather than refunding my money, it is sitting in my "fiver account". I just want my money back, but they refuse to refund it. STAY AWAY! THEY JUST RIP YOU OFF!

Ask Janice about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

if you have any problem with seller Fiverr is playing like 3 monkeys ,be aware

Ask Maya about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

So I see a lot of reviews about buyers being scammed, and I totally see why. Fiverr is a good idea that's been executed poorly in all aspects, and I'll tell you, it's no cake walk for a real seller either. While having to compete with the cheaper copywriters and crap that run rampant across the website, the system in place where your exposure is totally dependant on reviews, while not unusual itself, is heavily influenced by that first review. My integrity as a seller is greatly influenced by the first review I get. With that comes the seller system where we don't get to pick what we can or can't take; if they order it, it accepts, with no regard to our work load, POOR money management wherein if you complete an order early, you still have to wait for the due date to pass, PLUS two weeks to process and lost profit and it's just not worth it when you need the money NOW. There's also the matter of declination, which negatively impacts your page if you have to turn down someone, and the content timer where your maximum limit is 30 from (auto) accept or you get bad marks that pressures the sellers into rushing or becoming overloaded. Granted, there are some sleazy folks floating, but it completely washes away the chances or real work getting accomplished, and some buyers are just as cheap as the sellers.

Case in point: I have two gigs set up, one for simple pencil story board for visual context, to turn script or novel into light cartoon format; and actual comic work, drawn, inked, etc, for two difference prices and extras. A customer began hounding questions about quality and such on the story board, which I gave a guarantee to, then asked if I can add ink to it, and I ago redirect him to the other option, after he claimed it was a story board for a film project.
Storyboards don't require high quality ink.
He now refuses to explain what the project is for, and instead of giving character designs, he insists on cutting a pasting ideas from copywrited images rather than make his own. From an artist standpoint, it's unbearable due to the copywriter fears, and his amoral lack of creative and poor writing ability, as well as his attempts at returning to "story board plus ink" instead of proper comic, which is more expensive, so it have given me a harsh sense of malice for my skill having to work with someone so unprofessional as to use "lol" in correspondence. He eventually bought the proper gig, but it left me two weeks to complete almost 20 pages, and desperate for money and that lauded first review, I had to comply, only to find out how in creative and fishy he was, as well as it would take a month to get my money, complete or no, and what originally started at $55 became $44, then $42 some odd through PayPal, etc, whereby I am trapped between quality of work, quantity of work, price and time, to either list realistic expectation of maximum days (29) and wait that long for money I need now, and push away buyers who want it "quick" or list impossible odds to make ends meet and have disgruntled buyers.
It is not a good system. It is not worth the heartache and stress. Sell on Etsy, sell on DeviantArt, sell anywhere but here.
For here there be bull$#*!.

Ask Racheal about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes


I got cheated by a Seller called Munez_Studio who claimed to be 'Experienced' and of 'High Quality'. The seller literally cut and pasted logos and used 'Arial' fonts for my Decal Sticker project. There are no skills and when being questioned on what design software he used - couldnt answer. Next, he sent me a pdf filled with high quality image (which I found out was plagued from other design agencies) and claimed that those works are his.

Next, Fiverr refused to speak further about the issues on Fake Sellers and closed the case promptly as 'Resolved' without answering any of my complaints.


Ask J about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

The sellers make commitments, take the money and do not fulfill the commitments. Fiverr's system is greatly flawed and it favors the fraudulent sellers. I am in the process of working towards getting my refund, via my bank. NEVER WILL I USE FIVERR AGAIN. (That was the first and last time)

Ask K about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

Fiverr refunded the money without knowing sellers contention and refused to talk about the issue. Further, restrict the account withing extending the reasons.

Ask M about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

The supplier was inaccurate. Constant errors. Took way too long. Had to check every single piece of work, even though I defined the activity in detail. I went back thru AMEX and received a full refund. Fiver will never be successful with this model. Too many holes and tilted towards the supplier. I will never use them again

Ask Don about Fiverr
1 review
2 helpful votes

The fiverr platform is geared against the buyer from the start. Buyers are forced to take what is given and go away. Dont bother trying to get changes done and too bad if you wait 3 days and dont respond, as the job will automatically be closed and the coder will ignore you. Don't waste your time on money on this big pile of $#*!. Use upwork instead.

Ask Alex about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

The worst ever Hire real professionals with real credentials. They gave 5 star ratings to people using my old email and account sign in on jobs that were never done or completed. Never pay before the job is complete AND DO NOT PAY SOMEONE TO WRITE AN ENDORSEMENT THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND CAN BLOCK YOU IT IS THEN GONE. Be an informed consumer. AVOID FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY. You do not even know if the person is real ~ It's the Internet

Ask C about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

They will take your money and run. customer service is only geared to helping the sellers and therefor protecting the earnings of the seller and fiverr.

Ask Chase about Fiverr
1 review
4 helpful votes

I went to fiverr looking for a new logo design. After wasting tons of time filtering a lot of offerings I chose three designers and gave them the job. One of them despite having an impressive portfolio really wow stunning original logo designs, she delivered a very amateur design so the portfolio logos weren't her work ... obviously. Second designer the same story, fake and stolen design portfolios.

How could fiverr be done smarter? When I post a job, I want to be able to filter gigs by the number of verified jobs done and the feedback ratings. I can't do that and it shows me a designer with #1 rating just because she/he got two jobs and got highest feedback probably were her/his friends. If I am willing to pay for quality and say I place a budget of $400 for a design I want to keep all the fake, junk and scammers away and not waste my time.

Beware of Arbitrage: arbitrage are people that have a luxury level portfolio and they look authentic designers but at the end they are subcontracting other designers and getting a margin. Yes they are making money without doing anything ... fiverr can detect this easily by automatically analyzing the reviews tree because the arbitrage folks give reviews to the real providers too.

You can get what you need eventually after spending a lot of time. If your budget is higher you will get more junk to filter out and fiverr doesn't help.

Ask Giovanni about Fiverr
1 review
2 helpful votes

$315 dollars wasted as seller marked as 'complete' however did not deliver.

Fiverr refused to help and seller continues rip people off.

Ask Richard about Fiverr
1 review
2 helpful votes

I paid for a new logo + the source file + 1 revision. I never got the source file from Pro-Webstar - only a jpeg image which I can't use. When I asked for it, she tried to charge me again for it. I complained. She asked what I wanted. I explained in a detailed message and provided a hand rendering of what I was looking for in the revision. Four months later and counting, I still have nothing but a poor quality jpg file. Customer service keeps asking if I want them to contact her. "Yes" I respond every time. She reaches out, I point her to my post stating my revision changes and request my source file. She never responds. I reengage customer service. I'm on a loop. I will never use again and will warn everyone to STAY AWAY unless you just have money to trick off in exchange for a frustrating experience.

Ask Sheeri about Fiverr
1 review
8 helpful votes

Man, I should have read the reviews. Supposedly a program that should have been completed in 29 days, has been dragged on for 3 months and after cornering the seller into giving up a deadline, he finally disappears.

And of course, the service team say it's too late for a refund because it's been passed the 29 days and I never modified the order, even though the seller kept sending me completed orders by attaching stupid word documents to the gig which since he delivered "something" then that automatically completes the deal. The seller was sending me BS documents almost everyday, if you don't reject it within 3 days, buyer assumes acceptance by default.

It's a complete scam. I invested $3000.00 and no one can help me.

I'm getting my lawyer to look into this and from the lols of it I'm not the only one who has been scammed.

Hmm..... I might even have to contact some of you guys here, if we can get enough people against fiverr we can have a strong and solid case.

Ask Danny about Fiverr
1 review
3 helpful votes

Avoid Fiverr like the plague! I paid nearly £300 for a job which was supposed to take 5 days. 4 months on the seller has still not completed the work and has decided to totally ignore me. Fiverr says there's nothing they can do as it's too late for a refund. I'm now stuck with an unfinished blog, where half of the work is faulty, and now need to find and pay for someone else to pick up where Fiverr has left off. I'm so disgusted with their customer service team. I will be speaking with Trading Standards about this and will attempt to get a refund via PayPal but don't suppose I'll have much luck. Do not fall for the scam that is Fiverr!

Ask Emily about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

The site offers a review of the delivery but the problem is: Accept and review are attached which indicates to most unassuming buyers that this must be done immediately - you can still receive your order/delivery and go back at a later date to leave a review. This is a hidden agenda on fiverr to help the sellers with good reviews BUT WAIT! You must review the order first and fiverr knows otherwise the review process will fail horribly and no one will make any $ and their operation will be at jeopardy. Fiverr was a good idea until the flood of unscrupulous arrived.

Ask rocy about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

Stay away from fiverr...they take a 20% fee from sellers and a 10% proceasing fee from buyers for every gig!

If you are a buyer you will see that for 5 dollars you cant get that good service even if they promise you that...the sellers are usually dumbasses and dont answer to your questions properly...horrible experience!!!

Ask Shams about Fiverr
2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Love the site and the concept but don't go here expecting professional work, although much of what's offered is a good deal at $5. I would give it 5 stars except Fiverr customer service is horrible

Ask Ryan about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

Honestly this is the absolute worst service I've ever ever used.

Absolute amateurs and support offers token solutions!

I would have preferred to have spent my $100 bucks on a few drinks than on this sham of a company.

I came up with the design my self and I couldn't even get my seller to align letters in a straight line...

Logo was disproportionate to text .. my 8 yr old could do better!!!

Wasn't expecting miracles but when your logo is just an "L with a full stop after it@ you gotta ask yourselves wtf are these people doing.

Couldn't even get my guy to long up the full stop with my L...

As for colours I had to keep reminding I'm of my colours...

Useless useless useless - he asked for a second chance I'm still waiting...

Off to my designers

Not bothering to try and get my money back but hopefully it will prevent some other s much from wasting theirs!!

Ask Lorena about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

Most sellers will simply cancel an order just before it is due to avoid completing order and receiving negative feedback as the system prevents buyers from reporting orders that are incomplete or denied at last minute. Quality is hit or miss, but usually requires heavy polishing to be presentable. Funds from cancelled orders are held and no refundable. Furthermore funds can not be applied to another order unless the order is an identical amount making order processing or replacement a nightmare.

Ask jay about Fiverr
1 review
1 helpful vote

I rather go find professionals to do all my work. 90% people work here are amateurs .
That's fine just don't pretend to be pros.
It degrades Fiverr Company name. Just because we pay less doesn't mean quality should be less and if it should be , your company should warn most people work here is not professionals.
I asked one writer to write me a press release and he mentioned popular rollingstone magazine. I guess no one know what rollingstone is that you have to add popular adjective there.
And most people can't be focus on your need for longer time.

Ask Mihannah about Fiverr
1 review
0 helpful votes

I've used Fiverr to create some promotional videos, backlinks, voice over work among other things (you can view some of the work on my instagram and FB ( pages. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchases because I understand that you get what you pay for. However, some of my orders are more than $5, but I read the seller's reviews and make sure I give future buyers an accurate and honest review (although the sellers do beg for a 5 star review).

Ask KR about Fiverr
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